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31. Montrose Sidewalks Coalition

The time has come for the City of Houston to provide a plan to the public to address the state of Montrose sidewalks and ensure safety and access for all.

32. Law enforcement officers should wear uniform-mounted surveillance cameras

It has recently been proven that officers, who were required to wear personal surveillance cameras while on duty, used less force and received a substantially reduced number of complaints from civilians.

It is widely known that people, who know they are being watched, tend to behave in a more responsible way.

From 2009-2010, an estimated 5,986 police misconduct claims were reported; 382 of these being homicidal violence reports. Meaning that there were 382 murders reported, from 2009-2010, that were the direct result of the unnecessary police misconduct and excessive force. In just this one year alone, the government spent $347,455,000 in related settlements and judgments.

As of 2012, it was reported that The U.S. federal government now spends over $50 billion on law enforcement each year. It is easily calculable to discover, that with the money the government spends on settlements and judgment processes alone, over 1.5 Million of these personal cameras could be purchased and put to good use by law enforcement agencies. Also as of 2012, the US employed an estimated 780,000 officers; meaning that there could easily be surveillance of any and all police disputes and situations.

The money spent by the government, that is now being used to investigate and settle these claims, would then be substantially reduced as a result of the use of these body-worn cameras.

Of these 5,986 police misconduct claims, only 33% of officers ever faced any trial or conviction process at all. With the average length of time spent in prison being only 14 months for officers. In the United States, the average prison sentence for a civilian who commits any violent crime is 66 months; not including those who are sentenced to life in prison or the death penalty.

Police badges should NOT grant officers any extra rights or excuses from these penalties. The police are NOT the law. They enforce the law, but they as officers and US citizens, must also be required to abide by these same laws and punishments. These videos would provide evidence, not only against out-of-control officers, but also against criminals who are wounded or killed while being pursued by these officers; Leading to quicker and less costly investigations, and of course more accurate evidence of the events that really occurred.

33. California State Armory Petition (State Amendment)

Recognizing the rights of the great State of California as a member of the United States Constitution, this State Amendment is petitioning the creation of jurisdictional armories where citizens may lease armaments from the California Department of Fish & Game and/or the California Department of Justice.

34. Bring the film "Cesar Chavez"(2014) to South Georgia

This film is immensely important to our area. As you probably already know South Georgia is, for the most part, made up of rural/farming communities. The food that goes on our plates is harvested by men and women that do back breaking work every day.

Cesar Chavez was an American farm worker, labor leader and civil rights activist, who, with Dolores Huerta, co-founded the National Farm Workers Association. He fought for the rights of people of all colors and ethnic backgrounds. He worked in the fields and experienced first hand the injustices that occurred in the fifties on farms. He also led boycotts to protest the use of toxic pesticides on grapes.

People in our area will benefit greatly by finally being able to see his story on the big screen and will be able to appreciate the struggles and endeavors that bring us the food we eat everyday.

35. Legalize Marijuana in Georgia

Whereas marijuana is a plant, created by God and owned by no one; and whereas the state of Georgia, at the urging of the United States federal government, has waged war on peaceful citizens for no reason other than because they consume a plant that was created by God (and owned by no one):

We call upon the State Representatives, Senate and the Governor of the State of Georgia to legalize the production and possession of marijuana by all adult citizens of this great state.

36. AMC Theaters: Stop Running Ads from Anti-Gay Groups at Movies

AMC theater at Valley View Mall in Dallas Texas has repeatedly run right-wing and anti-gay promotions before movie showings. Of course they have every legal right to do so. They have run ads for Glenn Beck as well as "Focus on the Family," an evangelical Christian group devoted to denying gay people the same rights as others.

Focus on the Family was founded by Rev. James Dobson, one of the original instigators of the now-unconstitutional "Defense of Marriage Act." Rev. Dobson also founded FOF's sister organization, for lobbying purposes, "Family Research Council," which until 1992 was a division of FOF, and which is listed as a "hate group" by the Southern Poverty Law Center for its explicitly anti-gay agenda. Although AMC is free to promote any kind of film or viewpoint they like, many in their audience are very likely offended and insulted by those ads.

People go to the movies to be entertained, not to be insulted or confronted by organized bigotry.

We are simply asking them, from a business perspective, to cease running ads from any organization remotely affiliated with any known Hate Groups.

37. Izjednačimo prava svih građana BiH - primijenimo Odluku Sejdić/Finci

Građani u BiH nemaju jednaka prava ako ne pripadaju Bošnjacima, Srbima i Hrvatima i to na specifičnim teritorijama u BiH.

38. Stop Hypocrisy: Stop David Cameron Representing UK at Nelson Mandela's Funeral

Over the next few days you will see David Cameron and the Tories shedding crocodile tears and telling the world what a great statesman Nelson Mandela was.

The truth is that the Tory party thought Mandela was just another grubby little peasant upstart for daring to take on his countries white ruling elite and some even publicly called for him to be hung or shot and would mock him at their Bullingdon club booze ups and young conservative parties and the FCS of which John Bercow was the then chair person and who is now the worst ''speaker of the house'' this country has ever had, and who constantly meddles in the freedom of information act to cover up Tory fraud on their expense claims and other misdemeanors.

They only changed their stance when it was clear that world opinion was now firmly on Mandela's side and that apartheid would eventually collapse, and that Mandela would become a world icon for freedom and human rights, and so they jumped on to the winning side's band wagon.

The aim of this petition is to show a mark of respect for a man who fought tirelessly against oppression . The People of the UK will not be represented by A Hypocrite.

39. Decriminalise Sex Work in Western Australia

Sex workers in Western Australia currently work under a range of criminal laws that do not apply to any other industry, currently contained in both the Criminal Code Compilation Act 1913 and the Prostitution Act 2000.

These laws compromise the health, safety and human rights of Western Australian sex workers. It is time for the full decriminalisation of sex work in Western Australia.

40. Big multinational companies should help countries cope with natural disasters, famine and disease

Big corporations have millions in income annually. In a Fortune magazine article, "Fortune 500"; shows the 500 highest-revenue companies worldwide

Only the top ten:

Rank, Company Name, Revenues ($b), Profits ($mm)
1 Wal-Mart Stores 469.2 16,999
2 Exxon Mobil 449.9 44,880
3 Chevron 233.9 26,179
4 Phillips 66 169.6 4,124
5 Berkshire Hathaway 162.5 14,824
6 Apple 156.5 41,733
7 General Motors 152.3 6,188
8 General Electric 146.9 13,641
9 Valero Energy 138.3 2,083
10 Ford Motor 134.3 5,665

Full article:

If the big corporations help with, for example, 0.5% of their earnings. if you only have the top 10 companies would be 11 billion dollars. With that amount of money could bring food and supplies to the Philippines by Typhoon Haiyan.

Also, if every year donate that amount could fight hunger and disease in places like Africa, parts of Asia and Latin America.


This is petition is set up by an action group 'BLOT' which wants to clean up Broughton Street in Edinburgh and make it safe for all to enjoy.

We urge you to join us so you can happily come here without having to trail through piles of rubbish. It is a lovely street winding down a hill from the East End of Princes Street in Edinburgh which has fallen into a terrible state of disrepair which is sad. As a World Heritage site it belongs to us all. Lets look after it!

42. Disband all protected-class caucuses in government

American Patriots Unite says it best, “the black caucus is a violation of civil rights, and an unfair and racist group with special powers other elected congressional members do not have, by definition granting special treatment upon one group over another based solely upon the race of that group.”

I believe that statement applies to all ‘protected-class’ caucuses in government. They need to be done away with in the name of racial equality.

Why do we allow such pure racism to exist in a government that pretends to abhor it?

Please sign this petition to end protected-class caucuses in our government.

43. Stop the Civil Rights Trial of George Zimmerman

Please review these facts below, and if you agree please join to STOP the Federal Civil Rights (and/or Wrongful Death) Investigation/Trial of George Zimmerman.

1.The only racist term said during the events leading up to the confrontation was said by Trayvon Martin.

2. Verbal confrontation is not grounds to commit brutal, physical assault. Trayvon Martin attacked George Zimmerman.

3 Being a victim of brutal physical assault IS grounds to use lethal means to defend yourself, in some states.

4. Trayvon Martin had a cell phone. He decided to call his friend instead of police/parents.

5. NBC edited the 911 call of Zimmerman to make it sound racist.

6. George Zimmerman had just as much right to watch and be in HIS community as Trayvon Martin.

7. Would you fear for your life while having your head bashed into a sidewalk? Or should you just go unconscious and then hope your attacker decides to stop?

8. George ZImmerman isn't the smartest man. He should have stayed in his car or went home. Being dumb is not against the law or grounds to have your head smashed into a sidewalk.

9. Political leaders, including the President of the United States, Barack Obama, made the case about race by speaking out about it before the facts even came out.

10. The FBI has already investigated the situation AND George Zimmerman himself, and found no evidence of racism.

11. Political pressure was the sole reason that this case even went to trial.

12. Pictures not allowed in the trial from Trayvon Martin's phone show his gun, pictures of him smoking marijuana and a pile of jewelry, even though he was unemployed.

44. Trayvon's Law to stop the Stand Your Ground law

Please sign our petition against the Wrong Law, Stand Your Ground, a highly controversial law that since 2005 has left a string of deaths Like Trayvon Martin throughout Florida and other States.

With the invocation of “stand your ground” a way to shield one of immunity from prosecution. When a teenager can be shot dead from walking home with a bag of Skittles and bottle of Tea it’s time to change the LAW.

45. Support George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman having been tried in a valid court of law has been found innocent of all charges levied against him by a duly sworn jury of his peers.

Now certain people want to further prosecute him for charges pertaining to the violation of Trayvon Martin's civil rights and are asking the Department of Justice to step in and file charges.

We believe, based upon the evidence presented, that there was no violation of civil rights and therefore Mr. Zimmerman should not be subject to a bogus charge to appease unsatisfied citizens.

46. Open a Civil Rights Case Against George Zimmerman

The Death of Trayvon Benjamin Martin, 17y/o whoms life was taken February 26, 2012 in Sanford, FL. On July 13, 2013 George Zimmerman verdict was NOT GUILTY according to the 6 Jurors.

47. Allow Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer to Speak in UK

Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer reach millions of freedom-loving people across the globe. Pamela Geller has rescued girls from certain death and paid homage to those who perished in the desire to be free from slavery. Robert Spencer is a world-renowned authority whose family suffered in the Middle East where he originates from.

While Islamic hate preachers come to the UK to preach wife-beating and anti-semitism in mosques, we in the UK are entitled to know what threats these people and their followers are to our country.

Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer only speak the truth, and for that there is nothing to fear.

48. Ban all Pornograpy, Period. (ESPECIALLY in Israel)!


If you knew about how your neighbors were being kidnapped, one by one systematically.... what would you do? Who says that being Spiritually kidnapped is a lighter offense?!

An overwhelming majority of the Men Woman (and even the children!) of this generation have either gotten sucked into, or Spiritually/psychologically harmed by the sickening pornographic content that circulates all over the world with impunity while enslaving millions of people, each year, to disgusting cravings. Which have destroyed careers, lives, families, and entire societies (this can be easily verified looking at history). Biblical Sources call upon us to fulfill an obligation to Humanity; One that is undeniable and which we can fulfill, today. When the Future Health/Strength/Blessing of our People and (therefore) the Future of all Nations is now at stake - we are OBLIGATED to act....BY ANY AND ALL MEANS NECESSARY

Maimonides writes: "The redeeming of captives takes precedence over supporting the poor or clothing them. There is no greater Commandment than redeeming captives for the problems of the captive include being hungry, thirsty, unclothed, and they are in danger of their lives too! {This obviously applies Spiritually as well} Ignoring the need to redeem captives goes against these Torah Laws: "Do not harden your heart or shut your hand against your needy fellow" (Devarim 15:7); "Do not stand idly by while your Neighbors Blood is shed {This obviously applies in the literal sense regarding this case} (Vayikra 19:16). And misses out on the following Commandments: "You must surely open your hand to him or her" (Devarim 15:8); "....Love your Neighbor as yourself" (Vayikra 19:18); "Rescue those who are drawn to death" (Proverbs 24:11) and there is no Commandment greater than the redeeming of captives." (Maimonides, Mishneh Torah, Hilchot Matanot Aniyim 8:10-11)

For further information, please read:

- s.s.s.

49. Where the Green Bud Grows: Tommy Chong for Nobel Peace Prize

For 40 years Cheech and Chong have entertained the world with their comedy regarding Marijuana. From what started out by a controlling governments around the world claiming that a naturally grown plant they claimed led to hard drugs has now been downgraded and then upgraded as a medicinal plant which studies from the 1800's have proven that it has usage for Depression, Sleep Disorders, Asthma, Gluacoma, and today Cancer.

50. Global anti corruption campaign

Occupy-Science and Occupy love groups with New World Organizations including New Arab Organizations request open documentation for future war crimes from corporations such as Monasato and the National army.

It is evident that Europeans history of gas chambers and genocide existed. History repeats itself.

SEE journal, Indictments, and events by Global Activity Generations - GAG=MUT

51. Let IL be the 13th state to legalise Gay Marriage

Gay Marriage is just like any other marriage, except it is between a man and man or woman and woman!


52. Change The Salvation Army's Positional Statement on homosexuality

This is a petition whose signatories are to be only those who:

(a) are official members of The Salvation Army; and

(b) believe the organisation's position statement on homosexuality should change.

All signatories are to state their name and their ranking within The Salvation Army (eg. "Adherent", "Soldier", "General", "Major", etc.).

The petition calls for The Salvation Army to change its official position statement on homosexuality, to not proscribe homosexuality or bisexuality, and to allow for same-sex relationships, including same-sex marriage.

A link to The Salvation Army's position statement on homosexuality is here:

53. Pass The New York State Dream Act

In the 2013 New York State Legislative session, New York State Assemblyman Francisco Moya, representing District #39 (Corona, Jackson Heights and Elmhurst) introduced bill A2597, entitled "The New York State Dream Act".

This bill would allow undocumented students who were brought to the United States as very young children to be eligible to receive Financial Aid for a College Education within New York State.

The Bill increased Financial Aid by 25 million dollars, in support of this initiative. The Bill is supported by Speaker of the Assembly Sheldon Silver. A similar bill was introduced in the New York State Senate bill #S2378, but is being blocked by the Republicans Led by Senator Dean Skelos. Senator Skelos does not want the bill to reach the floor because he is afraid to put the State Senators on the record to either support or object to the Bill. Senator Skelos, does not want to loose power in the Senate. Senator Skelos is putting Politics above People.

We need to contact Senator Dean Skelos and tell him to support The Dream Act.

54. Citizen Initiated Referenda

Senator John Madigan, DLP Ballarat, will submit a motion to the Senate in early February to amend Section 128 of our Constitution to give all voters the right to INITIATE referendums.

55. Pledge to Exercise Jury Nullification for Marijuana Arrests

The war on cannabis began in the United States in the early 1900's and has proven to be a failed policy that has shown no progress and has only resulted in the arrests of millions of U.S. citizens and labeled them as "criminals" causing lifelong social consequences, thus exacerbating a problem that belongs in the category of public health and not law enforcement.

Medical marijuana is now legal in 18 states and Washington D.C. and marijuana has been fully legalized in 2 more states. Legalization is overwhelmingly supported by people under the age of 40 who have seen firsthand accounts of the social consequences that result from the arrests of so many people because they use a relatively harmless substance when compared to other potentially harmful substances such as fast food, sodas, alcohol, hard drugs etc.

Congress has continually shown no interest in addressing this issue due to the fact that re-election is more important these days than addressing the real problems that our country faces and they are simply too afraid of being seen as "soft" on drugs even though the public is increasingly sick and tired of wasting resources on this losing battle.

The most common sense way that we, the people, can solve this issue is to use our constitutional right of jury nullification when we are called on to serve in a jury related to potential marijuana convictions.

56. Support a Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance

The Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States reads as follows, "A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." Along with Article 1, Section 23 of the Missouri Constitution which states, "That the right of every citizen to keep and bear arms in defense of his home, person and property, or when lawfully summoned in aid of the civil power, shall not be questioned; but this shall not justify the wearing of concealed weapons."

57. Support the lowering of restrictions on firearms in Australia while increasing background checks

Currently, there is a global focus on gun culture and its impact/relevance within our society.

This is especially true in America where politicians are trying to remove guns entirely from civilian possession (much like here in Australia) causing many civil rights movements to declare this as an attack on their 2nd Amendment Rights.

For the less informed, The Second Amendment protects an individual's right to possess a firearm, unconnected to service in a militia and to use that arm for traditionally lawful purposes such as self-defense within the home.

While Australia has no Bill of Rights or anything closely resembling the Second Amendment, that should not discount Australians as having no rights to personal protection.

An article in the Brisbane Times, dated October 24 2012, indicated that "The overall crime rate in Queensland increased by 6 per cent in the last financial year - the first significant rise in at least a decade." and that "The rate of armed robberies across the state jumped 12 per cent".

While crime had initially decreased it is evident that crime is indeed increasing again and that the expansion to law enforcement numbers is not working. In addition to this, response times for police assistance on urgent matters on average can total almost an hour on some occasions.

This cannot be deemed acceptable and we need to recognize that police cannot always make immediate response calls and therefore the public need to be able to safely equip themselves with suitable defense.

It is often argued that more guns are not the answer and to that I answer that neither is taking them away.

One way or another, ill-minded people manage to obtain weapons (whether it be guns, knifes, bottles, etc) and harm others. If you disarm a nation you leave the citizens totally unprepared and at the mercy of police response times.

What's worse, is that with weapons being nationally banned, any weapons obtained underground are harder to track back to an owner. Lengthening the investigation process by law enforcement. Why make police jobs harder than they already are?

History has also shown that government corruption can and has occurred before threatening the lives of many civilians. We cannot ignore history and we need to accept, despite how good things might be now, that the future can take a turn for the worse.

What I propose is that we loosen our ban on weapons and focus on performing background checks on those applying for licences in addition to giving psychological treatment to those ill-minded people.

We, as a nation, need to recognize that we are all entitled to safety and protection and we should not be judged as guilty before proven innocent.

58. Allow just 1 round at all times

Murderers have access to guns, and use them in public. Right now we have the right to self protection in our homes.

We would like to give everyone the right to public protection as well, even with just 1 round in a gun, able to be carried at all times, by anyone without a criminal history.

Any man can kill tens of people, but just 1 round can stop him.

59. تغيير قانون الجنسيه اللبناني Changing the Lebanese Nationality Law

The decree nº 15 of the Lebanese nationality law, issued on January 19th 1925, states that only Lebanese men are allowed to extend their nationality to their wives and children.

المرسوم رقم 15 من القانون اللبناني الصادر في 19 ينايرمن عام 1925 ينص على التالي يعدّ لبنانياً كل شخص مولود من أب لبناني


In 2012, billions of dollars were donated by We the People of the United States of America to our politicians who sought election to administer our government. But how much was spent on candidates who would actually work for our best interest and institute change?

This is a NON-POLITICAL campaign to demand that the US Congress makes the change required to rebuild America. Our elected officials are not leaders, but puppets working for their puppet master, the Federal Reserve System. A system created whereby a non-governmental, third party comprised of individuals who are not all US citizens, let alone residents, administer and control the US currency. These independent controllers of our currency were given this right by an Act of Congress 99-years ago; an Act which has been amended, modified or altered over 200 times since its inception. Who knows what powers this Act in its current state gives the Fed; the amendments are impossible to follow so one cannot get a clear and concise understanding as to what the Fed is authorized to do for We the People.

The naked and simple truth is the following: The national debt that starts with this Federal Reserve interest is what causes the shortages that make us as a nation need to constantly go over budget in order to do our governmental duties and responsibilities. Keeping ourselves as a nation tied to the Federal Reserve creates debt each and every day it exists without us doing anything.

The Federal Reserve System is a cancer that has poisoned our ability to be the America we all dream of. We were not created to sit, work and live to pay off interest to the Federal Reserve. And yet, we have now bound our children and our children’s children to paying off this interest?

We need to understand that these non-elected, third party Banksters are the controllers of our nation and therefore have become the real puppet masters of our elected officials. Again, these puppet masters are the third party banking members that comprise our current Federal Reserve System, which is an independent banking cartel.

Those bankers who control our currency are the same people who got America into this current mess called the Fiscal Cliff. In fact, they are the current team of bankers who, using the rules of their banking order, created all the recessions and depressions since 1913. And while We the People suffer, this elite group personally profits on all the ups and downs.

An Act of Congress in 1913 created this cartel called the Fed and an Act of Congress today can end it. It’s that simple. The Fed does nothing but take. It contributes nothing to our world except to divide us into two classes, the real 99% and the 1%, where we the 99% live in fear. We allow this game to go on and on. Our Congress is now talking about austerity and how to fix the Fiscal Cliff that actually the Federal Reserve System created. But our leaders’ remedies do not discuss, let alone propose, to remove the cause, the Federal Reserve. We now need to ask - Why is the Fed above us? Why are they untouchable?

Forty-nine years ago in 1963 American President JFK, in his efforts to rebuild our country, was ready to remove the Fed from controlling our currency. This was Kennedy's effort and vision for fighting the War on Poverty. His administration was issuing US Treasury notes interest free to finance the rebuilding of America.

People, understand, the currency in your pocket is a Federal Reserve note which you are entitled to turn into a US Treasury note of equal value if you ask the Treasury to give you one. So in the simplest form, why do we need the Federal Reserve note which has interest attached when we could have a US Treasury note interest free distributed by a US owned and controlled Central Bank?

It is that simple. The Fed is doing the job that the US Constitution says that the US Treasury was created and empowered to perform – to print the paper currency, manufacture the coins and distribute this currency to the public. So we need to ask ourselves, why do we need this independent, third party system called the Federal Reserve to continue to exist.

JFK was actually able to get $2 and $5 US Treasury bills into circulation before he was assassinated. But for his untimely death, the other denominations would have been put into circulation. The War on Poverty would have been financed by this US Treasury interest free currency. We would be living in a different world today if JFK’s campaign against poverty would have been allowed to run its course.

Today, the voting citizens of the United States are polarized more than any time in our nation’s history since our Civil War. We have Republicans and Democrats as well as Independents fighting over how to pay for governmental services. These services can only be paid for with the net monies after the interest debt is first paid to the Federal Reserve. This interest debt is paid each and every year plus all other costs and expenses the Federal Reserve members say they incur. They then give the government what is left over to run the country.

Now our public services, aspects of life that we ALL need to survive as a community are being reduced to nothing while the Federal Reserve collects the income tax first. We do not even question this entire procedure before this interest bill is paid. This Federal Reserve interest for some reason has never become a focal point within our Congress to solve the problem. Instead, the debt is the main focus of our elected officials, and we say it’s time to focus on the real problem, those who caused the Fiscal Cliff and the exponentially mounting debt.

We, the undersigned, choose to unite as Americans, regardless of our political affiliation, and understand we must own and control our currency as one nation in order to be truly free.

We must change the United States' banking system NOW.