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1. Make the Colorado National Monument the nation's 60th National Park!

Grand Valley Region Citizens for a National Park is seeking support to re-designate the Colorado National Monument as the nation’s 60th National Park.

We believe it is the single most important thing the Grand Valley region can do to:

1. Permanently recognize this geological wonder with its unique in the world hanging canyons, petrified sand dunes, Native American structures dating to 10-thousand B.C., petro-glyphs, picto graphs, rare dinosaur fossils and footprints, thousand year old Pinyon trees and Juniper woodlands.

2. Complete the community goal of national park status first led by John Otto in 1907.

3. Immediately boost the community's profile nationally and internationally, and as a consequence also boost international tourism, and construction and enhance community profile and value. Park status would immediately place the Grand Valley on Rand McNally Maps and all publications/events involving national parks.

4. Attract high level new businesses,employees, university students and diversify the economy.

5. So protect this unique national resource it would forever take an act of Congress to change its status or borders.

Thousands of foreign and domestic tourists currently bypass Colorado National Monument because they perceive monuments as statues. CNM lacks national park status so is not part of tours which include only "national parks".

The Grand Valley continues to suffer from yet another major economic bust. Unemployment is nearly one percent above the national and state average, Grand Junction and Mesa County sales tax revenues remain down, home foreclosures are the second highest of Colorado’s 12 largest metro areas and one in ten rental units stand empty.

Elevating the Colorado National Monument to a national Park like Rocky Mountain National Park and Mesa Verde National Park is the only current proposal which offers a multitude of sustained regional economic benefits and guarantees our community's quality of life for generations to come for little to no cost to local citizens and businesses who would reap the rewards.

John Otto circulated the original petition for a National Park in 1907. Though a Congressional slowdown threatened the entire proces, Otto’s leadership, combined with unflagging community support won monument status via President Taft. Otto continued to work for national park status the remainder of his life.

Now it’s up to us. Today's Grand Valley area residents and leaders can finish what our community (led by John Otto) and the U.S. Congress of 1907 started by telling U.S. Congressman Scott Tipton and U.S. Senator Cory Gardner voters want them to introduce legislation to make the Colorado National Monument our nation's 60th National Park.