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31. Build The Cook County Peace Officers' Memorial In Cermak Woods

The Cook County Peace Officers Memorial has been in the planning stage for over nine years now without any progress.

We now need to apply pressure to those Cook County Commissioners and help educate the residents of cook county in seeing that the memorial becomes a reality.

We need to remember those 675 Peace Officers that gave their lives all while in the line of duty. This includes federal. state, county, area and city of Chicago officers.

32. Help Save Rowland Elementary School

By now, we have all heard the distressing news of Rowland Elementary School being added to the list of possible school closings, due to a $115 million deficit in the DeKalb County School System.

At this time we are asking our Rowland community to come together to save Rowland. The community depends on this school to be there for the parents and our main focus-the children. For the past 43 years Rowland has provided quality education to our students, teachers that go beyond the point of duty, resource programs for parents, quality care and training for our special needs children cultural events to join for our Rowland family and the community together, among many other services our school has to offer.

We cannot allow for this to happen to our children and even future attendees of this area. Please join us in fighting for Rowland. Our children are worth this fight; your child’s education journey starts here. Everyday here at Rowland we are laying the foundation for intelligence, dependability, honesty, citizenship, independence, self-esteem, and so many character and educational traits they will need not just for learning, but for life.

We as parents are not happy with closing down Rowland because of many different reasons. To name a few, where will our children be forced to attend school, how close will the new school be, are we as parents comfortable with the distance the children will have to ride the bus to school? Also, what will happen to our physical school building if left unattended? What will the community become of then?

33. Review property values and tex determinations in Brown County, Texas Property

On July 9, 2009 both the Brown County Appraisal District and the Appraisal Review Board were given facts supporting the premises that the properties of Brown County Texas are not being appraised accurately or fairly according to their market value.

The most valuable properties in Brown County are being appraised WELL below their market value, while other, moderately priced properties are being appraised at the very top of their market value. This is not legal under the Texas Property Tax Code and needs to be corrected.

34. Citizens of Fitzgerald & Ben Hill County

Going before the Ben Hill County Board of Commissioners on April 6, 2010, is the 2011 SPLOST Referendum.

The Fitzgerald City Council voted unanimously in favor of the final proposal in February 2010, meeting.

We ask that the City Council to reconsider allocating $600,000 toward synthetic turf.

We are continuing to collect signatures as the referendum is planned to appear before the County Commissioners on April 6, 2010.

35. Stop Progress Energy Increased Rates

Progress Energy has recently increased their bills causing people to pay twice their normal bills to pay for the construction of a nuclear power plant in Tampa, Florida. Nuclear power is very dangerous, and to place one in a populated area is indisputably reckless.

The cost of the plant is 17 billion dollars and Progress Energy currently serves 1.7 million people. This means that the price each household will pay (if split evenly) is 10,000 dollars. At the current rate, a little less that 8 percent (115.32 annually), this increase will be in effect for nearly 87 years unless more increases are to come to speed up the process. That's 87 years of these intense conditions, and in order to reduce the time, the payments must increase even more.

If you think it doesn't apply to you because you don't live in Florida think again. President Obama stated on February 16th "Investing in nuclear energy remains a necessary step" and "this is only the beginning." He plans to create nuclear power plants all over the US saying each one will create thousands of construction jobs with only 800 being permanent.

36. "Seniors For Realistic Action"

The Minnesota State Board of Cosmotology has made an unfair decision in the handling of the license of LOIS BENDZICK. Lois does Nails for Senior Residents residing at CENTENNIAL HILL SENIOR APARTMENTS, located at 820 Santa Vera Drive, Chanhassen, MN 55317. This Senior Complex was has 65 apartments.

It was built in 1996 and is owned by Carver County.
The average age of the residents exceeds 80. Many have limitations with mobility. Many don't drive a car any longer. Many used the services of Lois Bendzick.
It was convenient, very affordable and the availability and scheduling was excellent.

This unique service should, by all means, be continued.
Any alternative would make it almost impossible for us Seniors to get this service. It would require leaving the building, paying more and in some cases, involve calling a cab. It just doesn't make any sense!

37. HGVs using a dangerous bend New Road/Kiln Barn Road

Dangerous bend in New Road/Kiln Barn Road, Ditton. This is a narrow bend with HGVs crossing onto the other side of the road to use this bend. This bend is not wide enough to cater for the size of the HGVs using this bend. It is in close proximity of Ditton Junior School where parents and guardians walk their children to school on the pavement around this bend.

These vehicles use 24 hours - 7 days a week. We suffer noise from these HGVs night and day. The summer is worse as certain residents have to leave their garden and go inside.

38. Review African American federal conspiracy cases

African Americans are the race that have been targeted for conspiracies in Chesterfield County for one year. Over one year the African American race have been the only race that has been in conspiracy from one to two every other month.

39. Save OUR Buses - Dulles Corridor

Supporters and riders of the 552, 553, 554, 557,929, 951, & 952 Fairfax Connector buses who oppose the elimination of these bus routes in the Proposed FY 2011 Fairfax Connector Budget.

40. Continue LIRR 4:49pm Jamaica to Montauk

Currently, Shirley, NY is isolated from public transportation into New York City. The only trains arriving in the area after morning rush hour which ends at 11:15am are the 4:49pm from Jamaica and 5:09pm from Penn Station. MTA is trying to cut the earliest afternoon service (4:49pm LIRR) and increase the price.

41. Give Bluffton Baseball/Softball Back to PALS

Trying to organize over 600 of our kids, Bluffton Youth Sports (BYS) has been in charge of the youth baseball/softball program in Bluffton, SC for three seasons.

Due to the fact that they try to run this organization in their "spare time", the job they have done has been ineffective at best. In addition to their inability to effectively run the youth baseball/softball program, they also take it upon theirselves to make judgements and decisions which are not based on facts but instead serve the purpose of their own adgendas and biases. When asked about their decisions, they either dodge questions or tell the opposite of the truth.

After being called out on these issues, one of the board members recently physically threatened a coach that had the integrity and the right to speak up. Their concerns are for their own good and not for the good of our children. This is supposed to be about what's best for our children. Any organization who puts themselves in front of the people they lead, denies the truth to the public and physically threatens those that have the right to speak up does not deserve to stand. Enough is enough.

42. Insuring Our Children's Education and Safety

Just before Christmas my son Jeremy was beaten up by known gang members at school. As a result the boys were expelled and the police were going to prosecute them. My son was suspended for fighting. My husband and I have taken him out of school and are homeschooling because he was threatened by associates of the boys who were expelled.

This has been a very difficult time for my family and my son has been in therapy because he feels victimized everyday.

43. Please Help Give Nia A Home In Cardiff

I am a local Brown Belt Nia teacher, who would like to use a derelict building to offer Nia - health, fitness and well-being classes for all ages.

The building we propose to use has been empty for the last few years and starting to fall into disrepair. It is the old sales building on Windsor Quay, Cardiff and was only granted a temporary planning permission and now a demolition order has been served on it.

The plan is to destroy the building and replace it with landscaped gardens. In other words a piece of grass or flower bed.

We believe that repairing the building and making good use of it by offering small community classes that will improve the health and well-being of local people is more valuable than their plans. Tearing it down would be absurd. It would be a poor environmental and social decision to do this.

Nia is a barefoot practice and over the last 6 years our group has been desperately looking for a safe, clean space where we would be able to dance. We would create a place where everyone would be welcome - providing classes for all ages and all backgrounds. We would dance, share, get fit, heal, inspire and be inspired.

The exciting news is that the building's owners would even donate it to us as they see us offering value to the community and they don't want to tear it down.

The only thing stopping us is the Cardiff Council Planning Department.

Please support us, tell all your friends, help us find Nia a home in Cardiff. Sign our petition to show how important it is that we save this building and use it for a good cause - improving the health and well-being of the whole community.

44. Stop Rutland CC closing successful business

Six months ago Emma Cannings started what is now a successful and popular skin care therapy business at the Stamford Garden Centre. Old wooden sheds were pulled down and a new wooden building put up in its place. The Garden Centre now has a cafe, farm shop, gift shop, butchers, florists and vets. The salon is a welcome addition and is a significant improvement on the old sheds.

The parking at the garden centre means that the salon is popular since the centre of Stamford is become increasingly difficult to access by car during the day as more and more residential estates are developed on the outskirts of the town. A large number of people are also able to walk to the garden centre. The salon has also been made fully accessible for the disabled.

The planning application (originally misplaced and un-actioned by the council) had no objections from any members of the public or the local parish council. However, in a shock decision, they have recommended that the building be pulled down. Their reasons seem confusing and inconsistent at best. The large new offices recently built on the outskirts of Uppingham and developments at the Ashwell garden centre make the decision even more confusing.

Their decision will put six people out of work, plunge the owners into financial crisis and damage the other businesses at the garden centre who benefit from the cross trading opportunities. It seems no wonder that the country is one of the last in Europe to pull itself out of economic difficulties if this is how the government treats its entrepreneurs. Rather than spending time promoting and marketing the business we are having to invest all our time into fighting our own local government who want us to spend money tearing down a building that is offending no one (other than local planners and councilors) and benefiting many.

As someone who has lived in Rutland their whole life I feel very passionately about protecting the countryside. Of course we must have strong regulations against buildings that could damage our beautiful county. However, this business was not built on an area of outstanding beauty. It is a one storey, attractive wooden building that was constructed on the site of some older wooden buildings of the same size. It has significantly enhanced the garden centre for the other businesses and for the people that use it.

At no point did we ever envisage that the greatest threat to the business, at a time when we are struggling to get this country out of a bad recession, would come from our own government.

Please help us overturn this decision and show Rutland County Council that, whilst we appreciate their desire to protect our beautiful county, they have got it badly wrong this time.

45. Review Student Safety Policies

Recently my 8 year old daughter who was supposed to stay in an afterschool childcare program, was accidentally put on the school bus to ride home. Upon arriving home to an empty house, her bus driver let her off of the bus and left her untill 5:30 in the afternoon. The transportation department claims that they are only responcible for preschoolers and kindtergardeners. I as a parent am outraged at the fact that is is ok for our school system who are responcible for our children, to just be allowed to drop elementary aged school children off regaurdless of age or supervision.

Bus Drivers' Responsibilities

All bus drivers shall meet the qualifications of and be in compliance with the responsibilities noted in Kentucky Administrative Regulations.

Walkthrough at End of Run

Bus drivers shall conduct a walkthrough of their buses at the end of each run to ensure that all students have disembarked at their designated stops.

Disciplinary Action

Bus drivers who fail to observe/perform their responsibilities shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.

1 702 KAR 005:080; 702 KAR 005:150
KRS 189.370
KRS 189.375
KRS 189.380
KRS 189.450
KRS 189.540
KRS 189.550
KRS 281A.175
KRS 281A.205
Adopted/Amended: 08/15/2000
Regular Bus Stops

Discharge of Pupils

The bus driver shall discharge pupils at their regularly scheduled stops only, except with written authorization from the Principal to discharge a pupil at another location.1 Preschool students shall be transported in accordance with applicable regulations.2
The Principal shall have a written authorization from a child's parents before permitting discharge at a location other than the regular stop.


The driver may discharge a pupil for disciplinary reasons in accordance with Policy 06.34 of this manual and with 702 KAR 005:080.1

1 702 KAR 005:080
2 702 KAR 005:150
KRS 158.110
KRS 189.370
KRS 189.375
KRS 189.540
Adopted/Amended: 09/12/1991
Order #: X

46. Derby County F.C's East stand should be re-named the POPSIDE

The Popside was a very vocal stand for many years at the Original Home of derby county F.C.

Fans believe that the re-name of the east stand and derby's new home Pride Park would generate a more hostile atmosphere for opposing teams visiting, as did the baseball ground back in the day.

47. No to sale of Blue Springs County Park

Blue Springs is a County maintained park in Screven County, Georgia. It has been in the history of Screven Countians for many years. It has been our heritage with many, many great memories.

The county is selling it at public auction in 3 weeks because "our" elected commissioners have determined it is an eyesore to the community.

This is WRONG!

This petition is for residents living in Screven County and non-residents whom have lived in Screven County.

48. HCHS Dress Code Review

On a Wednesday morning on August 5th, 2009, numerous students of Henderson County High School were sent home or otherwise disciplined for violations of the dress code, including but not limited to: Piercings, tattoos, and torn clothing. The reasoning behind this code, as stated by the staff of said school, is because such things are a distraction to classmates. This is, quite simply, untrue. All of these things are commonplace in this day and age, therefore lacking any significant ability to distract peers.

What is incredibly distracting, however, are arms wrapped in duct tape to cover tattoos, pants with shiny silver duct tape patchjobs to cover the slightest of tears and adhesive bandages covering eyebrows, lips, and other piercings. Far more distracting, and in opposition to the educational purpose of the school, is having to sit in an office for hours on end - missing classtime in the process - over something so trivial as a torn pair of pants rendering one's kneecap visible.

For the past four years, such things as piercings and tattoos have been allowed. The same applies to torn clothing (granted, within limits) and colored hair. For four years, these things provided no significant distraction. It is a far more potent distraction to have the students all wrapped in tape and bandages - and it certainly doesn't help them focus on academic work if they're all riled up over the dress code rules.

Taking into consideration the counterproductive nature of the current dress code, as outlined in the preamble of this petition, I move that the school board review these rules of dress as quickly as possible and REMOVE them. The distractions of the school's so-called "disciplinary procedures" are far greater than the distraction of a couple of rings in one's lip - a sight which is all too common to students these days, thus bringing its alleged status as a "distraction" into serious question. Henderson County High School is a public school - not a private school - and therefore should not have such strict guidelines. The sole role, in practice if not in theory, of this code is angering students and parents alike, keeping students out of class to deal with petty "disciplinary" issues, and rendering the HCHS building void of any and all physical signs of individuality and free expression.

Such trivial obsession over the students' physical appearance distracts from their education. Pulling students out of important classes for hours at a time does nothing to prepare them for the real world nor does it allow them to complete any work. If you check the planners students are required to carry, there are two to five lines - possibly one full page, tops - discussing the school's standards and goals for education. The remaining ten or twenty pages related to school conduct are devoted mostly to discipline - at least three pages of which is in regard to the dress code. A school is supposed to be an educational establishment, not a conformity-obsessed discipline center.

The staff and school board - along with whoever else aided in the formation of these new rules - clearly have their priorities out of order. As many members of the HCHS staff have pointed out themselves, there will be plenty of time to take part in a uniformed work-collective during one's career, so why eliminate what individuality is available during school years?

49. Release Brandi Hale, Mother of 4 from jail

Brandi, mother of four was incarcerated on a probation violation over 130 days ago on a 180 day sentence. However, her child support payments were instated almost 3 months ago as well as her visitation schedule. Even though the Judge said she has done enough time and should be released... this release was never carried out. She has more than learned her lesson and her 4 children need her. She deserves this chance to begin and repair the damage done.

This is the first time she has ever spent time in jail and even the Judge stated that she had been there long enough and to "time-serve" her and let her go home. Her children have forgiven her and need their Mom as much as she needs them. Their ages are...14, 10, 8 and 3. Please help us get her home.

50. Support County Funding of University Extension Office and Sweetwater County 4-H Program

The Sweetwater County Commissioners have cut their portion of the funding to the University of Wyoming Cooperative Extension Office and will be closing all of the programs it offers to the county, including the local 4-H program.

The 4-H program has for generations, provided programs to the children of Sweetwater County, as well as contributing most of the exhibits and livestock at the Sweetwater County Fair. Children can participate in projects ranging from raising livestock such as beef, pigs, goats, sheep, poultry and rabbits to leadership, robotics, shooting sports, gardening, and many more.

Please help us keep this funding for the youth of Sweetwater County.

51. Student’s Right to use the Campus our Tuition and Tax Dollars Built at the U of U

"Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it." ~Plato

A group of approximately 25 students of all races, nationalities and ethnicities, was recently denied access to soccer fields located near the HPER buildings to play “The Worlds Beautiful Game”, soccer, on a late Thursday evening. The students were also warned that security would be called if they proceeded to use the empty soccer field.

The reason’s for denial of use of the field that were stated in a brief conversation with an administrator at the College of Health, the College responsible for the field, were that the students did not reserve the field, but also did not pay $30 an hour to utilize the field.

It is interesting to note that in years past, this fee was not applied to anyone who used these fields but is now being done so due to recent budget cuts. Ironically, all 25 of the students could have swiped their U-cards to use the heated indoor pool inside the HPER complex or have gone to the Field House to play basketball, lift weights, or play indoor soccer. The students would not have been charged further to use those facilities.

It quickly became apparent the ‘Mandatory Fee’s’ that are addendum to students tuition did not cover this field. Rudimentary research to ascertain what the ‘Mandatory Fees’ that accompany the tuition are quickly shows that these fee’s go to: ‘ASUU Activity, Athletic, Building, Collegiate Reader Program, Computing, Fine Arts, Utilities, Health, Library, Publication Council, Recreation, Study Abroad, Sustainability, and Transportation budgets.’ In light of the highlighted budgets, it would seem evident that use of the soccer fields is a fundamental right that students garner when attending this institution

This denial of campus grounds is far more egregious after contacting the city and county about their reservation policies and charges on the use of their soccer fields, softball fields, basketball courts, and tennis courts and discovered that the city and county do not charge for use of their facilities, even in this economic recession. In addition, BYU does not force their students to reserve and pay to use campus ground.

To add to this incendiary act, the group of students was of an international origin, making this denial of use an international disgrace. Despite being a large commuter campus, student life of all forms should be supported; especially those activities that are constructive and healthy in nature. In light of student fee’s paid, burdening students further with financial obligations to play something that is otherwise free elsewhere is in principal a folly and sinister in nature, especially since one of the fields is in near unplayable condition,

Bret Van Ausdall
Graduate Student at the University of Utah

52. Move Gateway West

We, the residents of Cassia County are strongly opposed to the proposed corridor of the Gateway West Project through private property.

We feel it should be placed on as much public ground as possible to protect our families, our homes, and our businesses.

We should not have to submit ourselves to undo risks when there are other alternatives. We support our county commissioners in routing the project through public grounds.

53. PBCA Voting Member Petition to add Agenda Items

The Voting Members of the PBCA, pursuant to FS 720-3.03 have chosen to use the Petition Process to have items placed on the agenda for the June 29, 2009 Board of Directors Meeting.

The petition is necessitated by the lack of acceptance by the President, of several items requested to be added by The Secretary and Board Member of the PBCA.

54. No Uniforms for Schools in the Bay County District School System

I am actively working on efforts to gain support within the Bay County Community to show our School Board that a vote to require that all students grades K-12 wear uniforms to Public School.

Not only is the cost unattainable to some low-income families, but changing from the very lenient dress code that is currently in place to one that is far more strict will be a change that will meet much resistance.

Please keep up with my blog as i will let you know about Petition efforts, Public Hearings where your support would be greatly appreciated, and ways in which you can voice your own concerns to your School Board before they vote on August 4, 2009.

55. Goshen for Jamboree

Residents of Goshen, Va. and the surrounding area are wishing to voice their support to the National Boy Scout Jamboree in relocating it to Goshen.

56. Reinstate Fire Chief Gary Thomas

As everyone knows Fire Chief Gary Thomas was fired after 29 years of service to his community.

This petition was originated by concerned citizens of Carroll County and is no way associated with Gary Thomas.

57. In support of a cooperative agreement with Autrey Mill Nature Preserve Assoc.

The Autrey Mill Nature Preserve and Heritage Center, is a unique facility in the bustling City of Johns Creek GA. It features 46 acres of forest, woodland trails, winding creek, heritage gardens, historic buildings, and animal exhibits.

The beautiful Autrey Mill of today was built over a 20-year period under the leadership of the non-profit Autrey Mill Nature Preserve Association (AMNP) Board and its talented staff, with the vital help of generous public and private supporters, and by harnessing the indispensable work of volunteers.

With the stability provided by a 30-year lease agreement (originally with Fulton County and now with the City of Johns Creek) AMNP has been able to conduct long-range planning; receive major grants; undertake larger, multi-year projects; and accept donations of heirlooms and important historic items. Operating under this lease, the AMNP Board has provided responsible stewardship of the land and continually made improvements.

On March 11, 2009, the City of Johns Creek took the extraordinary step of suing the AMNP non-profit corporation operated by community volunteers. In its lawsuit the City seeks to invalidate the 30-year lease and seeks control over the historic items that have been donated to AMNP over the years.

58. Stop L.A. County Wild Animal Killing

I am blessed to live in a beautiful neighbourhood, a peninsula with a hill surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, lots of trees, many wild living animals, peacocks, squirrels, raccoons, opossums, skunks of course and many more.

Two days ago I came home and noticed an Animal Control truck stopping behind my car in front of a neighbour’s home. The Animal Control officer took a cage and went into the home’s back yard. Shortly after he came back out with a little squirrel in the cage. Out of curiosity and because my inner voice told me to, I asked the officer, why he had the squirrel in the cage. This is what he told me:

The woman living on this property trapped the animal, because she was bothered by it. She then called Animal Control to send a truck for the pick up of this little critter. At this point I had to ask, what would happen to the squirrel now and was then told, that it would be brought to the Animal Control station to be put down.

I took a deep breath and asked if there was anything wrong with the squirrel, maybe it was sick or so. The officer then said, that there was nothing wrong with it, the woman just did not want the squirrel in her back yard and so, according to Los Angeles County policies, it had to be put down. I looked at the woman still waiting to see the animal go and she quickly closed her gate.

At this point I did what I had to do and started negotiating for the poor squirrel’s life. If this officer wouldn’t have released the squirrel in a park in the neighbourhood, I may have ended up in a straight jacket that evening. This lucky squirrel is still alive today but many other wild living animals, trapped by mean and selfish residents, who obviously still don’t understand the importance of a healthy ecosystem, are not anymore.

Thanks to the City of Palos Verdes, California, which allows residents to trap wild living animals. L.A. County offers support by renting traps to people for a fee, which also includes education and training on how to trap wild living animals properly. People then call Animal Control, they come, pick up, take along and kill.

A decision of the Board of Supervisors of L.A. County and the permission to trap make it possible.

We desperately try to save this planet and an ecosystem, which can collapse at any minute and this country fights the worst economy since the last depression.

And here Los Angeles County pays to kill wild animals that have done nothing wrong, not hurt anyone and are no danger to anybody - just because these animals are unfortunate to call their home some mean resident’s back yard, who has nothing better to do than to destroy our environment. Squirrels too are part of a sensitive ecosystem and so are raccoons, opossums, skunks, rattlesnakes, insects and many others.

California is bankrupt and our tax money is spent on Animal Control officers, having to go, get and kill. Did the L.A. Board of Supervisors get too much of the Californian sun before they came up with this?

I intend to fight this insanity, if you agree with me, please help and sign.

You can also help by investigating your own City/County’s policies to find out, if there are more such rules in other places. Together we can make a difference. It may take an effort and it may be inconvenient, but it is worth it. Not acting and accepting a madness like this is not an option for me. Hopefully it is not an option for you either.

Let’s get the ball rolling!

59. Stop forward motion on transfer station

Proper discussion has not been initiated with the town board, town residents, and BOCC, Road & bridge and county manager and forward motion has begun.

The economic feasibility of this HSS site is not fully researched as the BOCC does not know where the trash will be hauled. Depending on this answer, other sites (specifically Kremmling landfill and Fraser Road and Bridge shop could be more feasible).

There are no regulations in place to insure the community's safety. There are no regulations in place should any regulations be violated with the potential for hazardous health and environmental impacts.

We have been unfairly isolated from the planning process with the above departments. The people of this county should have been involved in this important decision effecting all of our lives.

There are documented examples of other communities transfer stations who do not adhere to maintenance of the facility.

Increased carbon footprint due to truck traffic mileage when traveling large distances to and from Hot Sulphur Springs.

This proposal is in direct conflict with the Grand County Master Plan with the Town of Hot Sulphur Springs on issues of preserving agricultural and ranching views on the east end of the town, and joint development with the county within a three mile area of the town.

There will potentially be a negative impact to the water quality due to the close proximity of the waste transfer station to the Colorado River and the source for the Hot Sulphur Springs municipal water plant.

Negative impact on National Scenic Byway, one of few in the state and country

Negative impact to our community is documented in other communities fights against transfer station. They include, visual, odor, noise, traffic, and ground water issues as listed below:

Truck traffic including leachate and trash escaping from trucks, heavy truck traffic, road infrastructure and damage, and increased noise

Noise pollution with large trucks, the trucks dropping loads that may still be encased in steel dumpsters onto concrete tipping floors which can cause adverse vibration in nearby structures.

Odors escaping from open facility doors and unclean trucks

Falling property values and disease spreading due to external vectors such as bugs, birds, mice, and other vermin

Cumulative impacts on public health and quality of life from noxious odors, water quality contamination, increased external vectors, dust, and truck exhaust

Increased fire hazard involved in storage and transfer of materials

Litter and the resulting reduction of property values from improperly sealed trucks, improperly stored garbage, and from wind when doors are open

Property values will decrease due to above issues

60. Get Liam Dickinson back to Derby

This petition is to encourage the management of Derby County Football Club to give their loanee striker Liam Dickinson a chance to prove himself when he returns to the club.