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1. Review decision that has denied boy a school place with ALL his classmates

My 11 year old son has been denied a place at school, every single child from his class - 26 children- has been given the same school, but, our son Billy has been denied this right to be with ALL of his friends because of a measly few hundred yards....

Please can someone tell me where my child's rights are considered here?

He is now expected to travel ALONE on public transport to a school that we do not know in an area he does not know. Safeguarding issues here have not been considered at all, nor his social rights to that effect his education WILL suffer too-due to all those reasons. An 11 year old boy has totally disregarded - this is not acceptable in this day and age.

I want to make parents aware that the appeal process does not consider the child's emotional state or mental state or in fact any consideration to a child! where is the care of duty here? Our local counsellor as well as MP for Hemel Hempstead is in agreement with us, they have been in contact on our behalf but no one is listening... I'm asking you to sign this please for the benefit of the children involved not only our son.

2. Free bus passes for disabled persons before 9:30 a.m. in Cambridgeshire

We believe in free transport for all disabled people within Cambridgeshire by bus.

Unfortunately we are unable to use buses before 9:30 in the morning.

I have talked to allot of disabled people and its a really big problem for us.

3. Save Somerset Arts Funding

We have until February 2011 to save Somerset Arts Funding.

Somerset Country Council have made the decision to cut 100% of next year’s £159,000 arts development budget. If you value the arts in Somerset then have your say...

If the cut goes ahead it will mean:

Arts organisations in Somerset will not be able to continue the same levels of arts activities within communities;

Children and young people will have fewer opportunities to access arts and education;

Vulnerable people, including isolated, older and disabled people, will have limited chances to benefit from social and health related arts projects;

Somerset’s arts organisations need to produce a petition signed by at least 5,000 Somerset residents in order to generate a new debate at a full County Council meeting on February 2011. Everyone in the family can have their say by signing a form or joining the online petition by the 16 December.


Under 18s need permission from a parent or guardian. Members of a household can sign using the same email address.

4. Save the Middle Street Resource Centre

The Middle Street Resource Centre (MSRC) is under threat of being closed by the Nottinghamshire County Council.

The MSRC is a day centre for People with Mental Health difficulties and many people, including myself, believe that the MSRC needs to stay open to continue supporting those in need. It is the best place I have seen for people with Mental Health difficulties and this is coming from someone who struggles to settle into a place like this.

The People that visit the MSRC rely on it as a means of support and a place to interact with People that share their difficulties. So, please sign this petition to try and keep it open.

5. Please Help Give Nia A Home In Cardiff

I am a local Brown Belt Nia teacher, who would like to use a derelict building to offer Nia - health, fitness and well-being classes for all ages.

The building we propose to use has been empty for the last few years and starting to fall into disrepair. It is the old sales building on Windsor Quay, Cardiff and was only granted a temporary planning permission and now a demolition order has been served on it.

The plan is to destroy the building and replace it with landscaped gardens. In other words a piece of grass or flower bed.

We believe that repairing the building and making good use of it by offering small community classes that will improve the health and well-being of local people is more valuable than their plans. Tearing it down would be absurd. It would be a poor environmental and social decision to do this.

Nia is a barefoot practice and over the last 6 years our group has been desperately looking for a safe, clean space where we would be able to dance. We would create a place where everyone would be welcome - providing classes for all ages and all backgrounds. We would dance, share, get fit, heal, inspire and be inspired.

The exciting news is that the building's owners would even donate it to us as they see us offering value to the community and they don't want to tear it down.

The only thing stopping us is the Cardiff Council Planning Department.

Please support us, tell all your friends, help us find Nia a home in Cardiff. Sign our petition to show how important it is that we save this building and use it for a good cause - improving the health and well-being of the whole community.

6. Save the Spelthorne Five

There are proposed plans to move five Borough Administrators’ from their current youth centres /young people’s centres in Staines, Shepperton, Stanwell, Sunbury and Ashford to one location, Shepperton. One person will be made redundant but it could be more due to new, less flexible working hours and the implications of a new work location which is harder to access. As they say ‘If it isn’t broke don’t fix it’.

Although the five centres will remain open there won't be the on the site presence and expertise there is currently.

Surrey youth service stands to lose some very hard working and experienced staff for a very small saving on total hours.

In the current economic climate and the government’s focus on youth services we surely can’t afford to lose such good people all for the sake of having them all in one place?

Please show your support by signing below and pass onto anyone else you know who maybe interested in showing their support.

Many thanks for your kind support which is very much appreciated by the affected staff and their families.

7. Tarmac Chiltern Road

The level and surface condition of the tarmac surface of Chiltern Road Ballinger has been in decline since gas pipes were layed beneath it in 1990.

After the pipes were layed, the company contracted by Chiltern Council to complete the work, did not adequately make good the subsurface before the pipe trench was recovered with tarmac.

The council took no action to ensure that the company made good their bad work.

Within two years the retarmaced section started to subside forming a trench section along the northern side of the road.

In addition to the trench damage the road developed a significant number of sections that deteriorated due to usage and weathering.

Over the following 15 years the council patched up and repatched various sections of the road.

The road's surface is uneven, pitted and a patch work of different coloured tarmac repairs.

It is unsightly and dangerous for cyclists, particularly for those traveling along it from east to west. This included a number of very young children who used this quiet cul de sac to learn to cycle.

In 2005 Mr. Benwell of Oakhurst and Mr. Clark of Coppice, Chiltern Road, wrote to the council asking them to repair the road and make good the whole surface.

The council admitted that the poor surface of the road was in part due to the inadequate work following the laying of the gas pipes. They refused to repair the road's surface because they had insufficient funds while other road had greater priority.

8. Northtyneside County Council should relocate local bus stop

Constant anti-social behaviour from under age youths drinking, fighting, graffitiing and causing general distress on a severe regular basis.

9. Sussex County's Violation Chapter 115, Article XXV, Section 115-191, Zoning Code

To uphold the ordinance adopted by the County Council of Sussex Co., of said violations, parking and storing more than two "2", automotive vehicles or trailers or boats or any kind or type without current license plates shall be parked or stored on any residentially zoned property other than in completey enclosed buildings.

10. No to Harvey road flat build

July 28, 2006

A block of 10 flats has been placed in a small area in Harver road. This block was unsafe to begin with as it was too close to the neighbouring house next door.

This became clear when the place caught fire and has now ruined the care home next door and all their possessions.

We, as residents of Harvey road, Pauncefote road and Colevile road, do not want these flats rebuilt under any circumstances.





12. Yes to parakarting on lytham st annes beach

In July 2002 a lady was killed in a accident involving a land yacht on the beach at lytham st. annes. Landyachting and parakarting have taken place on the beach for well over thirty years and in all that time there has never been a serious accident till last july. We offer our deepest sympathy to the family of the deceased, but we would like to get access to the beach to carry on with our sport as the council closed off the beach to land yachts and parakarts till further notice. It is over 12 months now and we are no further forward in getting back on the beach, other local beaches were closed as well to landachts and parakarts bur have all reopened with enforced risk assesments and insurance coverwould all interested people wishing to get our sport going at lytham st,annes please sign this petion to forward to lytham county council , they have the best beach in the UK fot this sport which is enviromently friendly fun and safe. Please add your name if you agree .

13. Cornwall County Council should provide housing fairly

The council give houses to parents and old people but what about the people just starting out, they have no chance the only way you can get a place is to have a kid and thats why so many young people throw away there life because they are desperate. I think it is time that we made a stand. People who grow up in certain areas should be placed before Councils bring other people in.