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1. Direct Election of the European Commission's President by EU citizens

We want Europe to be more democratic. Europe has to be built with the citizens!

That is why we want the european commission to be accountable to EU citizens, by electing directly its president, who then will have to be approved by both european parliament and european council.

According the Lisboa treaty, if we reach 1 million signatures, our claim should be heard!

2. Petition in support of European Commision┬┤s Development Aid for Eritrea

The European Commission is considering giving Development Aid to Eritrea.

For this to happen we urge all Eritreans and Eritrea Loving People to show their support.

3. Stop this kind of animal cruelty in Turkey!

Today, I watched a very disturbing video that shows how violent your citizens are to the helpless: it shows how the people involved are chaining a wolf from the leg and making the dogs beat, attack, kill him. It is a long and painful video. The wolf is crying for help from another almost dead one and the people are just having fun!

This is disgusting sick and not to be accepted in the EU or any other Country in the world!!

*** Very disturbing video now removed from public view***

One Person can make a difference! Please sign this petition and join One person to make this world a better place!

4. Hands off our Coops! - they compete fairly!

The complaints against French, Spanish and Italian cooperatives that are being looked at by the European Commission are made by large shareholding companies. They are trying to get changes to the national tax rules for co-operatives. Any changes to these rules would reduce competition and would steal the coops' business. The Commission's decisions on the complaints may not just concern a few large co-operatives but they could also badly effect all coops across Europe.

Cooperatives are specifically written about in the EU treaties. Twenty five European Union countries have their own laws for co-operatives. Co-operatives are a different kind of business. Cooperative businesses rely on the principles of democratic control, self-responsibility, equity and solidarity. Co-ops have a unique legal and financial structure that needs to be recognised. The Commission cannot be allowed to pretend that they are comparing the same things when they compare co-ops with private sector businesses.

If you believe that attention has to be paid to the social and human dimension in economic activities and that a strong political message needs to be given to the European Commission, please sign the following petition.

You can read the Petition text HERE in EN/DE/ES/FR/IT and PL

News Update: There is also circulating in Europe a paper version of the petition (using the same text as below). As of 30 September 08 over 88000 signatures on-line and on paper have been collected by cooperatives and their members. The Petition will remain open until further notice.

For a statistical analysis of signers by region, click here.

5. Condemn animal abuse in Bulgaria

Our members have written letters to the E.C. on many occasions. Sadly our protests have not been heard.

We can only hope that global awareness of the animal abuse situation in Bulgaria might one day take us out of the dark ages.

PAWS / Plovdiv Animal Welfare Society

6. Discontinue unlawful customs and excise restrictions on EU travellers

The stopping of people bringing goods such as tobacco and alcohol into UK from another member state of the European Union is contrary to European law but the government are refusing to comply. As a result thousands of people are having goods and vehicles unlawfully ceased at ports and airports throughout UK every year, and if any of them try to appeal against the decision customs and excise, as an act of revenge are prosecuting them even though they have broken no laws. The result of this is that many people end up paying heavy fines or even end up in prison.

7. Abolition of the TV licence in Britain

A report calling for the abolition of the TV licence was sent to the Commission, the BBC and HM government in February 2002 but nothing has yet been done.