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241. Save Arch Bar in Hulme

Arch Bar in Hulme was a great community resource but sadly there were occasional problems on the door. It has been closed for two years. We have lost the legendary Russell Club (aka the Factory, aka the PSV) and far too many pubs to mention... There's nowhere left for the community to meet! (Very few places, anyway.)

The Cavendish pub has now closed, having been sold by the owners last week. It is rumoured that it will become a fast food outlet. THIS IS ALL THE MORE REASON TO SAVE THE ARCH.

We are nearing "tipping point" in Hulme, past which the local community will be swamped by transient young people who have no roots and who are generally encouraged to keep themselves apart from the local populace (e.g., local pubs).

We know that MMU plans to build up to 900 student spaces, according to their own "Impact Assessment Report", and yet we've just had the announcement of a private 672-space block that's going to be built on Coupland Street, near Birley Fields.

We're not anti-student - so many people in Hulme are ex-students that it would be daft to be so - but we are concerned about keeping a viable community going in Hulme. There are few enough venues for going out, or having meetings or running workshops. The Arch Bar could be a great resource for the community - don't let the Council cave in to the first money-making scheme that comes along.

The people of Hulme deserve better!

The planning application report can be viewed here:

Or else try [www_manchester_gov_uk]

14th January 2010: LATEST NEWS

The Planning Dept. made a "site visit" in the morning, when they actually GOT OFF THE COACH (a very rare occasion) and later in the day the deferred the decision. The next planning meeting is mid-February. Please join the "Our Hulme" email group if you want to be involved in the campaign to save the Arch and to resist the saturation of student blocks. (Post a message to me on here if you want to be added to the group.)

Thanks for all your support so far. The first thing that happened at the start of the meeting was that the Chair defensively declared that "there's no such thing as a done deal here", quoting from a local activist's Twitter update of that day. They are now aware that there are genuine concerns from the local community about the proposals.

242. Opposition of PILOT for Upstate NY Power Corporation

Upstate NY Power Corporation has applied for a PILOT as of October 5, 2009. The requested a decision not later than December 31, 2009 to allow their project financing to be completed. They also stated that they are under a strict deadline to allow their construction to start and reach a certain percentage completion, to qualify for 30% Federal subsidies from the Stimulus Fund.

The application has not provided sufficient details about their financial strength, and actually refuses to provide an SEC 10-K financial statement for the public to view.

The PILOT will strip US$54,000,000 from the tax rolls, as compared to full taxation. Additionally, the developer will receive nearly US$150,000,000 in federal direct cash subsidy, with an additional US$150,000,000 plus NYS and Federal subsidies in the form of tax credits. The developer is "rewarding" American Manufacturing Unions by investing US$200,000,000 in foreign manufacturing. They plan to create approximately US$15,000,000 in construction payroll (10 foreign jobs created for each American union worker employed).

The developer is an LLC formed under the NYS Transportation Laws, as a single purpose company. Their principal is a single person. The developer has agreements with other LLC and LP companies to provide construction management and technology. Dun and Bradstreet Risk Management reports do not provide adequate scores to loan US$54,000,000 of County taxpayer’s money.

Jefferson County is at great risk with the current PILOT proposal in the manner it is being rushed through our Board of Legislators. The Chairman has bypassed the jurisdictional committee normally tasked with all other PILOTs.

The PILOT lacks certainty required in a normal, well constructed business agreement, such as but not limited to;
1. County Road Use Agreement for Construction Damages.
2. Project Labor Agreement
3. Decommissioning Bonds to protect County taxpayers
4. Guarantee to the number, type and pay of jobs to be created and sustained for long-term operation.
5. Guarantee of short-term constructions jobs to be created and sustained from Jefferson County trades

243. Encouraging Fast Food Restaurants and Outlets to Provide Recycling Facilities for Consumers

For many years Australians have been among the most enthusiastic recyclers in the world, however most fast food restaurants and outlets in Australia do not recycle or even offer customers the opportunity to recycle their waste. Furthermore, the majority of waste products from fast food meals including cups, bottles, aluminium cans, cardboard chip packets and paper wrappers, are fully recyclable but are being placed into landfill.

According to an academic study conducted in 2007 by the Lappeenranta University of Technology in Finland, waste generated by the packaging of fast food is 93% recoverable, in other words only 7% need go to landfill. The reality is that industry-wide only 29% is actually recovered with 71% of mostly recyclable packaging waste from the fast food industy going to landfill.

The research from this study indicated that it is possible to reach the achievable recovery potential in the exisiting solid waste infrastructure through new waste management practices, which are designed and operated according to waste producers's needs and demands. A consistent government approach is believed by the study to greatly assist in achieving lower waste, like in Taiwan.

In Taiwan, legislation was passed in 2004 that required its 600 fast-food restaurants, including McDonalds, Burger King (Hungry Jacks), and KFC, to maintain facilities for proper disposal of recyclables by customers. Diners are obliged to deposit their garbage in four separate containers for leftover food, recyclable paper, regular waste and liquids. Restaurants that don't comply face fines up to USD$8,700.

In March/April 2010, this petition will be forwarded to the head offices/CEOs of the most popular restaurants including McDonald's, Hungry Jacks, Burger King, Subway, KFC and Red Rooster etc. Copies of the petition will also be sent to the federal and state environment ministers to encourage the government to introduce legislative changes that encourage fast food franchises to adopt more environmentally friendly practices.

Most of the information in this petition was sourced from

244. GAZA World Leaders Unite for a Leading Eco-Sustainable Community and Peaceful Resolutions

United we stand. We do make a difference. We vote for truth, love, and honest reasoning. Current Issues affecting the children and people of Gaza (just to name a few) :

- Water Contamination, Nitrate levels in some areas 300x's the world health organisation's recommended levels!

- A 12yr old child in Gaza average hight and weight the same as an 8yr old child in West Bank.

- the blockading of education materials, text books, essential items of daily living, building materials, this includes being able to rebuild those that were damaged or distroyed during 2009 Assault: 15 of Gaza's 27 Hospitals; 29 Ambulances; 41 Primary health care centers; 280 schools and kindergartens; 11,135 homes; 700 businesses...

- Denial of civil liberties;

- Please if you are from Gaza and feel there is more you would like to be said... (or Palestine\Israel\Somewhere else in the world)... please write me: and I will make sure your voice and visions are heard when I send off the petitions and in any meetings with the powers of be...

subtotal of paper signs sofar... 864: Bulgaria 4;Spain 5; Argentina 1; Turkey 156; Finland 1; Canada 9; Korea 19; China 7; Germany3; Ireland1; france19; USA 12; NZ 1; India12; Italy 149; Iraq 2; UK 12; netherlands 2; Greece 150; Slovakia 1; Mexico 1; Brazil 2; Belgium 2; Tunisia 2; Morocco 6; Africa 4; Cyprus 3; Copenhagan 1; Swizeland 3; Slovinia 15; Lebanon 1; Romania 4; Montenegro 1; Syria 2; Malaysia 7; Serbia 1; Albania 2; Poland3; Japan 4; Israel 10; Pakistan 20; Ukraine 1; Afganistan 7; Egypt 20 (+100 who were too scared of Gov); Denmark 2; Sweden 2; Australia 167 + 500 peace love messages (95% from my community here: WESTEND)

245. Let Greenpeace Activists Go!

Nearly 40 Greenpeace activists including Bruce Cox, Executive Director of Greenpeace have been arrested for peacefully protesting the destruction of the Alberta tar sands.

Those arrested face fines and jail time for their peaceful acts of protest. Despite their plight, these heroes maintain their position and intend fully to return to the fight once they are able. Alberta's premier has labled these people as terrorists, having decided to punish them to the full extent of the law.

Thank you for your support,

Jenny Smith,
Environmental Technician.

To make a donation to Greenpeace, go to;

246. ANDRA allow E85 as a fuel

ANDRA without any real reason have decided to not allow E85 as a race fuel. 100% Ethanol is currently allowed and E85 is availalbe to the general public at the bowser.

ANDRA have claimed that the mixture is to hard to measure but this is not true as the V8supercars use it as there control fuel. E85 is a step forward for this country.

It is better for the environment and is produced from renewable waste. Stop ANDRA holding Australia back!

247. WATER FOR SUGAR: Support Corporate Social Responsibility, Pure Water, and Public Health!

Do you want to support social responsibility for sugar cane workers in Nicaragua? If you have a sweet-tooth, and want to show your support for poor Nicaraguan campesinos who labor in extreme heat to produce sugar and other sugar cane based products for local and international consumption, then support this petition!!!

People living and working in western Nicaragua, Guanacastal Sur sectors of La Isla, el Triunfo, Sector Gonzalez, Paises Bajos, and Santana do not have access to pure drinking water. Many suffer and die from chronic kidney disease (CKD) and other illnesses that may be related to consumption of contaminated water. Those who suffer most are the sugar cane field workers who urgently need potable water to maintain healthy levels of hydration while working in extreme heat.

La Isla Foundation and Fundación Isla are seeking partners to support our integrated programs including Corporate Social Responsibility, Pure Water, and Public Health. With support from our partners we will construct a pure water system to fill a 15,000 gallon reservoir, connected to a gravity-fed distribution system leading to each home. We will also implement community empowerment, public health, environmental, and educational programs. To implement these programs we seek support from many sources!

For more information and to make a donation online visit and join the "La Isla Foundation" Facebook group! You can also see short videos about this issue and other problems with agri-industry in Latin America at this link:

248. Stop the Trawler

Mr. Steiner, former Director General of the World Conservation Union (IUCN), current Executive Director of UNEP, said "Deep sea bottom trawling is an act of insanity and should become subject to prosecution.

We are just beginning to scratch the surface in terms of our knowledge of open ocean species and ecosystems at all depths, and realize the urgency of protecting them from degradation through over-harvesting and destructive fishing practices such as deep sea bottom trawling. We must protect the high seas before it's too late. It must become priority for UNEP in 2006. "

“Because of dwindling fish stocks, women no longer have sufficient work and do not earn enough to pay for essentials for their families like health, education and three basic meals a day. Europe is playing a major role in this growing catastrophe,” says Faty Kane, campaigns officer at ActionAid Senegal in 2007.

Several years have passed and either the legislation or enforcements are lacking. Still the destruction went on.

249. GLA Group At Our Lady Of Lourdes Catholic High School

It is time for change in the catholic school board. Students should be able to have access to an accepting environment that allows them to be comfortable in their own skin.

This organization unites students who feel they do not belong and who may be different from the regular students. It also is the promotion of a hate free environment where prejudice is not tolerated. This is an environment where individuality is accepted.

250. Volunteers to become National Wildlife Crime Officers

The NWCU (National Wildlife Crime Unit) since operation 3 years ago have reduced their staff from 14 to 9 due to funding and have made only 51 convictions in 2008-2009 which is only 3.3% of the cases they dealt with.

Wildlife crime is on the increase but with only 9 members of staff for the whole of the UK we believe there is no commitment for the protection of our wildlife and its environment.

251. END plastic utensil delivery excess

At some point, probably way too often, each of you have received an overabundance of plastic utensils with a delivery order.

This excess is often not considered and leads to an insane amount of waste.

Do your part to help end this thoughtlessness by creating a new standard or practice.

252. Save Gamston Green Belt

Nottingham City Council plan to develop housing and a Stadium on Rushcliffe green belt land. Media releases suggest plans for 3500 - 4500 houses and a Stadium. These plans were released to local media on 07/09/09 without any prior consultation with local residents.

An independent survey of the area by Tribal Solutions (partly funded by Nottingham City Council) had already identified the area as unsuitable for development. The proposed location is designated green belt and contravenes current planning guidelines (Planning Policy Guidance 2 Green Belt). It is also on a River Trent floodplain so contravenes Flood Planning Policy Statement 25 Development & Flood Risk.

Furthermore the scale of the development cannot be supported by the local infrastructure.

253. Release our river, the Mississippi River

The Mississippi River is being restricted by dams, levees and dikes. Wetlands are drying up and wildlife is dying.

The reason is profit, driven by desires to develop property where houses should not be built and businesses should not be started.

254. Support Bamboo Planting and Utilization: Best Solution to Climate Change

After the conduct of the 2009 INBAR training/workshop on Non-Timber Forest Products in Zheijang, China, it has been established that one of the best if not the best solution to the climate change problem is massive planting of bamboo worldwide. This is considering the natural characteristics of this miracle plant as follows:

1. It is the fastest growing plant in the planet. Some species can actually grow up to 4 feet per day.

2. It is much more sustainable compared to trees. 1 tree planted equals 1 tree harvested at a minimum waiting time of 10 years, whereas, 1 bamboo planted equals more than a hundred that can be harvested at a maximum waiting time of only 5 years and it just grows and grows and multiplies continuously.

3. It is much easier to grow compared to trees. It can grow at any elevation, does not require fertilization and requires little water.

4. It ABSORBS 35% more carbon dioxide and also EMITS 35% more oxygen compared to trees making it the best solution for CARBON SEQUESTRATION. Even finished products like boards, floors, furniture, activated charcoal, cloth, paper, etc will retain carbon for decades.

5. It is the BEST SOURCE OF BIO-OIL/FUEL and BIO-COAL. Copra, oil palm, jathropa, sugar cane, sorghum, cassava, moringa and other sources could not compare with bamboo. This will result in significantly reducing our dependence on fossil fuel which is one of the major causes of climate change and air pollution. Other advantages that can be derived in utilizing bamboo for bio-fuel are;
a. reduce GHG emissions, another major cause of climate change,
b. establishment of land cover which will also result in water conservation and flood control.

6. If massive planting of bamboo will be done worldwide, the climate change problem will be TOTALLY GONE in a matter of only 6 YEARS.

Incidentally, bamboo planting and utilization will also significantly reduce poverty as evidenced by China's bamboo-based industries.

1. Income from bamboo farming is 7 times more compared to rice farming.

2. The bamboo-based industries income of China derived from its 7 million hectares of bamboo plantations last year 2008 was US$15billion.

3. It is the best substitute for wood and its tensile strength is higher than that of soft steel. More use of bamboo and less of wood will be good for the planet.

4. Bamboo is a source of food, lumber, charcoal, pulp for paper, medicines, cloth, some chemicals, bio-oil/fuel, bio-coal and a lot more.

5. Investing in bamboo-based industries will;
a. generate more jobs
b. save foreign exchange
c. motivate countryside economy which will be good for overall economy.

255. Save the Caspian Sea

Every year, 12 August is marked as an international Caspian Sea Day, the day of coming into effect of the Framework Convention on the Caspian Sea Maritime Environment Protection (the Teheran Convention) which regrettably remains a declaratory document.

256. Bike4Peace

Global climate change, a threat to human survival, is primarily caused by automotive exhaust.

Wars are being fought with devastating effect over the control of petroleum resources mostly consumed by automobiles.

Cars kill hundreds of thousands through accidents and pollution of air, water, and soil. They are also primary components of noise and light pollution. Driving a car is particularly damaging to the health of the driver, but impacts everyone around negatively.

Cars are an unnecessary expense, costing the average driver over half of their income. More than half the cost of driving is subsidized through government maintenance of infrastructure and cleanup. Not only do cars drive you to work, they drive up taxes.

257. Make Puppy Mills Illegal In Canada

Puppy mills are technically not illegal yet. The cruel harsh environments they live in should not be tolerated. We as the people should stand up and eliminate this problem.

In my opinion a puppy mill would be hell on earth. Unclean environment, barely any veterinary care, and a crowded living environment... this isn't right.

Puppy Mills are cruel and need to be stopped.

258. Preservation of Bushland at Edith Cowan University

Edith Cowan University management have no plans to maintain the majority of bushland areas on the university grounds. It is likely that these areas will be flattened for future development.

Why is this important?
- ECU campuses are known for their iconic Australian bushland surroundings.
- There are currently no intentions to preserve extensive areas of existing bushland at ECU Joondalup campus.
- Urbanisation is a major contributing factor toward climate change, clearing native bushland areas will promote an environmentally irresponsible image for ECU in this respect.
- The bushland areas support a range of native wildlife.
- The surrounding bushland at ECU provide a positive and relaxing learning environment for students.
- These areas are valued by the community outside of ECU.

Ensure the continued existence of bushland areas at all Edith Cowan University campuses by signing the online petition for protected Edith Cowan University bushland areas.

259. Meat Free Monday in Thailand

The connection between meat consumption or animal agriculture & environmental pollution is scientifically proven time and time again. What we eat impacts our health and the health of the environment.

According to a 2006 report by the United Nation's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), entitled Livestock's Long Shadow: it stated that livestock production is responsible for 18 percent of all greenhouse gas (ghg) emissions which is more than all the cars, trains and planes combined.

Due to the impact that meat has on the environment, we need to reduce our consumption of this carbon intensive product as an effective solution to the climate change crisis. This petition calls for Thai Government to take action now that will show Thailand’s commitment to tackling Climate Change.

We urge the government to promote every Monday as a day when the citizens of Thailand will abstain from meat products in an effort to protect the environment and halt global warming.

We call on everyone’s support in expressing to Thai Government the need for Thailand to adopt and promote a meat free Monday.

So please sign this petition and forward it to your friends and family.

ความเกี่ยวเนื่องระหว่างการบริโภคเนื้อสัตว์กับมลภาวะสิ่งแวดล้อมจากการเกษตรปศุสัตว์ได้รับการพิสูจน์จากวิทยาศาสตร์ครั้งแล้วครั้งเล่า สิ่งที่เรารับประทานมีผลกระทบต่อสุขภาพของเราและสุขภาวะสิ่งแวดล้อม
สืบเนื่องจากรายงานขององค์การอาหารและเกษตรแห่งสหประชาชาติ (เอฟเอโอ)ที่มีชื่อว่า เงาที่ทอดยาวของ การปศุสัตว์ ซึ่งได้ย้ำเน้นว่าผลผลิตจากปศุสัตว์จะต้องรับผิดชอบการปล่อยก๊าซเรือนกระจกถึง 18 % ซึ่งมากกว่าที่มาจากรถยนต์ รถไฟและเครื่องบินรวมกัน
เนื่องจากผลกระทบของเนื้อสัตว์ที่มีต่อสิ่งแวดล้อม เราจำเป็นต้องลดการบริโภคผลิตผลที่เป็นคาร์บอนเข้มข้น ซึ่งจะเป็นหนทางที่มีประสิทธิภาพต่อสภาพอากาศเปลี่ยนแปลงที่วิกฤติ การร้องเรียนนี้เป็นการเรียกร้องให้รัฐบาลไทยเริ่มลงมือกระทำในตอนนี้เพื่อจะแสดงให้เห็นว่าประเทศไทยให้คำมั่นที่จะจัดการกับปัญหาสภาพอากาศที่เปลี่ยนแปลง
เราขอผลักดันให้รัฐบาลสนับสนุนโดยขอให้ทุกวันจันทร์เป็นวันที่พลเมืองในประเทศไทยละเว้นเนื้อสัตว์ ในความพยายามที่จะปกป้องสิ่งแวดล้อมและหยุดภาวะโลกร้อน



260. Global Overpopulation & Birth Control - An Appeal for Awareness

On March 23 2009, Dr. Nina Fedoroff, the US State Department chief scientist and adviser of Hillary Clinton, stated: " famines that strike a billion people are quite possible in a world where climate change has damaged food production and the human population has risen to nine billion."

Dr. Fedoroff echoes comments by John Beddington, Britain's chief scientist, who forecasts a "perfect storm" of food, water and energy shortages by 2030, when she told BBC One, that humans had exceeded the Earth's "limits of sustainability".

"We need to continue to decrease the growth rate of the global population; the planet can't support many more people," Dr Fedoroff added, stressing the need for humans to become much better at managing "wild lands", and in particular water supplies. "

Dr. Fedorrof is right; we need to be responsible on this issue. And rather quickly.

261. STOP printed Phone directories

28.4 million Yellow Pages per year (official)
22 million Thomson Local per year (official)

How many are used? and at what environmental cost?

This delivery system comes with at massive environmental cost. Not only with the printing and paper used but with the distribution to every home and business.

How many of use just pick them up and put them straight in the bin? or save them and never use them.

With Global Warming being such a huge problem its time to stop this system of waste. We need to create an 'op-in' delivery program. This is we the printed versions are only delivered upon request therefore eliminating pointless waste.

Join this Protest and help us to live in an environmentally cleaner UK.

This is the first protest from 'The Waste Project'. A project looking for a sustainable world.

262. Help Schools Go Green

To educate students, schools use paper and electricity extensively. Paper is used for worksheets, written exercises, textbooks, novels, and other products that are made from trees, which supply the planet oxygen and help reduce the effects of global warming.

By consuming the carbon emissions that pollute our atmosphere and alarmingly intensify the greenhouse effect, trees help cool the planet, but by cutting down more and more of them, we are escalating the effects of global warming and causing the polar ice caps to melt from the heat of the intensified greenhouse effect.

By using electricity extensively in schools, we are burning coal and releasing more and more carbon emissions into the atmosphere and strengthening the greenhouse effect even more. As this causes the melting of polar ice caps, we can already see what happens when it continues. As ice breaks up and melts in the warmer waters, polar bears and stranded in the water and will eventually drown.

Shorelines are advancing from the excess water from melted glaciers added into the ocean, and beaches are shrinking rapidly. If we don't do anything before its too late, we may make entire coastlines disappear from the swelling sea levels and entire species become extinct from lack of habitats.

263. Creation of a Wholesome Working Environment For Bamboo and Tree Farming

The Philippine National Bamboo Congress was held in Iligan City last 05-07 August 2009 and was participated in by 176 delegates coming from all over the country and this petition expresses the desire of 100% of the participants in their collective desire to help address the problems on climate change and massive poverty in the country.

It has been established during this congress that bamboo could be the best solution to address the two problems because of the natural properties of bamboo like:
1. It is the fastest growing plant in the planet.
2. It is more highly sustainable compared to trees.
3. It is the best substitute for wood.
4. It has lots of uses like food, construction material, clothing, charcoal, source of many chemicals, and it is the best source of bio-fuel/oil/diesel.
5. It is the best for carbon sequestration as it absorbs 35% more carbon dioxide and also emits 35% more oxygen compared to trees. It is noteworthy that if only the world will go into massive bamboo planting, the problem on climate change will be solved in only a span of 6 years.
6. Income from bamboo farming is 4 times more than that of rice farming.
7. It has one of the best industry potential. China's income from bamboo last year was US$15 billion.

Nobody will go into bamboo farming, however, considering their sad experience in tree farming. After waiting for 10 long years for the trees he planted in his own titled private farm to be ready for harvest, it is only then that he finds out that he could not harvest, transport and sell freely his crops as he will be required to apply for permits to cut and transport from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). Add to that the many inconveniences along the way like check (cash) points that will ask for money and if he will have to ship his logs via sea freight, he will also have to contend with the Customs which will be another extortion point. Thus, that became the first and last attempt at tree farming. Sadly, the same hostile parameters also apply to bamboo farming.

This is utterly wrong as tree and bamboo farming are supposed to be agricultural activities and that since they are planted, they should not be considered as natural resources. These then should not be under the jurisdiction of the DENR but should be under the Department of Agriculture (DA). That is just why it is call tree "farming" or agro-forestry (agro for agriculture). This is the way tree farming is done in the U.S.A. and other countries.

And since they are planted in private lands, they should be considered as private property and it will then follow that the tree/bamboo farmer need not get any permit to dispose of his private property as guaranteed in the constitution as embodied in the following:
1. Jus fruendi - Right to the yield of plants or soil.
2. Jus dispondi - Right to dispose of a thing.
3. Jus rerum - Right of things.
4. Jus jabendi - Right to have and enjoy a thing.
5. Jus habendi - Right to property, title. Right of a person in a thing that belongs to him. This is a complete and full right.

264. Representative Mike McIntyre needs to act on global warming

In October 2007, Representative Mike McIntyre pledged to address climate change. Nearly two years later, he has done absolutely nothing to address the issue.

Enough Talk, Let's See Some Action! North Carolina residents and UNCW ECO are holding Representative Mike McIntyre accountable and calling for immediate climate action.

* WATCH the video and forward it to every North Carolina resident you know!

* CALL Rep. McIntyre at (202) 225-2731. Demand that he take global warming seriously. There is a sample script for calling, below.

* WRITE President Obama, and ask him to rejoin the international community by signing a global climate change treaty. The opportunity to pass a global treaty will arise at the December 2009 UN Climate Negotiations in Copenhagen, and President Obama must be a leader on climate change issues.

Our elected officials work for us! Make your voice heard. Demand science-based reductions on global warming pollution.

For the sake of the health and livelihood of future generations, demand science-based climate action now!

265. In Support the public strike in Iranian Kurdistan

In support of the public strike in Iranian Kurdistan.

266. Meat Free Monday In Hong Kong

(English translation at bottom)




根據聯合國糧農組織2006年標題為”畜牧業巨大陰影” (Livestock's Long Shadow) 的報告. 糧農組織發現畜牧生產佔溫室氣體總排放量的18%,包括全球9%的二氧化碳排放量 , 37%的甲烷(CH4), 65%的氧化亞氮(N2O),氧化亞氮這種溫室氣體對全球暖化的影響效應相當於二氧化碳的296倍。


諾貝爾獎得主聯合國跨政府氣候變遷小組主席帕卓里博士聲明︰“請減少肉食,肉是排碳量高度密集的商品。...” “個人所能採取減少碳排量的唯一行動就是素食。”


作為一個負責任的政府,我們應該效法比利時的根特市政府,採取行動鼓勵市民降低碳足跡,已經決定要求市民每週一天無肉,而每週四將會是 “無肉日”。

我們需要向政府官員表達,香港有必要推廣「禁肉星期一」。我們希望政府能夠推動每個星期一作為 “香港市民不吃肉食製品日” 來保護環境並遏阻全球暖化。


267. Support the Cash for Clunkers Program in Canada

The USA government introduced recently a program called Cash for Clunkers. Americans will be given credit towards a new car in exchange for their 1995 or older vehicle.

The Canadian government has talked about it briefly in early July 2009. Canadians want this and the Canadian government needs to hear it for us.

268. Support NSW National Parks Hunting Bill

The Shooters Party's Robert Brown has placed a Bill before the NSW Parliament which will allow hunting access to the State's National Parks.

The value of this Bill as a conservation tool is limitless and if successfully passed will help save countless native flora and fauna populations from predation by introduced and feral animals.

269. Save the Vredefort Dome World Heritage Site!

In 2005 Unesco approved the citation of the Vredefort Dome as a World Heritage Site (WHS), and the SA government undertook to formally recognise and regulate the area. The Dome is at the centre of the oldest and largest visible meteorite impact site on earth. We need to petition government to go forward with the WHS as planned.

As many people as possible should sign this petition to prove that there is overwhelming public support for conservation, the protection of heritage, and sensible economic development for the benefit of all.

270. Meat Free Friday Indonesia

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Teks Bahasa Indonesia ada Di bawah:

Indonesia trails only the United States and China in greenhouse gas emissions! A study released by the World Bank and the British government - - shows that Indonesia’s high ranking is primarily due to its high deforestation rate -- about 85 percent (2,563 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent [MtCO2e]) of its emissions (3,014 MtCO2e) result from fires and forest clearing. Emissions from energy, agriculture and waste amount to only 451 MtCO2e -

Indonesia is home to one of the most rich and biological diverse environment on the planet. It has the world’s highest marine diversity and second largest area of forest after the Amazon Basin. However, due to the impact that meat is having on the environment, not only is our nation in peril but our precious plant is also experiencing the effects of animal agriculture too. Thus it is critical that we reduce our consumption of this carbon intensive product as an effective solution to the climate change crisis. This petition calls for the government of Indonesia to take immediate action by adopting “Meat Free Friday” for every Friday, which is also a holy Moslem day and promote the many health and environmental benefits of the pure vegetarian (vegan) lifestyle to the general public.

If you want to stop 1 billion people from going hungry at night each day; If you want to stop the needless deaths taking place every 5 seconds due to starvation then a vegan lifestyle is the solution to solve these dyer diet driven situations due to the inefficient use of resources directed towards animal agriculture. Grain currently fed to livestock is enough to feed 2 billion people. According to a recent report by Compassion in World Framing, "crops that could be used to feed the hungry are instead being used to fatten animals raised for food." It takes up to 16 pounds of grain to produce just 1 pound of edible animal flesh.

We call on everyone’s support in helping to urge the government of Indonesia and its citizens to adopt and promote a “Meat Free Friday”.

So please sign this petition and forward it to you friends and family.

Concerned Citizens
Vegan Society of Indonesia (VSI)

Indonesian Language:
Indonesia hanya mengekor Amerika dan China dalam emisi gas rumahkaca! Suatu kajian yang diterbitkan oleh World Bank dan pemerintah Inggris - - menunjukkan bahwa tingginya ranking Indonesia terutama disebabkan tingkat pembabatan hutan yang tinggi, sekitar 85 persen (2.563 juta ton ekuivalen karbon dioksida [MtCO2e]) dari total emisi (3.014 MtCO2e) hasil dari kebakaran dan pembabatan hutan. Jumlah emisi dari energi, pertanian dan sampah hanya 451 MtCO2e -

Indonesia merupakan salah satu negara yang lingkungannya paling kaya akan keanekaragaman hayati di Bumi ini. Keanekaragaman laut Indonesia adalah yang tertinggi di dunia dan merupakan hutan kawasan terbesar kedua setelah Hutan Amazon. Namun demikian, karena dampak dari daging terhadap lingkungan, bukan hanya negara kita berada di ambang bahaya tapi lahan kita yang tak ternilai juga mengalami dampak dari peternakan hewan. Sehingga penting bagi kita untuk mengurangi pemakaian produk yang sarat karbon sebagai solusi efektif terhadap krisis perubahan iklim. Petisi ini meminta pemerintah Indonesia untuk segera mengambil tindakan dengan menerapkan “Jumat Tanpa Daging” untuk setiap hari Jumat, yang juga merupakan hari suci bagi umat Muslim menjalankan ibadah sholat Jumat, dan mempromosikan manfaat lingkungan dan kesehatan yang baik bagi masyarakat terhadap gaya hidup vegetarian murni (vegan).

Jika Anda ingin menghentikan 1 miliar orang dari kelaparan setiap harinya; jika Anda ingin menghentikan kematian sia-sia yang terjadi setiap 5 detik yang disebabkan kelaparan maka gaya hidup vegan merupakan solusi terhadap situasi kesengsaraan ini karena tidak efisiennya pemakaian sumber alam. Biji-bijian yang sekarang dipakai untuk pangan ternak sebenarnya cukup untuk konsumsi 2 miliar orang. Sesuai dengan laporan terbaru dari Compassion in World Farming, “Hasil panen dapat dipakai untuk konsumsi langsung manusia yang kelaparan tapi malah dipakai untuk menggemukkan hewan ternak yang kemudian dibunuh untuk makanan manusia.” Memerlukan 16 pounds biji-bijian untuk memproduksi 1 pound daging hewan.

Kami menghimbau setiap orang untuk memberikan dukungan dalam mendorong masyarakat dan pemerintah Indonesia untuk menerapkan dan mempromosikan “Jumat Tanpa Daging”.

Mari ikut tandatangani petisi ini dan teruskan kepada teman-teman dan keluarga Anda.

The Petition:

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Petisi ini meminta pemerintah Indonesia untuk mengambil tindakan segera dengan menerapkan “Jumat Tanpa Daging” dan mempromosikan manfaat lingkungan dan nilai-nilai kesehatan dari gaya hidup vegetarian murni (vegan) kepada masyarakat luas.


Sesuai laporan 2006 oleh Organisasi Pertanian dan Pangan dari Perserikatan Bangsa-Bangsa (FAO), yang berjudul “Lovestock’s Long Shadow” : Laporan FAO menemukan bahwa produksi peternakan menyebabkan 18 persen dari seluruh emisi gas rumahkaca, termasuk sembilan persen dari seluruh emisi karbon dioksida, 37 persen dari gas metana dan 65 persen nitrous oksida yang 296 kali lebih dahsyat dibandingkan CO2 sebagai gas penyebab pemanasan global. Menurut Dr. Kirk Smith, anggota dari Badan PBB - Panel Perubahan Iklim Antarpemerintah (IPCC) dan profesor dari University of California-Berkeley, metana adalah 100 kali lebih dahsyat daripada CO2 dalam waktu 5 tahun setelah diemisikan.

Para ilmuwan di seluruh dunia telah mengakui bahwa perubahan iklim berlangsung demikian cepatnya, kehidupan bermasyarakat manusia berada di ambang batas ancaman jika kita tidak melakukan sesuatu dalam rentang waktu sekian tahun ke depan yang dengan secara cukup berarti mampu membalikkan kecenderungan laju pemanasan global. Pada waktu yang bersamaan, para peneliti juga menyadari bahwa meskipun CO2 adalah gas yang paling mendominasi berdasarkan berat, meskipun jika kita bisa mencapai ekonomi nil karbon hari ini, Bumi akan tetap terus memanas hingga seratus tahun bahkan bisa mencapai seribu tahun.

Sebuah kajian dalam tahun 2008 menyimpulkan bahwa produksi sebanyak 2.2 pound daging sapi akan menyebabkan jumlah yang sama dalam emisi karbon dari rata-rata mobil Eropa yang melakukan perjalanan hingga 155 mil. Jumlah energi yang terpakai cukup untuk mennyalakan 100watt lampu listrik selama hampir 20 hari.

Penerima Nobel, Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, kepala dari Badan PBB – Panel Perubahan Iklim Antarpemerintah (IPCC) menyatakan, “Harap kurangi makan daging, daging adalah komoditas yang paling sarat karbon….” “Tindakan satu-satunya yang seseorang dapat lakukan guna mengurangi emisi karbon adalah vegetarianisme.”

Dr.James Hansen – Ahli Iklim Terkenal NASA
“Ada banyak hal yang dapat dilakukan guna mengurangi emisi karbon, namun mengganti bola lampu dan banyak hal lainnya terlalu sedikit manfaatnya dibandingkan dengan mengubah diet Anda, karena jika Anda mengonsumsi ke dalam suatu mata rantai makanan yang lebih bawah selain hewan yang memproduksi banyak gas di rumahkaca, dan mempergunakan banyak energi dalam proses menggemukkan daging tersebut, maka Anda sesunguhnya dapat membuat kontribusi yang besar dengan mengubah diet Anda dibandingkan dengan berbagai tindakan lainnya. Jadi, itu hanya dalam persyaratan tindakan pribadi, mungkin itu adalah tindakan terbaik yang dapat Anda lakukan.”

Untuk alasan ini, jika kita ingin melindungi Bumi kita bagi generasi anak-anak kita berikutnya, kita perlu mengurangi sumber-sumber gas dan aerosol ini yang menyebabkan dampak paling besar dalam pemanasan global secara jangka pendek, sehingga memberikan kita waktu untuk mengembangkan teknologi pengurang CO2 yang bisa diperdayakan secara komersial.


Kota Ghent, Belgia telah menujukkan sifat kepemimpinannya dan mengakui pentingnya mempromosikan vegetarianisme sebagai solusi terhadap perubahan iklim dan mengurangi jejak emisi karbon dengan meminta warganya menjalani satu hari dalam seminggu tanpa daging.

Negara dan institusi lain juga mengakui perlunya mempromosikan vegetarianisme murni (veganisme). Pelayanan Kesehatan Nasional Inggris (NHS) akan mengurangi daging dan produk-produk susu dari menu di rumah-rumah sakit di Inggris sebagai suatu upaya memotong biaya dan karbon. Ini merupakan satu bagian dari strategi rumah sakit NHS guna mengurangi emisi karbon melalui sistim operasional rumah sakit.

Mengikuti misi Senin Tanpa Daging oleh Paul McCartney di Inggris, restoran Israel juga ikut berpartisipasi dalam menjalani veggie untuk satu hari dalam seminggu. n.html,7340,L-3736884,00.html

Setiap kali Anda makan tanpa kandungan hewani, Anda menghemat 2.5 pound emisi gas rumahkaca, 25 kaki persegi lahan, dan 133 galon air. Jika Anda makan tiga kali sehari, itu akan berjumlah 2.737 pound gas rumahkaca, 26.280 kaki persegi lahan dan 145.635 galon air setahun, dan lebih banyak lagi.

Kami meminta dukungan setiap orang untuk menyampaikan keperluan ini kepada pemerintah Indonesia guna menerapkan dan mempromosikan “Jumat Tanpa Daging”.

Tandatangani dan Sebarkan – mohon sampaikan melalui email dan situs online dibawah “sign petition” link yang membolehkan Anda berbagi situs sosial dan salinan bahasa program untuk halaman web.

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