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31. Support California Water Equality

Californians are facing a difficult challenge as they try to figure out how to continue cutting water consumption as the state enters its fourth year of a severe drought.

Last year Governor Brown ordered all Californians to reduce water consumption by 20 percent – some communities and water agencies met that goal, while others did not.

Now the state is switching gears, and the State Water Resources Control Board has introduced a plan that would require unequal water restrictions throughout the state, ranging from 10 percent to 35 percent depending on the region.

The proposed cuts are unfair, unequal and confusing.

32. Transgender Freedom of Gender Identification On College Applications

On college applications there are just the two genders to chose from. Male, or Female, but for those who are Transgender there is not an option for them to declare as "gender neutral" or the gender that they identify as (not what they are legally documented to be).

It is important to give the Transgender community this option to put on a college application the gender that they identify as in order for them to feel safe and accepted in a college setting, having that trust in the university and community starting with the application.

33. Allow Communist Party of Canada Leader Miguel Figueroa in the Federal Debate!

The Communist Party of Canada is Canada's 2nd oldest political party. It has been wrongfully outlawed 3 times in it's almost 100 year history in Canada; and had to WIN a Supreme Court Battle just to remain a party in existence.

Over the years they have fought to bring in things such as : public health care and unemployment insurance. They represent the People, are for the People, and are a party of the People. Let's give them the opportunity to speak for the People!

They have earned the right to speak to Canada.

34. Ban the Anti-Marriage Equality ad Australia

I have put forward this petition in the hopes that this TV ad will never see the light of a television set again! It needs to be banned. Teaching children of same sex families that they "are not a real family".

In this ad it states that allowing same sex couples to marry will "force a child to miss out on a mother or a father" it also shows the president of the Australian marriage forum saying "that's not equality for the kids who miss out. That's not marriage." In this day and age there is no room for such carelessness.

It is 2015 and we do not live in the dark ages where the LGBTI ( lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex) community is shunned. This ad is discriminating, degrading, offensive, damaging, a horrific step backwards and not to mention it's a way of putting fear into the minds of those who already hide their sexuality for these very reasons... This is bullying, abuse of power and a complete waste of money that could have been used in much better ways.

35. Support Gender Identity Non-Discrimination Legislation in Wisconsin

In 1982, Wisconsin became the first state to pass a non-discrimination law based on sexual orientation in employment, housing, and public accommodations. No similar state legislation exists for people of differing gender identities.

Today, 18 states and the District of Columbia have surpassed Wisconsin in the enactment of vital protections for the transgender community.

Sign to show your support in the pursuit of non-discrimination legislation and move Wisconsin forward to equal rights for all.

Feel free to contact the author with any and all questions you may have.

Thank you for your time and support.

36. StopdaBlame Campaign to End Victim Blaming

StopdaBlame realizes that this is not a traditional petition in the sense that we are not aiming to send it to anybody. Rather, we want to showcase support towards US victims of gender-based violence, in an effort to make it a more visible issue. Largely, GBV is still considered a private matter, despite the fact that 1 in 3 women (and who knows how many men), will experience physical or sexual violence within their lifetimes. By reaching out to you, our college age peers, we hope to end the silence and stigma around violence.

We know that for many of you, you see signing your name to a statement as just another form of "slacktivism". But, in this case case, it truly isn't. We are the ones who hear first about our friends experiences with gender-based violence, and we are the ones capable of affecting the most change through out attitudes, reactions, and the small actions we take. By pledging to educate ourselves, actively promoting a culture of openness, and encouraging our friends to do the same, we can become a generation where talking about gender-based violence is no longer taboo.

So, lets get our friends on board and make gender-based violence everybody's business!

(P.S. Use the hashtag #StopdaBlame to show your support and follow us on Twitter @StopdaBlame)

37. Establish and support the International Tribunal of Reparation

This petition is conceived as the logical next step to several initiatives that the Organization of African Unity, currently African Union, United Nations, Republic of Haiti, Caribbean Community (Caricom), and civil society have undertaken to eliminate the impact of slavery, racism, discrimination and related exclusion.

On the borders of certain countries (e.g., Israel and United States) fences are built to socially isolate, exclude and/or separate targeted communities formed of individuals that are deemed illegal by national laws. In most of those cases, significant numbers of people (e.g., Somalis, Congolese, Syrians, etc.), due to religious, ethnic, and racial conflicts, are forced to resettle in refugee camps and/or faraway countries where they have no previous ties. While the factors underlying such cases vary; by and large, the results are seizures of land, property, resources, and other possessions of these families that are displaced. For instance, the recent decision of the Constitutional Court of the Dominican Republic (case number 168-13) to render thousands of Dominicans Stateless on the basis of their African ancestry calls to question the Cultural Heritage of the Island of Ayiti, which African Studies, as well as the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), recognize as the Nation where Africans rose to affirm their humanity in the New World.

These alarming situations do not mean the whole world is facing a new phenomenon, However, they do indicate widespread systemic impunity, and denial of due process. In a general sense, specific attention should be focus on the plight of Africans who for more than a century have presented a valid case for Reparations from Slavery. While this request continues to be formulated, no court of law has deemed it necessary to adjudicate their claim. However, Reparation is not such a controversial issue; for instance, the U.S. government formally apologized for the internments of nearly 120,000 Japanese Americans that were forcibly relocated and confined by the U.S. military following Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, by signing into law the Civil Liberties Act on August 10, 1988. This law also granted reparations to surviving internees and their families.

The case for Restitution and Reparation is considered beyond dispute by many thinkers, policymakers, and advocates who cite negative health outcomes from Slavery and Racism among significant segments of the world’s population. In a seminal report, the Boston Public Health Commission published in 2005, the researchers found racism to be a leading contributor to Health Disparities among Blacks and Latinos. Such findings are easily corroborated by other reports such as the UN’s annual Human Development Index (HDI) that shows most Africans on the continent and abroad occupy the lowest echelon for life expectancy, income, and education (

Therefore, the most effective manner to address those egregious cases, such as the thousands of Dominicans rendered Stateless, is to convene a judicial process for the victims to seek redress to their grievances based on this common accord: “National laws are subservient to International Courts” (The Economist, December, 2013).

38. Australia cancels gay marriage law: petition cancelling the wearing of pants by women.

Australia's high court has overturned the country's first law allowing same-sex marriage, less than a week after it came into force.

So, in the book of Deuteronomy (23:17) it says that gays are an abomination. That's all very well, we respect Jews, Muslims and Christians and their rules, as stipulated in their Holy Books.

It also says, just before that (22:5), that women are not to wear pants. I hereby call on the Australian government to ban women from wearing pants.


If religions should be the cause for peace then where are we leading to?

40. My English Expired! (IELTS)

Would you pay $350 to obtain a certificate that you already have? Literally $350 to sit in a test you've already passed? According to Australian Immigration . . . My English has expired!

A mandatory test I took in 2010 is no longer valid and therefore I will have to sit the test, paying the sitting fee all over again. So how is it a bachelor or masters degree does not expire, however my English after 3 years is no longer valid?

According to legislation I cannot renew this certificate but will have to go through the entire process again, would you pay full price for a qualification you already have?

41. Parenting Equality for Children

Each child has the God-ordained right to know and be parented by both their biological parents. Genesis 2:18-24 Ephesians 6:4

1. Each child has the right to be parented by his/her biological parents, unless this threatens the safety of the child. [Articles 7, 9 – United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child]

2. Each biological parent has the right and obligation to parent his/her biological child, unless this threatens the safety of the child. [Articles 7, 9, 18]

3. The above two rights override the lifestyle choices of the biological parents. [Article 18]

4. Where circumstances dictate that either of the biological parents cannot fulfill their parenting duties, the child has a right to a positive role model based on that biological parent. [Articles 20, 21]

42. Operation Landing-Dory

Ellen Degeneres has millions of fans worldwide, and hundreds of thousands of fans in Minnesota. She last visited Minnesota in 2011, and during her short visit, spread the message of love, kindness, equality and understanding that she is so well known for.

We, as Minnesotans need her special blend of support, acceptance and equality, now, more than ever, as we stride forward in the victory for marriage equality. What better way to support this, than to have Ellen visit our great state!

43. Mama MUST STAY! Asylum NOW!

Mama Must Stay!

Stop Deporting Women to Forced Marriage & Rape! Free Mama! Grant Her Asylum Now! End the Inhuman Treatment of Asylum Seekers! Shut Down Yarl’s Wood!

Mama is one of Britain’s foremost fighters for human rights and the rights of women. She is a central leader of the Movement for Justice women in Yarl’s Wood detention centre and the on-going struggle for freedom and equality by women detainees. She is a leader who shows others how to fight for themselves.

She has spoken in the plain truth about Britain’s racist, inhuman treatment of asylum seekers and immigrants.

Like so many women in Yarl’s Wood, she has been treated as a liar and told to prove she is not lying while being rushed through interviews and hearings in the isolation of detention.

Mama learned from her experience and from previous leaders who have since won release. She has passed these lessons on to a growing group of women asylum seekers and immigrants of different nationalities and religions. As a result many Yarl’s Wood women have successfully resisted deportation, organised their own petitions, and written about their experience of detention so that it can be exposed. Many have secured release or won asylum.

Now the Home Office plans to deport Mama to the Gambia on Wednesday 7 August. In the Gambia Mama defied her family and a system that treats women as property for male relatives to dispose of at will. She refused to stay in a forced marriage with her uncle and escaped to Britain. She has suffered the traumatic effects of violence and repeated rape at her husband’s hands, and now these have been compounded by the psychological torture of Yarl's Wood. Deportation will further undermine her mental well-being and make her more vulnerable if she is returned to the Gambia.

When Mama escaped her forced marriage and came to Britain she struck a blow for women’s rights in the Gambia and internationally; she lifted the hearts and hopes of the growing number of women in the Gambia who long to be free. If Britain deports Mama it not only condemns her to the state-sanctioned oppression of women and a life of bondage, rape and torture – it is dashes the aspirations of every woman who dares to believe that she too could be free, and props up the fragile authority of a brutal, reactionary regime in the Gambia.

44. Isatou Must Stay!

Isatou, a bisexual woman from the Gambia and victim of torturous female genital mutilation. She is fighting for sanctuary so she can live her life in freedom and safety, as the person she is.

Homosexual relationships are outlawed and stigmatised in the Gambia. Isatou was pushed by her family into an unhappy marriage with a Gambian man resident in the UK, but when he found out that she had sex with women he divorced her and informed her family and community back home. This makes it dangerous for her to return as she is an outcast and would not find protection.

Isatou went about rebuilding her life; she re-married with a man in the UK with indefinite leave to remain. They hoped to have children, settle and lead their lives. But this means nothing to the Home Office.

Isatou sought asylum in the UK because she would be open to physical attack and persecution as a known bisexual, divorced woman. Exile is a last resort to which Isatou has had to turn. But the Home Office put her asylum claim on Fast Track and she is detained in Yarl’s Wood. She has been prevented from keeping her appointment with a fertility clinic, despite her physical complications of the genital mutilation she suffered. Isatou is diabetic and her health is deteriorating in detention.

Isatou has been denied asylum. The Home Office plan to tear apart the family and life she has built here, and deport Isatou back to where she will face the persecution that LGBT suffer in the Gambia.

This Home Office inhumanity must stop! We demand that Isatou be released from detention immediately and granted asylum.

Take action for Isatou...

PHONE/FAX/E-MAIL THE HOME OFFICE - Tell them Isatou must stay!

Isatou's Home Office reference: B1927597

The Home Secretary, Theresa May:
Tel: 020 7219 5206 Fax: 020 7219 1145

Immigration Minister, Mark Harper:

Copy all e-mails to:,,,

45. Marriage Equality Now

The Marriage Act in Australia provides for marriage between a male and a female. This excludes people who wish to create a partnership with a person of the same gender.

We believe that this is discrimination. We believe, further, that it is patently unreasonable to deny a group of people certain legal and social benefits based on their sexuality'

We do not ask for "Gay Marriage" as a separate or different form of marriage. We ask for marriage equality.

The former Prime Minister, the Hon. Kevin Rudd MP., has now stated that "I have come to the conclusion that church and state can have different positions and practices on the question of same sex marriage,'' and that, "I believe the secular Australian state should be able to recognise same sex marriage.''

46. Support The Marriage Equality Agenda for Australia

As you all know Marriage equality has been a much debated topic and there has been much talk on whether or not is should be legalzied in Australia.

Well we say yes, we have come so far as a nation so why stop here by discriminating against people for their gender which is an extrememely old fashioned ideaology?

47. Support Texas House Bill 201

The bill proposes an amendment to the Health and Safety code of supplemental birth certificates. The code currently reads that the birth certificate must be in the names of the adoptive parents “one of whom is male and one of whom is female." This wording excludes same-sex parents.

Changing the wording to “in the names of both adoptive parents” allows both parents, regardless of gender to have established parentage. The bill would allow the Texas Bureau of Vital Statistics to place the birth certificate in both parents’ names.

48. Let's Play at Pride

Originally a melodic Goth rock band, The Beautiful Nothing is an electronica band from Morgantown, WV, currently consisting of Hayden Divine. The focus of the band is to touch hearts and save lives. We are a very fan oriented band. Love is our message and we love you!!!

In 2002, Hayden Divine created The Beautiful Nothing. In 2012, with Chris Nice on guitar, they released "Hope, Love and Lies", an acoustic full length. After Chris left the band to focus on his family, Hayden decided to change to electronic. The message of the band is hope. Very active against suicide, bullying and discrimination, Hayden seeks to help people who struggle with suicide and depression just like him. The Beautiful Nothing is and always will be a fan driven band. In 2012 Hayden sparked a friendship with Blood On The Dance Floor front man Dahvie Vanity and the 2 seek to make a difference in the world by fighting against hate using their art as their weapon. The ultimate dream of The Beautiful Nothing is to becoming a Dark Fantasy artist.

We are music for the misfits, the brokenhearted, the outcasts, the martyrs, the lonely, and the lost. It's okay to be fucked up; here are people just as fucked up as you. Mission: FUCK FAME!!! We are in this to help others the way our favorite music or songs that touched our lives did. Just keep your faith and believe in all that you make. Creating a place for you to escape to is the most important goal to us. We want to save lives and touch hearts so that if one person comes up and says that our music has helped them then life is complete.

49. Respect & equality for women in India and Pakistan

In light of the recent rape and murder of a girl by 6 men on a bus in New Delhi, we the undersigned, call on the UK govt to put pressure on India and Pakistan to legislate for women's right for respect and equality.

Let's stop the abuse now!!

50. Stop the unfair exclusion of Sterre Ploeger


The principal of the college had a meeting with 2 governors yesterday 12th Sep. The result is that Sterre will be accepted back on her performing arts course from Monday 17th Sep. This is a great achievement. Now it is just about the college recognising that a disabled person cannot be flexible in his support needs and not putting up barriers for her any more.

One governor has asked Micheline Mason to be involved and give advise to the college. She says: “There has been many issues in the past of mistreatment and oppression of the family by the College, and there are still many issues to be sorted out but a step has been taken in the right direction. We should make the college aware that we will be keeping a vigilant watch on what happens, but that we recognise that a step has been taken in the right direction.”

The family accept Micheline's judgement and calls off the demonstration that was planned for today Thu 13th September.


​The meeting with the college on Monday 10th September 2012 did not go well. By enrolling Sterre has an agreement with Newham College to do the level 1 Performing Arts course, but now the Principal has overturned this decision. They made the excuse that Sterre needs to have assessments by a clinical psychologist in order to work out a good programme for her! She doesn't need to see a clinical psychologist! She doesn't need a good 'programme', she has already chosen to study performing arts and all she wants to do is take part on the course she has been enrolled on. Sterre looked forward to starting the course so much and the first week went so well – why is the Principal trying to make people believe that this isn't the right course for her?

We are having a demonstration on Thursday 13th September 2012 at 12.30pm at the front of East Ham college. Please come to the demonstration and ask other supporters to come as well. This disability discrimination has gone too far. If we let them get away with this then what hope do Sterre and other disabled students fighting for education have?


Thanks to a very successful campaign, Sterre was enrolled on the Level 1 performing arts course. She started last Monday and has had a great week.

However, yesterday the Principal attacked. She excluded Sterre from college until a meeting could be arranged between the college and Sterre's advocates because she argued that Sterre had brought her own pa's without permission of the college and had therefore breached college policy.

It was clearly agreed when Sterre enrolled for the course that she could bring her own personal assistants as that was the only way she would be able to communicate and achieve.

Sterre has been prevented from attending classes at a critical point in the year. The students are completing their initial induction assessments which will determine whether they can continue on the course. By excluding her now the principal would make sure that Sterre is unable to stay on the course after the induction period.

Sterre has not done anything wrong and so there is no justifiable reason to suspend her. She is only being punished for bringing in her own PA's, something she can't do without and so this is disability discrimination.

We must act now to make sure that Sterre can attend college in this critical period.

51. GT1000 Women Awareness

The 60th anniversary of Women at Georgia Tech ushers a great opportunity to accelerate campus awareness on the history and progress of women at Tech and in STEM fields. These topics should be discussed and advanced continually, not just annually.

You have the power to help this movement. With your signature and support we will provide to the Dean of Students at Georgia Tech a petition calling for new scheduled focus on educating freshman on the topics surrounding women in STEM through the GT1000 curriculum.

The ultimate purpose of this petition is to increase campus awareness on the history of women at Georgia Tech and to make an impact on students at the advent of college. By raising early discussion on the history of women at Tech, the current challenges faced by women in STEM, and the available resources for women at Tech (WRC, WIE, etc.), we can continue to advance the interest and retention of women in STEM programs.

52. Legalize Gay/Lesbian Marriage

In the Defense of Marriage Act of 1996, it is stated:

Section 3. Definition of marriage
In determining the meaning of any Act of Congress, or of any ruling, regulation, or interpretation of the various administrative bureaus and agencies of the United States, the word 'marriage' means only a legal union between one man and one woman as husband and wife, and the word 'spouse' refers only to a person of the opposite sex who is a husband or a wife.

Yet, the Obama administration announced in 2011 that it had determined that Section 3 was unconstitutional and, though it would continue to enforce the law, it would no longer defend it in court.

Why should gay marriage be bound to a law that our own presidential administration states is unconstitutional? We fight for our freedoms. Some men and women in the military, and on our homefronts in the law enforcement, fire department, and EMS departments, are bi-sexual, lesbian, or gay.

53. Miners should pay a fair share

For years miners in Australia have been getting away with not paying a fair share of tax for Crown-owned minerals. It's about time they did.

We hold this sentiment:

‎"There is nobody in this country who got rich on his own. Nobody. You dug a mine out there - good for you.
But I want to be clear.
You moved your goods to market on the roads and ports the rest of us paid for.
You hired workers the rest of us paid to educate.
You were safe in your factory or mine because of police forces, fire forces and military forces that the rest of us paid for.
You didn't have to worry that marauding bands would come and seize everything at your mine or have a country would invade.
Now look.
You dug a mine and it turned into something terrific.
You mined Crown-owned minerals; you need to pay a fair price for the national collective’s inheritance that you are profiteering off.
Now you keep a Big Hunk of it.
But part of the underlying social contract is you take a hunk of that and pay forward for the next kid who comes along."¬if_t=photo_comment

54. Give our community a greater say in the licensing of lap dancing clubs

At present, lap dancing clubs are licensed in the same way as cafes and restaurants. But lap dancing clubs are part of the sex industry, not the ordinary leisure industry.

By adopting Schedule 3 Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council will be able to stop licensing lap dancing clubs like cafes and start applying necessary controls and regulations to the clubs. By adopting Schedule 3, local people will also be given a greater say in the licensing process.

The Gender Equality Duty 2007 legally requires local authorities to promote equality between women and men in all that they do. The Gender Equality Duty is particularly relevant in relation to the licensing of sex establishments because of the gendered nature of sex establishments like lap dancing clubs, and because of the negative impact that lap dancing clubs have on efforts to promote equality between women and men.

55. Human Rights for Gay Marriage

After the case of a Lesbian couple in a Civil Partnership who tried to adopt a baby as a couple, the European Court of human rights has deemed that same sex marriage is not a human right and “if gay couples are allowed to marry, any church that offers weddings will be guilty of discrimination if it declines to marry same-sex couples.”

I do however ask the European Court, is Equality not a human right? and are they not being discriminatory by issuing this statement? I would also suggest that as this does not affect the government as a whole, it should be up to the people to decide in the form of a referendum.

56. Tacko, Asuman, Andrew and Proscovia MUST STAY!

Tacko, Asuman, Andrew and Proscovia MUST STAY!

Justice delayed is justice denied.

End the degrading treatment of Refugees.

Grant asylum to Tacko, Asuman, Andrew and Proscovia NOW.

Tacko, Asuman, Andrew and Proscovia are lesbian/gay activists and civil rights leaders from Uganda and Senegal, nations where openly gay people are politically persecuted, imprisoned and murdered for being gay. Tacko, Asuman, Andrew, and Proscovia are seeking political asylum in Britain. Their outspoken and public opposition to the anti-gay political policies of the Ugandan and Senegalese governments means that a decision by the British government to return them to Uganda or Senegal is tantamount to a death sentence.

Tacko, Asuman, Andrew and Proscovia are members of the Movement for Justice and leaders of the struggles against racism and the scapegoating of refugees and asylum seekers here in Britain. They are also tireless leaders of the struggle for lesbian/gay equality in Britain, Africa and other parts of the world. Both the governments and anti-gay death squads of Uganda and Senegal know their sexual orientation.

Tacko, Asuman, Andrew and Proscovia have not been granted asylum, even though each of them filed a claim many months ago. Three survived torture; the fourth’s partner was tortured and killed. Living under the constant threat of deportation, never knowing what the next day holds, is an especially excruciating experience for these political asylum seekers.

Tacko, Asuman, Andrew and Proscovia have not been granted asylum thus far because of their political activism in Britain. All four are members of the Movement for Justice and leaders of the struggles against racism and the scapegoating of refugees and asylum seekers here in Britain. Tacko, Asuman, Andrew and Proscovia are also tireless leaders of the struggle for lesbian/gay equality in Britain, Africa and other parts of the world. They are precisely the kind of leaders that Britain needs to progress as a society.

Last year Britain co-sponsored a Joint Statement on LGBT Rights by 85 countries at the United Nations, calling on governments like Uganda and Senegal to end the torture of LGBT people, protect their safety and human rights, and stop treating homosexuality as a criminal offence. Granting asylum to Tacko, Asuman, Andrew and Proscovia is an easy, direct and meaningful way for the British government to show that its pious words will be backed by action.

57. Equal Marriage

This is a petition by the Equality Network in support of our campaign for equal marriage in Scotland.

Please sign this petition if you agree that same-sex marriage and mixed-sex civil partnership should be legalised in Scotland.

This petition calls on the Scottish Parliament to:

1) Change the law to allow same-sex marriage and mixed-sex civil partnership.

2) Protect and extend freedom of religion and belief by allowing, but not requiring, religious and Humanist bodies to conduct same-sex marriages and/or register civil partnerships.

3) End the requirement for married transgender people to divorce before a full Gender Recognition Certificate can be issued.

For more information about the Equality Network campaign please visit:

58. Save Lives, Stop Bullying in Australian Schools

Bullying is one of the greatest dangers children in Australia face.


In our culture, bullying is stigmatized so that Children often feel ashamed to seek help or even tell anyone they are being bullied, for fear of being a burden on families and communities.

As a result the issue goes unrecognized.

Children's voices are not loud enough to demand their own basic rights. Which include:

The right to be free from physical or mental harm, and to receive an education which enables them to reach their potential, and prepares them for life in a free society (from the UN Charter).


BULLYING RUINS LIVES. It has been the cause of countless suicides. Shown in the photo above, Sheniz Erkan is a girl who died as a result of cyber-bullying in January this year.

Bullying ruins mental health.

Children who are bullied are three times more likely to develop depressive symptoms and NINE TIMES MORE LIKELY TO HAVE THOUGHTS OF SUICIDE.

Victims of bullying are more likely to develop psychotic symptoms in early adolescence and young people who bully others are four times more likely to have a criminal record by the age of 30.


Bullying has devastating affects on the welfare of individuals. It inhibits their developing identity and contribution to society.

Please help raise awareness of this issue, and spread the word through facebook, email or any means you can.

59. Marriage Equality for All Australians

More than 60% of Australians support Same Sex Marriage.

This petition is encouraging Prime Minister Julia Gillard to make Marriage Equality a policy issue at the Australian Labor Party National Conference, and not just allow a conscience vote.

It is important that we collect as many signatures as we can.. and make Marriage Equality something that is real for the many same sex attracted Australians, who remain second class citizens in our own country.

60. David Starkey does not represent London

Petition calling on Boris Johnson to withdraw his invitation to The Mayor's Thames Festival.

We the undersigned call on the Mayor of London to withdraw the invitation to David Starkey to speak as part of the Mayor's Thames Festival.

In a discussion about the riots this summer on BBC Newsnight, David Starkey used race-based terminology to explain the riots, claiming '"What has happened is that the substantial section of the chavs that you wrote about have become black. The whites have become black. A particular sort of violent, destructive, nihilistic gangster culture has become the fashion,"'. He also claimed Jamaican Patois has ''been intruded in many of us have this sense of literally a foreign country''. Comments encouraging the idea that black people and black culture lie at the root of the issues leading to the riots can only whip up racism and prejudice.

The Newsnight discussion then turned to the Mark Duggan protest. When Newsnight presenter Emily Maitlis, responded to Starkey saying that both white and black youth were involved in the riots, he contended that "it started as a black protest about the killing of a black man". When Owen Jones, another guest on the show, pointed out this was a peaceful protest about the shooting of Mark Duggan, and could not be held responsible for the riots, Starkey replied "it very quickly ceased to be peaceful". Quite apart from their race-bias, these comments are hurtful to the family of Mark Duggan, and also ignore the fact that the family strongly condemned violence of the riots.

The true spirit of London is not reflected in comments like these, but in the clean-up operations when people came together from all communities to repair the damage.

It is offensive and insensitive to give David Starkey a platform at the Mayor's Thames festival. Starkey's comments triggered thousands of complaints and have caused deep offence.