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Many children sit in FOSTERCARE unjustly. Family members and family friends are being denied custody of the children, because CPS wont let the children go. CPS makes a profit by keeping children in FOSTERCARE and therefore children are being held against their rights. CPS destroys more children and kills more children every year than the assumed abusive parents do.

Many times false allegations are placed against parents and the children enter into FOSTERCARE HELL. Let`s fight back for our children and make them a #1 priority again. They are our future and if we dont protect them, we are not protecting our futures. Thank you!


Too many children are growing up without their Father in their lives because of deception, lies and an unjust legal system. We need to change this.

Go to to read about Dan Major, a Father who was cheated by his wife, the CAS, a rogue police officer and the "Justice" System.

Laws and Reforms are needed because the events that happened to Dan Major are quite common. Much about "the system" is about money for those within it, often despite the costs involved to those who are unjustly harmed.

Consider that in Ontario alone, on average over 100 CHILDREN DIE A VIOLENT DEATH EVERY YEAR while under the "care" and/or guidance of the CAS (Children's Aid Society). This is an EPIDEMIC! The CAS receives $1.4 BILLION in annual funding yet has ZERO governmental accountability. Sad, but very true. Until there is accountability for the CAS and the other profiteers nothing will ever truly change.

3. The House of Change takes Good Care of its Clients

The House of Change is a home away from home level III behavioral residence where everyone is respected, care for and develops lasting friendships.

4. Petition to Bring Home Joel, David and Sammy!


I am starting this petition to help bring our 3 boys back home !! They were removed from our home by the Department of CPS and DSS on January 23, 2008. CPS has made allegations against my wife and I claiming child abuse from a bruise David ( our 2 1/2 year old ) had on his side?

Those of you that know us will know that this is not even possible and completely ridiculous !!! These boys were with us for 13 months and we want to adopt them into our home.

Joel, David and Sammy must come back home where they belong. We love them and miss them terribly !! Our hearts are broken and we worry all day and night about them, I can only hope that they understand that Mommy and Daddy are doing everything in our power to bring them back home, and we will not stop until we do so !!!

So I ask everyone to please sign this petition and support our effort to bring our boys home where they belong !!!!