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301. Acknowledgement of frustration over essay deadlines at the University of Bath

During this second semester of the 2010-11 Academic Year repeated complaints have been raised about essay deadlines being set too early - some of which were set before the relevant lectures relating to essay questions had taken place.

Compounding the problem this year were events such as staff strikes and lecturers failing to turn up for scheduled lectures, leading to rescheduled lectures taking place up to 3 weeks after modules were due to end. This in turn led to lower turnout for post-deadline lectures and seminars, as well as complications for students.

However, we do acknowledge that unforeseen problems do arise within the process of organising and coordinating degree structures, and remain grateful to all staff who have worked tirelessly this year to ensure a high quality of teaching and support.

302. Stop the censorship of the AIDS Committee of Durham Region Youth Awareness Campaign

The AIDS Committee of Durham Region (ACDR) launched a new awareness campaign directed and designed by youth. The Cover your C**%K, Protect your P*&%$Y campaign was launched in January 2010. The safer sex campaign contained valuable information surrounding youth and HIV/AIDS.

In November 2010, The Durham District School Board (DDSB) banned any material containing the image of a Cat and Rooster which appeared on the campaign from entering their schools.

This has resulted in Durham Region youth being unable to receive this proven effective safer sex messaging and education on behalf of the ACDR at DDSB locations and events.

303. The Invisible Voters

The Invisible Voters are a campaign group aiming to educate the youth in politics and to make aware the importance of voting. We believe it is the perfect time to try to get through to the younger generation considering the recent developments in cuts from our government that have directly affected students, most of them being 18-24.

Our main aim is to get students of middlesex to understand the Alternative voting system coming up in May.

304. Save Jobs of North Carolina Teachers

Across the state of NC, as the education budget thins, our children are getting the short end of the stick. Teachers are being let go, resources are being lost, class sizes are increasing, teacher assistants are being eliminated, and schools are disappearing altogether. In order to help with the budget crisis, public schools are being asked to cut their budgets.

When NC already ranks 44th in the nation in spending on education, can we really afford to cut spending? By cutting the education budget our children are being deprived of the best possible education. Education is paramount to the future success of our children.

A cuts-only approach will not begin to solve the problems we are experiencing; in fact, it only ensures we will pay an even higher premium socially & economically, personally & professionally, for decades to come. As a teacher, a parent, a home-owner, and a tax-payer -- as well as a human being -- we are horrified by all the cuts that directly impact children in our state, especially those to education. You are creating further inequality between the have's and have-not's, ensuring that only those families, schools, districts, and communities with money will be able to bridge the gap between the ideal of high expectations and the practicality of financial resources.

There is a saying that goes, “Those who can, can; those who can’t, teach.” This saying truly disgusts me because as a teacher, I have found that this is one of the most rewarding and important jobs to have. Without our teachers, there would be no other jobs. Not only are we overworked and substantially underpaid, but based on the cuts public schools are being asked to make, we are also underappreciated. In order to teach students, the strategies and techniques that are used span across all of the content areas; therefore, it is the responsibility of all teachers.

Governor Bev Perdue states “Every kid – no matter where he or she lives in NC – must graduate from high school with what it really takes to succeed in a career, in a two- or four- year college or in Technical training.” How can those trusted to protect NC public education even consider eliminating positions within school systems? Sadly, by making the proposed budget cuts, you are affecting the future of our children by limiting how much they learn and how well they learn.

As the Governor, do you really believe that every kid should receive an education that will enable and prepare them to become our future leaders? If so, how will eliminating positions in the schools and increasing class sizes help kids perform at or above grade level so that they can graduate and become successful, productive members of society.

305. Against the Massive Teacher Layoffs in California

Over 19,000 layoff notices were given to teachers throughout the state of California, a state that has seen periods of crisis similar to such before. An Educational cut of this magnitude will effect classrooms throughout the state substantially.

"These current cuts are sure to push us further down the scale. Our future depends on our ability to prepare the next generation for success in the hyper-competitive global economy. The budget crisis and the teacher layoffs we are now witnessing makes that challenge much, much harder. In order to deliver the quality education our students need we must get off this budget roller coaster and find a stable, long-term solution to education funding. Our future depends on it."

Jack O'Connell- State Superintendent of Public Instruction

306. Recreational Facility for the Community of Moose Factory

We are looking to Moose Cree to make an initial investment into this project. If need be, we can also look into other avenues of financial support.

Please support a Recreational Facility for our community.

Such a facility would foster literacy, education, employment, physical activity, health and wellness and would help to build strong families and a stronger community.

***Please make sure to scroll to the bottom of this page and click on blue button to sign your name on the petition. Thank-you.

307. Support New Reader Libraries

As our supporters will know, we believe a national public library service is vital to the democratic impulse which lead to the great Libraries Act of 1850.

There is some great work going on in the public library service, and we want to celebrate that (see Libraries We Love) , but change is needed.

Libraries could do much more to meet social and individual needs. New thinking and additional money needs to be brought so that libraries can reach out to the greatest and growing need.

Our own experience shows that shared reading can play a practical and important role in delivering outcomes in public health, employment and educational attainment and we want to further develop the reach of the library services to deliver these and other outcomes.

We want to work with library staff and local authorities to bring these great changes about.

308. Help Save Elmwood College Agriculture Courses



309. A Petition for the Freedom of Conscience

WHEREAS, in the words of our Founding Fathers, Religion is the duty every man owes to his Creator and that Religion "must be left to the conviction and conscience of every man; and it is the right of every man to exercise it as these may dictate. This right is in its nature an unalienable right";

WHEREAS this right, though given by the Creator, has been enshrined in both the Federal Constitution with the words "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof," in in the words of the Constitution of the State of North Carolina in the words "All persons have a natural and inalienable right to worship Almighty God according to the dictates of their own consciences, and no human authority shall, in any case whatever, control or interfere with the rights of conscience";

WHEREAS the consciences of men will lead them to differing conclusion of Religion and Morality, including beliefs regarding the intimate, conjugal acts;

WHEREAS, in the words of our Founding Fathers, Religion is the duty every man owes to his Creator and that Religion "must be left to the conviction and conscience of every man; and it is the right of every man to exercise it as these may dictate. This right is in its nature an unalienable right";

WHEREAS, this right, though given by the Creator, has been enshrined in both the Federal Constitution with the words "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof," and in the Constitution of the State of North Carolina in the words "All persons have a natural and inalienable right to worship Almighty God according to the dictates of their own consciences, and no human authority shall, in any case whatever, control or interfere with the rights of conscience";

WHEREAS, the consciences of men will lead them to differing conclusion of Religion and Morality, including beliefs regarding the intimate, conjugal acts, causing some groups to have more stringent views of Moral Righteousness than the majority of their fellow citizens;

WHEREAS, the history of the mankind and even this country abounds with examples of inexcusable and inhuman oppression that occurs when the Conclusions of Conscience of a minority group fall out of favor with the majority, even though the views and beliefs of the minority do not infringe on the rights of anyone else as touching their life, liberty, or property;

WHEREAS, a Belief held by a group of citizens that differs from the majority of their fellow citizens does not constitute a violation of the fundamental rights of any person, even if those views impel that minority group to question the views held by the majority through the means of civil discourse and peaceable assembly;

WHEREAS, anyone whose conscience leads them to disagree with the more stringent Conclusions of Conscience of the minority group, may disagree and even ignore the private and personal requests from the minority group to conform to that minority group's more stringent Morals, without resorting to either private force or the Force of Government;


WHEREAS, it is our duty and right as parents to impress upon our children the lessons of our Religion and the Conclusions of our Conscience, and it is the charge of government to protect the Parental Rights of its citizens, even though the majority may disagree with the said Religion and Conclusions of Conscience of the minority,

WHEREAS a Belief held by a group of citizens that differs from the majority of their fellow citizens, or even impels that group to question the views of the majority through civil discourse and peaceable assembly, does not constitute a violation of the fundamental rights of any person;

WHEREAS anyone whose conscience leads them to disagree with said Conclusions of Conscience of the minority group with the more stringent Morals may disagree and even ignore the private and personal requests from the minority group to conform to that minority group's more stringent Morals;


WHEREAS it is our duty and right as parents of impressionable young children to impress upon them the lessons of our Religion and the Conclusions of our Conscience and it is the charge of government to protect the Parental Rights of its citizens, even though the majority may disagree with the Religion and Conclusions of Conscience of the minority,


Global Warming describes is current trend in average temperatures around the world increasing as a result of human activity. Sea ice is retreating, glaciers are melting, species are migrating or disappearing and spring temperatures are arriving earlier each year.

The glass on a greenhouse allows one type of radiation in, but reduces the amount another type can escape; causing the interior of the greenhouse to remain warm. This is what we are experiencing on our planet - gases such as carbon dioxide and methane act as the glass; allowing solar radiation in, but preventing heat from escaping.

Are human activities are linked to global warming? Yes, just about everything connected with modern society is a contributor. The cars we drive spew carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, as does coal powered electricity generation, production processes for many of our goods. Even the millions of livestock we keep for food play their part by producing methane. It is the carbon dioxide concentration that is increasing, due to the burning of fossil fuels (as well as from some rainforest burning).

This is the man-made portion of the greenhouse effect, and it is believed by many scientists to be responsible for the global warming of the last 150 years. Also, the concentration of methane, although small, has also increased in recent decades. The reasons for this increase, though, are uncertain.

311. We Unite Against Texas Education Budget Cuts

Funding for public and higher education was allotted the most money for the 2010-2011 budget, suggesting its importance. So why cut the funding? By significantly reducing funding for education, you will be putting thousands of teachers and faculty (including janitors and bus drivers) out of work.

By decreasing funding, you will be decreasing the amount of educational programs students in both public and higher education receive. More notably, as minority students have continuously been adversely affected by a lack of funding in education (including overpopulated classrooms, a scarcity of decent technology, facilities, after-school programs, and scholarships), decreasing the already insufficient amount will only increase the inadequacies for us.

As a minority college student, I am relying on financial aid to complete my higher learning. Cutting into these funds will not only raise tuition and reduce student services, but it will prevent me from completing my last year of college.

Education is the most important thing you can offer the students of Texas, the future of this great state. Being that all of you needed education to get to where you are today, I am sure you understand how critical it is to our society. Without it, there would be no government officials like you. Your current budget (allotting $75.4 billion, the largest amount, to education) proves that you realize this, but your current actions represent the contrary. Did education all of a sudden lose its value? We all realize economic times are currently very difficult, but should our current economy be the determinant of a successful future?

I see a future of educated Texans with technological, political, artistic, scientific, and business success, increasingly boosting the economy of Texas. But this bright future can only be realized if you, the people we trust, the people we elected, do not turn your backs on us. If you do, you will be essentially hindering the economy of the future. If you do, you will be preventing future lawyers and doctors from graduating, the next government officials from running this state.

We challenge you to instead:
o Balance the $3.2 billion from the Rainy Day Fund with other alternatives to avoid making large cuts in the education budget that will prevent new recipients of Texas Grants (which largely fund the college education of minority students)
o Spend less on underused areas of the budget
o Generate revenue to offset costs
o Instead of allowing public schools to take up electricity during the summer and other holidays, use the buildings for activities and events to generate revenue when school is not in session.
o Increase taxes on alcohol, cigarettes and other non-necessities.

312. Keep our classes small!

There is substantive research in the field of education delineating the positive effects of smaller class sizes on student achievement. During this budget crisis, laying off teachers and conflating classrooms is not the answer--as California struggles to make sure ALL students reach proficiency, we must look for other ways to make up the budget shortfall aside from pink slipping teachers and raising the student-teacher ratio.

Research: (The Impact of Class Size Reduction on Student Achievement, by Penny Fidler, Ph.D.); (EFFECTS OF CLASS-SIZE REDUCTION IN THE EARLY GRADES (K-3)
ON HIGH SCHOOL PERFORMANCE, by Helen Pate-Bain et. al.)

313. Support Canadian National Child Care

We are calling on you to work together to honor the promise of a national child care program to all Canadian families and children. Canada’s children and families deserve the right to a National Child Care System. November 2009 marked the 20th Anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, and Canada still scores LAST amongst industrialized nations in our provision of early childhood education and care and family support policies.

The place to start is by protecting the early learning and child care agreements between the Government of Canada and the provinces. While income support for families is a valid policy goal, a taxable family allowance and a tax credit for employers will not create early learning and child care services that are high quality, available and affordable.

Families need income supports and publicly funded child care services. By supporting families with affordable, high-quality options for early childhood learning and care will benefit child development and the social and economic well-being of communities. The variations of policy across Canadian provinces has only allowed Canadians to create a disjointed system and framework, which results in inequalities for our children and families across the nation. We call on all governments to protect and enhance progress on creating a framework to support a National Child Care System.

Children in Canada and their families need high-quality, accessible, inclusive and PUBLICLY FUNDED early education and care for their children. Canada has made many attempts at implementing a national publicly funded system, but have failed each time. We hope that this will be our last attempt because we WILL succeed in convincing our government to take responsibility for Canadian children, and to give our families a real choice in the care and education of their children.

It is time for Canadians to demand a system that values children and families, and makes early childhood education and care a fundamental part of our country. We need to ask our government to commit to building the child care system that Canadians want.

Please add your name to this petition and forward to everyone who you know. The children are our future.

We will be holding a rally in Toronto on March 8th, 2011, and encourage our neighboring cities, provinces and territories to follow our lead.

For more information, or to get involved, please email us at

314. Stop Townley School Closing

This Does Not Benefit Our Children!

Not only would it cause hardship on our sister schools, our children, their families, and faculty but it would be destructive to the community has a whole…

WCBOE needs to reconsider closing our school and think about the future generations.

315. Save Preston Playgroup

Our local playgroup has been running at Rivaldsgreen Centre for over 30 years. The playgroup faces closure after snow damaged the building.

A repaired Rivaldsgreen Centre (mostly covered by insurance) would provide much needed space for the playgroup and other community groups. Please sign to help keep our playgroup and keep it local. Thank you!

316. Save Fife Classroom Assistants

Classroom Assistants and Clerical Staff were called to a meeting today with their Head teachers today (9th February 2011) and we were advised that we should be aware of the next set of job cuts to come from Fife Council. We were told to expect cuts in our hours, and a possibility of redundancies.

So once again education is being hit hard. First the playground supervisors, now lollipop men/women, classroom assistants and clerical staff but, who is it that is going to suffer? Not the powers that be at Fife Council who are making all these decisions but the children. Do the people who make these decisions have any idea how a school is run and just how much support staff are required to run the school effectively? Have they come in and shadowed a classroom assistant to see what their role entails?

Gone are the days of cleaning out paint pots. I personally feel we make a huge difference in schools. Why not ask the Head teachers and the teachers to see how they would feel if they lost the support of their classroom assistant. I also urge parents to question this decision because it's their children who will not be getting the extra support that some of them may require to keep them on task. We don't want to go back years ago when children just slipped through the net because there was not enough staff to support the needs of the school.

We work with children of all abilities including the same children that a Pupil  Support 2 works with (who are on a higher grade) but I do it because that is what the needs of my school are and at the end of the day we are there to support the teacher and the pupils. 

317. We prefer and support the existing faith based education system in Morinville and Legal, AB.

We are very satisfied with the education and educational environment that our children receive in the Morinville and Legal education system and we prefer and support the current faith based educational system, for the following reasons:

We are a diverse group, Catholic AND Non-Catholic who recognize and favor the high quality education that is provided by the GSACRD education system and we appreciate the inclusion of traditional celebrations such as of Thanksgiving, Remembrance Day, Christmas, Easter and the like. We DO NOT support the elimination of these;

We also believe that the students should continue to have opportunities to celebrate achievements, demonstrate citizenship, good character, and build a sense of community. We do not believe that these notions are particular to only Catholic students, but are common to all families regardless of faith or religious belief;

We believe exercises and activities, for the most part, are non-faith specific and that various groups are represented in order to serve all families in the region;

We recognize that a substantial portion of the school community are not Catholics, practicing or otherwise, and notwithstanding, we continue to see a sizable number of students (majority), of various denominations, enrolled in a formal religion class;

Alternatives are provided for those choosing not to participate in such a class. We do not believe that the current system serves to indoctrinate the student community;

We all wish to foster an environment of acceptance for our children and families in the school division. We believe that a faith based education helps to achieve such a goal;

As well, Catholic and non-Catholic families alike, have indicated a very high level of satisfaction with the current system when surveyed. This is evident in the survey results which are deservedly and consistently very high and award winning.

318. Texans Against Higher Education Budget Cuts

Both the Texas House and Senate are proposing cuts in Higher Education funding for student financial aid. The aforementioned budget proposal will either completely remove or reduce a significant portion of the financial aid, therefore making aid inaccessible to Texas Students.

We are already facing fiscal issues due to the current state of the Texas economy and it is not acceptable for the state to reduce our source of funding. Student tuition will rise drastically, important courses will be eliminated, student services will be reduced and many more significant factors of our education will be either completely removed or will face funding reduction.

So, we are requesting that Texans unite as one voice in this great state and say NO to these inappropriate budget cuts.

Join us in the fight in state mandated funding cuts, and be a part of the collective voice that can influence your university and the future of Higher education in the State of Texas.

319. Stop The Decrease in Military Educational Benefits for Vets

New Post 9/11 GI Bill taking effect lowers our annual cap to $17,500. When previously capped at over $20,000 annually for vets receiving 100% of GI Bill benefits.

The previous cap was enough to attend a majority of U.S. educational institutions with no out of pocket expenses for example flight costs for pilot bound degree seeking students.

Pilot expenses are usually charged $300-$450/hr. Our previous cap at over $20,000 annually with Yellow Ribbon Program benefits covered all tuitional costs, whereas our new cap at $17,500 causes us to pay out of pocket expenses.

320. Save Essex School Bus Escorts

Essex County Council has announced to parents that it is to make it's school bus escorts redundant from Easter 2011.

It's decision raises many safety concerns with the County's parents and we are urging them to reverse their decision.

321. Sponsoring - Practice of Nonviolence in our Schools

The Gandhi King Chavez Season of Nonviolence, Jan 30th to April 4th. The 14th Season, 2011, Theme - The Spirit of Peace Building

A national 64-day educational, media, and grassroots campaign dedicated to demonstrating that nonviolence is a powerful way to heal, transform, and empower our lives and our communities.

Inspired by the 50th and 30th memorial anniversaries of Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., this international event honors their vision for an empowered, nonviolent world.

322. Stop the Practice of Weighing our Children in Schools

Texas Education Code, 38.101 and 38.103, requires that the fitness levels of all students in grades 3-12 be assessed at least once annually and that school districts submit the results to the Texas Education Agency each school year. The TEA identified FITNESSGRAM® as the assessment tool to be used by all school districts starting in the 2007-2008 school year.

Part of the FitnessGram includes weighing children. In many schools this information is given to the students who then share their weight among their peers. This leads to bullying and harms children prone to eating disorders.

In March 2009, it was reported by the TEA that the study found that cardiovascular health, measured by a walking/running test, had a higher correlation to school success than did the Body Mass Index (BMI), which is a measure of body fat based on height and weight, adjusted for age and gender.

323. Support Veteran Educational Benefits (Post 9/11)

There are many veterans who are having issues with their Educational Benefits & it has become so overwhelming, especially during a time where unemployment rates are high & that alone clearly creates an unstable economy.

Myself & others have been responding on FaceBook about issues with our educational benefits & the hardships we face. The main issue has been communication between Veterans & VA representatives. There really is no excuse why VA has not kept an open dialog with Veterans. Veterans coming home from war has been treated unfairly, & till this day, they still haven't gotten it right.

Veterans should not overwhelmed about how they are going to support the very families who have also sacrificed. They should not be left waiting on the phones, standing in long lines at the VA offices, given 20 pages of different websites to find a job & then when you get on the site, It takes an hour to search what you're looking for, & then find out all the red tape you have to go through just to see if you qualify.

Honestly, I say its time to speak out. Please read the facebook stories from Veterans. Contact the VA representatives who have also heard from other Veterans about their concerns. Let them tell you how overwhelmed they have been.

324. Review College Jobs application systems

As a student fresh out of college I am extremely frustrated looking for a job. Despite the fact that I may have equivalent experience through my education to enable me to work jobs such as an administrative assistant the computer systems do not take that into consideration and I get kicked out before anyone even looks at my resume.

If people wonder why college kids have such trouble finding decent jobs, this is why. I once got a rejection letter 10 minutes before I submitted my application.

325. Save Acol Children's Centre

As part of their proposed cuts to Early Years Services for pre-school children, Camden Council plan to close two directly-funded Children's Centres in the Borough.

One of these is Acol Children's Centre in Acol Road, London NW6, an 'outstanding' Ofsted-rated, centre with nearly 25 years' history serving the community of South and West Hampstead, Kilburn and surrounding areas.

Hundreds of local children have received wonderful pre-school care and education at Acol, and it continues to be hugely popular and over-subscribed, with six children on the waiting list for every place available.

We feel very strongly that there is a continuing and ever-growing demand in the area for the kind of affordable and high-quality childcare Acol provides, and are campaigning to persuade Camden Council to change their minds and keep it open for our community.

326. Support Free Schools

There is a concerted campaign by Unions (eg NUT) and others against the creation of new Free Schools in the UK.

The government and all those involved in creating Free Schools should feel encouraged to keep going in the face of this opposition.

327. Adoptees, The Forgotten Ones

We will present all World Leaders with the signatures plus the stories of adoptees to make them give every adoptee the right to know their heritage. Can you imagine looking in the mirror and not knowing who looks back at you or developing a serious illness and wondering if you had known your family history, it could have been treated earlier?

Can you imagine living your whole life asking who you are and being too scared to ask in case you offend someone? Help adoptees have the same human rights as any other human being - knowledge of their heritage.

Let's stop World Leaders brushing all this under the carpet and force them to change legislation that will help give adoptees back the lives they were born with.

We want sealed adoption files opened, lost information found in all countries and our heritage returned to us.

We want to stop being punished for something that was totally out of our control when we were babies. We accept no more guilt and ask that we be given open access to our documents and free DNA testing when it is asked for.

We want all these issues dealt with, but we need YOUR help. Please sign our petition so our plight can be brought to the attention of our World Leaders

328. Aberdeen Education in Crisis

Councillors in Aberdeen City are proposing to slash the number of Pupil Support Assistants. This will have a devastating effect on children's education in Aberdeen.

There has been no consultation with parents on the proposal. Pupil Support Assistants provide a vital service which must be sustained to ensure that all children in Aberdeen are supported and encouraged to fulfil their potential.

Cutting the service will ultimately exclude some children from education, which is thier right.

329. Prepare primary school teachers to teach in all types of schools

Recent reports from the Teaching Council highlight the significant amount of their time that students in the five Colleges in Education spend preparing to teach denominational religious education. This is unfair because:

- people who do not hold specific Roman Catholic or Protestant religious beliefs are expected to engage in faith formation if they wish to become primary school teachers;

- newly qualified teachers leave college without preparation to teach in Educate Together schools; the fastest-growing sector in Irish education.

Join with us to call on the Minister for Education and Skills to redress this imbalance and to ensure that people of all backgrounds are equally respected in the Colleges, and that students are properly prepared to teach in any school type.

*If you are a teacher or student, please make sure to leave a comment about your experience.

330. Stop Education Maintenance Allowance Cuts

Education maintenance allowance will be scrapped to fund the compulsory education to under-19s.

The government plans to scrap the scheme in England, which is aimed at encouraging poorer pupils to stay in education, from September next year. Supporters of the EMA, which is worth up to £30 a week, say it stops thousands of students dropping out. This cut will hit some of the poorest and most vulnerable people in our society.

However, ministers say it is an inefficient scheme.

Chancellor George Osborne announced plans to axe the scheme in the spending review, saying it had very high "dead weight costs".

There are no plans to cut the similar schemes that operate in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.