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1. Help the Barrel Dogs of Ikaria

On the Greek island of Iakria dogs are used as tools, instead of cattle grids, to restrict the movement of sheep. Forced to live chained up on one metre chains, with old rusty barrels for kennels, these dogs live down deserted roads and tracks rarely seeing anyone.

The barrels do not provide suitable shelter in inclement weather and they are like ovens during the summer months providing absolutely no relief from the scorching sun. To add to their misery, they have some dirty water to drink and inappropriate food, often just bread and bones. They are all young dogs craving human companionship. It is alleged that many of the dogs die before they are one year old.

Reports from tourists hiking on the island describe how these dogs are overjoyed when they receive a kind word and a gentle touch and how harrowing it is for the hikers when they continue their trek, to hear the dogs bark, cry and strain at the end of their chains as if saying, “Please come back. I only want some love and attention”.