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61. Support the Minneapolis 30yr Music Festival

The idea of a Minneapolis 30yr Music Tribute has been receiving a positive reaction by many fans all over the United States as well as positive feedback from other countries.

It's a tribute to such artist as Prince and the Revolution, Sheila E., The Time, Mazarati, Madhouse, The Family, Vanity 6, Appollonia 6 and more!

62. We Support 1st Class

If you havn't heard 1st Class yet, then you must. This up-and-coming hip-hop group has already opened for groups like Slightly Stoopid and Dilated Peoples, and their music speaks for itself. Check them out at and at

They have fans from California, to Colorado and to Utah. There fan base is growing, and it is time to get them to Boulder. If you haven't already, join their fan page on Facebook by searching for 1st Class. Thanks!

63. No Sales Tax on Concert and Theatre Tickets

On September 22nd the associated press published an article outlining the proposed final budget plan for the state of Pennsylvania. This proposed budget among other things calls for the addition of a 6% sales tax to concert and theater tickets.

From The PA Budget Website

"$100 million from lifting the sales tax exemption on admissions costs for theater, dance, concerts and performing arts, as well as museums, historical sites, zoos and parks."

There is a specific singling out of the performance arts in this proposal. Sporting events and other forms of entertainment are not slated to receive any additional taxation in the budget proposal.

This proposal has been confirmed with the Governor's office of public liaison. As of Sept 23rd 2009 the proposal is slated to be on the Governor's desk in to weeks time in bill form for signing.

In an already crippled live performance industry and an era of limited household incomes it is important to act quickly to keep entertainment outlets affordable.

64. Denounce Death Threats Against Juanes

Freedom of expression is an inalienable right for all individuals in all countries, at all times especially in matters of civic and political expression.

There is a public debate underway concerning a concert to be held in Cuba on September 20, 2009 organized by the Colombian musician Juanes as the latest in a series of concerts around the world with the theme peace without borders.

Although the concert is described as apolitical and directed at the Cuban people there are concerns that it will be politicized by the Cuban dictatorship.

Both Juanes and his critics have a right to exercise their freedom of expression.

Nevertheless, individuals have crossed that line and demonstrated their contempt for fundamental human rights. Two clear examples first on August 14th on 35th Ave. and SW 8th Street where a black shirt representing Juanes was doused with a flammable liquid and set on fire by a demonstrator who stated to the press: “This is what we are going to do with him burn him for being a communist, a traitor, a terrorist, and for licking Fidel Castro’s boots.” Secondly, A day later on Twitter Juanes received the following message: "I hate what you are saying but you will die for defending your right to say it."

These are not examples of free speech but verbal assaults: the threat to carry out physical harm against an individual. This is intolerable in a free society.

This is the kind of language used by Cuban government agents to intimidate members of the opposition in Cuba and reflects a country that today has 21 imprisoned journalists recognized by the Committee to Protect Journalists and 58 activists recognized by Amnesty International as prisoners of conscience rotting in prisons; where a man cries out in front of a camera that he is hungry and is sentenced to two years in prison. These are the kind of threats that are all too common in Cuba.

They are unacceptable in a free society.

65. Hocemo Dulce Mariu i RBD u Hrvatskoj | We want Dulce end rbd in Croatia!

Zelimo da RBD (iako su se raspali) u Hrvatskoj naprave jedan koncert. Bili su u svim susjednim zemljama (Srbija,Slovenija,Rumunjska....) ali nisu u nasoj zemlji.=(
Zato vas molim,svi fanovi RBD-a potpisite ovo...

fan de RBD para siempre,

66. Fans Who Believe In Making A Difference 4 Michael Jackson

Did you know that the 2000 edition of The Guinness Book of World Records listed Michael Jackson breaking the world record for the most charities supported by a pop star? At that time Michael had listed 39 Charities. He left one fifth of his assets to children charities in his will. He had a great love for children and while touring he secretly visited sick children.

His vision and purpose for Neverland was to give sick and terminally ill children a place to enjoy their childhood. Michael has given support to “Make-A- Wish,” “UNCF,” The “Michael Jackson United Negro College Fund Endowed Scholarship Fund,” He donated the proceeds from the sales of "The Man in The Mirror" to Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times, a camp for children who suffer from cancer. Michael equipped a 19-bed -unit at Mount Senai New York Medical Center. This center is part of the T.J. Martel-Foundation for leukemia and cancer research. He donated all the money he received from Pepsi, $1.5 million , to the Michael Jackson Burn Center for Children. He also donated tickets to his shows in his 1989 Bad Tour to underprivileged children. These are only some of his known philanthropy and there is more I could list. As you think to sign this petition and help to give back in such a small way as to support an effort to help him, think about his giving and let us learn from it and find ways to do more.

Michael Jackson has died and left behind some huge amounts of debt that has tarnished his name, property, Estate, and welfare of his children. His desire was to free himself of the burden of this debt and therefore he agreed to do the concerts in London which he prepared for with great perfection as seen on the news from his rehearsals.

Because of the large amount of his debt, Michael's personal property had been set to be auctioned, but it was called off. Yet he must still pay the amount owed and he could totally loose his property at Neverland. This is news reported by CNN! FWBMD4MJ WANTS TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

67. Bring The Academy Is... To Tasmania!

The Academy Is... are an amazing band made up of five members. They originate from Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A and are primarily known as a live band around fans. Their show are filled with emotion and energy, and the odd prank sometimes too!

68. Bring The Jonas Brothers To Belfast

Bring JB To Belfast.

69. Michael Jackson



Michael Jackson announced 50 shows for his "This is It" concert last March and on March 10th we saw one of the fastest ever ticket sales for a concert ever and those of us lucky enough to get a ticket were left amazed and excited with only 5 months to wait to see the concert.

70. Transport from Birmingham to Cardiff at 11:30pm on 17th November 2009

We would like to arrange some sort of transport from Birmingham to Cardiff for the people attending the Jonas Brothers concert on 17th November 2009.

Many people from Cardiff wish to attend this concert but are unable to find any available transport to return home to Cardiff. The people attending can easily get to Birmingham via a train but the last train leaves Birmingham at 10:12pm, the concert will not finish until 11pm and the Cardiff citizens are unable to get home.

We have looked at the prospect of staying overnight in a hotel or getting a taxi but the prices of this are extremely unafforadable. We do not wish to miss this concert as it is a once in a lifetime opportunity for these people to see their heroes perform live on stage. All we are asking is for a small type of transport to make the short return journey to Cardiff the same night at an affordable price.

We would really appreciate you considering organising a small trip. We would be extremely grateful and thankful to whom ever would be kind enough to organise this for the fans.
Sincere thanks.

71. We want New Kids on the Block in Puerto Rico

New kids on the Block (known as NKOTB) started in the late 80s and became a huge pop sensation, taking the world by storm. Who can't forget songs like "Please don't go girl","You got it(the right stuff)",Ï'll be loving you forever",""Step by Step".

In April 2008, after numerous speculations, Donnie confirms what all fans have been waiting... a reunion!
The new CD is called "The Block" with a grown up image and modern new flavor in their music it's driving the fans wild again. “Summertime”,”Single”,”Sexify my love”,”Full Service”,”Don’t cry” are part of this great CD.

Single New Kids On The Block Pictures, Images and Photos

72. Keep Big Day Out at Claremont Showgrounds for 2009

WA’s biggest rock music festival is in doubt only weeks before its scheduled date after Claremont Town Council refused an application last week for Big Day Out to be held at the Claremont Showground.

73. Miley Cyrus come to MALTA!

Miley Cyrus or Hannah Montana is a very good singer and she has never been to make a concert on a small island like Malta. She can make a European Tour and come to Malta. Please sign so that if we have many signitures, she may come!

Miley Cyrus jew Hannah Montana hija kantanta brava u qatt ma marret taghmel kuncert go gzira zghira bhal Malta. Hi tista' taghmel Tour ma' L-Ewropa u tigi Malta. Please iffirmaw halli jkk ikollna hafna firem, forsi tigi!

74. Blaze Bayley Australian Concert Tour

Blaze Bayley, former lead singer of British heavy metal bands Wolfsbane and Iron Maiden and now lead singer of his own band Blaze Bayley has never toured Australia.

After I contacted the band and their management about a possible future tour I have received an indication that they would like to tour the Southern Hemisphere.

As such I am running this petition to allow the band and their management to see the support they have here in Australia for a concert tour.

75. Bring Tokio Hotel to Vancouver!

I'm starting this petition because there are a lot of Tokio Hotel fans here in Vancouver and we would love to have Tokio Hotel have a performance here.

76. The Spice Girls Reunion tour on dvd

The spice girls are the greatest pop group that started in the 90s, they broke up in 2000, but reunited in 2007 to kick off their reunion tour which sold out in seconds, unfortunatly the tour ended quicker than expected but for those that couldnt see it, they should come out with the tour dvd.

77. jonas brother´s concert in argentina

Se an creado aproximadamente 68.500 sitios argentinos de los de jonas brothers.Y ya salieron mas de 100 entrevistas sobre ellos en revistas y miles de articulos sobre ellos(luna teens , tkm , para teens, programas de tv 67, zz, noticieros, diarios, etc). Los amamos!!!!!

78. Jonas Brothers In San Diego

So the Jonas Brothers are on there burning up tour and they are not coming down here to San Diego. Usually groupps come down here on there tours but not this time.

We really want to brothes to come down here again cause san diego really does love them.

79. Bring The Jonas Brothers And Demi Lovato To Punta Del Este, Uruguay





80. Change David Archuleta's Concert Attire for Idol live tour

David Archuleta is a 17 year old singing phenomenon. David is currently on tour with American Idol and his talent is being witnessed in a live setting by 1000's of new fans.

Currently his stage outfit for his solo songs is not complimentary to his stage persona. It is limiting and we request that it be changed to something more "on trend" with his musical style and skill.

Points to note:
1) Black/dark Grey is hard to photograph limiting the beauty of photographs.
2) The Jacket is not "age appropriate"
3) The Jacket looks like it should be on a 50 year old man on a cruise ship
4) The black undershirt does not match the balance of the outfit
5) The Pants do not fit. They "hang" wrong and make a sloppy impression.

Please note: it was very hard to start this as we wouldn't want to hurt Archie in any way. But this is not a reflection on David himself, as he didn't pick this suit. Plus, can you imagine what Simon would say if David wore this on Idol. If they keep the suit, at least tailor it so it fits properly.



81. Help bring JB to Kansas City, MO

When we found out JB was going on a third tour we were so excited because we thought they would come to Kansas City, where they have huge supporters and great fans, but come to find out they are not.

We looked around for a petition that someone had started and found one but for some odd reason it randomly dropped from 2,000 down to 1,133 we decided to take matters into our own hands and make our own petition.

82. Bring JB to Kansas City, MO

When we found out JB was going on a third tour we were so excited because we thought they would come to Kansas City, where they have huge supporters and great fans, but come to find out they are not.

We had trouble with our other petition when for some odd reason it randomly dropped from 2,000 down to 1,133 we decided to take matters into our own hands and make our own petition.

83. Bring the Jonas Brothers to Kansas!!!

The Jonas Brothers have flown over Kansas so many times in their tours but have only stopped a few!

This is a petition to ask them to stop again and preform for their fans stuck in Kansas (and Missouri)!!

84. Bring Tenacious D To Perth/Adelaide

Would Be Great If Tenacious D Would Do A Concert In Perth & Adelaide Because It Would Be Classic!

85. Bring Miley Cyrus to Australia

Hey guys. It's Amelia and Andrea and we made this petition to try get Miley Cyrus to bring her sold out tour to Australia.

There are already rumours about this being true, but we want to make sure of it and get as much support as we can.

So if you are a mega Miley fan like we are, please support us by signing the petition.

86. Bon Jovi back to Portugal 2008

Since Portugal has a big group of Bon Jovi fans, and some couldnt go to the concert due to the lack or tickets or personal problems, are sad because missed the concert of theyr lives I'm here speaking in the voice of a few fans that we beg to have Bon Jovi back in Portugal if possible still this year (2008) in Lisbon.

87. Sign For Jonas Brothers to go to Mohegan Sun in Connecticut

We have never been to a Jonas Brothers concert, because whenever we find out about the concert, the tickets are sold out.

We Love The Jonas Brothers, so Please help us !

88. Bring Gazette to Romania


In March of 2002, Ruki, Uruha, and Reita (all former band mates), and Aoi and Yune (also former band mates) formed a band under the name Gazette.[2] Originally signed to Matina, they released their first single, "Wakaremichi", and a video release in April. By September they had released two more singles and another video, headlining a show for the first time in October.

In early 2003, Yune decided to leave the band, and he was replaced by Kai. Shortly after, they signed with the PS Company label, and in May released their first EP, Cockayne Soup. They started their first tour, with the band Hanamuke, and along with the tour, the bands collaborated on two songs. A second tour followed with the band Vidoll, and the bands were featured together on the November issue of Cure, a magazine focusing on Visual Kei bands.[3]

In early December they played a co-headlining show with Deadman. On December 28 they performed at Fool's Mate magazine's Beauti-fool's Fest which was later released on DVD.

On January 16, 2004 they recorded a solo performance at the Shibuya-AX, which was released on DVD as Tokyo saihan ~Judgement Day~.[2] On March 30, 2004 they released their Madara mini-album, which reached #2 on the Oricon Indie Charts. Madara was followed in May by a companion DVD, which included six music videos and an in-the-studio documentary. The same month, Gazette was featured in Shoxx magazine's Expect Rush III, a catalogue of independent Visual Kei artists.[4] A second live DVD, Heisei Banka, was released in August.[2] During September and October they toured with fellow PS Company bands Kra and BIS. Their debut album, Disorder, was released in October, and made it to the top 5 of the indies Oricon Daily Charts.

The band spent the remainder of 2004 and 2005 touring extensively, releasing Gama (another mini album) in August.

In 2005 the band released their first major label single, Cassis, in December.[5]

Starting 2006 with a name change—from Japanese characters to a romanized script—they released Nil, their second full-length album, on February 8, 2006,[2] and embarked on another Japanese tour, ending at the venue Nippon Budokan.[6] That July, The Gazette performed at the Beethovenhalle in Bonn, Germany, their first show outside of Asia. The concerts were arranged in conjunction with the AnimagiC anime and manga convention.[7]

Three more singles were released followed by another studio album, Stacked Rubbish on July 4, 2007. It reached #2 on the Oricon charts within a day from the release. The album debut was followed by a promotional tour from July through September. In October, The Gazette started their first European tour stopping England, Finland, France, and Germany.

A new single called "Guren" was released on February 13, 2008.

Despre "The Gazette"

Reita [BASIST]

Ok deci sa o luam cu inceputul. The Gazette este o trupa japoneza de rock si apartine stilului visual "Visual Kei".
S-a infiintat in 2002 cand Uruha , Reita si Ruki s-au hotarat sa isi infiinteze propria trupa. Asa i-au intalnit pe Aoi si Yune care au devenit imediat noii membri ai trupei. Impreuna au lansat (Aprilie 2002) primul lor single Wakaremichi.
In 2003 insa Yune a decis sa paraseasca The Gazette , consecinta a acestei actiuni a fost actualul drummer Kai , ale carui abilitati i-au facut pe ceilalti sa il lase sa se ocupe de conducerea trupei . Tot In 2003 , in luna martie , acum cu o noua structura formatia a obtinut un contract la Ps Company pornind astfel pe drumul unei lungi calatorii.
Asadar in mai 2003 au lansat primul lor Mini Album Cockayne Soup prin care si-au inceput primul turneu alaturi de trupa Hanamuke (Impreuna au scos si 2 cantece).Imediat dupa aceasta colaborare a urmat si un al-2-lea turneu alaturi de Vidoll , acesta fiind un inceput glorios pentru baieti , deoarece a fost momentul in care reviste de renume precum "Cure", "Shoxx" au inceput sa scrie despre ei , aproape in fiecare numar.
Pe 30 martie 2004 , urmeaza lansarea unui al-2-lea mini album Madara , care ajunge sa ocupe locul 2 in Oricon Indie Charts iar pe 25 august Concert DvD Heisei Banka.
Imediat dupa lansarea acestui DvD, apare pe piata muzica PV-DVD Madara , care contine 6 PV-uri , inclusiv makig ofs.
Desi viitorul pare sa surada baietii erau inca foarte tineri si aveau sa intalneasca multe obstacole in drumul lor spre glorie. Bineinteles ca orice artist nu are numai fani , ci si anti-fani , gurile rele au inceput sa vorbeasca si bineinteles ca nimeni nu este scutit de un esec live sau o defectiune tehnica.
Nimic nu i-a retinut insa sa mearga mai departe The Gazette lansand pe 13 octombrie 2004 primul ALBUM DISORDER , listat in top 5 in Oricon DAILY Charts.
Numeroasele concerte ce au urmat , succesul mini albumelor si single-urilor precum : Gama si Cassis i-a determinat pe Ruki,Reita,Uruha,Aoi si Kai creearea celui de-al doi-lea ALBUM FULL Nil , pe 8 februarie 2006, Album promovat in turneul Road Of Nameless Liberty Six Guns.
Gazette nu s-au limitat insa numai la concerte in Asia , ei uimind insa si fanii din Europa , tari precum Germania,Anglia,Franta,Austria,Finlanda. Acestea sunt tarile frecventate de ei , dar asta nu inseamna ca in celelalte tari nu exista poate la fel de multi , sau poate chiar mai multi fani.
Asa sa revenim , urmeaza turneul Decomposition Beauty , care promoveaza 3 single-uri noi Filth In the beauty,Hyena si Regret .
Newest realeses :
Stacked Rubbish (vara anului 2007)

89. We Want FAIROUZ In A Live Concert In EGYPT

More than just a singer's name,FAIROUZ is a concept whose connotations are ethnic & nationalistic as well as musical and poetic !!!

This petition has been created to send some nudges to our greatest sponsors in Egypt just to know that we EGYPTIANS really deserve to see THE LEGEND FAIROUZ performing live in Egypt after 19 years of absence ...

As it's a pity for us to be deprived of FAIROUZ's delectation and on the other hand many ppl in arab world are enjoying FAIROUZ's delectation every year ...

90. American Idols Live Tour: Please Come to East Rutherford

American Idols Live Tour