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61. Protect Human Rights of Indigenous People in Mexico

Genocide, starvation, corruption and injustice in the Sierra Tarahumara, Chihuahua, Mexico. And in the cities people die in the hospitals because of insufficient care by public servants while there is money to be spent: 32 million on unnecessary remodelling, hundreds of bridges, etc.

62. Stop the self-serving Greed of Congress

The United States Congress has proven itself to be self-serving by voting itself:

1) A Lifetime Pension;

2) A Lifetime Free Healthcare Plan.

63. URGENT - Coroners Laws - we the bereaved deserve justice

Families of Sudden / Tragic deaths are being failed by inadequate investigations! Lack of forensics, DNA, Toxicology, Photographic evidence, wounds, bruises samples etc. Police records missing, witnesses misled & manipulation by the Police Forces which are key evidence, fact!

The rights of the bereaved not being given yet this is required by Law. Along with Coroners intimidation & the I.P.C.C lack of independent monitoring, ( over 100 honest lawyers walked out because of their corruption, lies & non impartiality ).

The police failure creates a domino effect in these Sudden death investigations which then snowballs to the pathologist, coroner and returns to the I.P.C.C. as a complaint. The perverse power to protect their own is unbelievable / unforgivable.

Bereaved families should not be subject to this abuse / lack of duty of care by HM departments! The only crime that they have committed is to lose their loved one!

64. Our Government Representatives Should Not Give Themselves Raises

Where as our congress persons and/or government representatives have voted themselves raises, insurance benefits and retirement benefits that are not consistent with the average American citizen.

Where as our congress persons and/or government representatives are not representing the average American citizen but have apparently sold themselves to the highest bidder.

65. Congressional Reform Act 2011

Congress does not work for the citizenry of the U.S, rather they are working for special interests groups.

Lobbyist direct the method of legislature going to the floor of Congress. Its time they are brought to realaity and forced to work for the People.

66. Lettre ouverte aux participants à la CoSP4 رسالة مفتوحة إلى المشاركين في

Lettre ouverte aux participants à la 4ème session de la Conférence des États parties à la Convention des Nations Unies contre la Corruption (CNUCC), qui se tient à Marrakech (24-28 octobre).

رسالة مفتوحة إلى المشاركين في الدورة الرابعة لمؤتمر الدول الأطراف في اتفاقية الأمم المتحدة لمكافحة الفساد

67. Defend Constitutional Government

It is the civic duty of every citizen to hold their government accountable when it betrays the public trust and when it demonstrably fails to exercise its prescribed powers. When those elected behave as though they are above the law and abandon their Oath of Office to uphold and defend the Constitution, it remains for the people to demand justice for the wrongs committed against them.

The Indian Trail Town Council, and staff, have continued to engage in unethical, unlawful, immoral, and illegal actions. The following list of offenses provides sufficient probable cause to investigate the culture of corruption that pervades local government, which endangers the people's unalienable rights to “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”

The intent of this petition is to begin the process of restoring an open and transparent government to the Town of Indian Trail, North Carolina.

Citation of Offenses

Inspection and Examination of Records: Repeated secreting, tampering, editing, manipulation, and mishandling of official documents pertaining to alleged embezzlement of up to $400,000.00 by a former staff member.

Defrauding the Public: Deliberate misrepresentation of facts regarding said embezzlement, characterizing it as a payroll discrepancy where no such evidence exists.

Racketeering: Undocumented payments to a former mayor.

Coercion: Former staff member intimated or directly threatened civil action against anyone on the council who divulged criminal activities.

Bribery: Former staff member was paid, and gag ordered, to remain silent.

Usurpation of Authority: Council members unlawfully attempted to evict the mayor from a meeting by ordering a Sheriff's deputy to forcefully remove him.

Acts of Intimidation, Defamation of Character, and Reckless Endangerment: Council members engaged in malicious slander and libel via social media, like Facebook, and on a regional radio program. Council members condoned acts of violence against resident(s) by poisoning drinks and use of guns.

Manipulation of official meeting recordings: Town Clerk deleted a section of publicly posted recording of a meeting at the instruction of a councilman.

Contempt toward residents: Council members used condescending and derogatory comments via official town email.

Boycotted Meetings: Council members boycotted duly announced meetings.

Secret meetings: Council members attended unannounced, private meetings where they accounted as a quorum or where the public had a right to be present.

Conflict of Interest: Council members have an appearance of impropriety whereby business before the Council may be unduly influenced to benefit select constituents.

Undue Influence: Council members campaigns and business ties funded by developers.

Closed Sessions: Voting on actions and closed-door discussions regarding personnel for questions of character that must be publicly exercised in Open Sessions.

68. The Right Honourable D Cameron PM is not fit for public office

This petition is based on a number of my letters that were sent to MP Right Honourable David Cameron PM, which concerned an ever-rising number of unlawful deprivation issues to UK society. These irrefutable shown issues were presented to the current Prime Minister in requesting he uphold his public duty and the acts of UK law on behalf of UK society.

The Prime Minister has been made aware many times not only in these requests but also by an ever-rising many concerned other people of the UK by their lawful requests. Who have the same or similar concerns in the ever-rising deprivation towards UK society that is unlawfully/un-legislatively maliciously causing their unnecessary suffering? Where an unlawful willing malicious blindness to upholding any stated public duty or the upholding of the acts of UK law gives lawful rise to the petitions question

69. Justice for Rex Bellotti Junior

Rex Bellotti Junior, at the age of 15, was the victim of a disgusting injustice, committed by Albany officers of the Western Australian Police. It is amazing that he survived being run over by a WA Police 4WD, although he is now crippled for life. Rex Jr. nearly bled to death at the scene, due to a severed femoral artery, tissue was visibly ripped from his leg, and during the thirteen hour trip to provide him with the life saving surgery he so desperately needed, he had to be resuscitated twelve times and he will probably lose his leg.

That in itself is horrific enough, but what makes the Bellotti case all the more alarming is that despite the fact that four WA Police vehicles were on the scene within 90 seconds and there were at least twenty people who witnessed the crash or saw the aftermath, not one witness was interviewed until over a month later (once the media became involved). Out of all those officers present, not one can say what direction they arrived from, there are contradictions between WAPOL records of what time the 'incident' occurred, Rex Jr's location on the road, and not one of those four 2009 model police vehicles were fitted with CCTV or GPS despite that being standard WAPOL issue. The full horrid complexities of this case are appalling.

There has never been a genuine investigation, no compensation has been awarded to Rex Jr., and no criminal charges have been brought against those WA police officers driving the vehicle which hit Rex Jr. or those who have lied in legally binding documents.

70. Call for a Royal Commission into the Australian Federal Police

The Australian Federal Police have been involved in a number of high profile prosecutions that have led to the conviction and incarceration of a number of innocent victims, including Capt. Fred Martens, Miss Jill Courtney, Dr Muhamed Haneef and the questionable rendition to Australia of the former Attorney-General of the Solomon Islands, Mr. Julian Moti QC in circumstances that can only be described as politically motivated.

Further, the AFP have exhibited questionable conduct in their dealings with the Bali Nine and Ms. Schapelle Corby. The recent trial and conviction of former AFP officer Mr Mark Standen for conspiring to import into Australia $130,000,000 of the precursor for making ice (i.e. pseudoephedrine) raises concerns of entrenched corruption within the AFP.

The murder of Australian Mr Drew Grant at the Freeport Mine in West Papua and subsequent allegations of tampering with the evidence contained within the victim’s body while in the custody of Australian authorities again points to possible corruption within Australia’s international security services, including the AFP.

The ongoing human rights abuses in West Papua being carried out by Detachment 88, which is trained and funded by the AFP, highlights the need for greater accountability within the AFP in its dealings with police and foreign security services.

The large number of refugees who died in the sinking of the SEIV X and the SIEV 221 and ongoing allegations that the AFP, through its agents, may have been involved in criminal conduct resulting in the deaths of these refugees needs to be investigated at the highest level.

Compounding these sad events are allegations from Portugal that Australian military intelligence personnel were involved in fomenting unrest in Timor-Leste, in order to further Australia’s political and commercial interests in the region. This lends weight to a suggestion that the AFP has become politicised and is being used as an instrument of terror, to pervert the rule of law, in order to further Australia’s neo-colonial interests in the region.

A number of high profile Australian citizens have been charged in controversial circumstances under Australia’s sex tourism laws and have either had their convictions quashed on appeal or are awaiting the outcome of the appeal process. The question needs to be asked as to whether these charges were brought out of a legitimate belief that a crime had been committed, or whether the AFP were acting solely to further Australia’s political and/or commercial interests in the region.

The murder of Mr Colin Winchester and the death of Ms Audrey Fagan, both senior AFP officers attached to ACT Policing (a command of the AFP) at the time of their deaths, must raise questions about why the smallest policing command in Australia has witnessed the deaths of two of its most senior officers. It is interesting to note that prior to his murder, Mr Colin Winchester was involved in investigating drug importation as part of his role with the AFP.

It’s for these reasons that I believe that it is necessary to hold a Royal Commission into the AFP.

71. The Bell Transparency Act of 2011

We believe an impartial judiciary is essential to the administration of justice. However, the current judicial system sets its own rules and laws for attorneys and judges under a self-regulated system that provides no consequence for actions which are in contravention to the rules and laws by which others are expected to abide. Subsequently, a small percentage of judicial officers and attorneys commit acts of misconduct, for which they suffer no penalty or redress.

We believe in promoting public awareness, through the news media, public forums, and within the halls of Congress. Therefore, we will use the website “Breached Justice” to publish stories of abuse experienced in the judicial system, to educate the public, and to promote judicial transparency. We believe the people can effect change and request the people’s support for the cause by signing our petition for change.

We believe it is important to abolish the confidentiality of complaints made against judicial officers and to have involvement of ordinary persons in attorney disciplinary matters. Our goal is to create procedures which will hold judges and attorneys accountable for their behavior by holding them responsible for their actions, and subject to consequences for abusive behavior and violations of the rules and laws which govern others’ behavior.

We seek to promote The Bell Transparency Act of 2011, a new Act which creates a civil cause of action for a “Finding” of misconduct of a Judge, provides for a jury trial, and allows a procedural stay of a case wherein a Judge is presiding and a complainant is a party .

We seek to publicly address and redefine self regulation within the judicial system.

72. Inquiry into Australian media

Follows the discovery of widespread unethical and illegal activities by News Corporation in the United Kingdom, the Australian people have concerns over these practices happening in Australia, especially given News Corporation control around 70 per cent of major Australian newspapers and significant other media interests in this country.

Only a wide ranging Inquiry into all aspects of the conduct of the media in this country will satisfy public concerns.

73. The F.A. should break away from FIFA and tell them where to stick their corruption

I firmly believe fifa is killing the sport, keep corruption out. Bribery, lies and backroom deals are all things that relate to fifa. Even David Cameron has said fifa's dealings are “murky”.

With fifa officials being probed and qatar hosting a world cup I think it's time to turn our back on fifa.

74. Do Not Raise The Debt Ceiling - No More Red Ink

For over two years grassroots patriots from various parties, groups and walks of life have worked tirelessly to hold our government accountable for living by our Constitution, in a fiscally conservative manner and respect free market principles established by our founders.

The 2010 election was a reflection of those efforts. However, the actions and words coming out of the House and Senate Leadership and President’s Administration court disaster, not recovery. They should be ashamed. Monday, May 9th, three national tea party supporters will be in DC sending a warning to federal lawmakers that this abysmal handling of our finances, trampling on our God given and constitutional rights and abuse of our Constitution must stop.

The Debt Ceiling has been "raised" 74 times in the last 25 years. It has encouraged massive debt, not achieving fiscal responsibility. The legal borrowing cap of $14.3 Trillion Dollars is outrageous. Including unfunded liabilities our debt is about 10 times that. The "cuts" embraced during the "lame duck session" were a joke. It is your constitutional duty to "protect and defend" the American people from anyone trying to do harm to this country. You all took an oath to uphold the Constitution.

Now the harmful tactics are being perpetrated by the FED and the government itself because federal employees who work for us are not doing their job. The undersigned people believe if drastic fiscal budget remedies are not immediately enacted by Congress and signed by the President, financial Armageddon is on its way.

75. Pinebrook Manifesto

On the 3rd of April 2011, 35 young people from five states in North India got together at the Pinebrook Center near Shillong to discuss the main justice issues facing North East India. Out of this small meeting came the ‘Pinebrook Manifesto’ which you have before you.
We feel strongly that the political norms in our states must change.

We cry for more accountability, more honesty, more peace and more tangible solutions to the ongoing problems that destabilize and cripple the progress of our region. We have chosen six issues that need real and lasting change. This list is not exhaustive but we believe these are some of the main areas that need to be addressed. We realize that these issues are complex and that often we, the people of the North East, perpetuate the problems. But this manifesto is directed at us as much as it is our politicians. We want to see ourselves change as well as our leaders. All of us have signed this document; we ask that you also, as a person from the North East region, sign this document and join our movement for more integrity and justice in our States.

On May 15th we will send this manifesto, along with the signatures to the Chief Minister of Assam, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Manipur, Tripura, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh. This is just a small act but we believe even small movements of justice can situate us on a road to more peace. As Amos, the 8th century herdsman said “…let justice roll down like waters and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream”. Send this link to your friends and your friends of friends from the North East. Join us in bring lasting change to our region.

76. India Against Corruption

Social Activist Anna Hazare is fasting unto death and is sitting at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi 24x7 - he wants the government to be serious about implementing the 'Jan Lokpal Bill' which will be a vehicle to bring accountability and fight corruption at all levels of society, politics, business, judiciary, bureacracy, etc... Many versions of this bill has been talked about and delyed for the last 42 years. It is now the second day of fasting and he said he is ready to die for this.

India against corruption needs the support of a mass scale global people's movement that the Indian government can't ignore. Would you please sign this petition and tell the prime minister Manmohan Singh that you support Anna Hazare and the fight against corruption in India.

77. Stop Australian Funded Rape, Torture & Attempted Murder

HARD COPY OF THIS EXACT TEXT CAN BE FOUND AT I encourage all Australian residents to download the PDF hardcopy, collect a few signatures (no address needed) and return as per the PDF. There is NO citizenship requirements to sign the hardcopy or electronic petition, however Australia's Parliament won't accept the electronic format, only hardcopy.

Point ONE(1):
The intent to to stop enforced segregation of harms which could take a victim their entire adult life or well over 30 years to progress through the civil courts or otherwise logistically impossible for one person to deal with.
Stalking and assault and torture and surgery without legal authority are all unlawful in Australia, they all carry the potential of lengthy penal sentencing under criminal law, however Australian legislation has one huge loophole that forces a victim of these crimes to prosecute each single incident separately under civil or common law (state) or human rights treaties (federal or High court). That is if you are stalked by say 20 persons and police refuse to investigate each one and each of the 20 individuals assault you in separate incidents you have to prosecute each separately as unconnected events despite evidence that strongly suggests they are connected as one crime. Unlike the treatment of defamation, there is no allowance to deem multiple assaults as one stalking event that generates many incidents.

Point TWO (2):
The intent is to remove the expectation that only an "expert" is be legally entitled to define the existence of a foreign item a radiology film. Presently you must have a signed letter from a medical practitioner to say you have a hatchet poking out of your head if you want it removed, that is to say in the event that you do have a hatchet poking out of your head which you also want removed.

Point THREE(3):
Jane is being stalked by many persons, most are strangers to her or persons she knows but is unaware they are the stalkers. The stalkers have caused Jane to be considerably surgically raped the evidence is in radiology diagnostic film funded by Medicare Australia between 2005 and 2010 inclusive. The film has been falsely interpreted on paper omitting to describe foreign items inside Jane that are very clearly seen in the film. The stalkers have falsely defamed Jane. The question of did the surgical rape of defamation come first is insignificant in the presence of the fact that both are considerably criminal, more so if there was premeditation and where both exist concurrently and begun around the same period of time then clearly there was premeditation.

Point FOUR(4):
The "choice" to investigate or not investigate a crime is removed as an option for a law enforcement official. That Federal police refuse to investigate these crimes against the Commonwealth of Australia then there is clear evidence that police are amongst the stalkers. Police should seen in legislation in a different light from the rest of us insomuch as they should have less room for error as they have more trust. Police should never be allowed to refuse to investigate any crime. It should not be up to police to choose what crime they want to investigate because that leaves individual police department "law enforcement" "public officials" open to be contracted by any third party as tools of stalkers. Under the present system of Australia police governance career criminals must presently be employed as senior police and aspiring cadets and everywhere in-between. Law enforcement officers are not necessarily police officers.

Point FIVE(5):
No land-line telephone number should be allowed to be blocked - as a society of humans who are defined as the superior race on earth because we are able to speak then we MUST all have full confidence in the ability to identify a person we encounter through verbal communication. If someone wants to preserve their telephone privacy they can call on a public phone. In these days of technology awareness rampant identity theft and sophisticated electronic crimes and the expectation that all government public officials must be accountable under statute, public official anonymity is totally unacceptable.

In 2011 just about every commonwealth of Australia department land-line telephone has it's number blocked from the persons they are calling, they expect you to divulge personal information under these circumstances.

78. Freezing and seizing the assets of the relatives of the ousted Tunisian president in Canada

We, the undersigned, ask that the Government of Canada freeze, seize, and return the assets of the relatives of the ousted Tunisian president in Canada to Tunisia.

The family members of the deposed president, whose demonstrated criminality, fraud, corruption, and mafia-related activities have cost the Tunisian economy billions of dollars, should not be given refuge in Canada as they will abuse the country's generosity for criminal financial gain. We further request a thorough investigation into their financial operations in Canada.

We petition also that the Government of Canada extradite them to Tunisia to stand trial for the crimes they committed.

We Hereby Decree Our Requests:
(a) A full investigation by the Government of Canada into the financial operations of the relatives of the ousted Tunisian president in Canada.
(b) Freezing and seizing all their assets in Canada.
(c) Their extradition to Tunisia to be judged.
We, the undersigned, hereby attest that in signing this petition we have either fell victim to the family of ben Ali, or we represent an afflicted party other than ourselves who has been afflicted by ben Ali’s clan.


79. Reform Bureaucratic procedures of Afghanistan's Government

When you go to a governmental Institution for updating license of your vehicle, driving, company, first you are not welcomed properly. The behavior is inhumane. Then you are given a pile of papers under a policy called 'estelam' for clearance to do it by yourself. These clearance process usually takes long time.

Government should reform its systems; otherwise it will not work properly; and lead to serious frustration and predisposes corruption because if you pay bribes you are exempted from all these procedures. That is really frustrating.

80. Replace the BC RCMP with Provicial Police Force

The BC Government is in negotiations with the RCMP to renew their contract in 2012.

With all the problems with RCMP officers being charged with criminal offenses and being suspended with pay for years while it works it's way through the courts and then through internal RCMP discipline committees the BC Government and the people have no say in in the mandate of the RCMP only Ottawa has jurisdiction, it's time to replace them with a provincial and municipal force.

81. Stop BC RCMP renewal contract without public consultation

The BC Government is in negotiations with the RCMP to renew their contract for policing in 2012.

With past performance of RCMP officers being charged with criminal offenses and rising they are reassigned to desk duty or to sit at home with full pay until all court cases have been dealt with, most cases take years and if convicted they then go through a RCMP internal review (1 year at least)before discipline If any!

There is another petition to oust the RCMP altogether from BC,

82. Pour Le Respect Des Institutions Ivoiriennes Et La Souveraineté De La Cote D'ivoire

La Côte d'Ivoire est un pays souverain. Sa Constitution est le texte suprême régit son fonctionnement comme pour tout pays. les institutions d'un pays sont les garants de cette loi fondamentales. Les renier revient a renier le fait même d'exister en tant que nation!

Ivory Coast is a sovereign country. His Constitution is the supreme text governs its functioning as for any country.

83. Campaign to End Corruption within FIFA

The expose by the British media and the BBC Panorama programme on the 29th of November 2010 of the corruption within the FIFA Executive and the fact that they are largely ignoring it.

84. Protect inmates and their families from harassment and corrupt prison officials

Through the years letters have been written to the Wardens at the Beamount Prison, Regional office of the BOP, Washington D.C. offices concerning the corruption of the guards and how they break the rules and change policies and procedures to meet their needs.

The officers work together for organized crime then accuse the inmate and their families of bringing in contraband to the facilities. When complaints are made the officers are re-assigned to another location in the prison and the problem is never fixed instead a band aid is placed over the sore.

Through the years fake investigations have been done to hush up the family members.

85. Impeach Sepp Blatter

Since becoming FIFA President in June 1998, Sepp Blatter has committed innumerable crimes against the sport of football, blatantly disrespecting the game, its players, its supporters, and its officials.

Blatter has been involved in several scandals:

1. Allegations of corruption and financial irregularities (

2. Blatant sexism towards female footballers in 2004 when he suggested that women should "wear tighter shorts and low cut shirts... to create a more female aesthetic" and attract more male fans

3. Refusal to implement modern goal-line technology to take pressure off referees and ensure fair play

86. Limit Tenure of Council Chief Executive Officers

The position of a Shire Council Chief Executive Officer is demanding and influential. After six years with the same organisation, CEOs are generally either burnt-out and needing new challenges, or have failed to implement their reforms.

Change at the top is beneficial and necessary in order to stimulate ideas, provide energy and diversity and limit the potential for corruption and cronyism.

Currently in Victoria there is no legislated limit on the duration of tenure of a Council CEO.

87. Laws and regulations related to inheritance changed IMMEDIATELY and RETROSPECTIVELY

Listed are the points raised with Ministry of Justice on 21/05/10:

1. The Wishes of Alan Edward Hindley regarding his estate are to be put in order and adhered to. (The will submitted is a forgery, signatures too).
2. A fully transparent and comprehensive investigation in to all matters relating to AEH’s demise and the mishandling of his estate (must include all parties involved at the time and since).
3. Investigations must be overseen by Government at ministerial level.
4. The law must penalise ALL those parties who have aided and abetted Wendy Hindley.
5. Laws must be changed now so that a Last Will and Testament is followed to the letter.
6. A person’s Human Rights to continue after death: If someone abuses the trust by misappropriating a persons belongings or wealth it is an offence; this stops after your final breath.
7. Severe penalties put into place so that abusers of executorships are punished by the state (criminal offence as well as civil).
8. Forgery of Wills to have appropriate Laws and very severe penalties, which are enforced by the state.
9. Changes to the inheritance laws to be retrospective.
10. Ministry of Justice to hold executors responsible.
11. Solicitors and other parties are now taking money under false pretences when they draft a will and do not advise their clients that executors can and do act as they wish; therefore they do not adhere to the deceased wishes and will. A will can be said to be not of merchantable quality because it is not fit for its purpose. The Law Society and solicitors to immediately stop advertising their services for drafting a will under the pretext that when they draft wills, they are resolute. (At present this is blatant misrepresentation because they know it is not so). Any will can be ‘broken’ within minutes should the executors wish it. Therefore it contravenes normal consumer laws.
12. Create a Central Bureau where wills can be deposited should people wish.

• Police – Are not answerable to anybody and nobody takes responsibility allowing corruption to take place at all levels – Police State!? Incompetent and/or corrupt officers must be brought to book. The same must be said for those members of the IPCC.

• IPCC – Are NOT independent (police officers investigating their own colleagues cannot possibly make them independent). This needs to be changed to fit its description.

• Bristol Probate Office - needs scrutiny; it has proved itself obstructive and unethical at the very least.

• Undertaker, Coroner and Doctor involved, also need close scrutiny.

88. The Florida Open Carry Initiative

Throughout our history, the ability to be armed for self defense has been essential to our liberty. Today, the Florida state legislators have stripped the people of the ability to openly carry arms. This policy is inconsistent with that of a free society. The elimination of an open carry arms policy leads to corruption, the loss of liberty, and to a state of perpetual tyranny.

Here are a few thoughts that our forefathers left us with in regards to a well armed people.

“The strongest reason for people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government."
-Thomas Jefferson

“Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the peoples' liberty's teeth.”
-George Washington

“The laws that forbid the carrying of arms are laws of such a nature. They disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes.... Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.”
-Thomas Jefferson

A free people ought to be armed."
- George Washington

“To disarm the people is the most effectual way to enslave them” .
-George Mason

89. A Call for the States to do Their Duty!

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Did you know it is the CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY of your state to protect your right and liberties? We are in EMERGENCY MODE now! Washington is not listening to us, it is time our state governments earn their keep.

Sign this petition, then print it and deliver it personally, by email, by fax, by petition and any other way you can to your state legislators. Tell everyone you know to do the same.

90. Gatvol vir Misdaad

Tired of crime in South Africa...!?

Join "Gatvol vir Misdaad" on Facebook and sign this online petition.