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61. Pledge to Exercise Jury Nullification for Marijuana Arrests

The war on cannabis began in the United States in the early 1900's and has proven to be a failed policy that has shown no progress and has only resulted in the arrests of millions of U.S. citizens and labeled them as "criminals" causing lifelong social consequences, thus exacerbating a problem that belongs in the category of public health and not law enforcement.

Medical marijuana is now legal in 18 states and Washington D.C. and marijuana has been fully legalized in 2 more states. Legalization is overwhelmingly supported by people under the age of 40 who have seen firsthand accounts of the social consequences that result from the arrests of so many people because they use a relatively harmless substance when compared to other potentially harmful substances such as fast food, sodas, alcohol, hard drugs etc.

Congress has continually shown no interest in addressing this issue due to the fact that re-election is more important these days than addressing the real problems that our country faces and they are simply too afraid of being seen as "soft" on drugs even though the public is increasingly sick and tired of wasting resources on this losing battle.

The most common sense way that we, the people, can solve this issue is to use our constitutional right of jury nullification when we are called on to serve in a jury related to potential marijuana convictions.

62. Support a Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance

The Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States reads as follows, "A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." Along with Article 1, Section 23 of the Missouri Constitution which states, "That the right of every citizen to keep and bear arms in defense of his home, person and property, or when lawfully summoned in aid of the civil power, shall not be questioned; but this shall not justify the wearing of concealed weapons."

63. Support the lowering of restrictions on firearms in Australia while increasing background checks

Currently, there is a global focus on gun culture and its impact/relevance within our society.

This is especially true in America where politicians are trying to remove guns entirely from civilian possession (much like here in Australia) causing many civil rights movements to declare this as an attack on their 2nd Amendment Rights.

For the less informed, The Second Amendment protects an individual's right to possess a firearm, unconnected to service in a militia and to use that arm for traditionally lawful purposes such as self-defense within the home.

While Australia has no Bill of Rights or anything closely resembling the Second Amendment, that should not discount Australians as having no rights to personal protection.

An article in the Brisbane Times, dated October 24 2012, indicated that "The overall crime rate in Queensland increased by 6 per cent in the last financial year - the first significant rise in at least a decade." and that "The rate of armed robberies across the state jumped 12 per cent".

While crime had initially decreased it is evident that crime is indeed increasing again and that the expansion to law enforcement numbers is not working. In addition to this, response times for police assistance on urgent matters on average can total almost an hour on some occasions.

This cannot be deemed acceptable and we need to recognize that police cannot always make immediate response calls and therefore the public need to be able to safely equip themselves with suitable defense.

It is often argued that more guns are not the answer and to that I answer that neither is taking them away.

One way or another, ill-minded people manage to obtain weapons (whether it be guns, knifes, bottles, etc) and harm others. If you disarm a nation you leave the citizens totally unprepared and at the mercy of police response times.

What's worse, is that with weapons being nationally banned, any weapons obtained underground are harder to track back to an owner. Lengthening the investigation process by law enforcement. Why make police jobs harder than they already are?

History has also shown that government corruption can and has occurred before threatening the lives of many civilians. We cannot ignore history and we need to accept, despite how good things might be now, that the future can take a turn for the worse.

What I propose is that we loosen our ban on weapons and focus on performing background checks on those applying for licences in addition to giving psychological treatment to those ill-minded people.

We, as a nation, need to recognize that we are all entitled to safety and protection and we should not be judged as guilty before proven innocent.

64. Allow just 1 round at all times

Murderers have access to guns, and use them in public. Right now we have the right to self protection in our homes.

We would like to give everyone the right to public protection as well, even with just 1 round in a gun, able to be carried at all times, by anyone without a criminal history.

Any man can kill tens of people, but just 1 round can stop him.

65. تغيير قانون الجنسيه اللبناني Changing the Lebanese Nationality Law

The decree nº 15 of the Lebanese nationality law, issued on January 19th 1925, states that only Lebanese men are allowed to extend their nationality to their wives and children.

المرسوم رقم 15 من القانون اللبناني الصادر في 19 ينايرمن عام 1925 ينص على التالي يعدّ لبنانياً كل شخص مولود من أب لبناني


In 2012, billions of dollars were donated by We the People of the United States of America to our politicians who sought election to administer our government. But how much was spent on candidates who would actually work for our best interest and institute change?

This is a NON-POLITICAL campaign to demand that the US Congress makes the change required to rebuild America. Our elected officials are not leaders, but puppets working for their puppet master, the Federal Reserve System. A system created whereby a non-governmental, third party comprised of individuals who are not all US citizens, let alone residents, administer and control the US currency. These independent controllers of our currency were given this right by an Act of Congress 99-years ago; an Act which has been amended, modified or altered over 200 times since its inception. Who knows what powers this Act in its current state gives the Fed; the amendments are impossible to follow so one cannot get a clear and concise understanding as to what the Fed is authorized to do for We the People.

The naked and simple truth is the following: The national debt that starts with this Federal Reserve interest is what causes the shortages that make us as a nation need to constantly go over budget in order to do our governmental duties and responsibilities. Keeping ourselves as a nation tied to the Federal Reserve creates debt each and every day it exists without us doing anything.

The Federal Reserve System is a cancer that has poisoned our ability to be the America we all dream of. We were not created to sit, work and live to pay off interest to the Federal Reserve. And yet, we have now bound our children and our children’s children to paying off this interest?

We need to understand that these non-elected, third party Banksters are the controllers of our nation and therefore have become the real puppet masters of our elected officials. Again, these puppet masters are the third party banking members that comprise our current Federal Reserve System, which is an independent banking cartel.

Those bankers who control our currency are the same people who got America into this current mess called the Fiscal Cliff. In fact, they are the current team of bankers who, using the rules of their banking order, created all the recessions and depressions since 1913. And while We the People suffer, this elite group personally profits on all the ups and downs.

An Act of Congress in 1913 created this cartel called the Fed and an Act of Congress today can end it. It’s that simple. The Fed does nothing but take. It contributes nothing to our world except to divide us into two classes, the real 99% and the 1%, where we the 99% live in fear. We allow this game to go on and on. Our Congress is now talking about austerity and how to fix the Fiscal Cliff that actually the Federal Reserve System created. But our leaders’ remedies do not discuss, let alone propose, to remove the cause, the Federal Reserve. We now need to ask - Why is the Fed above us? Why are they untouchable?

Forty-nine years ago in 1963 American President JFK, in his efforts to rebuild our country, was ready to remove the Fed from controlling our currency. This was Kennedy's effort and vision for fighting the War on Poverty. His administration was issuing US Treasury notes interest free to finance the rebuilding of America.

People, understand, the currency in your pocket is a Federal Reserve note which you are entitled to turn into a US Treasury note of equal value if you ask the Treasury to give you one. So in the simplest form, why do we need the Federal Reserve note which has interest attached when we could have a US Treasury note interest free distributed by a US owned and controlled Central Bank?

It is that simple. The Fed is doing the job that the US Constitution says that the US Treasury was created and empowered to perform – to print the paper currency, manufacture the coins and distribute this currency to the public. So we need to ask ourselves, why do we need this independent, third party system called the Federal Reserve to continue to exist.

JFK was actually able to get $2 and $5 US Treasury bills into circulation before he was assassinated. But for his untimely death, the other denominations would have been put into circulation. The War on Poverty would have been financed by this US Treasury interest free currency. We would be living in a different world today if JFK’s campaign against poverty would have been allowed to run its course.

Today, the voting citizens of the United States are polarized more than any time in our nation’s history since our Civil War. We have Republicans and Democrats as well as Independents fighting over how to pay for governmental services. These services can only be paid for with the net monies after the interest debt is first paid to the Federal Reserve. This interest debt is paid each and every year plus all other costs and expenses the Federal Reserve members say they incur. They then give the government what is left over to run the country.

Now our public services, aspects of life that we ALL need to survive as a community are being reduced to nothing while the Federal Reserve collects the income tax first. We do not even question this entire procedure before this interest bill is paid. This Federal Reserve interest for some reason has never become a focal point within our Congress to solve the problem. Instead, the debt is the main focus of our elected officials, and we say it’s time to focus on the real problem, those who caused the Fiscal Cliff and the exponentially mounting debt.

We, the undersigned, choose to unite as Americans, regardless of our political affiliation, and understand we must own and control our currency as one nation in order to be truly free.

We must change the United States' banking system NOW.

67. Like my Vote: Allow voting on facebook for the presidential election

Facebook is the most used social network on the world wide web today with an average of approximately 1.01 Billion users per month. It's used to advertise, reconnect with family and friends as well as campaign for any political office.

Why not go one step further and allow the American people to cast the vote on Voting day via Facebook. You can pay bills, watch, television, go to school and so many other things via the Internet, why not make it easy for someone to cast their vote for their candidate via a secure app on Facebook.

There are so many Facebook users that would love to vote but for various reasons may not be able to physically get out to do it. Facebook would give them that chance. Facebook was flooded during the presidential debates. Imagine if every one of those users were able to cast their vote and really take part of their American Right. The turnout would be tremendous. The American voice would definitely be heard.

68. Stop Bullying

With this petition, I plan to address the President of the United States and all of America, that bullying needs to stop and become illegal!

There have been one too many suicides in the world, and its time to end hate!

69. Reverse Consorting Laws: Protect Your Rights

Victorian and NSW police have introduced consorting laws giving them the ability to arrest people who consort with someone with a criminal record.

These laws are supposed to be aimed at Bikie Gangs - however - NO WHERE IN THE LAW DOES IT MENTION MEMBERS OF BIKIE GANGS - any person who associates with someone with a criminal record can be arrested (and jailed for up to six months).

If these laws were intended to reduce gang violence, why was the first person arrested a 21 year old with absolutely no ties to organised crime gangs?

Please see the SBS insight episode that deals with this issue:

Further information is available from the following links

70. Citizens Against Local Law G

Do you think you look like a criminal? Albany County thinks you do.

If passed Albany County's Local Law "G" will require your name, address and physical description (including your height, weight and any identifying marks) to be transmitted to the City of Albany Police Department any time you sell personal articles including secondhand items, jewelry and more. This information will then be provided to the Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) at the Albany Crime Analysis Center (ACAC) where it will be analyzed to determine whether or not you look like a criminal.

Should you meet Albany County's definition of a criminal (by having sold too many personal items, or items that are too valuable or maybe just due to a criminal conviction from your childhood) your personal identifying information will then be forwarded in a bulletin to local law enforcement agencies in the name of "intelligence-led policing and criminal intelligence."

We encourage you, with your fellow citizens, to take a stand against Local Law "G" for 2012.

71. Abolish the TSA

A petition to bring an end to our deteriorating civil rights, do on this day, as citizens of the United States, order you, Congress, our servants, to abolish the Transportation Safety Administration.

This agency was conceived out of fear, with the sole purpose of violating our individual civil rights under the guise of ensuring public safety.

72. Seeking the freedom to love a child

Often people are told they are not guaranteed the same rights and opportunities as everyone else because of how they choose to live their lives and the idea of that is inconceivable. In relation to this, same sex couples are shown contempt when they seek to adopt a child just like anyone else.

Same-sex couples should be allowed to legally adopt a child in all 50 states because one’s sexuality is not a determining factor for his/her ability to raise a child.

73. Repeal the Assault Weapons Control Act

The Roberti-Roos Assault Weapons Control Act of 1989 (CA Penal Code 12276) and its subsequent amendments improperly label sporting rifles, pistols and shotguns as "assault weapons", and strip California citizens of their 2nd Amendment Rights.

Many California citizens and Active Duty Military Residents are arrested each year for firearms that are fully compliant with the law, due to the fact that local Law Enforcement Officers are unable to correctly identify what firearms are either compliant or non-compliant. This results in un-needed court processes and bitter relations between firearms owners and Law Enforcement.


Approximately two years ago, the New Jersey Higher Education Student Assistance Authority ("HESAA") began to deny U.S. citizen college students eligibility for Tuition Aid Grants ("TAG Grants") solely on the basis of the students' parents' immigration status.

As a result, hundreds, possibly thousands, of high achieving New Jersey high school graduates, who were accepted to approved New Jersey colleges, universities or proprietary schools, have had their college careers stopped or put on hold. In most cases notification to the student, of the withdrawal of their TAG Grant, occurred only weeks before they were scheduled to move in and/or start classes.

Although a New Jersey Appellate Court ruled this practice illegal this summer, in the case of A.Z. v. HESAA, the Attorney General's Office has indicated that it intends to file an appeal to try to have the ruling reversed by the New Jersey Supreme Court.

75. თბილისის სახელმწიფო უნივერსიტეტის ეროვნული სამეცნიერო ბიბლიოთეკა არ უნდა გაიყიდოს!

2012 წლის იანვარს, ეროვნული სამეცნიერო ბიბლიოთეკა გადაეცა თბილისის ჯავახიშვილის სახელობის სახელმწიფო უნივერსიტეტს, მისი უძრავი ქონება კი ეკონომიკის სამინისტროს ბალანსზეა. ცნობილი გახდა, რომ ეკონომიკის სამინისტრო ბიბლიოთეკის შენობის გაყიდვას აპირებს. საინვესტიციო შეთავაზებაში შენობის სარეკომენდაციო ფუნქციაა სავაჭრო-გასართობი ცენტრი.

ხელისუფლების გადაწყვეტილება გაასხვისოს ბიბლიოთეკის კუთვნილი შენობა აშკარად ეწინააღმდეგება საბიბლიოთეკო საქმის შესახებ კანონის მე-4ე მუხლს.


In January 2012 National Scientific Library, formerly an autonomous organization, was transmitted to Tbilisi State University, while its real property stays on the balance of the ministry of economy.

Recently it became known that the ministry has put the building of the library on the auction with the recommended future function of shopping and entertainment center. Government’s decision to privatize the building of the public library is against the Georgian Law on Librarianship.

76. Restore Civil Rights to Released Felons in Nevada

The 2003 Nevada Legislature voted to automatically restore civil rights to first-time, non violent offenders upon expiration of their sentence or upon their honorable discharge from parole or probation.

Nevada felons typically have to wait 7-15 years before they can petition the court to get their records sealed which if approved would then provide the opportunity for restoration of civil rights.

Civil rights include the right to vote; the right to serve as a juror on a civil trial; in 4 years after discharge, right to run for and hold non-law enforcement and non-judicial elective office; in 6 years after discharge, right to serve as juror in a criminal case.

Once a convicted felon is released from prison they are expected to be integrated back into society and are required to pay taxes and follow the laws of the local community and state. Our judicial system has determined their debt to society has been paid sufficiently so that they are entitled to release from prison. No crime is ever desired in a community and felons can be murderers, predators of children and sometimes thieves who stole property in excess of $2500 or more, but they are granted freedom. Also, remember there are other systems in place such as sex offender registration, restitution, parole, and felon registration to provide oversight and ensure social order and cooperation from these known felons.

Voting was and is a civil rights issue that women and minorities had to fight for in the past. People fought because they knew how important voting was and is to our society. Voting gives people power to have a say in how they will be governed. Votes elect the politicians. Votes approve or cast down proposed legislation.

If the Nevada penal system sees a person fit enough to be the neighbor of you or I, then why shouldn't that person have a right to exercise their voice and opinions in the election processes in those communities or state? Otherwise, if the debt is not paid upon release then why are they released and when is it paid?

A great majority of those deprived from voting as felons are minority men. There has to be a starting point of restoration of dignity and pride in one's self and community. Clearly the prison's fail to rehabilitate because recidivism is extremely high.

There should be no exceptions: Restore civil rights after release from prison or sentence served for all felons in Nevada.

Nevada Revised Statute 213.157 - Restoration of Civil Rights After Sentence Served;Limitations

Nevada Revised Statute 193.130 - Categories and Punishments of Felonies

77. One Person. One Vote.

With the Electoral College, someone who has a very low amount of popular votes can still be elected as President of our country.

No matter how many people may have been in favor of a specific candidate, the Electoral College can still decide whether or not he/she should be elected in the end. Does that sound fair to you?

I believe each individual can have ONE vote, and the popular vote of the many individuals should in the end add up and decide who is to become President.

78. Equal Marriage

This is a petition by the Equality Network in support of our campaign for equal marriage in Scotland.

Please sign this petition if you agree that same-sex marriage and mixed-sex civil partnership should be legalised in Scotland.

This petition calls on the Scottish Parliament to:

1) Change the law to allow same-sex marriage and mixed-sex civil partnership.

2) Protect and extend freedom of religion and belief by allowing, but not requiring, religious and Humanist bodies to conduct same-sex marriages and/or register civil partnerships.

3) End the requirement for married transgender people to divorce before a full Gender Recognition Certificate can be issued.

For more information about the Equality Network campaign please visit:

79. Do You Support The Nelson BC Occupy Camp & Movement?

Occupy Nelson started as a community response to the call for world wide action in solidarity with thousands of Occupy camps around the world to demand the end of global economic injustice.

As corporations record massive profits, more and more of us are in debt, living pay check to paycheck, are unemployed or underemployed, living in shelters or on the street. At the same time governments are gutting social services and refusing to protect the environment. We are in unity with the growing consensus that the top 1% of the world should not control and dominate the remaining 99%! We are all the 99%!

Recently, as there has been pressure to close down the encampments all over Canada, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association has sent out a press release stating that "Freedom of expression, peaceful assembly and association are core democratic rights that are protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Without robust protection for these rights, many other rights become meaningless."

We believe we must allow the movement and the camp to continue in order defend the rights of all Canadians.

80. Freedom of speech for everyone

Πρόσφατα πληροφορηθήκαμε την ακύρωση της διάλεξης του Καθηγητή Σταύρου Ζένιου, «Για μια νέα πολιτική πορεία μετά τα γεγονότα της 11ης Ιουλίου,»που προγραμματιζόταν για τις 7 Νοεμβρίου 2011 στο πλαίσιο των διαλέξεων του Ελεύθερου Πανεπιστημίου με το Δήμο Αμμοχώστου στη Λεμεσό.

Επειδή η ακύρωση αυτή έγινε μετά από μια σειρά επαφών για αλλαγή του θέματος του Κ. Ζένιου, πιστεύουμε ότι η ακύρωση συνδέεται με την άρνηση του Καθηγητή για αλλαγή. Πιστεύουμε επίσης ότι η πίεση και η ακύρωση που ακολούθησε αντιβαίνουν στο συνταγματικό και αναφαίρετο ανθρώπινο δικαίωμα της ελευθερίας της έκφρασης.

81. Support SB 172- Civil Unions in Co

If 86,000 signatures are collected SB 172 will be placed on the ballot for 2012.

SB172 will provide legal benefits, protections, and responsibilities to spouses who have applied for civil unions in Colorado.

Benefits for these couples will include:
-Responsibility for financial support of a party to a civil union
-Rights and abilities concerning transfer of real or personal property to a party in a civil union
-The ability to file a claim based on wrongful death, emotional distress, loss of consortium, or other laws whether common law or statutory, related to or dependent upon spousal status
-The ability to inherit real and personal property from a party in a civil union under the probate code
-Survivor benefits under and inclusion in workers' compensation laws
-The ability to adopt a child of a party to a civil union
-The ability to insure a party to a civil union under group benefit plans for state employees
-Survivor benefits under local government firefighter and police pensions
-Protections and coverage under domestic abuse and domestic violence laws
-Rights and protections under victims' compensation laws and victims and witness protection laws
-Protections and responsibilities relating to emergency and non-emergency medical care and treatment and hospital visitation
-Rights to visit a party in a civil union in a correctional facility, jail, or private contract prison or in a facility receiving mental health treatment
-The ability to file a complaint about the care or treatment of a party in a civil union in a nursing home
-Rights relating to declarations concerning the administration, withholding, or with-drawling of medical treatment, proxy decision-makes and surrogate decision makers, CPR directives, or directives concerning medical orders for scope of treatment forms with respect to a civil union
-Rights concerning the disposition of the last remains of a party to a civil union
-The right to make decision regarding anatomical gifts
-Eligibility for family leave benefits
-Eligibility for public assistance benefits
-A privilege from providing compelled testimony against a party in a civil union and evidentiary privileges for both parties in a civil union
-The right to apply for emergency or involuntary commitment of a party to a civil union
-The right to claim a homestead exemption
-The ability to protect exempt property from attachment, execution, or garnishment
-Dependent coverage under life insurance and health insurance policies


Many children sit in FOSTERCARE unjustly. Family members and family friends are being denied custody of the children, because CPS wont let the children go. CPS makes a profit by keeping children in FOSTERCARE and therefore children are being held against their rights. CPS destroys more children and kills more children every year than the assumed abusive parents do.

Many times false allegations are placed against parents and the children enter into FOSTERCARE HELL. Let`s fight back for our children and make them a #1 priority again. They are our future and if we dont protect them, we are not protecting our futures. Thank you!

83. Stop CPS/OCS corruptition and civil rights violations

The plot thickens against CPS/OCS….. here’s how it works:

A false and unsubstantiated claim or “tip” of sexual assault, child neglect, drug abuse or child abuse is made against you or a family member repeatedly by an off duty “OCS employee” to build a case file on you and your family.

These “false tips” is then followed up several times by an OCS field agent and a state trooper at your door, they come into your home and take your statements & children with the threat of force, “against your will or approval” and inform you that you must give them hair and urine samples within “24 hours” or they will take the children by force of the state troopers, again “against your will and under duress” you concede to these violations against your civil rights, to keep your children!

Once they have these “statements and samples” from you, they “falsify” the documents and samples to get custody of your children in a court of law and are usually successful!

From what I can determine it is all based on money not the children’s welfare, the state OCS agency, foster care, mental, drug and family consolers, are all awarded financially by the system for years to come! Thus the motive for this conspiracy is nothing more than “job security” for all involved.

If you feel you’re a victim of this, please join us @ to make your claim…we can have these cases overturned and you may be awarded financially for the mental duress and financial burdens accrued by these “illegal actions” caused by the office child services (OCS). Lets make them accountable and bring these bad apples to justice once and for all. IT MUST STOP NOW!

Parents Against Corrupt Child Services

Our goal is simple,

1. To stop the corruption, illegal and unjust actions of child services in the state of Alaska.

2. To make all state child service agents accountable for their actions on and off the job.

3. To institute random drug testing of any and all child service agents.

4. To ensure that all cases receive due process according to the Alaska state laws as written.

Email: ak.paccs

84. Medical Cannabis Patient Advocates Demand More Care Not Convictions

Despite President Obama's statement on policy regarding Medical Cannabis, Melinda Haag, the U.S. Attorney for the District of Northern California, refuses to dismiss prosecutions on medical cannabis, failing to adhere to the new found policy, as accurately stated by Shona Gochenaur, Executive Director of Axis of Love SF, "The president of our country made it clear to voters that he would not waste Federal resources on medical cannabis prosecution, all we are asking for is for this policy direction to be implemented and not to waste tax payers' resources!!"

85. Medical Cannabis Patient Advocates Demand Care Not Convictions

Despite President Obama's statement on policy regarding Medical Cannabis, Melinda Haag, the U.S. Attorney for the District of Northern California, refuses to dismiss prosecutions on medical cannabis, failing to adhere to the new found policy, as accurately stated by Shona Gochenaur, Executive Director of Axis of Love SF, "The president of our country made it clear to voters that he would not waste Federal resources on medical cannabis prosecution, all we are asking for is for this policy direction to be implemented and not to waste tax payers' resources!!"

86. Overhaul the National Sex Offender Registry Immediately!

Since becoming law in 2004, Canada's National Sex Offender Registry has not assisted in ONE criminal case.

Registration isn't even mandatory. If a convicted sex offender is ordered onto the registry, the RCMP have no way to keep track of them. In Canada, our registry relies on the honour system, dependent on the goodwill of our convicted sex offenders.

Computer system is archaic - RCMP has needed to create separate hard copy systems, a Rolodex or an Excel spreadsheet.

There can be NO pro-active use, use is only for after a crime has occurred.

Annual budget for a National Sex Offender Registry to keep convicted pedophiles and predators away from our children is $400,000 (My Alberta Premier's salary is $208,000)

Correctional Services of Canada refuses to inform the RCMP of when convicted sex offender have finished their sentence.

Police Officers cannot access the system.

The Federal Government is obsessed with the privacy rights of our convicted sex offenders at the expense of the privacy rights of our children's bodies & souls.

Prosecutors are using the Registry as a negotiation chip during plea bargains. In other words: plead guilty, and even though you're a convicted sex offender, you won't have to register.

In Canada, we Pardon our convicted sex offenders.
When this is done, all information from the registry is destroyed.
Convicted sex offenders should never be allowed to be pardoned. After years of research and debate, it is clear that there is no cure for pedophilia.

87. PA Equality

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

88. Suport a New National Constititutional in Tanzania

The time has come for Tanzanians to demand a new National Constitutional that will be able to accommodate the current demands. The available constitutional is definitely outdated that can not fit into the prevailing socio-economic changes in the country.

We all know that a constitution is the set of laws that a set of people have made and agreed upon for the government that enumerates and limits the powers and functions of a political body. The constitutional is simply regulations and orders. To enhance the democracy and justice to the civil society the new and fresh constitution which can accommodate the current society’s needs is inevitable.

Many things have changed in comparison when it was single party system almost thirty years ago. During Multiparty systems a lot of dynamics have come out that uncontrolled continue pushing the demand of the new constitution. The current Tanzanian National Constitution does not give chance people to practice the real democracy, transparency, accountability, responsiveness and good governance.

89. Stop the TSA from sexually assaulting people

I do not agree with the TSA. I do want to be safe but i think touching private areas should be off-limits. Most people are taught when they are children that if someone touches you in bad places to tell an adult immediately. But with the TSA no one will listen.

Please, join me in stopping the TSA

90. Ask President Obama to Intervene in Haiti Now!

The human rights of Haitians are being violated by the United Nations peacekeeping forces in Haiti. Peacekeepers are raping and murdering Haitian citizens, and denying them access to the political processes of their own country.

The United States and President Obama should intervene in Haiti now to restore order and to make certain that Haitians are entitled to their full human rights as dictated by the UN Declaration of Human Rights.