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1. Hereford United FC ban for Martin Watson

Martin Watson has been given a lifetime ban from entering Edgar Street, the ground of Hereford United Football Club, the club he has supported for over 30 years.

The ban has been ordered by Graham Turner, chairman and manager of the football club because of a post made to a message board that Martin Watson moderates.

Martin was not even aware of this post until Mr Turner phoned him to ban him from the football club. He removed said post as soon as he was made aware of it.

2. Get Davy out of Huddersfield Town Football Club!

Questions asked to Ken Davy are "Where is our money going?" Huddersfield Town had a target to be in the top 30 clubs come 2008.

Unfortunatly this is an un-realistic target now with HTFC been a mid table team in League 1! After plenty of fans insist for answers Ken Davy cannot do anything but lie and lie! Are Huddersfield Town and Huddersfield Giants been run seperatly? Davy insists they are, but everyone knows its a lie! Ken Davy stated "They [the fans wondering where Huddersfield Town's money is going] insist on creating an atmosphere which is potentially damaging to Huddersfield Town Football Club."

But surely when fans come to watch their team week in week out they deserve proper answers? When they are spending money on watching Huddersfield Town, who are not acheiving, surely they deserve to know where the money is really going?

Answers are not coming and not going to come because Davy has thrown our money away! Get him out!

3. Reclaim the Royal Blue for Chelsea Football Club

Chelsea Football Club and Adidas have introduced a black kit for this season's Champions League campaign.

Chelsea have played in blue for one hundred years and should continue to do so.

4. Award Fremantle 4 points for St Kilda game Apr 30, 2006

Today we saw a debacle of the highest order at Aurora Stadium in Launceston, Tasmania in an AFL game between the Fremantle Football Club and the St Kilda Football Club.

At the completion of the game, the siren was blown with Fremantle leading by 1 point. Due to the siren being very low in volume, the umpire controlling the game claimed he didn't hear it, depsite the Fremantle players raising their arms in triumph upon hearing it, the St Kilda players dropping their heads in defeat, and another field umpire appearing to run in to rectify the error.

Play continued and in the ensuing confusion a St Kilda player scored a point before the game was officially brought to a close, with a draw being the result. Clearly the Fremantle Football Club were robbed of the win and were the true winners of the game.

We demand that the point scored by St Kilda be removed from the records and that the Fremantle Football Club be awarded the game and the 4 premiership points. In the ineterst of fairness and for the sake of preserving the integrity of the game and the AFL competition, this move is essential and must be irrevocable.

The following questions must also be answered for the public and supporters of AFL in Australia:

(i) How long was the final siren sounded for?
(ii) Did the Timekeeper sound the siren a second time?
(iii) When did the field umpire signal the completion of playing time?
(iv) If the field umpire did not hear the 2nd sounding why was the game stopped?

The integrity of this great game must be preserved and the correct club must be rewarded for its win in Tasmania.

5. Thank you Reading FC

March 28, 2006

On March 25th 2006, the players of Reading Football Club secured promotion for the first time in their 135 year history.

This is to thank Reading Football Club from all its fans for achieving promotion to the premiership in 2006.

6. Removal of Anthony Lee, Steve O'Hara and John Adshead from the New Zealand Knights Management

February 26, 2006

The New Zealand Knights dismal on field performances are not only put down to players, but to people who sit in positions of power.

John Adshead, Anthony Lee and Steve O'Hara have ultimately destroyed the New Zealand Knights as a footballing franchise. Not adherring to promoting the chances for New Zealand players to play in the A-League, yet choosing to pick 14 of the 20 squad members from overseas, which is too much for a New Zealand based club.

Lee and O'Hara should not be at the club as it is obvious they have no experience in running a football club, and they both hail from backgrounds completely irrelevant to help run a successful football club.

Adshead's managerial performance of 1 win, 3 draws and 17 losses in the inaugural A-League season was disasterous to say the least, and I (as a football fan), as well as many others believe it is in the best interests of the club that John Adshead, as well as Anthony Lee and Steve O'Hara should be removed from the New Zealand Knights Football Club in order to send our club forward, rather than continue in a downward spiral destined for failure.

7. Megson Out

December 16, 2005

For the sake of Nottingham Forest Football Club Gary Megson has to go?

Yes, only 1 league away win all season. His tatics stink.

Time for a change.

8. Get boro tv on sky

Boro tv has been on the air for a number of years. However unless you subscribe to cable (NTL) and/or live in the North east you cannot recive this service. This Petition is to raise awarness to the club that there are a lot of Middlesbrough Football Club fans that are not NTL subscribers or live out of the catchment Area.

Thio is by no means a bad tempred or forcefull Petation but is to raise awareness to the club. Also it will give us fans an indication that there is or is not a need if not we can stop whinging.


9. Create a local disabled football club at Hillingdon

I am 14 years old and disabled, I would like to be able to be a part of a new disabled football club, closer to my home.

10. Save Aberdeen Football Club

For years and years we have seen our once great club slip down the table from being title contenders to the present day fighting for our lives at the bottom end of the table. One reason for the state of our club is a certain Mr Stewart Milne. Here we have a chairman that is a very good and rich businessman in his chosen field of building houses or homes whichever way you want to put it. Here is a man that under him has certainly transformed my beloved Aberdeen Football Club into the laughing stock of Scottish Football through various disasters.

A once proud club has been allowed to be run into the ground losing money left right and centre for years under Mr Milne, lost players because we couldn't afford to keep them or buy them, ditched a toaster to save on the electricity, cut our squad to the bare minimum filled with players that not even a third division team would take on loan if they wanted that is, thats how bad our playing squad is at the moment. We have been the worst team in Europe official. Promises have been broken Mr Milne now i think is the time to go, why should i travel all the way from Dumfries every saturday to see a team that cant give it's all and dont say its not your fault Mr Milne it is you may be a good house builder but you sure aint a good football chairman do me and many others a favour and go before you put our club out of business, the first protests where today Mr Milne expect it to gather momentum if you dont sort out our club. If you cant do the job no more then GO now, before you lose any creditablity you have left

11. City fans against Fosse

A petition against the changing of the name of our beloved football club, sign it if you want to keep the name Leicester City Football Club!!

12. Support New AFC Stadium Proposals for Aberdeen City!

Aberdeen Football Club have proposed the construction of a new multi-purpose sports & Leisure stadium on the outskirts of Aberdeen City. A small band of residents 1.5 miles from the site on the other side of a dual carriageway have launched a very vocal protest whilst not providing any real grounds for their objections.

Pittodrie is not deemed economical for re-development and other sites have astronomical price tags on them.

13. We Want PETTY OUT of Swansea City Football Club

This Petition is for Swansea City football fans to voice their concerns about the way Tony Petty is running our beloved football club WE WANT YOU OUT NOW!!!!!!

Please help us help Swansea City and its loyal band of followers to eject the DEVIL INCARNATE or as we know him TONY PETTY out of Swansea forever.