Petition Tag - dog abuse

1. Vikings say no to Michael Vick

Michael Vick should not be discussed as Quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings. He is not worthy to wear purple and would be a disgrace to those who have been long time fans.

It isn't just the dog fighting, it is also the fact that he tortured and killed dogs on a frequent ongoing basis and only stopped when he got caught. He electrocuted, drown, hung and beat dogs to death for entertainment.

See article reprinted with permission from author

2. National Geographic: Stop showing Cesar Millan

It is believed by many expert dog trainers and behaviourists that Cesar Millan's methods can make dogs more aggressive and in some cases are cruel and abusive towards the dogs.

By showing Cesar Millan the National Geographic channel is condoning these methods and encouraging many people to try them out for themselves.

In inexpert hands these methods are dangerous and warnings of 'do not try this at home' are inadequate to prevent people copying the methods.

Also contact me with any case histories of dogs who have been made worse by following CM's methods.

3. Stop Dog Abuse Now

February 16, 2006

This Petiton Is to stop Dog abuse.

It is very horrible and people need to take action, along with other animal abuse.

Once I get 100-200 petition signers I will print it out and send it to The Mayor of Portland and maybe even the President of the United States.