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61. Anti Bullying Law Review! Stop Encouraging Bullies!

Please help stop bullying. Sign the petition!

62. Improved access for performing arts professional training for Scottish students

Each year around 20-30 dance and musical theatre students graduate from the Dance School of Scotland in Glasgow aged 16 - 18. Many of them wish to continue their professional training in ballet, modern dance and jazz and musical theatre at colleges in England and are successful in gaining places at these competitive colleges through audition.

Some of the courses are BA Honours degree courses over three years and some are Professional diplomas in dance or musical theatre also over three years. At present, only students on the BA Honours degree courses are able to apply for a student loan through SAAS.

The diploma courses are of a high standard (level 6 English qualifications framework, level 8 Scottish SQA framework), with external validation from Trinity college London, accreditation by the Council for Dance Education and Training, at institutions with excellent reputations in the industry and excellent employment records. Students on many of the diploma courses are able to opt to 'top up' their diploma to a BA Honours degree over one year by distance learning after graduation.

Some students on the diploma courses are able to access DaDa (Dance and Drama awards), though these scholarships are now strictly means tested and many students are not eligible for any help with fees or maintenance. Most institutions offer some scholarships for some students, but these are only for a minority of students and do not cover all fees and maintenance costs.

63. Spanish Immersion at Pony Express Elementary in Eagle Mountain, Utah

Currently there is only one Spanish Immersion program in our area. The need for spanish immersion is present, and more opportunities are needed in our community for this program.

Would you be willing to support implementation of a Spanish Immersion program at Pony Express Elementary in Eagle Mountain, Utah?

If so, please sign!!

64. Safe space for dogs

In Bournemouth approximately 4 in 10 households have children, and approximately 3 in 10 households have a dog. In Bournemouth alone there are 62 designated public play areas for children and 1 public play area for dogs. Just 1. All other areas for dogs to play are insufficiently fenced or gated with hazards immediately adjacent.

There are puppies and older dogs that do not yet know how to 'recall' and hardly any dogs know the Green Cross Code or can read safety notices! Almost all open spaces where dogs currently play, have insufficient fencing or gates to prevent dogs running onto roads, or onto pavements to chase a cat or car, or go and sniff the local livestock resulting in road accidents, injured or dead pets, or dogs in a lot of trouble. We want the council to work with Doogies to provide secure, safe play areas for all these dogs throughout Poole and Bournemouth boroughs.

There are many, many dogs that are walked only on lead. Some because they are in training, or don't always come back when called, and some because they are recovering from an operation, or are sick or in season. But there are some dogs on lead because they are afraid of or aggressive towards other dogs or even humans (for whatever reason) and so
1) other people need to know that the dogs needs space
2) those owners need support and education on how to help their dogs cope better when other dogs or humans pass by.
All these dogs are 'yellow' dogs - ie, they need space.
We want the council to work in partnership with Doogies to promote the Yellow Dog Campaign throughout the boroughs, provide education to the public, provide support and training to owners and provide totally secure, private rehabilitation and play areas for dogs that need space.

We want the council to work with Doogies to build a dog-bespoke indoor and outdoor training area for the rehabilitation and training of dogs. Furthermore we wish the council to work with Doogies to provide their educational seminars for everyone who comes into contact with dogs - from children to adults resulting in safe families, educated and responsible dog owners. The boroughs of Bournemouth and Poole have an opportunity to become a role model for providing a safe environment for all - humans and animals alike.

As a dog trainer and behaviour consultant specialising in puppies, rescue dogs and dogs with behaviour challenges I can confirm that:
100% of my clients have needed education and training,
100% needed 'yellow' ribbons for their dogs at some point in their lives
100% needed a safely secured, open spaces to run and play in the company of educated public,
and the many, many, many dogs at one point in their lives needed a totally secure private field for rehabilitation and training, the latter is needed as a matter of urgency within the boroughs as there is currently NOTHING available for owners of a dog that needs space.

65. Bring Google Fiber to Augusta

For too long we have been held back by the monolpoly of Comcast and their sub-par performance and customer service. Unscheduled outages, low speed peak traffic hours, and overpriced internet are a thing of the past. Google Fiber is launching, and they are coming out fast.

We deserve internet speeds that can support our ever growing technological lives. Many people pay $70 to $80 for internet speeds that are promised to reach "up to 50 Mbps", but those speeds are far and few between and intermittent at best. Google Fiber is $100/month and can take care of all of your home networking needs. Your television streaming eliminates the need for cable or satellite services.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) telephone services eliminate the need for ATT, Comcast, and other telephone providers. With Google Fiber, all of those needs are not only satisfied, but the expectations are well exceded. With speeds of 1 Gbps (that's 1000 Mbps; more than 20x's faster than the fastest internet you can purchase today) for only $100, you can eliminate the need for those other bills.

It becomes infinitly easier to stream your television shows, surf the web, download music, upload pictures, and more. That 1 Gbps speed is not only the download speed, but it is the upload speed as well. Compare that to the 15 Mbps that you may be getting now, and it becomes clear that this is a technology that we need in the this rapidly expanding economy. Sign the petition, and lets get the internet speeds and freedom that we deserve.

66. Vote Against the Passage of 2016-2017 Indiana State Budget

I am writing in regards to the proposed 2016-2017 fiscal year Indiana state budget, relating to the provisions about education allocations. Public school districts serving the most disadvantaged populations all will see vital dollars drained from their schools and funneled to well-resourced districts. How can these calculations be seen as equitable?

My children attend South Bend Community Schools and I see growth in them everyday. South Bend Schools stand to see 5.5 million in cuts over the next two years. There are excellent things happening in our school system that we will not be able to provide to our students if this budget is passed. Our Magnet programming, bilingual department, intervention services, and parent support programs are just a few of the items we stand to lose. We provide options to support our students’ success regardless of economic status. By the passage of this budget, that will no longer be able to happen.

Indianapolis Public Schools will lose 14 million in funding by 2017. Some of the state’s other poorest cities also would face basic tuition aid cuts: 19 percent for Gary, 10.5 percent for East Chicago and 3 percent for Hammond. Yet, the two wealthiest school districts in the state for family income — Zionsville and Carmel — would see large increases in total state basic tuition aid: 10.6 percent and 10.7 percent, respectively, over the two-year budget period. Neither district has more than 10 percent of its students qualifying for free or reduced-price lunch.

Please support and sign this petition to prevent millions of vital dollars from being taken away from South Bend Community Schools and other urban districts across Indiana serving our lowest-income populations.

67. Research and Oversight of Vaccines and Vaccine Production

Vaccines have a good purpose and function, and eliminating vaccine preventable disease is a public health issue.

Considering the effects of vaccine injury and side effects is an equally important public health issue.

This is documented with research and the billions paid out via the Vaccine Injury Compensation Plan (and that is only to those who have actually filed a claim).

68. Demand Full Public Consultation on Ontario Sex-Ed Curriculum Changes

WHEREAS, in 2010, the Ontario Liberal government promised to consult with voters before implementing a revised sex education curriculum;

WHEREAS, since 2010, the Ontario public has not been given opportunity to provide feedback on proposed sex education changes;

WHEREAS, in late October, 2014, the Ontario Liberal government announced that more revisions to the sex education curriculum would be implemented in time for the next school year;

WHEREAS, the announced plans to consult only one hand-picked parent per school does not constitute broad public feedback on the curriculum, and therefore, the Ontario Liberal government is breaking its 2010 promise to consult the people of Ontario;

69. Added bullying education and zero tolerance policies in schools

One in every two teens and children across America are bullied every day. One in four are bullied online. Many don't know how to deal with bullies in school, or who to reach out too and are left feeling hopeless. This needs to end. Now.

No child deserves to walk through the hallways in fear, or sit alone at lunch because everyone else picks on them, or be left without resources to help their situation.

Schools need to add anti-bullying education into their curriculum starting in elementary schools. Schools need to have counselors for children to easily talk to if they face a bullying problem.

Finally, schools need to have no tolerance for those who bully. There must be serious consequences for a child who bullies another, and more serious consequences for repeat bullies. The time for change is not tomorrow or next year. It is now and it all begins with us.

70. We Back Hewett

To parents, pupils, carers and ex-pupils, the value of the Hewett School is incalculable. With its dedicated staff, extensive grounds and excellent facilities it offers a safe and welcoming environment for children to enjoy their school years and reach their full potential.

In 2013 Ofsted judged The Hewett School as “good”. Yet little more than a year later, they put it in special measures. While this inevitably raises questions about the whole Ofsted process, it is true that, as with almost any school, there are improvements that can be made.

We believe that Hewett, in its current status as a foundation school fully accountable to the local community, is in a position to make those improvements. With the full backing of the County Council, we believe it can successfully promote its unique educational offer and, once more, face the future with confidence.

Some extra explanation on the background and context behind the petition is provided here.

To understand further why there is such a high level of concern over this issue, you might like to read this article from the local press.

Please note: addresses have to be provided for the County Council to accept the petition. Neither house numbers or email addresses will be displayed publicly and, though it is preferable to give your name, those signing the petition have the option to remain anonymous. Details will not be passed on to any other organisation.

71. Stop the Rezoning of the Proposed Calliope High School Land

The Petition of the electors of the Division of Gladstone draws to the attention of the House:

That the Gladstone Regional Council is being made to rezone a parcel of land that has been put aside as the proposed site for a High School in Calliope, 55 Don Cameron Drive, Lot 126, CTN 1493, Parish STOWE, an area of 14.7 Hectares, that is currently Zoned COMMUNITY USE, and is to be rezoned to RESIDENTIAL.

It would have adverse affects on our community and our future generations to rezone and sell this parcel of land for residential development. With the high forecast population growth of this area over the next few years, and the lack of other available parcels of land, our local children shouldn’t have to continue to spend hours each day on a bus to get to a high school. Foresight would be to keep this land for its original intended use, a future high school for Calliope.

72. Rejection of proposal by Fife Council to cut schools hours by 10%

UPDATE: 11th Feb 2015 - Today Fife Council have announced that primary school cuts will be "off the table" at least for this year - however we still need to keep fighting as these cuts can just as easily be put back on the table next year, and there is still no clarification about the other cuts such as secondary school hours, shared headships, larger classes, and the removal of music, art, drama, and specialist teachers.

So please keep sharing and signing!


Engagement meetings were held across Fife in November 2014 so that Fife Council’s Education and Children’s Services Directorate could put forward their plans for improving the Education & Learning experience of Fife's children. One of these idea's is to cut schools hours by 10%.

The Directorate wants to make a set of proposals to Fife Council on 12th Feb 2015 relating to primary and secondary school provision. There are a few factors involved covering both cutting hours of teaching time, amending timetabling plus changes to the way Head Teachers are allocated (ie. sharing a Head between 2-3 schools).

One of the main "ideas" is to cut school hours for primary pupils by 2.5 hours a week, i.e. reduce your child's education by 10%, equating to an entire year less of education for your child over their school career!!! This may be in one day ( i.e. finish at 12.30 on a Friday) or finish at 2.30pm every school day. The teachers would still be in school until normal hours doing extra training and planning, PLUS there would still be the same number of in-service days over a year. Secondary Schools would face similar cuts in hours plus increase in class sizes from 25 to 30. There are also further proposals that have not been made public involving making cuts to other areas such as additional support hours.

They believe these proposals will do two things, improve outcomes for children and be cost effective. Although they said they have evidence that shorter hours actually improve children's educational outcomes, when the evidence was finally produced at the end of Jan 15 it has been rejected by many experts and parents as it is completely flawed. To see our rejection of the evidence see our FB page.

They did not at any stage even acknowledge the problems these cuts will cause for families, and no suggestions were made as to what provisions would be made for children in the 2.5 hours per week to be cut. They also made no mention of the extra provisions that would be put in place for vulnerable children, for example, by finishing at 12.30 some vulnerable children may not eat a hot meal from Thursday lunchtime until Monday lunchtime. How will the Council deal with the extra social problems of every child in Fife leaving school at 12.30 on, for example, a Friday? How will they encourage children who often do not stay in school during a normal week, to even bother attending on a half day at all? None of these questions were answered.

We as parents and members of the wider community have serious concerns regarding these proposals and do not believe they would improve our children's education and while Fife Council believe it will save £6 million they had no figures at all for the extra costs this will produce for the Council, in extra childcare provision, social work and support for the vulnerable children, and policing and crime costs etc if the proposals come in. They do not seem to have considered that although it may save them £6 million, they will be passing these cuts directly to parents who will have to pay for extra childcare. This, conservatively, could be £8.2 million a year! This will mean more parents are forced out of work, as childcare will be too expensive and not available, therefore leaving less working people paying taxes, which fund Fife Council. It may even lead to families moving out of Fife and across into Kinross/Perth/Tayside to ensure their child gets the same level of education as the rest of Scotland.

The last date for submitting your feedback was 31st Jan but if you want to have your say you can still make your feelings known by emailing the Council directly on


If you want to read more about their proposals and see some example timetables showing the potential cuts in school hours see

I am sure, like myself, you would happily be prepared to discuss sensible improvements we can make to Fife's Education process, as we are all used to making budgetary cuts and know that Fife Council need to save money somewhere, but surely the education of our children is the one area that should not suffer? Unfortunately the proposals have not been as widely publicised as the Council may have wished and I am sure most of you will have had no idea these proposals have been put forward.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE GET INVOLVED AND SIGN THIS PETITION and share it with as many people as possible. If enough of us make our concerns heard they will at least have to acknowledge them, and may perhaps allow a sensible consultation with parents, teachers and pupils to begin. This will impact every child & family in Fife from 0-18, and for years to come, both in terms of the children's education, but also in financial, practical and emotional terms for their parents and carers.

Highland Council were recently forced to postpone their proposals for similar cuts and West Dunbartonshire Council have today (6th Feb 15) reversed their decision to make Primary school cuts because of the feedback from parents, so we can hope that they will listen to our concerns.

FOR UPDATES: If you want to follow us on our Facebook page you can keep up to date with any developments:

Make sure you get as many people as possible to sign!

73. End The Theory of Evolution as the only Truth in Florida Public Schools

We, the people of the State of Florida, being grateful to Almighty God for our constitutional liberty, in order to secure its benefits, perfect our government, insure domestic tranquility, maintain public order, and guarantee equal civil and political rights to all, do ordain and establish this constitution.

So how do you secure the benefits of recognizing Almighty God without promoting or endorsing the belief that Jesus is the Creator God held by some Christians? How do we perfect our government that our framer Benjamin Franklin recognized Nations rise and fall by the continence of Almighty God?

How do we insure domestic tranquility when nearly 90% of Americans recognize a Creator God and every State Constitution acknowledges Almighty God? How do maintain public order with The Theory of Evolution as the only truth that recognizes no Creator and therefore promotes and endorses the Religion of Atheism. Finally how do guarantee Equal Civil and Political Rights to all by not allowing the Academic Freedom of Teacher and Students to discuss our Intelligent Design and our Theory of Creation.

Impressing on the young minds of children that man has some how evolved from Apes as the only truth does irremediable damage to race relations between black children and white children. Jim Crow Laws and Slavery comes from the same premise that white people are more evolved then black people and other indigenous people of color.

74. 3eme Section La Vallee de Bainet; La route de Carrefour Zabriko a Bainet par Begin



PETITION AU NOM DES GENS DE LA VALLEE DE BAINET, 3eme section communale de Bainet


A Son Excellence, le Président Joseph Michel Martelly, et à l’Honorable Premier ministre, Evans Paul.

Nous vous adressons cette lettre pour donner lieu à une pétition concernant la situation économique et sociale de la 3eme section communale La Vallée de Bainet, Haïti. Au nom de la population de la section, nous vous invitons à en prendre connaissance dans l’esprit de coopération et de progrès qui anime votre politique générale.

Nous croyons, fermement, que l’objet de notre pétition ne saurait, en aucun cas, contredire le sens de votre action largement appréciée, mais, plutôt, devra y trouver sa place légitime, vu l’état dégradant et impitoyable de notre région située non loin de Cote de Fer et de La Vallée de Jacmel.

La Vallée de Bainet d’Haïti est un atout alimentaire viable et précieux pour Haïti. Considérant les avantages socio-économiques qu’il peut offrir à tout le pays, sa situation mérite une attention spéciale et une prise en charge immédiate de la part de votre gouvernement. Une telle action ne ferait que favoriser notre indépendance budgétaire et faciliter le financement des projets publiques.

• La Vallée de Bainet a besoin d’encadrement pour relancer sa production agricole et rentabiliser ses activités d’élevage.

• La Vallée de Bainet ne peut pas continuer à végéter dans la désolation et l’insalubrité. Nous croyons que votre gouvernement de changement pourra marquer la différence et prendra, immédiatement, les mesures nécessaires pour mener, à terme, l’action que nous proposons.

L’action proposée…………

Au nom de la population de La Vallée de Bainet, nous demandons à votre gouvernement la mise en œuvre des projets suivants:

•.l’encadrement des paysans pour faire avancer l’agriculture et le reboisement
• La construction de la route reliant Blockauss à Bainet par La Petite Plaine jusqu’à Cote de Fer, ainsi qu'a Haut Grandou.
• La construction d’un Marché a Blockauss.
• La construction d’un Hôpital polyvalent dans la region situee entre la ville de Bainet et La Vallee de Jacmel, en réseau avec des cliniques de santé installées dans d’ autres régions de la section.
• La construction d’une école polyvalente à vocation technique à Begin et des écoles à section primaire et secondaire dans les toutes les régions de la zone.
• Le reboisement des bassins versants contournant la 3eme section.
• Le relancement de l’agriculture et de l’élevage dans la région

En espérant que dans la foi et la paix du developement, notre demande trouvera diligence au sein de votre esprit de coopération et de progrès, nous vous exprimons, Son Excellence, Joseph Michel Martelly et l’Honorable, Evans Paul, nos salutations distinguées.

Rédigée à La Valle de Bainet, Sud ’Est, Haïti le 15 Novembre 2014,



Envoyez vos commentaires à l’adresse e-mail: Molver Fieffe,
Ou Dr. Emile Longor,

75. SBCC Yellow Ribbon Program

This petition is to ask Santa Barbara City College to voluntarily support the Yellow Ribbon program for out-of-state tuition.

With this added support out-of-state veterans can attend and not wait a year to be a resident of California.

76. Florida State End The Theory Of Evolution as the Only Truth of Origin

To the Florida State Senate and General Assembly

We have a Florida Constitution that states We, the people of the State of Florida, being grateful to Almighty God for our constitutional liberty, in order to secure its benefits, perfect our government, insure domestic tranquility, maintain public order, and guarantee equal civil and political rights to all, do ordain and establish this constitution. We have a Bill of Rights with a First Amendment that Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

The Bible teaches Luke 11:52 Woe unto you, lawyers! for ye have taken away the key of knowledge: ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in ye hindered. The days hiding behind a self imposed separation of Church and State are at an end in Public Education in Florida and throughout the United States of America. We as a people believe in the Sovereignty of a State to alter the course they will choose to follow in educating their future generations. Whether 1 petition or 100,000 signatures are collected we only need one Legislator to sponsor The Bill for the Referendum Question to be presented to the people of Florida to defend any litigation challenging the will of the People of Florida.

Search your hearts and your souls this day how you will better serve the people you represent. Sponsor the Bill whether it be a Democrat or a Republican or a non partisan support and let us run together towards a more perfect Union between God and Country. Our Moto IN GOD WE TRUST will rule the day on election ballot on November 2014. God Bless America and God bless the Great State of Florida. Will you stand with us or fall in defeat with changing tide about to sweep America.

Always from the heart
Rev Eddie Torres

77. Provide Educational Resources to the Displaced Child Refugees of Syria

As a result of the ongoing Syrian Conflict, education in the neighbouring refugee camps is sadly lacking or non existent. Children from all countries and all beliefs deserve the same developmental opportunities that we grew up with in Canada.

Without it the basic foundations of learning the children of Syria will never be able to properly understand the situations they find themselves in and will be easily susceptible to coercion. A proper education now is the key to stopping military action in the future.

Friends Of Syria Canada is petitioning the Canadian government for their commitment in providing educational resources to the over 1 million children seeking safety in the neighbouring countries of Lebanon and Jordan. In an emergency meeting held by Parliament to discuss Canada's plans to confront ISIL on September 16th, preventative military measures were discussed but humanitarian aid efforts were disregarded.

Immigration Minister Chris Alexander is quoted as saying "Our goal is to deter and prevent terrorism worldwide". As of now ISIL believed to have between 20,000 to 30,000 members, and the cost of fighting them is already exceeding a billion dollars. Imagine what the damage and costs will be if they were only to recruit even as low as 10% of Syria's children.

The rest of Minister Alexander's quote is "Our goal is to prevent Canadians from being involved more than they already are". The fact is ALL Canadians are involved. Terrorism effects our lives everyday.

We pay for higher levels of security, we pay for our privacy to be monitered, we pay for our soldiers to fight battles, and we pay for all the lives that are lost. Sign our petition now and show the Canadian government that we want to pay for a better future for the children Syria and for the world.

78. Stop School Uniforms at Richmond County Schools

School uniforms are unnecessary. They do not benefit the school, students, teachers, parents, and most of all our education. School uniforms are hindering our education becoming a distraction to our class time. Many students get sent to In School Suspension (ISS) for absurd reasons, such as wearing the wrong colored socks, or not having a belt; making them miss valuable class time.

School uniforms are meant to stop bulling, gangs, fights, and save parents money, when in reality they do the exact opposite. Bullying is still happening (putting someone in a uniform does not change the students’ actions towards others), gangs continue to happen, and fights are still going to happen despite the uniform policy. Uniforms are only costing families extra money, when we could just buy regular clothing and save the money we use on uniforms to save up for college (money doesn't grow on trees!).

Lastly, school uniforms only make the student hate going school more because we have no self-expression whatsoever. They teach us at school to be ourselves and not be afraid of self-expression, but how are we supposed to express ourselves when we all look like replicas of each other.

We, as students of Richmond Senior High School, started this petition to let our School Board know how we feel about school uniforms. No, we do not mean just completely abolish a dress code, we understand that we need to have some regulations, but we hope you understand we need to be able to express ourselves.

79. Support Computer Learning Centers in Public Housing Developments

Arrested Potential, Inc. is a non-profit organization, whose mission is to improve the plight of young children and young adults, intellectually and morally, through the implementation of innovative programs. In an effort to achieve its mission, the overall concept for Arrested Potential, Inc. evolved in 2013, when a group of concerned African-American men met to explore ways of improving the education of young students in the community.

Their call to action resulted from an article that appeared in the local newspaper, “To slow Robeson violence, leaders try to reach youth.” The article described the community as There are a lot of poor, uneducated people here. A lot of guns, a lot of drugs, a lot of alcohol and a culture that says ‘This is how we solve problems,’ ” Douglas said. “I think if we put a National Guardsman on every corner, that’s not an overreaction.” (McDonald, September 15, 2013). These men knew that the community had benefitted from several federal programs such as the Department of Justice Weed and Seed Program and the federal Head Start Program; however, these programs were short-lived. In addition to the news article, statistical information provided even more evidence on need in the impoverished community.

More than 61% of the population was in poverty and the rate for school-age children was 53%. Only 39% of the adults 25 years and older had a high school diploma/GED. Over 56% of the population was unemployed with the median income being $12,000. With the overarching desire to make a difference they adopted the name, “Arrested Potential, Inc.” as a sign of their commitment to assist students in learning how to navigate obstacles and reach their full potential. These men believed, strongly, that if they leveraged their collective talents and resources, they could become change agents in the community.

In an effort to have the most impact on improving the quality of life in the community, they chose to target W. H. Knuckles Elementary School (K-4th grades) where the majority of students had been identified as being low academic performers and whose parents demonstrated an inability to help their students in the learning process and eventually all of Robeson County.

In recent years, a large percentage of W. H. Knuckles Elementary third grade students have been unable to attain the minimum required scores in reading and mathematics. They performed poorly compared to other North Carolina students on the End-of-Grade Test. Such low academic performance of students supported the need for academic intervention. Therefore, Arrested Potential, Inc.’s program(s) address the immediacy of community concern: the educational improvement and achievement of the children who attend W. H. Knuckles Elementary School in a safe and non-threatening learning environment.

80. BC Student Walk-In

We, as students, no longer wish to be caught in the middle of the negotiations between the BCTF and Provincial Government. We no longer wish to be used as pawns.

We are the future and we deserve a quality education at all times!We would also like it make it clear that we are neutral in the negotiation process between the BCTF and Provincial Government.

We are fighting for ourselves and our right to education!


Today, United States Virgin Islands Education Commissioner Donna Frett-Gregory officially announced the closing of Guy H. Benjamin Elementary School for the 2014-15 year at a meeting with GBS staff and parents this afternoon in Coral Bay.

There were meetings about what St. John residents wished to do for the children of the island in regards to their schooling and all requests and comments ignored. Teachers & Staff were told at 3 pm of its closing and at 5:30 pm met with parents to tell them the same.

They are stating that since 'enrollment has dropped' which technically is not so, they relocated all K and 1st graders across the island to Julius Sprauve School in Cruz Bay at the start of the 2013-2014 school year and many parents enrolled their older siblings to travel the long ride and better supervise the little ones so the numbers decreased, of course.

82. Save Dual Language

Oswego 308 School District's Dual Language Program is a forward-thinking program that has been a model for surrounding school districts in bilingual education. Their administrations have toured our facilities, studied our model and, with the support of their school board, have successfully implemented their own Dual Language programs.

Our exemplary program is in danger of being dismantled. This would greatly effect all students and teachers in our school district. If the program is dismantled, all Dual Language students would be sent back to their home schools which would increase class sizes throughout our schools and strain the already limited academic resources that are available to students in each school.

Currently, Reading Specialists are stretched thin between schools to try to meet the needs of students outside the Dual Language program. We are jeopardizing that resource if we add more students to these schools who will need literacy support in English. This risk is not limited to reading supports.

Considering our Kendall county tax rate ranks us in the top half of one percent for the highest tax rates in the country, (Kendall county is ranked 16th out of the 3,143 counties in the U.S.*) and that 63% of our tax bill goes to our D308, we should be able to guarantee that every child in our district is being provided with all they need to achieve academically.

This program is producing bilingual and bi-literate citizens, and every year there is more demand for this program then there are spots available. We believe that this program should be expanded to provide this quality education to all who want it. We believe that Dual Language programs provide the best opportunity for ELL (English Language Learners) students to learn English.

We need to hold this school administration accountable to ensure that best practices are being followed for every student, in every classroom, in every school.


El Programa de Doble Idioma (DI) del Distrito Escolar 308 en Oswego, IL ha sido un ejemplar esquema para los diferentes distritos del área circunvecina para educación Bilingüe. La Administración del distrito en diferentes ocasiones ha visitado nuestras aulas de enseñanza, ha estudiado nuestro modelo, y con la ayuda de la Junta Educativa han exitosamente implementado este programa por nueve años.

Nuestro querido programa está en peligro de ser terminado. Esto tiene el potencial de gravemente afectar a todos los estudiantes y maestros en nuestro distrito. Si el programa de DI llegase a ser desmantelado, todos los estudiantes de DI serian mandados a su escuela de origen dentro del Distrito lo cual produciría un aumento en el número de estudiantes a las aulas. Hoy en día ya muchas de las escuelas están al cupo máximo y el aumento de estudiantes limitaría el potencial académico y de ayuda para todos los estudiantes.

Actualmente, los especialistas de Lectura de nuestro distrito están hasta el cupo máximo de trabajo con estudiantes que no participan en el DI. Estamos poniendo en peligro esa ayuda si aumentamos el número de estudiantes que necesiten de ese servicio si es que se cancela el DI. Este riesgo también se repetiría en otras aéreas.

Considerando que los impuestos del Condado de Kendall nos sitúan en la mitad superior del uno por ciento de las tasas de impuestos del país, (El Condado de Kendall ocupa el lugar número 16 en una lista de 3,143 Condados en los EEUU) y que el 63% de nuestros impuestos se envía para el funcionamiento del Distrito 308, todos debiésemos de garantizar de que cada niño y niña del Distrito se le pueda garantizar todo lo necesario para lograr avances académicos.

Este programa está produciendo ciudadanos bilingües y dúo-alfabetizados y cada año hay más demanda para este programa aun teniendo en cuenta de que hay un numero limite de lugares. Es por eso de que nosotros creemos de que este programa se debiese de expender para proveer la calidad educativa que todos deseamos. Todos creemos de que el DI provee la mejor opción de aprender Ingles para los estudiantes Aprendices de Ingles.

Se necesita mantener a esta administración escolar responsable para asegurarnos de que se siga la política de “mejor practica” para cada uno de nuestros estudiantes, en cada aula y en cada escuela.

83. Australians for a Better Budget

Companies are the biggest earners in Australia, earning billions of dollars a year.
Currently their top tax rate is 30% and about to drop to 28.5% whereas the top tax rate for people is 45%.

This is unfair and one huge source of untapped revenue for the government.

Companies are separate legal entities from their shareholders and are taxed that way.

There is no reason why individual voters should be taxed at a rate 50% greater than companies.

Companies need all the money they can get, but so do individuals and government.

It is fair for companies and individual voters to pay the same, progressive, tax rates starting at 19% and going to 45% for the higher income earners.

This taps those businesses making millions and billions out of Australian consumers. It helps smaller individual Australians and smaller companies.

84. Support Charter Schools in Ontario

A Well-Kept Secret: Whatever Happened to Canada’s Charter Schools? Paul W. Bennett04/10/2010 By Paul W. Bennett - See more at:

Charter schools have coexisted with private schools in Canada for over 15 years. Yet they remain a well kept secret. Outside of Alberta, you would never know that they existed, especially if you depended upon Canadian public education sources for your information about the school choices available to families.

Are Canada's charter schools set for a comeback?

While North American charter schools may be modelled after private, independent schools, they are actually public schools. To be more specific, they are publicly-funded, autonomous schools which are formed to “provide innovative or enhanced education programs that improve the acquisition of student skills, attitudes, and knowledge in some measurable way.” (Alberta Education, 2010).

Since the premiere of the new documentary film Waiting for Superman, charter schools are becoming much better known. It has taken the educational world by storm and sent shock waves through the normally serene Ontario educational establishment.

Here in Canada the film has been greeted by our educational authorities with, for the most part, a stoney silence. Anyone who might suggest that it has any relevance to Canada is simply dismissed with the usual rationalizations. We have such a fine public school system, so the line goes, we have little to learn from the film.

Twenty years ago, a Canadian movement for charter schools stirred up quite a commotion. It was driven by concerned parents demanding more from public schools and looking for more parental choice within the system. Many were acquainted with Canadian private and independent schools, but lacked the means to enrol their children in schools charging tuition fees. Seeking higher quality public schools led them to become advocates for charters.

Since the early 1990s, the official reaction to charter schools has been apoplectic. When the Alberta government of Ralph Klein authorized Canada’s first charter schools, the core interests in Canadian education (school superintendents, education faculties, and teachers’ unions) closed ranks and successfully fended off charter schools everywhere else. Instead of fairly evaluating charters as a means of broadening school choice, public school authorities clicked into siege mentality mode, condemning the “privatizers” and casting aspersions on the motives of charter school advocates.

The first Canadian charter schools in Alberta were the result of the tireless campaigning of Dr. Joe Freedman, a fiercely determined radiologist from Red Deer, Alberta. Since their advent in March 1994, Alberta remains the only province to authorize charters. Today, Alberta continues to embrace “School Choice” in public education and to support 13 different charter schools. (

Following the breakthrough in Alberta, education reform groups favouring “School Choice” mounted a campaign in Ontario and in Atlantic Canada. The Ontario Coalition for Education Reform, the Society for Quality Education, and the Atlantic Institute of Market Studies (AIMS) all embraced the cause. Inspired by Dr. Freedman and American advocates of charters, the groups held conferences and published pamphlets proclaiming Charter Schools “an idea whose time has come.”

The frenzied activity peaked in 1997 and then stalled when educational authorities closed ranks and out-flanked the proponents by embracing a domesticated version of student testing and accountability. The Vancouver-based Fraser Institute, normally an ally, undermined the whole effort by publishing a “Freedom Index” suggesting (erroneously) that Canada’s public system already had more educational choice than the United States.

In Alberta, the existing Charter Schools have survived, but still face surprisingly strong institutional resistance, fuelled by the teacher unions. A recent January 2010 Canada West Foundation report, “Innovation in Action: An Examination of Charter Schools in Alberta,” put it best: Alberta’s chartering legislation is a straight-jacket which amounts to “the equivalent of clipping a bird’s wings and then asking it to fly.” (

“If Canada has a “school choice capital”, it is Calgary. Three of Greater Calgary’s top schools are Strathcona Tweedsmuir School, Rundle College, and Webber Academy, all catering to affluent and upper middle class families. The city also boasts six charter schools, enrolling 5,930 of the 7,161 students attending charter schools throughout Alberta. The number of students in Calgary charter schools has more than tripled over the past decade. Compared to the Calgary Public Board’s 99,680 students, the numbers remain small, but their evident success in improving student learning stands as a valuable lesson for other provinces.

Living as we do in a North American cultural universe, Waiting for Superman may just give charter schools a new lease on life here in Canada. Here is one “little Hollywood movie” that exposes ordinary citizens to the type of specialized, quality schools previously limited to parents who can afford such school options. If Canadians do embrace charter schools in greater numbers, public school standards may rise and so will competition for students.

[Dr. Paul W. Bennett is Director of Schoolhouse Consulting, Halifax, author of The Grammar School (2009), and online editor of EduBlog at]
- See more at:

85. Don't unfairly penalize this family: K-12 Home Schooling/Angel's Education VS Cal-Works Program/Merced Human Services

April 24th, 2014 Re: Patricia Freeman, enrollment with CAVA/K12

To whom this may concern:

My name is Kelly Peterson and I am a teacher with the California Virtual Academies & K12. I am writing this letter in reference to Patricia Freeman and her involvement with our school. Her daughter, Angel Calhoun, enrolled with us on 2/11/14 and I am her teacher. My job is to make sure that Angel stays on track with her work and provide any support needed for her and for Patricia as Angel’s learning coach. Angel is a required to have 100% attendance with our school, which is Monday – Friday (with the exception of holidays and traditional school breaks) for an average of 6 or more hours per day.

Patricia’s role as a learning coach is very crucial to Angel’s involvement with our school. It is a requirement that Patricia supervises Angel every day to make sure that progress (lesson completion) and attendance are entered daily into our Online School. Patricia is doing most of the teaching with Angel, while I am available to give any extra support that may be needed. Patricia is also required to be available every day in case I need to contact her and she needs to be available to meet with me in-person every quarter to check on Angel’s progress.

I have attached our enrollment requirements so that you can have all of the information on what is expected of the students and learning coaches with our school. This gives a very detailed description of what our requirements are and how important Patricia’s involvement is.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me. You can also call our main office at (805) 581-0202.

Kelly Peterson



County of Merced

Notice Date: 04/17/2014
Case Name: Patricia Freeman

Patricia Freeman your cash aid will go down on 05/01/2014 , as we told you it would in the Notice of Action sent to you.

After talking to you and/or looking at information you gave us:

• We decided you did not have a good reason for not doing your Welfare to Work assignment; and

• You did not agree to sign a compliance plan as required.

State Hearing: If you think this action is wrong, you can ask for a hearing.

86. Bill Nye for Farm Fest

Bill Nye the Science Guy has been sharing with us his burning passion for science for decades, and continues to act as a liaison between the scientific community and the bulk of our generation. What better person is there to help lead us into a more environmentally sustainable future.

We need guidance and education, so we can reduce our carbon footprint and slow global warming. So we can build a sustainable agricultural system, away from gmo's and out of the hands of corporations.

Lets petition Bill Nye to come to Farm Fest to educate us on the problems our generation is facing and the new scientific developments that will help lead us into a more sustainable future.

87. Oppose Academic Budget Cuts to Mount Washington School

The International Baccalaureate and Ingenuity programs provide rigorous academic courses that prepare City school students to compete and thrive in high school, college and beyond.

The I.B. program in particular emphasizes service within the community; an integrated approach to the study of all core subjects, as well as arts, languages and physical education; and an exposure to cultures around the world that will help students compete in a globally connected economy.

Because of the I.B. and Ingenuity programs, Baltimore City families know they can obtain the highest quality secondary education for their children without having to consider moving to a private school, or moving out of the City entirely.

Mount Washington School provides the I.B. program to all students in the middle grades, across the academic spectrum. It launched the program in 2011 through a strong partnership with City Schools that relied on the district and the school community to share in the financial support of the program.

The Mount Washington community is grateful for the school system’s strong support for this high-quality educational program, and calls on the Board to maintain and strengthen that commitment.

88. Save the Cork Life Centre

Cork Life Centre is a voluntary organisation offering an alternative learning environment to marginalised young people.

The Centre and its staff offer students 1:1 tuition in Junior and Leaving Cert subjects and support them in their preparation for these State Exams. The approach to education is a holistic one. The value is on the social education of young people as much as on the academic. The Centre provides students and teachers with:

- An open and friendly environment.
- Positive trusting relationships with peers and staff.
- Continuous support with issues and challenges a student might face during work.

With The Centre many young 12-18 year old early school leavers have achieved formal school certification. The success of the project is the mix of nurturance, individual programmes, educational certification, stimulation, fun, hard work, mutual respect and expectations.

89. D.C. Residents In Support of Neighborhood Schools

D.C. Residents In Support of Neighborhood Schools is a petition that will be presented to the D.C. Deputy Mayor of Education, the DME's Advisory Committee, the mayoral candidates (Bowser and Catania), among others.

It is in support of neighborhood schools and opposes city-wide lotteries and mini-lotteries.

90. Support the Education of VUSD

The Vista Unified School District (VUSD) has a stockpile of $44 million dollars saved up. The only thing this money is being used for is saving; not education or teacher raises, which has not been raised in 7 years.

Also, the class sizes are not getting bigger, but smaller. From a small classroom of 25 kids to an over run class room of 40+. These problems must be put to an end. Please help support the future of the Vista community.