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61. Petition for Redress of Grievance: Fresno County

June 8, 2006

Fresno County's misuse of power and lack of concern for Fresno County citizens pertaining to the current Solid Waste Program.

The solid waste program circumvents the American free enterprise system; it guarantees a profit to garbage haulers for 22 years; it allows haulers to pass the cost of loss of customers onto the remaining customers; penalizes law abiding citizens and mandates restrictive requirements for those who choose not to participate.

62. Legalize Safe and Sane Fireworks In Massachusetts

June 2, 2006

Legalize all Safe and Sane Fireworks in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

63. Bring Ethanol to Louisiana

May 1, 2006

This petition is calling for an effort to bring the alternative fuel E85 ethanol to the state of Louisiana, as there is not one at the present time.

There is currently an alternative fuel availible in this country called E85 ethanol. It is made from corn, a quite renewable resource, and has been proven better for the environment than the fuels that we presently use.

E85 ethanol helps to reduce green house gas and smog-forming emissions and our dependence on petroleum.

E85 also has a positive effect on your vehicle, improving its performance by having a higher octane rating than gasoline. This allows greater horsepower and torque.

Perhaps the most beneficial reason for E85 is the fact that it will support the domestic agriculture industry of the United States because of the availibility of the product of corn and other grains in our own country.

The State of Louisiana presently has NO locations for the purchase of E85 ethanol. We can all make a difference by showing a sincere effort for this cause.

This petition is to show that the citizens of Louisiana care about the energy industry and would appreciate the availibility of E85 in our state.

64. Deport Me Instead

April 16, 2006

Legal U.S. citizens in support of undocumented workers.

65. Stop NJ Tax Hikes

March 26, 2006

Governor Corzine has proposed a $30.9 billion state budget that will impose higher taxes and fees on anyone who smokes, drinks alcohol, uses water, drives a car and purchases any merchandise subject to the state sales tax.

Stop NJ Tax Hikes is a statewide coalition of concerned citizens who are fighting to defeat Governor Corzine's budget proposal.

Join the debate and help us defeat these burdensome tax hikes.

Sign the petition today!

66. Petition for clean air: Laredo District 3

March 25, 2006

On or about the year 2004, The City of Laredo purchased certain property located within the confines of the City of Laredo District 3.

Specifically, the property, purchased from the Slaughter family, and commonly referred to as the "Slaughter Farm or Ranch" takes up a number of acres bordering Chacon Street to the North and Stone Street to its East.(may also include other streets)

During the negotiations of the City's purchase of the land, the Citizens of District 3 understood that the property would serve as a recreation area, including park and sports facilites.

However, since the City has taken control of this land, they have stripped the land of all grass, shrubs and other protectants from the southeast winds coming into District 3. As a result, the citizens of District 3 have faced a nuisance that is directly affecting their neighborhood living. For instance, the Citizens of District 3 have:

-constant dust and dirt being blown and penetrated into their homes, automobiles and other personal belongings;

-been unable to enjoy numerous outdoor activities as they did in the past; and more importantly,

-been forced to breath the dust and dirt that may contain contaminated and hazardous particles, including pesticides and fertilizers from the many years the land was farmed.

The air being breathed by the Citizens of District 3 is not clean and they demand that remedial measures be taken immediately.

67. E-democracy Australia, Online Petitioning

March 20, 2006

Scrutiny of Acts and Regulations Committee Victorian Electronic Democracy, Final Report, May 2005.

Chairpersons' Foreward

The challenge and the opportunity provided by electronic democracy are providing the means by which the citizens can more fully participate in the decisions which affect their lives.

The key issue when evaluating the role of digital technologies for Democracy is how much Governments and Civil Society can learn to use the opportunities provided by the new channels of information and communication to promote and strengthen the core representative institutions connecting citizens and the state.

I believe that the subcommittee's recommendations, if adopted, will make significant improvement to the Democratic process in Victoria, enhancing the opportunities for the civic participation from the Victorian community and improving the policy making processes of the Government and the Parliament.


Recommendation 80. The parliament of Victoria should introduce an online petitions facility (on a trial basis), subject to ongoing evaluationas to the benefits offered to Victorians.

The Victorian online petition system should include a moderated discussion facility, similiar to that provided by the Scottish Parliament.

Recommendation 81. The Parliamentary Template for paper petitions should be amended to allow for optional collection of email addresses or other electronic means of communication, in order to allow the petitioner to receive information about the status and tabling of their petition from the parliament.

Queensland already accepts online petitions as legally presented petitions, therefore we humbly request that the rest of the Australian legislative assemblies and the federal parliment make electronic petitioning legal.

68. Basketball arena named after James Tanksley

February 15, 2006

After Many Years of Service and Dedication of James Tanksley and due to his unlikely death we the citizens of this great City and County are aking that a Basketball Arena be named in his Honor at our County Community Recreation Center located in Sylvania, Georgia.

We the citizens of Georgia and supporters elsewhere support this request.

69. Justice for Lopez Family!

January 16, 2006

We often hear stories in the media, of horrific acts that others have committed once they have reached our land. We question why or how they were able to get through the stringent and strict procedures of our Country's Immigration Office.

We now have in our midst a decent and loving family of 4, who's desire is to stay in Canada and to join the group of our most productive citizens and friendliest of neighbors.

Victor Lopez Hernandez and his wife, Kaly Rosa Maria Lopez Lugo, along with their 2 very young sons, are doing whatever possible (within the boundaries of our laws) to stay in Canada.

Immigration has declined their application. Please help us to help them in their fight to stay here in this land of freedom.

Victor Lopez is from Mexico and his wife is from Venezula.

They entered this Canada on refugee status. Immigration may not even allow them to stay together as a family! They will be deported into their own countries/ place of birth. What kind of a Country do we live in where people (who sit on an immigration board), not only deports such a great family, but splits them apart?!

Victor has a very good and decent job and takes pride in providing for his family through hard work. He works in the construction industry as a skilled labourer. There is a shortage of skilled labourers in this Country. They are NOT asking for a free ride...just a beautiful country to live in, where they can exercise freedom and live in peace and harmony with all other citizens.

Please sign our petition to the Immigration board members looking at their case. We are asking them to reconsider their decision!

70. Break continuity of the Polish State with PPR

The Republic of Poland was being under German and Soviet occupation since 1939 untill the first free election in 1994.

This petition is to uniquely condemn the legal statue of communist state under Soviet occupation the Peoples Polish Republic by the statutory decision.

71. Oppose HB 3773, The Mother Of All Anti-Life Bills

HB 3773, The Mother Of All Anti-Life Bills: PLEASE OPPOSE IT!

Dear healthcare workers, citizens of the Philippines, and concerned friends around the world,

As medical workers and/or people who care about our country (the Philippines), we encourage you to help us in the fight against a frightening population control bill that has been proposed in our Congress: House Bill 3773, "The Responsible Parenthood and Population Management Act of 2005".

The time is short, since there will be a vote for the bill very soon, and the stakes are high. Many people are outraged by this proposition, and by educating as many citizens as possible about the dangers and exposing the deceit, we might have a chance to defeat it. If you agree that the situation is dire, you are strongly encouraged to examine the following petition AGAINST HB 3773. Then, please sign your name and forward it to as many people as possible.

The petition and list of names will be sent to our Filipino Congressmen on behalf of healthcare workers, concerned citizens, and ALL people of faith -- Catholics, other Christians, and Muslims alike. The congressmen have been bombarded with misinformation, and many of them are being led astray. Help them to realize the dangers that the bill poses to the life, health, and soul of our people, particularly Catholics and healthcare professionals. Help them to see that the world is watching and that knowledgeable, highly-respected Christians both here and abroad are deeply troubled by this development. And most importantly, please keep praying that we can defeat this insidious bill.

For more information about the bill, please see the following resource:

Also, see how our friends in the USA are joining their voices for this cause:

Thank you for reading, and God bless you!

72. Make Trade Fair: Our Human Rights Can't be traded

The time remaining befre the WTO ministerial affords the people at the grassroots level to have a say on the issues affecting their human rights and their livelihood.

The fifth World Trade Organization's Hong Kong Ministerial will take place in December 2005, where vital TRADE issues/agreements will be decided. The time prior the ministerial affords us the opportunity as the citizens to influence our WTO ministerial not to sign for issues that affects our human rights and that exacerbate the level of poverty in our country and other developing nations.

The WTO has implemented agreements that have had a negative impact on people's human rights as enshrined in the Universal Declaration on Human Rights and other Human Rights instrument such as the International Covenant on Economic, Social and cultural rights e.g. The Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) that allows the multinational companies the right to patent access to live saving drugs like ARVs (aids DRUGS) for people living with HIV/AIDS, this agreement violates the people's right to health, the Agreement on Agriculture that benefit the developed countries yet violating people in developing countries the right to food and adequate standard of living by allowing the developed nations (e.g. The US and EU) to continue subsidizing their exports flooding the domestic markets of developing nations such as South Africa and therefore resulting in job loses and poverty.

Another agreement that has had a negative effect on the livelihood of the people is the General Agreements of Trade on Service, privatizing essential human needs such as health, water, education and technology thereby increasing the level of poverty and inaccessibility to essential services.

Sign this petition and mandate of government not to sign for any agreement that will negatively affect our human rights as the citizens of the developing nation.

On the upcoming Hong Kong Ministerial the delegation will sign for the new agreement that was put forward by developed nations called the JULY FRAMEWORK, that will give more power to emerged economies to continue to bully the developing nations and to increase subsidies of imported goods in South Africa and thereby causing more job loses and poverty, making our farmers uncompetitive as a result of cheap imported goods that are less than our domestic cost of production.


73. Take Racism off The Radio

Star and Timothy Joseph, self proclaimed, Original Haters of the Star and Buc Wild radio show, which is broadcast on multiple stations nationally, has downgraded radio talk since their arrival in early 2000.

Their attempts to capitalize on degrading, racial commentary are not acceptable or entertaining. Our citizens are not niggers, crackers or wetbacks and we should not have to tolerate being classified as niggahs, bitches, hoes, or poor white trash.

The lots of us are diverse, upstanding, intelligent, respectful citizens who are trying to cultivate, unify and elevate our nation as a whole. At 6:00 am when our young scholars are heading to school, Star and Buc Wild are polluting the air waves in an attempt to signify that it is ok to classify people in racial stereotypes and degrade women of all backgrounds.

The message needs to be sent out that no matter what your ethnic background is racism is not acceptable.

74. Combat Veterans Tuition Waiver

Young Men and Women are sent to war protecting the "American Values" Their hope is to return home and reintergrate and pick up where they left off. Soon these young enlisted men and women find themself fighting another personal battle; how to intergrate and how to complete their Education.

This petition request that the State Of Florida takes care of these veterans before they become homeless.




Name Comments
219 Curt I get disability and it took over a year to get then medicaid wouldnt cover the hospital bills more than 90 days back leaving me screwed drowning in medical bills.
218 Adrienne Smith It is hard enough to get disability and has taken me two yrs to get before a judge. Now you want to change everything that people on disabiity need. We are still people. Most of us have worked very hard in our lives, and no one asked to get sick or disabled in anyway. Some day I would hope to re-marry, however, it seems that you are forcing people to live together instead of the instiution of marriage which is sacred. We can not lose money because we want to marry and live some kind of life. Please do no go through with any kind of "taking away from the disabled people of the United States". Our goverment seems more concerned with giving money to people in other countries than taking care of the born and raised US citizians.
Adrienne Smith
217 Wendy Gantos I am a disabled attorney and cannot practice due to my disability. I had to wait 2 years for my employer to give me long term disability. During that time, I tried to get food stamps, and the process was so ridiculously long and hard, I never got them! Now if an attorney can't figure out the system, how can the rest of the country figure it out. I live now on disability and my bills are way more than my income every month. I can't even afford to pay my student loans. Great country, huh?
216 Ron Bones My wife is on ssi&ssd,I'm a disabled Vet with only 30% and we barely get through the month. food stamps only go so far when what you get isn't even half of what a single friend gets because she lives in a different part of the State. Tehy need to get the system worked out so that everything is equal. But I doubt we'llsee it soon. You know the old saying: SURE YOU CAN TRUST OUR GOVERMENT...JUST ASK ANY NATIVE AMERICAN!
215 Liz DeWitt Please, do not abolish social security. We need it.
214 Katherine M. Aaron Please support the disabled in this country. They already have to jump through hoops just to be approved and it certainly causes financial hardship on a family that are unecessary.
213 Joyce A Spencer People who marry they have disabilities. They end up losing some money. How in this country can they live could.When they pay more out of there checks every month.People should not have money taken away from them.Just because they marry.
212 rita stafford-bones Execellent point
211 Sophie D.
210 Teddy G. Bryant How far will this govt. go to be out of control and to take away benefits taxpayers have paid the govt., and to which they have the right?
209 Kathy Rogers I'm the mother of a disabled young adult. Our people in the US should taken care of before others. Forcing people to live alone or divorce a spouse to receive benefits is inhumane.
208 John Davis Remember Tim Cratchett? (Dickens-A Christmas Carol) You don't really want to see a nation of them do you? Give us the tools to maintain our dignity and ability to still be productive citizens!
207 Jacqueline McVicar What happened to taking care of our own? Shouldn't citizens of the United States receive aide before any other country?
206 Mike Pearson We can afford WAR , but we can't afford those with diabilities. and we say we are a Christian Nation???
205 Joanne D. Ferguson This is so important!
204 Dixie Boyd I am on disability. I cannot get glasses. I cannot get dental. I don't have transportation. If I marry I will loose my own benefits... WHAT KIND OF COUNTRY IS THIS?
203 Mary Runyon The disabled in this country deserve so much better and humane treatment.
202 Adriana Lortia
200 Paul Manning
199 Priscilla Peters It seems to me That the Government makes it almost impossible for people to be Married...Please Help Us
198 Debi Koscielski My goverment supports & pushes its religious beliefs on me by promoting marrage & its religious right, yet punishes me by taking my disability when I comply. YOU CAN'T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS!
197 Barry Berger
196 Diane Grugan-Duvall I am the mother of a child with a disability.
195 Laurie Furlong I am the parent of a young adult with disabilities and I volunteer working with disabled. I support reform of the marriage penalty to SSI recipients.


76. Dream Act should be passed immediately

This petition is in accordance with "The D.R.E.A.M. " Act. This act is a bill that needs to be reintroduced before the Senate and the House to help those who where brought to this country of no fault of their own and have live the vast majority of their lives in the U.S.

This bill being passed will allow these people the right to an education and the right to work. By signing this petition you will be helping alot of people become productive law abiding citizens and possibly deter them from illegal means of supporting themselves.

77. Establish Helath care Policy for U.S. Citizens

There are many Americans today without health care insurance benefits. Every United States citizen needs the benefit of health care insurance, due to the simple fact that there are many people suffering from many and differnt health and medical issues.

Since June of 2003 there are 42.3 million people of all ages that were uninsured.

78. Request for bank withdrawal on hardship grounds

I had deposited my whole retirement benefits in the near by SDCC bank Ayyanarpuram Branch, Karaikudi-2. In view of RBI instructions, SDCC bank was suspended his business for closing and accepting deposits from 5-04-2005 and for the past two months they are granting loans for jewels and Co-operative Thrift Societies with excess staffs.

Myself and my wife are heart patients and we have to take medicines and medical checkup regularly once in a month on the advice of the Madurai Meenakshi Mission hospital. We are unable to comply with the above for want of money. There is no response from any other source about opening of the bank. You are penalizing the deposit holders and senior citizens, instead of taking actions against the officials who are responsible for the irregularities and also for the defaulters. I am sorry to inform you that one of the depositor had died for inability to take his hard earned money from his accounts. I had already submitted the Request forms for withdrawal of hardship grounds in excess of permissible limit of withdrawal (Banks under directive of RBI) to The Manager, SDCC Bank ltd, Ayyanarpuram branch, Karaikudi on 3-06-2005.

Hence I request you to kindly to take initiate action for withdrawal of the amount for medical expenses and day to today expenditures. Also give exemptions to the Senior Citizens to withdraw their hard earned money at an early date.

79. No to ALCOHOL sales on our sidewalks

The citizens for community vales wants to take a stand for our community. We do not want our community to be an advertisment for drinking alcohol and/or drinking alcohol and driving.

This sends a negitive message to our youth.



81. Bailey's Crusade: dog park for Sarnia

The City of Sarnia has no off-leash area in which dog owners can allow their pets to run freely and become socialized with other animals.

Proper socialization of dogs will make for a safer community. Therefore, as dog owners in Sarnia, we have begun this petition to bring the need of a dog park to the attention of the City Council and Park and Recreation Department.

82. Citizens Against the Closing of Chicago Avenue, Goshen, IN

It has become known that the Goshen Redevelopment Commission has entered into talks to induce Martin's Supermarkets, Inc. to open a store in Goshen and is pursuing the idea of closing Chicago Avenue from Bashor Road to U. S. 33 in order for Martin's to be able to build a 56,000 sq. ft. facility.

83. Poland should abandon visas for Russian citizens

This petition asks the Polish Parliament to cancel visa requirement for Russian citizens, to stop blocking free trade, and stop acting against Polish citizens wanting to visit Russia.

84. Concerned Citizens Want a Traffic Light Installed

Citizens of the Camden School District, as well as employees and visitors of the Camden Central School District residing outside of those areas, petition to have a traffic light installed at the intersection of State Rt 13 and Florence Hill Rd in Camden, NY.

85. Concerned Students Want a Traffic Light

Concerned citizens of the school district would like to see a traffic light installed at the intersection of Florence Hill Rd. and State Route 13, in Camden, New York.

86. 'Mayor Campbell and Councilor Louie Please Help' Beg Local Family

On behalf of this old couple and three daughters, Falun Gong Practitoners seek City Council to Approach Councilor Raymond Louie and Mayor Larry Campbell to interecede on behalf of a devastated Vancouver Family who have recently found out that their daughter is held in a labour camp in Guangdong.

"They have been crying ever since they found out about this new development. They know the horror stories about Shunshui Labour Camp commonly known as 'hell on earth'" says Louise Chen, friend of the family.

87. Save Our Rural Heritage

A 291-Unit Trailer Park is being imposed on the Huntington Township community of Adams County, Pennsylvania. The developer (Robert Mumma/Caco Three)has a very negative business track -- bankruptcy, neglecting properties, and frivolous lawsuits -- but has made large political contributions and has ample financial resources.

A grassroots effort by concerned citizens is working to stop this development from harming this community, and setting a dangerous precedent for other such areas. This scenic, rural area is known for it's historical significance (Gettysburg Battle), safe and peaceful communities, and farmland.

The negative effects of the development include higher taxes, environmental harm, overcrowded schools, safety and security problems, dangerous traffic congestion, and destruction of the natural beauty of this area.

88. Condemn compulsory military service in Poland

This petition is to condemn compulsory military service in Republic of Poland, new member of Europenian Union.


November 19, 2004

Mr. President, I call your attention to Article IV, Section 4 of the U S Constitution. It regards your duty to defend every state against invasion.
History records that every nation in which immigrants have not assimilated, but which has tried to be multi-cultural and multi-lingual, has failed.

Balkanization will lead to the downfall of America from within, not from without.

Please do not let this happen on your watch. You took an oath to protect and defend our Constitution to the best of your ability. Mr. President, please take control of this situation, and protect your citizens against invasion.

90. Reforming Toledo City Government

The petition contains common sense reforms of our local government proposed by Toledo Citizens Organized to Bring Reform and Accountability.

These reforms will improve accountability, streamline government and empower the citizens of Toledo in their government.