Petition Tag - fair trial

1. Support Nicole Reyes to receive a fair trial

Since July 2012, Nicole Reyes has been imprisoned in a Dominican Republic jail following a tragic accident in which the vehicle she was driving killed her husband Jorge Reyes. Jorge's death can be attributed to the road safety and conditions in the Dominican Republic which might otherwise have saved his life.

Despite the DR ratifying the Human Rights Act in 1978, Nicole was taken directly to prison at the time of the accident, not only denying her final moments with Jorge and appropriate time to grieve but also leaving her detained in prison without any formal charge.

2. Stop Extradition - Fair UK Trial for Richard O'Dwyer

Richard O'Dwyer a 23yr old University student has been served an Extradition Warrant by the US on charges of copyright infringement relating to his web site which provided links to enable its users to access films on the internet. At all times he was in the UK, his servers were not in the US and his domain names were not in the US.

The alleged conduct took place entirely in the UK. Richard is asking for a fair trial in the UK, where the alleged offences took place and where he will be able to defend himself.

3. Petition Calling for Ken Clarke to be Dismissed as Justice Secretary of the UK Government

UK Justice Secretary Ken Clarke has declined to apologise after he suggest that some rapes were less serious than others, and showed almost total ignorance of UK law on 'Date Rape' in a BBC interview viewed here

During the live BBC Broadcast on Radio 5 (Wednesday 18th May), Mr Clarke gave in an interview about proposals under consultation to halve jail terms for people who plead guilty early, including rapists.

He showed complete ignorance of the legal definition of 'rape', which is completely unacceptable in a Government Minister in charge of legislation and directing sentencing policies.

Asked if he had been ordered to apologise following the row, Mr Clarke said he had not - and he had not apologised: "I apologise if an impression has been given which is not my view and which I don't think I stated."

4. Fair Trial for Our Boys Abroad

Ranjit Banwait, Councillor for Boulton Ward in Derby, has started a petition to help two local residents facing extradition to Latvia get a fair trial.

David Birkinshaw, Matthew Neale and their families, have had their lives turned upside down. They were both due to marry recently and have now put their lives on hold. Worse still, if extradited they face an expensive legal process in an overseas country that could result in financial ruin and heartache for their partners and young children.

It follows an incident last year on a lads stag to Latvia when the two family men say they were wrongly arrested and then detained by police.

Now the local Councillor of David Birkinshaw, and also helping Matthew Neale, has started a petition following the consent of the families involved.

Both residents contacted Councillor Ranjit Banwait after hearing of his strong track record in representing Derby residents on a range of issues.

Councillor Ranjit Banwait said: “When Mr Birkinshaw first contacted me my initial thought was – what can I do as a local councillor? However, after listening to their plight I started to believe in their innocence and concerned about the distress being caused to them and their families. I resolved to do all I can to help them”.

Councillor Banwait has contacted their solicitor, local M.P and M.E.P. He has also written to the Latvian Ambassador appealing for help in the matter. He has assured both David, Mathew, and their families, that if they are extradited they won’t be forgotten.

"I want to keep their plight in the public spot light so that the authorities in Latvia do everything possible to ensure that our boys abroad get a fair trial, are well treated and are brought back home after the trial, if it does comes to that”.

5. Stop reporting opinions as facts in Major crimininal case

Court TV is a widely watched network that millions of viewers turn to for facts in major criminal trials and as such needs to stop convicting defendants on the airwaves before the trials are ever completed.

In the Scott Peterson Trial their anchors broadcast a multitude of unfounded rumors and opinions daily rather than the actual facts as presented in the Courtroom testimony. the viewers have a right to hear the truth and not the rumors reported daily on the trial watchers and Catherine Crier.

The court tv anchors have endeavoured to taint public opinion against Scott Peterson and try him in the media rather than allow the defendant a right to a fair trial. this is an ongoing issue that needs to stop immediatly.the right to the a fair trial is Paramount and as such should be respected for all defendants by Court tv.

Please sign this petition asking Court TV to cease the unfair trial by media they are practicing daily.

6. DNG Entertainment CEO Prezentz: Free Saddam Hussein

Free Saddam Hussein.

I hereby declare, Saddam Hussein, The Iraqi Dictator be freed of brutal actions by American Governemnt, and face a fair trial if not freed.

7. Wrongfully Convicted Frank Casteel

On May 20 1998 Frankie Casteel was wrongfully convicted of killing three men (Richard Mason, Kenneth Griffith and Earl Smock) atop Signal Mountain, near Chattanooga Tennessee.

Everyone has a right to a fair trial, we the people say Frank Casteel did not get a fair trial,and is in prison for a crime he did not commit.

On the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation homepage there is a saying "That guilty shall not escape, nor innocence suffer"

We ask that this case is looked at, and also look into the way this investigation was done.