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31. Three Terms for South African Schools

Three School Terms for South Africa.
I am a ballet teacher. I cannot get my work done with the 4 terms currently in place in the South African Education system.
I feel that in particular that the time between Easter in April and the public holidays on 27 April and 1 May is affecting the whole education system.
The school terms should start for the first school term as from about 15 January until the Thursday before Easter and commence again after the 1st of May. The
second term then from the 2nd of May to about the end of July and the 3rd and last term from the end of August to the end of November.
With all the public holidays currently in place in South Africa school going children are not getting the education they require particularly due to the public holidays in April interfering with the school terms as they are ( currently 4 terms ).
Children will benefit from a less interrupted schedule and have a sufficient time for the summer vacation of at least 6 weeks in December and half of January. Teaching is an extremely demanding occupation and both teachers and learners need to take a longer holiday in summer and focus on school work without interruption of so many public holidays piled up on top of each other.
The majority of private schools in South Africa have 3 trimesters and not 4 terms. The whole of South Africa should agree to a 3 term school term from learners from grade 0 to grade 12 irrespective of private or public schooling.

32. Fixing the College Achievement Gap

As college tuition has been on the rise, so has the number of people and entering and graduation colleges. However, this increase is significantly less in those whom are in poverty.

33. Get a Wheelchair-Accessible Van for CU Boulder

CU NightRide is a service that allows students at the University of Colorado to get free rides to, from, and around campus after sundown. It is vital for student safety, but unfortunately, it is not currently possible to use in conjunction with a wheelchair. The office of Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance is requesting a wheelchair-accessible van to be used for NightRide and extracurricular activities. One reason this van would be so important is that the Buff Buses are not always operating according to ADA code. As students, we see this van as a necessity for all our classmates to have safe transportation at night.

34. Advocate for Educational Change in Post-Secondary Institutions in Canada

Assignment requirements in undergraduate courses offered at Canadian post-secondary institutions are allowed to be vague. This ambiguity can allow for grades to entirely reflect the instructor’s subjective views rather than having them categorized and explained in a structured manner. Without a structured system the instructor: has unprecedented control over marks, is not required to communicate the reason for a grade to the student, and can give a grade with no adherence to the course or subject being studied. Because of this issue, post-secondary institutions have been offering courses that do not follow systematic instruction, and in doing so have failed to comply with how education is defined.

35. Stanley university of UK should reopen MBA course in Finance

• Manager of the Finance Department.
• Senior Financial Analyst.
• Chief Financial Officer.
• Real Estate Manager.
• Insurance Finance Manager
• Financial Director or Controller

36. Advocate for Educational Change at the University of Windsor

Assignment requirements in undergraduate courses offered at the University of Windsor are allowed to be vague. This ambiguity can allow for grades to entirely reflect the instructor’s subjective views rather than having them categorized and explained in a structured manner. Without a structured system the instructor: has unprecedented control over marks, is not required to communicate the reason for a grade to the student, and can give a grade with no adherence to the course or subject being studied. Because of this issue, the University of Windsor has been offering courses that do not follow systematic instruction, and in doing so it has failed to comply with how education is defined.

37. Accessible Green Roof at Bergeron Centre

This petition is to be given to the Dean of Lassonde at York University, Janusz A. Kozinski, for the purposes of making the existing green roof on the Bergeron Centre accessible to students. As of now, there are 2 existing green roofs on the Keele campus, both for stormwater management. With such wonderful benefits of a green space to students in education and health, there are many rewards we are missing out on. The presence of green spaces while studying increase attentiveness, memory retention and has been proven to help children with ADD. It also helps to ease stress, anxiety, and depression. Keele campus is heavily urban, therefore providing easy ways for students to commute to and from school, however, is proven to increase mental health disorders. With the green roofs we hope to bring to campus it will also incorporate ways in which they can positively affect the urban environment of campus by increasing comfort, convenience and green space which contribute to sustainable growth. Green roofs also allow for environmental benefits as well, including, providing a habitat for migrating species to meet in divided urban spaces, increasing biodiversity, and decreasing air pollution. The implementation of green spaces, in specific green roofs allow for more job opportunities in fields such as manufacturing, design, and maintenance. It also allows a new medium for research projects and studies. Furthermore, this place is a ground of community for the students as well as the surrounding North York area, combatting discrimination and oppression. This space will be a place of relaxation intended to increase productivity and mental health. There are many possibilities such as an event space and a community garden that can benefit both student, faculty and community members alike.

38. Students Rights To Our Education

As students of TCW/TCK, we are part of the future of the Jewish community. We should have the right to have a say regarding the educators that are going to be part of the new TanenbaumCHAT merged campus, beginning in September 2017. There are many teachers that will be losing their jobs as part of this merger, and as students we should be able to give our input as to who we think should have the chance to stay. Who better to give feedback of the educational staff, than the students themselves?


Nov 8th 2016 an election was held, those results left an open chair on FUSD School Board. Instead of appointing the next highest voter MARS SERNA who received over 11,000 votes, Mary Sandoval and Jason O'Brien wanted to accept applications. So, 13 people applied, and March 1st 2017 in an open meeting, the interviews were conducted. Mars Serna was clearly the top applicant. Mars received 2 of 4 votes. Mary and Jason choose Kareem Gongora, who when he ran only received 1700 votes. The community on numerous occasions spoke for the appointment of MARS SERNA. But Mary and Jason have their own agenda, and the kids are not on it. They displayed a true picture of their true self and their utter ridiculousness. Clearly these two are more interested in vendetta's then what's best for our kids. that's right OUR kids. So, it’s time to stand up for our kids’ education and not allow these people to just ignore us. These are our kids our schools and our district, it’s time to show them they can’t do what they want and get away from it. Don't let them waste $180,000, spend it on the kids, not their personal vendetta's.


Today I was wearing sheer tights the color of my complexion underneath my skirt. I was stopped and walked down to the office for being out of dress code. Once I spoke to the one in charge of the people who violate the dress code, I asked to see a copy of the handbook to see where it stated that I couldn't wear my tights underneath my skirt. After reading it several times for assurance, I still didn't see ANY rule that would apply to my "dress code violation." I asked to speak to the AP, and that's when she told me my skirt was too short, and that if I wore tights, they'd have to be "dark." So, I put a second pair of black tights over my other tights, and went back to see the administrator that said I "was showing too much." The administrator STILL tells me that the leggings weren't dark enough so I point out the fact that my tights are black. I had BLACK sheer tights, yet they weren't dark enough. I'm now wearing TWO pairs of tights underneath my skirt and spandex, yet I'm still out of dress code. The dress code states that skirts and dresses should not be shorter than 2 inches above your knee. The point of that is to not reveal too much skin. If I'm wearing tights the color of my complexion, and a second pair of black tights over, you can't see my skin !!! It's as if I were now wearing pants but I'm now in SAC because I'm violating dress code. There's a rule in the dress code stating, "... can't show undergarments." I'm not showing my underwear nor bra. There's another rule saying leggings may not be worn as pants. I have a skirt over the tights, I'm not using them as pants. I refuse to change because I know I'm not violating the dress code. School dress codes are a way to teach students the importance of a respectable appearance which is a lesson that can positively impact their self-respect and self-esteem; but if I'm being told I'm a distraction because of what I'm wearing, I'm the one who's been disrespected and the person who was distracted enough to discuss what I'm wearing, with others, should be the one punished. I'm in the SAC room with no work given to me, I'm being kept from learning, and had the time to make this petition. It only proves that this wasn't an effective punishment. I shouldn't have been punished to begin with.

41. More Fairness for High School Students!

Recently, the Virginia government has passed a law that has concerned me. It will allow more freedom and opportunity to students to pick the classes of their choice to best suit their future careers. And this is extremely good and will improve the failing system that we currently have. The only problem I have with this is that its only available to current 8th grades (as of early 2017) and below, me as a current 9th grader have to go through the current system for the rest of high school.

I have several problems concerning this -
1. This Virginia law excludes me along with every other 9th grader and above from the opportunity to explore our plans for the future.

2. This law makes it so that the future 9th graders and below will have more access and training to their careers compared to current 9th graders and above, tipping the playing field in their favor making us a product of discrimination beyond our control based on age.

3. It would create a sense of superiority among everyone below my grade level (9th).

42. Revoke Lamar Alexander's Honorary Doctor-of-Laws Degree from William & Mary

Senator Lamar Alexander currently chairs the US Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor & Pensions which recently voted to support the nomination of Betsy DeVos for US Secretary of Education.

Throughout the nomination hearings, Senator Alexander stridently supported DeVos, despite her history of devaluing public education and her shockingly obvious lack of qualifications for the position.

In 2002, Senator Alexander received an honorary doctor-of-laws degree during the spring commencement ceremony at The College of William & Mary for his role as "an outspoken advocate for education."

Based on his vocal and legislatively substantive support of a clearly unfit candidate for US Secretary of Education, and based on The College of William & Mary's long and accomplished history as both a publicly-funded institution and its role in advocating for affordable public education, we are asking The College to revoke his honorary Doctor-of-Laws degree.

43. Teach all school kids the basics ofsocial psychology

People only make allowances for human nature and make adjustments to it if they are given to understand it in the first place. This knowledge enables them to become enlightened global citizens and should be their birthright. (See also the highly rated free ebook "A Brief History of Human Behaviour, and How to Become an Enlightened Global Citizen"

44. Smartphone as Learning Tool in Class

With technology continuously improving, smartphones had become more of a need than a want. It’s no wonder, because of all the fact that owning a smartphone is considering to having knowledge and resources on the go. The main idea of this petition is to request smartphone as a teaching and learning tool in Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur (IUKL). There’s so many that can benefit from using smart devices to aid in the teaching and learning processes in universities. These smartphones have the capabilities of a mini laptop that can serve many functions such as calling and texting, browsing the net, play games, be updated on news, study for test, listen to music and much more thanks to all the various applications available to us all.

When it is used in the right way, smartphones will be able to aid students to gain and comprehend more knowledge in their learning. If educators demonstrate respectful and appropriate use of smartphone in class and use it to build both the students’ and the teachers’ skills around it as well, the future of smartphone education looks bright. For such a tiny device to have so much use, we can rule that smartphone may be the number one learning aid for university students. It is time for all higher education to accept and utilize the use of smartphones.

The petition is conducted in both e-petition and paper petition. Our goal is to get at least 2500 signatures from among the University students, lecturers, staffs, parents and all those who are concerned with the future of education in Malaysia. We demand the support from the ICT Centre in IUKL and Telecommunication companies to team up with us and also financial support from businessmen because this change requires large amount of money. With this number of signatures, we will present it to every Head of Departments in IUKL to make the request so that smartphone can be make use of in its fullest potential in education. We wish IUKL can take the lead in making this change.

45. Re-introduction of dialect in Singapore

Many parents, teachers and elderly believe that it is crucial for children to pick up their dialect as it is a family culture that keeps us connected, to be able to communicate with each other and to prevent our cultural roots from being buried.

46. Protect the future education of women; Keep AWS all girls

Annie Wright School’s Board of Trustees announced January 4, 2017 that it will allow boys into the Upper School beginning with ninth grade in the Fall of 2017. As you know, Annie Wright’s upper school has been an all-girls educational and boarding program for 133 years. In 1881, Charles Wright outlined his vision for our school:
"The school will provide education for the rising generation of daughters of the
pioneers, children who will lay a firm foundation for the great state that is to
be, a state which will require them to have kind, not callous hearts; joyous, not pampered spirits; broad, not petty minds; refined, not tawdry tastes; direct, not shifting speech – women who will meet wealth with simplicity, and poverty with dignity, and face life with quiet strength – developing from strength to strength; contributing to the righteous up-building of this great country."

There are no comparable single-sex educational opportunities for girls in the Northwest region.
1. They are eliminating an important resource for the community
a. After this decision, there will be 1 all girls boarding high school per 7.062
million in Washington state and 21 all girls boarding high schools per 318.9
million in the United States. This means that Washington is only serving
7,062,000 of the population while the rest of the nation is serving
15,185,714.3; that’s less than half of the national average;
b. If this decision is carried out, then young women in Washington state will be
underserved in this area;
c. There are a multitude of educational options for boys in a private school
setting in Washington state
2. There is is tremendous benefit of an all-girls education, as documented in the

47. Keep the HORSE in Kentucky Horse Park

On January 11th, 2017, there was a strategic planning meeting at the Kentucky Horse Park. We currently have an administration in our Kentucky government that has disbanded the previous board that advised the Kentucky Horse Park, and with that, have left us citizens concerned about the future of the facility. We understand that as a state funded entity, the KHP has produced minimal profits for the state, but at the same time has provided innumerable citizens a place to safely enjoy the outdoors, work with our horses, and educate our children.

The Kentucky Horse Park means so much to so many of us - from a grounds for premier shows to an educational tool of our local school system. It is a part of our trainers and horsemens business plan, a destination for our families vacations, and a place that we as young children dreamed of visiting.

The horse industry in Kentucky has a 3 billion dollar economic impact on the state, and although it is understandable that so much of that is in the breeding, selling, and racing thoroughbreds, much of it exists because of exactly what the Kentucky Horse Park stands for. The local jumper trainer. The 4-H participant. The little girl whose family can't afford riding lessons, but who put a Breyer under the tree every year. And the inner city school student who grows an interest in horse welfare because of his class trip to these facilities.

We need our government officials to understand just how truly special this facility is to us as horse-enthusiasts, and exactly why we need it. So please, sign our petition to keep the Kentucky Horse Park as a place for exactly that - for horses, for the impact they have on our civilization, and the people who love them.

48. Introduce “Jake’s Law” for Driver's Ed in our schools & Mandatory Defensive Driving Courses for Learners

With a continued increase to young lives lost on our roads, my 22 year old son is included in these statistics. Youth drivers need to know how to control their cars and bikes on all road surfaces and all conditions and unexpected situations.

This petition proposes Defensive Driving Simulator courses and testing, and Driver Education Courses in Senior years at school.

Reasons being:
 In AUSTRALIA, 16 - 25 year old males are 3 TIMES as likely to die on the roads as their female counterparts.
 33% of Australian young drivers will have a car crash within the first 12 months of driving. As solo drivers (P Platers).
 40% of people who die on Australian road are under the age of 25.
 Car accidents are responsible for over 60% of deaths among Australian 17-20 years old. Motorcyclists' risk of a fatal crash is 35 times greater than a passenger car.
 Fatalities Rate for 2015 in QUEENSLAND was 243 which was an increase of 7.6% to the previous year.
 According to Road Deaths Australia, there were 1,273 road deaths in the country during the 12 months ending on September 30 2016. An increase of 7.2% to September 30 2015.
 No parent should have to bury their child. No one should have to lose a friend.

49. Supporting Illegal Drug Research

For the last 40 years, the United States has been fighting the "War on Drugs." This offensive has been a disaster. Wasted expenditure and countless unnecessary arrests have been made, weakening our society and raising the national debt.

I urge you to sign this petition to make a change in America. We need to convince the DEA to expand research on illegal drugs. Without knowing what they do to the human body, how can we help those affected and better regulate control over it?

I am not saying we should legalize all illegal drugs. This petition is to encourage government regulated research to better understand their effects.

So please, sign this petition and MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

50. Education for our children today

As an American we struggle everyday with money problems. Money problems seem to be the root of all bad situations in America. Every single American is required to go to school learn the basics of math, English, science and history of the required knowledge necessary to become a good citizen of this great country yet, Education is last on the list of most laws and bills being passed in Washington D.C. It is our duty as Parents, Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts, and family to make sure the children of the future can have the best chance at receiving a good education to become good not even great citizens in this great country.

Teachers on average make less than 50k a year to teacher yours and my children the necessary skills sets to become good citizens. Police officers make more than 55k a year on average to arrest and monitor those kids who don't get the proper education needed to make good decisions. We need more money in the school system to better prepare these leaders of the future for the great paths in which they are to embark on.

If every school in Paulding county had more dollars for after school programs, better facilities, happier teachers, we would result in happy students and happier families which ultimately means happy homes for a happier future of Paulding county children.

51. Replace school textbooks and workbooks with digital texts and start the usage of standardized school tablets or ipads among students

We are currently living in an advance modern world with a variety of digital technologies surrounding us. We are living in a world where computers and smartphones rule our daily life. There're also issues regarding students bringing their tech stuffs to school like mobile phones. What if to say, rather than we confiscate them, we allow them, but not in the usual way. What if we allow standardized school tablets or ipads for study?

These will replace textbooks and workbooks, and they will make the usage of paper to lessen, and thus can save our trees. All study materials can be just downloaded from school portals, textbooks and homeworks alike. And besides, teachers don't have to see crazy dirty handwritings anymore. But of course if we want to accentuate writings, students can still write on their tablets with stylus pens. All homeworks and assignments can be just downloaded from and uploaded to their teachers' emails.

Well, if you're thinking that primary school students still aren't ready for this, (since they still can't take care of their belongings properly), we can start on secondary school students. And if you're worrying about stealings, well, since they're school standardized, every student will have one each, same size same brand, basically the same stuff. So even if they try to steal, it's basically useless since they can't put games in them, and the only websites available school portals and other school-allowed websites.

I think it is high time that we fully embrace modernity and technologies and push our great country towards advancement and better future.

52. Save the Llantarnam School clock tower from demolition

Llantarnam School was closed as part of the decision to merge both Llantarnam and Fairwater schools on the former Fairwater site. Nothing of the former Fairwater School has been removed, where as the whole of the former Llantarnam School site is currently set for complete demolition.

We ask as a compromise for the clock tower to remain on site and as such to be transferred as an asset to a local community group who will continue to uphold the landmark in a good condition for years to come.

53. Statement on Education Policy

From the desk of ...
Dr. Peg Luksik
I have been involved in the “education wars” for over two decades. Over that time, the nature of our argument has changed. We now spend all of our time trying to slow down the agenda of our opponents, and we are, frankly, losing that battle.

We need to stop quibbling about the details, and start promoting the principles that will make America’s schools once again serve America’s children.

Our nation’s founders knew that they needed a Declaration of the Truths on which it would stand. In our battle for the hearts and minds and futures of our children, it is time that we follow their example.

The following is my effort to do so.

I plan to present it to our elected officials, at every level, and to use it to develop real answers in education. If you would like to join me in this effort, simply sign onto the Declaration with your name and state. Every name will be included when the statement is delivered.

You will notice that no organization is mentioned in the Declaration. That is intentional. I am a parent, a grandparent, a teacher, a taxpayer and an American citizen, and I personally wrote the Declaration. I am asking you to sign it as an individual as well.

Our forefathers gave us America’s past. Our children need us to give them America’s future. I know that together, we will not let them down.

54. We call on the Department of education to introduce Jesus Christ to schools

It is wise when talking about important aspects such as education to always ask the one who created it, which is GOD. (Deuteronomy 11:18-19). Looking at Christian schools and Public schools counterpart, Christian schools consistently out-perform Public schools. The word of GOD has proven to be the most best motivator. When peer pressure strike or other things on learners, they can just first consider what God first says through his word.

55. Second Season of Frontier Vets

Frontier Vets, Season 1 has just finished its run on SABC3.

We feel the entertaining and educational first season deserves to have a second season commissioned by SABC3.

Many people from all walks of life have been positively impacted by the show which promotes animal care in a lesser known area of rural South Africa.

56. Protect the community-based, non-profit Earthwise Farm

For almost ten years the not-for-profit Earthwise Farm has been a model for small scale community based farming. Thousands of people of all ages visit us to rediscover their connection with growing food. Our farm based events draw hundreds of people to celebrate and share a new vision for the future of farming.

We are Tsawwassen’s authentic grass roots inspired community farm, and our success has been made possible by our community.

But that could change.

In a few weeks, our certified organic field will be dismantled to accommodate site grading for the Southlands development project, and when the work is completed, we may not be allowed to resume farming in that location.

We ask that the Corporation of Delta:
1) Keep the Earthwise Farm in its current location as the feature of the Market Square, as promised; and,
2) Support Earthwise to continue to deliver its community and farming education programs without interruption during the development process.

Throughout the debate and public presentations leading to the approval of the Southlands development, Century Group (the developer) stated that, “As the working model for the Southlands Community-based Farm, Earthwise Farm and Garden will be the feature of the Market Square” (Imagine Southlands website 2013-2016).

In the Corporation of Delta Bylaw 7271, Attachment E on page 26 includes our farm area as part of the Earthwise Garden Precinct Plan, and notes that it “will be retained in its existing configuration.”

Based on these public assurances of a secure future on the site, Earthwise, its volunteers and community supporters have made a huge investment in program development that is dependent upon continued access to the Earthwise Farm in its current location.

57. ACT in February for NY

In every state and the District of Columbia high school students can take the ACT in February. However, the test is not offered in the state of New York. Why?

In 1979 the legislation passed the Truth-in-Testing Law, which has the affect of disallowing the ACT standardized test being offered to New York high schoolers in the month of February.

This petition is asking the New York State Senate, New York General Assembly and New York Governor's office to amend the 1979 law thereby allowing our students to have the same opportunity as the rest of the country.

I ask that you, as a high school student, sign this petition which I then will share with the legislature and executive branches.

For more specific information on how New York got into this awkward situation, please visit this NYSEAC website.

58. Better Public Libraries in Islamabad

Islamabad is a beautiful city, in fact it's ranked as the second most beautiful capital city on the planet.

We have lush, green parks, majestic mountains, a beautiful natural landscape, iconic buildings and infrastructure, and an amazing diversity of people in this city.

All that's missing is a network of libraries to make this city one of the best in the world. Join me in campaigning for this goal by signing this petition and lend a hand in educating, entertaining and enriching the young, promising population of Islamabad with the knowledge and literary resources it needs to keep striving forward.

59. وقف إلزامية التطعيم وتعويض أضرار اللقاحات

أقرت ١٩ دولة حول العالم صناديق رسمية لتعويض ضحايا أضرار التطعيم 1، في ذات الوقت الذي لا يلزم عدد منها بالتطعيم أو تشترطه لتلقي خدمات التعليم الحكومي 2.
إن أضرار التطعيم تشمل -وليست حصرًا على- صدمة الحساسية والتهاب العصب العضدي، والتلف الدماغي والتهاب الدماغ، والتهاب المفاصل المزمن ونقص الصفيحات، والانغماد المعوي والوفاة وفق محكمة اللقاح الأميركية 3.
وقد أصدرت محكمة اللقاح الأمريكية قرارين عام ٢٠٠٧ و ٢٠١٢ بدفع تعويضات عن اضطراب التوحد 4.
إن شركات تصنيع اللقاحات لا تتحمل أي مسؤولية عن الضرر الذي يحصل جراء تلقي التطعيم، وتباعا فإن تعديلا على قوانين إلزامية التطعيم العربية - لجعله اختياريا - مطلب عادل.

مصادر :

60. Save Hull College for the people of Hull

On 25th August 2016 Hull College management issued a notice that threatened over 120 posts at the College with redundancy. Redundancy has become a fact of life at Hull College, with a total of 385 job losses across the group since 2011, and a total of £2,747,454.15 paid out in redundancy payments as a result. The consequence of this is that staff are suffering from increased workload and stress, and many students are not able to follow their first choice of course and are moving to other providers. If students stay they are being offered alternatives that do not always match with their aspirations or are being mixed with students not studying at the same level. The College management have also decided to close nursery provision across all sites. This is an attack on our most vulnerable students, and hardworking staff who have no choice but to work to support their families.

This is the sixth year in a row that management have announced job losses at Hull College. Staff at the College believe that the redundancies are short sighted and that profit is being put first. They are a result of years of mismanagement and entrepreneurial failures. They are not in the interests of students, staff or the people of Hull. The continuing job insecurity, threats to people’s livelihoods and erosion of educational opportunities for the people of Hull caused by this yearly cycle of redundancies cannot continue. Yet again hardworking and dedicated staff are subject to an annual cull due to significant financial shortfalls caused by mismanagement. College management are running what was once a great college into the ground. This is an attack on education, staff, students, and the people of Hull. We are in a race to the bottom, and it has to stop!