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1. Reverse Cuts to Opening Hours & Engage With Members

In January 2017 the opening hours were unilaterally and suddenly cut at Roscrea Leisure Centre. This was the final straw for many members, who have endured years of poor management and a complete lack of engagement or consultation with members.

After a meeting of 100 members of the community the board of directors agreed to reverse the decision to cut opening hours, and engage in consultation for 3 months. In the words of one of the directors present at the meeting, the cuts to opening hours clearly had “the maximum amount of impact” on members.

In March 2017, following a period of patient waiting for this decision to be implemented, the directors reversed this decision. Despite their claims, no consultation with members was engaged in prior to this reversal.

It was said at a second public meeting that recent events at the Centre had provoked deep feelings in the members, casual users and the wider Roscrea Community; and this was clear when unanimity prevailed regarding the formation of the Roscrea Leisure Centre Community Action Group.

Roscrea Leisure Centre is the result of a long and hard fought campaign by the community of Roscrea, dating back to the 1940s. Funds were generously provided by generations of Roscrea men and women, along with the taxpayer who continues to provide significant funds year-on-year.

The community cannot stand by while this valuable resource is so badly mismanaged – few believe that these cuts will be the first. Last year prices were raised, this year hours are cut, what will happen next year?

We call upon the directors of Roscrea Swimming Pool Ltd to honor their original statement and reverse the cuts to opening hours for a period of 3 months. This will provide the necessary goodwill to allow engagement in meaningful consultation with the members and thus prevent the otherwise inevitable further decline of the finest Leisure Centre in the midlands. The current situation is unsustainable and cannot be allowed to continue.

Great trees are planted by those who will never sit in their shade. Roscrea leisure centre was built by men and women who would never enjoy it. They had a vision, they fought for it. If we don't fight today to keep this centre open and thriving, we betray our grandparents. We leave a poorer town for our grandchildren.

2. Assets needed for Avondale town centre regeneration

In 2010 the (former) Auckland City Council purchased the sites at 24-26 Racecourse Parade from Suburbs Rugby Football Club for the purpose of town centre development. In April 2014 Auckland Council’s Governing Body took a vote on whether to keep these sites as public assets or dispose of them and make them available for private sale.

Avondale Community Action understands that the Whau Local Board unanimously opposed the disposal of these sites pending consideration of the service needs for Avondale's town centre development.

The Whau Local Board has been in conversation with the Avondale Jockey Club, Housing New Zealand and the private owners of the currently derelict sites on the Great North Road frontage, known locally as “the old 3 Guys” to vision the best possible Avondale town centre redevelopment. This conversation has proved difficult to date given the various stakeholders’ different agendas.

Negotiating the regeneration of our town centre is likely to be further complicated if an additional private stakeholder were added to the mix.

3. Make The Moorabool Street Geelong Bus Interchange Accessible!

Last year, a new bus interchange was established in Geelong, known as the Moorabool Street bus interchange.

The concept of this interchange is that all busses will arrive and depart from one location. A good concept, yes?

There are numerous problems with this interchange.

1. There are no audio announcements making it impossible for people who are blind or vision impaired, or people who are unable to read bus numbers and destinations to know which bus is arriving.

2. The solution to point 1, that all bus drivers pull up in the front bus bay before leaving the interchange is ignored by some drivers meaning that many people miss busses because they are unable to move to busses at the back of the interchange.

3. This interchange was implemented with full knowledge that there were, and still are, grave accessibility issues. How is an elderly person, a person in a wheelchair, a person using a white cane or guide dog, or a person with a pram (to name a few) supposed to board their bus?

4. Take Back the Airwaves! Community Reclaim 88.1 FM!

CKLN 88.1 FM is a community radio station broadcasting from the Ryerson University downtown campus in Toronto, Canada. This campus and community radio station has been in operation since 1983.

For 25 years this alternative media outlet has served as a key point of dissemination of independent and grassroots news, views, music and culture in this diverse city. Within the past year many organizational and structural changes have taken place which have been non-inclusive, non-transparent and in violation of the governing by-laws.

In response, community members, volunteer staff and students came together and organized a Special General Meeting carried out on February 23, 2008 which resulted in the removal of the non-student members of the CKLN Board of Directors as well as the dismissal of their contested and controversial appointed managers Mike Phillips and Tony Barnes.

In retaliation for said meeting and member-led volunteer and community elections, about 25 CKLN volunteer programmers have been locked out of their programs since early May of 2008. Many of these dedicated and long standing volunteers received a one paragraph letter from Mike Phillips discharging them from the station stating that "their services were no longer needed".

The petition below is to Ms. Paula Boutis from Iler & Campbell, legal counsel for CKLN Inc., asking her to cease representation of the dismissed management and removed board members and to start fulfilling her duties on the side of the legitimately elected board members.