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31. Save our Pride, Save our Pool

A once proud and thriving cultural development venue, the Lawrence Street Recreation Center has been neglected by the city for years.

While municipal projects went forward elsewhere, our African-American families stood to lose generations of tradition with activities already diminished by the lack of appropriate funding where it is needed most.

Swimming is not only fun, but also a safety skill that disproportionately affects African-Americans from a history that needs no clarification. It is time for Lawrence Street Recreation Center to be re-developed with a full set of amenities of a first class, indoor facility.

We realize that Lawrence Street recreational facility is vital to all citizens of Marietta regardless of race or color, even though it is the African American community that has sought to initiate this endeavor, all are welcome to join.

Note: Cullen Jones, was only the second African-American to ever win a swimming gold medal even though black people are less than 1% of the competitive swimmers. It can't change by closing pools and closing opportunities in our own neighborhoods.

Sign this petition and tell the city that we are not only going to be counted in the Census, but also in our local government on every issue from now on, starting with this one.

Save our Pride. Save our Pool.

32. Why Not An Event Centre and Church?

The former Gala Bingo Building in Camberwell has been bought by a business and a church. Prior to being a bingo hall it was a cinema. The new owners are looking to turn it into a community/event centre in order to preserve it in it's current state as much as possible (It is a listed building).

Some members of the local community have stuck on the "Church" and say the do not want a church! They want an arts centre. The council have explained that it is private property and therefore Gala can sell it to whom they please.

The Church want it to remain a community space but are being drowned out before they speak with comments like"we will do here what they did to KICC in Crystal Palace". We do not think that makes for just governance. Join us, lend your voice to our campaign.

33. Justice for Priests

The zero tolerance policy was a necessary measure at the time of its adoption; however the policy has proven to be extremely unjust and devastating to our falsely accused priests and clergy.

The policy justifiably protects the rights of the victims but does not provide the same protection for our current falsely accused priests who are in the midst of an appeal. We must defend the basic rights of our accused priests who currently have a pending case. Our Church must bring an end to this injustice immediately.

34. Support Father Salvatore Rodino

Recently, our beloved priest and spiritual leader Father Salvatore Rodino was placed on administrative leave. He has been falsely accused and is currently in the process of an appeal to prove his innocence.

We are extremely hopeful that justice will be served as Father Rodino will soon return to his great ministry at St. Jude the Apostle Catholic Community in Wynantskill, New York. Our parish family strongly stands united behind him.

As part of our support efforts we have launched a website in his honor called This website provides his many past, present parishioners, family and friends an opportunity to seek positive and encouraging ways to support Father Rodino and each other during this difficult time.

35. Provide a stop light for Northside Apostolic Church

We the people of the community request a traffic light be installed at the intersection of Hwy 29 and 9 1/2 mile road located in North Pensacola. A traffic light is desperatley needed at the intersection of Hwy 29 and 9 1/2 mile rd. There have been numerous accidents with three of them causing fatalities in the past 4 months.

Members of Northside Apostolic rd located at the intersection fear for their life or that an accident may occur each night they head to church. Parents fear an accident may occur when arriving at this intersection on the way to taking their children to and from Pine Meadow Elementary School which is located close to the intersection as well.

Please help us as concerned people of the community to get a traffic light at this intersection before another fatality occurs.

36. Support zoning for expansion of community facilities by New Hope United Church of Christ

The City od Norfolk is trying to rezone property located at 115 E. Liberty Street. The property is currently zoned as Commercial and they are trying to rezone it to Residential for the purpose of building eight (8) single family homes.

The rezoning of this property will prevent the future expansion of New Hope United Church of Christ.

37. Stop Clergy Abuse - "Three Is Not A Crowd...When It Comes To Counseling"

Sexual contact during or after any counseling relationship is considered grossly unethical by a broad slice of professional counseling groups, including the American Association of Christian Counselors, the American Association of Pastoral Counselors, and the National Association of Social Workers. That's because of the power counselors hold over clients—power born of authority and being privy to clients' most intimate emotions and fears. Experts say this power is magnified in pastoral counseling.

Sexual contact between a counselor and counselee is NEVER consensual, NEVER an "affair." It's ABUSE!

Too many churches see the victims of sexual exploitation by predatorial pastors as "just rewards" for women (and occasionally men) that have not been able to defend their sexual boundaries when it is invaded by some helper in authority over them. Too often, our church leaders call these criminal acts "an affair" -- and blame the counselee for being "equally responsible" -- in most states sexual exploitation by helping professionals is criminal sexual conduct in the third degree -- a felony!

Shannon Bellamy, Author
"Pimps in the Pulpit"

38. Support Reverend Gordon Bradbery

Having attended the church this morning, it has been made clear that more needs to be done to support Rev Bradbery to be retained for a further 3 years.

I have mentioned to the church that I will contact the Illawarra mercury to start a petition notice with the help of the paper. Rev Bradbery's work is also outside the uniting church and this must be made clear to the Presbytery. His work with lifeline, is just one example. The contact for the Presbytery is; Illawarra Presbyery PO Box Port Kembla NSW 2505.

39. End Compulsory Prayer in the Aussie Parliament

Since 1901, Australian Parliamentary Standing Orders have required the House & Senate to open daily with a Christian prayer, to the exclusion of all other beliefs and disbeliefs.

"Almighty God, we humbly beseech Thee to vouchsafe Thy blessing upon this Parliament. Direct and prosper our deliberations to the advancement of Thy glory, and the true welfare of the people of Australia.

Our Father, which art in Heaven: Hallowed be Thy Name. Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive them that trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation; but deliver us from evil: For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever and ever. Amen.

40. Επιστροφή του Δισκοπότηρου της Αγιά Σοφιάς - Return of the Holy Communion cup of Hagia Sofia

Με την 4η "Σταυροφορία, οι δυτικοευρωπαίοι παπικοί κατέλαβαν την Πρωτεύουσα της Ελληνικής Αυτοκρατορίας της Ανατολής Κωνσταντινούπολη. Τότε προέβησαν στην λεηλασία της Πόλεως και ιδιαίτερα της Αγίας Σοφίας.

Η Μεγάλη Εκκλησία λεηλατήθηκε με τον πιο απάνθρωπο τρόπο απο τους "σταυροφόρους" οι οποίοι δεν δίστασαν να εισάγουν ημιόνους μέσα στην εκκλησία προκειμένου να μεταφέρουν τα κλοπιμαία. Ιερά Σκεύη, Εικόνες Αγίων, Άμφια και άλλα εκκλησιαστικά σκεύη. Μεταξύ τους και το δισκοπότηρο της Αγιά Σοφίας του οποίου απαιτούμε την ΑΜΕΣΗ ΕΠΙΣΤΡΟΦΗ!

41. My son deserve a father figure in his life - Don't deport Jacques to DRC

My partner has been in prison for almost 6 months. We were hoping that his sentence will be reduced and finished on or before13th August. He appealed against his sentence and his appeal went through and he is hoping to attend the court on Friday.

I contacted our mp concerning his immigration papers the home office wrote to him that they are processing his case. He left me with a 51/2 weeks baby when they took him on 9th February, not fully recovered from operation and with no help at all as the social service said i was not entitled to any benefit for a baby as an international student and him being a failed asylum seeker.

I manage to survive mainly for the help of the church.
I was expecting that after his sentence my partner should be able to come out and support our baby so that i can go on with my studies but last week the immigration prisoner officer told him that no matter what happened to his sentence he is going to be detained and deported back to DRC congo.

I am so confused and i don't understand why are they doing this to my family, i am sure if he go back to his country he is going to be killed and i cant go with him, if i send my baby to masai land he will not be accepted (a baby from non maasai dad). I am struggling to stay in UK for the time being using some serving i had and help from the church worrying not to know what else i can do. I feel there is no justice at all.

42. Justice for the victims of abuse suffered in State-run institutions

In Ireland in the 1940's over 35,000 children were condemned to live under a regime of physical, sexual and emotional abuse and neglect.

After 9 years and a cost 60 Million the Commission into Child Abuse report was issued which held accounts from 2,500 men and women who were abused in these schools and institutions.

But there has been no justice - we want prosecutions of all those who can be legally brought to justice for these crimes.

Please sign this petition to show the Government that the Irish people want more than a report - we demand justice on behalf of these victims.

43. Let Peter Gichura stay in the UK

Petition to give peter the right to stay in this country and being a member in our church for the past 7yrs.

44. Get JB playing on Radio Now Again!

Alright, so I recently found out that Radio Now! (A Radio Station) was told to stop playing Jonas Brothers songs. Heres the story:
A church group went to the station and told them to stop playing Jonas Brothers music because it was somehow "offensive" to them. The radio station told the group no, and now the station is in trouble, & has stopped playing Jonas music, all because of a church group.


So we MUST get the Jonas Brothers back on the station. Do you really want them to stop playing Jonas music just because of a church group of what, like, five people? No! So sign this petition! We want at least 500 signatures before July 23rd. I know, big goal we want to reach, but please. Before you know it, this church group will try and get EVERY radio station to stop playing them!

Please & thank you!

45. Save West Road

The move to close down and to sell the church house at West Road is detrimental to the many members of the local community who currently use it.

The Bishop of Southwark should realise that this building is of great service to his community and could be even more beneficial and useful if it's use were maximised.

The Bishop should put in place measures to increase public use of this great resource rather than selling the building to developers for short-term profit.

46. Keep Lord's Prayer in Queen's Park

The Government's taken the Lord's Prayer & Bible out of our schools and now look at our schools, what do you see? Guns, violence & crime.

Now they want to take it out of our legislature. God help this province and nation.

47. The Moment of Silence

For a long time now the moment of silence has been looked down upon in schools because people feel like it is both a waste of time and a way to enforce prayer/religion on people. The truth of the matter is it is neither.

The "moment of silence" is, as described by wikipedia, the expression for a period of silent contemplation, prayer, reflection, and meditation. There are three options that a moment of silence allows students to do and only one of them is prayer. Students can think about what they plan to do that day and calm down before school starts. This provides students and teachers with a more efficient learning environment.

In conclusion, the moment of silence in schools is in no way enforcing religion upon students, because it provides students with many more options, and it is not an excuse for students to waste class time, because it calms classes down providing a more efficient learning environment.

48. Shut down WBC

In order to promote both the physical and mental safety and well being of the citizens of this country and the members of the Westboro Baptist Church this petition moves to legally disband the Westboro Baptist Church on the following grounds.

First, after watching the investigations conducted by several media agencies and the conduct of the members, we have determined this church to be a cult that brainwashes it's members into actions that can only be described as hate crimes.

Any non religious organization that encouraged the breaking of laws in this manner would be similarly disbanded. Thus we believe it only fair to treat them in the same manner.

Secondly, they are incestually based. This church has only the members of two families to call it's following, and does not allow members to marry outside of the church. Thus, the church is either already doomed or they will have to break the laws against marrying ones family. If they are already doomed, there is no harm in disbanding them anyhow, and if they elect to force incestual marriages then they would be disbanded on that basis. We see no reason to not nip the issue in the bud.

Thirdly, the activities required by Phelps place the children in danger. By picketing the funerals of anyone whom they can claim was killed in one way or another by 'fag enabling' they are pissing off people who are in an understandably unstable mental state, and who are likely to react violently, regardless of the presence of children.

Fourth, the church has resorted to abuse of foreign dignitaries, harassing Princess Madeleine of Sweden with degrading faxes for her country's stance against hate speeches.

49. Vatican-Revoke Cardinal Njue's Appointment

Cardinal Njue:

-Openly supported PNU and Kibaki's policies.
-Has been against all ODM policies.
-Remained mum on the flawed electoral process.
-Failed to issue a way forward or issue a statement recommending a quick resolution to the current crisis.

Some International human rights campaigners have alleged Kenya's police are carrying out an unofficial "shoot to kill" policy. Cardinal Njue has not condemned this policy.

50. Stop the Hate

I am sure we have all heard of the horrific protests staged by the Topeka-based Westboro Baptist Church. They are the ones who have children holding signs at the funerals of war heroes that say such hateful things as "God Hates Fags".

At the trial of one of Matthew Sheppard's attackers a group of Matthews friends who call themselves "Angel Action" decided to do something about the hateful group. They dressed as Angels with huge wings and blocked the church protesters from view. They stood silently through the whole thing until the Westboro church members actually gave up and left.

They showed that these mean spirited biggots are no better than any other bully. I think we need to take a stand and show them that the same laws which protect their hate mongering also protect the rest of us.

51. Closure of Alley that runs from Church Street to the north end of Poplar

There have been within the last two years several occurrences that could have been dangerous to the employees that work in the business's that surround the alley.

Security lights have been shattered, vehicles have had tires slashed. There have been vehicles that have been broken into. Trash has been scattered in the alley which causes a health hazard.

52. Ban Graduation in a Church

The idea of graduation in a church imposes on personal belief and the decision to practice religion as an individual. The new principal, Sid Bailey, is a member of the Phoenix First Assembly.

The idea that our football field is too small to hold a graduation is false. Football games alone have been known to hold over 2,000 fans. Administration has refused to accept reasonable solutions to the issue and have listened yet not taken into consideration of what the students would prefer.

53. Clarification of Responsibility for the Bluffs HOA Perimeter Fence

This petition is to clarify the wording in the covenents regarding responsibility for maintenance, repair and eventual replacement of the perimeter fence.

The developer had installed a cedar fence along the Southern border (Floyd Street), the western border (Luthern Church and Tower Avenue) and the Northern border (Cornell Ave.). The HOA board deam all the perimeter fence the responsibility of the HOA. However, a number of residents of the Bluffs HOA feel the portion of the fence boardering the Luthern Church is private property to private property and therefore the responsibility of the Church and effected homeowner.

The disputed section of the covenents reads as follows:

54. Availability of the Traditional Latin Mass

Working within the church with reference to the Ecclesia Dei adflicta 1988 of Pope John Paul II.

55. Rescind the Papal Bulls

On August 4th 2006, there was a gathering of nations at Mato Paha (Bear Butte).

At this summit Lakota, Cheyenne, Arapahoe, and many other indigenous nations from north and south america were present.

At this summit it was decided that the papal bull of 1493 and the 1496 royal charter of the church of England must be recinded.

56. Global council of Indians seek justice for Christians

Please visit our web site depicting 174 attacks against christians in 2006 as on 1th Nov06 (

Jan 1st,2006 Martyred for Christ on 1st January 06.
Jimendra (Muntu)(35) was murdered on the way between Rakia and Barakhema in Orissa.
Fact Finding report of martyred Pastor Jimendra Nayak ( Mantu) age 35- of Barakhema, in Baliguda police station limits of Kandhamal, Orissa ,Eastern District of India
Pastor Jimendra Nayak was a pastor of Indian Church Assembly. He Was working at Penthakata, Puri district for last two years. Before moving to Puri he was working in his native place Beradakia churh at Kandhamala district of his own locality

People interviewed :
Mr Samsing Digal ( martyrs Father) Mr Saban Digal, Mr Jisaih Digal ( Cousin) Mrs Masiah Digal(Martyrs Mother) Mrs Sashirekha Pradhan ( Martyrs widow) Mrs Bebina Nayak,Mr Kunal Pradhan, Mr Binod Pattanik( co –passenger in the auto) local drivers.

The doctor who did the post-mortem and the Officer in charge in the police station was not available for their comments.

On the first day of January pastor Nayak went to Beradaika Church for preaching the word of God in the New year service. He returned to his own village Barakhema from Baliguda by an auto rickshaw at 8pm. On his way back home Pastor Nayak died under a mysterious” accident”
Our investigation of the matter revealed the following
The owner driver is linked with radicals and he was driving vehicle number OR_07L_2054. The pastor was sitting in the right side and the vehicle was going in the left side of the road. His head was found smashed and body was still inside the cabin, the auto driver had no injuries and the glass of the auto has no major damages.

An unknown person dumped the dead body in the Baliguda hospital and the auto was moved from the so called accident spot without proper procedures
In spite of the repeated visits even today(14thFeb) the post-mortem report was not given to the relatives
We were informed that at first the Police officer refused to accept complaint about the suspected murder from the widow and relatives. The officer in charge scolded the person who helped the widow in preparing petition for inquiry. No action was taken even after receiving the complaint.

Police version is based on the evidence given by Mr Binod Pattnaik, a suspected sympathizer of Hindu radicals that it was an accident.
All circumstantial evidences and the indifference of the hospital and police show that this was a planned murder. The persons we interviewed near the bus stand were telling that some unknown people were making discreet enquiries about pastors movements, time of the prayer service etc.

The information gathered from other drivers in Baliguda revealed that Khanu who carried Pastor Nayak(Muntu) in his auto rickshaw was spending lavishly money on liquor and others.
The information from his relatves and widow revealed that the radicals were after him and he had many encounters regarding his work among Hindus. They had warned him and restrained him from carrying out his missionary work among his people. His love for Christ waded him through all his difficult times.

The widow and his family wants to continue the great commission of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ
Martyred pastor Sasirekha (30yrs) and 1year old son Nayak,14 year old sister and 8 year old handicapped brother and old parents are living testimony for the great martyrdom of Pastor nayak ( Muntu)

450-NSS-002 January 2nd 2006 Anti-conversion bill resurfaces in Jharkhand State 02 Jan. The government of Jharkhand State is considering an anti-conversion bill. While the legislation is aimed at protecting the tribal culture, The sad thing is what this bill will be used for is to harass Christian ministries who are reaching people
450-NSS-003 Church destroyed
January 3rd 2006 Umrakot Village in Orissa, India Police decided to allow a make-shift Hindu temple but banned Christians from worshiping at a nearby house church following a conflict that led to Hindu fundamentalists attacking four people. Hindu extremists had set up the temple near the house church in Umarkote village, Orissa state, in October 2005. They then complained to police that the house church worship was disturbing their own rituals
On Friday, Dec. 30,06 the extremists attacked three women who had come to the house for a weekly prayer and fasting meeting were attacked and warned them to stop attending services. They also slapped a church member, Samraj Rai, who had come to warn the women, and damaged his motorbike. Police interrogated the pastor and other church members regarding accusations that they were forcibly converting Hindus but declined to register the Christians’ complaint over the assault. On January 3, police said they would allow the Hindu temple built on public land to continue to function. The Christians, however, were banned from holding services in Nag’s house

January 6th-
VHP meeting in the area of Jamdoli near Jaipur
Hindu Militants Say Missionaries Spread Gospel at Gunpoin- The leader of an influential hard-line Hindu organization has accused Christian missionaries of converting people to Christianity by threatening them with force, Friday, January 6. Ashok Singhal, who leads the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) or ‘World Hindu Council’ said local people “were being terrorized into conversion by different Christian missionaries,” using Naxalites, a loose term used to define groups waging a violent struggle. Naxalites include revolutionary Communist groups claiming to fight on behalf of landless laborers and tribal people against landlords and others to create a classless society. Speaking at the beginning of a three-day VHP meeting in the area of Jamdoli near Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan state, claimed that “all those who dared to obstruct them were told that they would be gunned down by Naxalites.”

January 12th 2006.
Attack on Pastor Aharon, Nizamabad project 450-0034
Pastor M.Aharon is a pastor of Indian Pentecostal Church and he is in the ministry for the last 16 years. The radicals hatched a plan to severely attack him and to publish the attack in India with a hidden agenda of restraining other pastors in carrying out gospel work in India. During the prolonged attack on 12th January the radicals were reminding pastor Aharon the fate of Pastor Daniel, Pastor Issac Raj who were martyred near Hyderabad last year

January 13th 2006 .
Attack on Pastor David – 450-0035
Extremists belonging to the RSS attacked Christians as they attended a birthday party at Domakonda village in Nizamabad on January 13. “The attack took place at 11:30 a.m. in the house of Srinivas Balraju, a Christian who was celebrating his daughter’s birthday with his other Christian friends Kadiri Mohan Reddy, an RSS supporter, kicked David and the others in the chest and abdomen; David fell unconscious there. The other four also suffered stomach injuries. When Balraju and his sister-in-law tried to stop the attackers, they also were roughed up. After the attack, the extremists put David on their motorbike and took him to the Pochamma (Hindu goddess) temple and threw him there. Then they fled from the scene and went to the police station, where they alleged that they attacked David because he was tearing off pictures of Hindu gods.

23rd January 2006
Persecution in Malkangiri, Orissa.
On 23rd January ‘06, four IET missionaries namely P. Bijay Kumar, G. Baldash, Gideon Challan and Ramesh Suna had gone to village Koikonda of Motu Thehsil, Malkangiri District, Orissa State for a special meeting. The RSS (Rashtriya Swayam Sewak) Hindu radicals came to know about this meeting and went to the village in search of the gathering place.
They interrupted the meeting and forcibly entered into the audience and
took out the missionaries. After pulling them out, they beat them up
inhumanly. Brother Bijay Kumar and Brother G. Baldash became unconscious. The missionaries who were severely beaten up were taken to the District Hospital around 9 pm. Village Koikonda is more than 60 kms away from Malkangiri District. Among the
missionaries three are under treatment but Bro. Bijay Kumar is very serious who is still not recovered from the trauma

Wednesday January 25, 2006
No relief provided to Christians, who remain without shelter, food or spare clothes.
January 25 -A pastor and his cousin charged with attempted forced conversion in Orissa state were released on bail yesterday, while five Hindu villagers charged with assault and setting fire to the pastor’s house are still in custody. On January 15 Hindu villagers attacked Rabindra Mallick as he returned home from a nearby market. The next morning, a group of about 15 villagers armed with sticks stormed the home of his older brother, Pastor Kulamani Mallick, and assaulted him and his family. Pastor Mallick and two other family members required hospital treatment for minor injuries. The assailants set fire to their house, and seven adjacent houses also were burned and destroyed – in total, six homes belonging to Christians gutted. Shortly thereafter a village woman accused the pastor and two of his relatives of forced conversion.

20 Bajrang men ransack house 25.01.06. Mangalore
A Group of 20 suspected Bajrang Dal activists barged into a house at Kelrai near Neermarga on Tuesday and ransacked the house, damaging property worth Rs.100,000.Police said the activists surrounded the residence of one Alwyn and started hurling stones at the windowpanes around noon. The mob then gained entry into the residence and ransacked the valuables. A car parked in the compound, a television set, refridgerator, and other house hold articles were damaged in the attack.

450-NSS-0010 – Police disrupt Prayers and arrest
25th January 2006. Tribal Pastors attacked and beaten up by the police at Chapri Village, Jhabua District
25th January 2006: In a gross violation of human-rights a group of local policemen barged into a Christian home where a prayer meeting had to be conducted in Chapri village of Jhabua in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh and beat up two tribal pastors who were supposed to leading the prayer meeting.
On Wednesday morning at 10:30 am, as local Christians had gathered
together for a time of prayer at Rai Singh’s home, as many as nine
policemen belonging to the state police barged into the Christian
home a few minutes before the prayer meeting could begin.

In utter disregard of their responsibilities as keepers of law, they
badly beat up the two tribal pastors who had to lead the prayer
meeting. After beating the two pastors of the Philadelphia Church of Chapri, namely Rai Singh Amblia at whose house the meeting was going on and Hatehsingh Rawat mercilessly, the police put them into their vehicle
and dragged them to the police station repeatedly threatening them of
dire consequences if they continued to gather together for prayer or
for any other kind of “Christian activity”. Raisingh and Hatesingh were locked up in custody for more than four hours where they were not only beaten up more but their Christian faith was also mocked at. The pastors were assaulted on their stomach and hands and the policemen also struck blows on their neck. The wounds which the two pastors received as a result of the police beatings forced them to be taken to the local hospital the next day.

26th January 2006Three Christian leaders belonging to the Church of Nazrene were arrested Thursday the 26th January 2006 at Jabalpur on grounds of indulging in forced conversion of tribal’s. The local police acting on the directions of Sudhir Agarwal of Dharam Raksha Samiti conducted a raid on the Gurudev lodge in Madan Mahal area of Jabalpur in order to scare the tribals who had voluntarily put up at the lodge to spend the night while on their way to attend a Christian convention organized by the Church of Nazarene at Nagpur city in Maharashtra. The tribals were going to participate in the convention by their own free will from 27th January 2006 onwards.
After conducting the raid at the lodge, the police under the leadership of City Police-Inspector Siddarth Chaudhary arrested the three Christian leaders namely Pravin Pawar, Sanat Pawar and Maclin Masih. They were arrested and put into custodial lock-up.

The three Christians have been accused and booked under Section 420 and Article 4 of the Madhya Pradesh Freedom of Religion Ordinance. The police have also confiscated Christian literature, documents related to the Church of Nazrene and 35 passenger tickets of a private bus agency. Anti-Christian reports appearing in the regional media have made the situation critical as it may lead to a flare up in the situation leading to further attacks on the Christian community. According to these completely one-sided and biased reports investigations have revealed that 23 tribals were being taken from Dindori district to Nagpur to forcibly make them participate in a convention of the Christian community in order to convert them forcefully. The police on the falsely accused Christians. As the misinformation against Christians was spread by the Hindu fundamentalists among Hindus living in and around the Gurudev lodge, a large mob of Hindus, mostly mobilized by the Dharma Raksha Samiti, gathered together and beat the Christians black and blue. They continued to thrash the Christians even as the police tried to register a case against the Christians. Activists belonging to the militant wing of the Rashtriya Swayamsewak sangh shouted anti- Christian slogans while all this was going on and tried to incite
communal frenzy.

450-NSS-0012 Arrest
January 26th.
Three Korean nationals arrested

Three Korean nationals were arrested by the HAL police near Bangalore city on charges of forcefully trying to preach their religious belief to a resident of Doddanagundi on 26th Thursday ,January 2006. According to police, Kim Jong Koo, Park Venson and Moon Young Jgi who are on a tourist visa to India, allegedly hurt the religious sentiments of Nandish Reddy, a resident of Dhodanagundi by forcefully preaching him their Christian religious ideology

January 29th
Police fail to offer protection despite advance warning from extremists.
A 50-strong Hindu mob attacked a new January 29Catholic school and boarding hostel as the facility was inaugurated on Sunday in Maharashtra state. The mob threw stones into the crowd, broke chairs and beat participants with sticks. Hindu extremists had asked the police three days before the opening ceremony not to allow the school to operate in Ghosali village. Despite this intimation of possible violence, police did not inform staff at the school and offered no protection for the event. The mob accused Catholic school staff of trying to convert their children by offering them education and chanted, “Leave! We don’t want Christians here!”

Bhopal January 28th attack
Pastor Iwin Pereira is the one has a broken Ulena(left hand) He is married to MS Sheela and they are blessed with a 16 months old Darlene
Brother Harbi Singh led Pastor Pereira to our Lord in 1985 and he had different Christian experiences before he has finally committed his life to Christ.

Pastor was married for over 17 years and he is aged about 42 years. Pastor tells that God has listened for his prayers for child after 15 long years.He strongly belies that his daughter is a specialgift from God as God acted where all medical doctors expressed their helplessness
Pastor Iwin is assisting in the Hallelujah Church and in the school of evangelism . The school of evangelism provides evangelical tools to seekers in a 9 month course and each batch consist of 75 students.
Pastor Iwin was attending the prayer meeting organized in Bhopal on 28th January as the meeting was in progress the Hindu radicals rushed into the hall and started attacking pastor Iwin with handles of shovels and broke his left arm while he was shielding himself and women present there . He had face the brunt and fury of the savage radicals one after another. He has ligament rupture and muscle tears in the calf muscle, hip and buttocks.He was given first aid in the JP hospital and finally plaster cast was done on 30th January. He was humiliated even after this brutal attack by policemen and mocked Christ. The blood stained cloth and his injuries all over his body talks volumes of the agony he underwent for witnessing the true and living God
Iwin is harbouring no anger against his perpetrators no fear or no sorrow
He also said that God gives grace when he allows these things to happen to you to bear it.

He said that God allows only what is bearable. His prophetic voice is that these types of attacks will increase as God’s people brake the castles of satan and liberate the bonded souls. He says that the body of Christ will be united through persecution and he is warning that no help can be expected from government but your help will come from almighty God our Saviour
In a personal note he said that he believe that through persecution he has be come more close; Six hospitalized, dozens beaten in four separate attacks. – Hindu extremists armed with sticks, rods and other sharp weapons gate-crashed a Christian seminar held in a private home in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh on Saturday morning (January 28). Six Christians were rushed to a hospital with serious injuries following the assault, while at least 12 others, some of them children, suffered relatively minor injuries. The assault left Pastor Sam Francis, who had organized the seminar, with fractures in his hands and legs, while guest speaker Kishore Sadhwani suffered a broken hand and a head injury requiring eight stitches. The attack was the fourth incident in as many days in the state.

4th Feb Indore, Madhya Pradesh
Pastor Jojjin Samuel – 450-0040
Jojin is a 27 year old assistant Pastor with Pastor George Thomas and Pastor Jijo is a trainee in the City Prayer Centre in the city of Indore in the central state of madhya Pradesh. The city centre started about 14 years back and a new hall was built seven years ago. This is also known as the Gospel Church of God. The church is situated in Khaber Khedi Road,Sharada Colony, Shukila boardering Indore town. Jojin after prayers went and met some people in the Slums with bible tract and shared gospel on 4th of Februaryry and the Hindu radicals beaten and chased him out of the slum. The radicals were looking for his whereabouts. Pastor George Thomas had lodged a complaint to the police station and the police had accorded protection to the church . On 5th February Pastor Jojin and Pastor Jijo were preparing for the worship service and the radicals entered in the church and started beating up Jojin and JIjo with sticks and hand. The police disappeared from the security duty on the Saturday night. The Hindu radicals also destroyed some bibles and collected worship books and other scripture portions from the church. Both Pastor Jojin and Pastor jijo were also paraded in the street humiliating and thrashing them on the way. This lasted for over 40-45 minutes from 10am and the police appeared on the scene and arrested the pastors first and later few of the radicals.

450-NSS-0016 Pastors attacked
5th February 2006
Pastors Thrashed on Church Premises (Indore)Two Pastors of Kabitkhedi Church were beaten up inside their residence on the church premises by local youths who suspected them of being involved in distribution of inflammable material. The incident occurred at around 9 am today. According to Hira Nagar police, Dilip Rupalal, a resident of Raghunandan Bag had seen one of the pastor Jojin P distributing pamphlets encouraging conversion in the Pardeshipura area of the City on January 31.Dilip apparently saw John on the streets today and chased him. Dilip was soon joined by six other local youths who followed jojin inside the church where he had his residential quarters.

Dr. Sajan K. George
President- Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC)

57. In support of Brad Molldrem

Brad Molldrem has been a valuable member of the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd and has held a position in Youth and Family Ministries.

Circumstances have arisen that are calling for the removal of Brad from employment with Good Shepherd as of December 31st, 2006.

58. Odour Nuisance - Church Road, Acton

August 2, 2006

This is a petition regarding the ongoing complaint we have with Ealing Council concerning strong cooking odours being emmitted around the area of Maple Court/Church Road and surrounding area - thought to be coming from Gollys Cafe (Formerly Dollys Cafe).

59. For the Withdrawal of the Diocese of the Rio Grande from the Episcopal Church

July 28, 2006

All Christians, regardless of denomination and location, are welcome to sign this petition. Please pray for all of us during these difficult times.

***Please submit the name of your home church in one of the fields collected.**

Sources Consulted:,,

Quotations from

Thank you for your time!

60. BBC's lack of credibility and partiality in reports of Sri Lankan affairs

To: Editors of the BBC

We the Tamils are disheartened and hurt by the BBC's covering of the issues pertaining to the island of Sri Lanka. The issues mentioned below are in response to reports on the website and BBC News 24.

These include but not limited to:

1.Massacre of civilians in a bus using claymore mines, Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka

The BBC's Sri Lankan correspondent, Dumeethra Luthra reported on the massacre of innocent civilians in a claymore mine attack in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka and the ensuing aerial attacks by the Sri Lankan government on Tamil positions on BBC News 24 (the video link of the same report on the website is titled 'Why air strikes have been resumed' in the article 'S Lanka air force steps up raids').

In this report she states that the LTTE is "the Key candidate" for this atrocity. She fails to mention the Sri Lankan State forces that have been accused by the Sri Lankan Monitoring Mission of extra judicial killings of innocent Tamil civilians in the NE of the island.

As of the 24th of May over 190 Tamil civilians have been killed since the first Geneva talks held on the 22-23 of February 2006. The GOSL (Government of Sri Lanka) has a history of orchestrating violence against the Tamil civilians (1956, 1958, 1977, 1981 and 1983 anti-Tamil riots).

The LTTE for its part has been accused of targeting Government soldiers but has not been accused of targeting innocent civilians.

The LTTE has strongly denied the allegation of the claymore attack on the bus and has nothing to gain from this horrendous and disturbing attack targeting civilians.

•Why doesn't the Sri Lankan correspondent question the motive for the LTTE to have committed this attack?

•Why doesn't the Sri Lankan correspondent assess the beneficiaries of this massacre?

It is the GOSL and/or the elements opposed to peace that benefit from this massacre of innocent civilians.

The Tamils and the LTTE have been further unjustly isolated in the international arena, by the recent proscription of the LTTE as a terrorist group by Canada and the EU. This has emboldened the GOSL to continue the genocide of the Tamils in the hope of subjugating the Tamils abandoned by the international community.

2.Down-playing/Sugar-coating of Government atrocities against innocent Tamil civilians

Initial versions of the report titled "Fresh Sri Lanka clashes kill many" accuses the LTTE of the attack against the Sri Lankan navy and quoted the Sri Lankan Navy accusing the LTTE for the grenade attack on the Mannar church in yesterday's fighting.

The updated version of the same report mentions with ambiguity the Mannar church attack but fails to mention who was involved in the attack.

The reader is left with the impression that the 'non-state' actor (in this case the LTTE) that 'allegedly' initiated the naval attack is responsible for the atrocity on the civilians in the church.

With eyewitness accounts and the presence of an international aid worker, the BBC reports that the Sri Lankan forces attacked the Mannar church in the article titled "Sri Lankan forces 'hit church' ".The report goes on to say that the government denied this but said that the church was "caught in the crossfire". However, it fails to say that the GOSL had initially insisted that it was the work of the LTTE.

Here again the BBC sugar-coats the government atrocity, which was a deliberate NOT 'accidental' attack using a grenade and live gunfire on the 200 or so Tamil civilians seeking refugee in the church. One person was widely reported as killed and many injured.

These sorts of crimes targeting civilians seeking refuge in churches and temples were a common occurrence during the war. The Tamils in the NE are faced with these atrocities even during times of peace with the help of censors of the international media.

3.Tamils from the NE of the island faced with the fear of being victims of state genocide are fleeing in the thousands from the government controlled areas to LTTE controlled areas and to India. The BBC when reporting on the fleeing Tamil civilians refers to the victims as Sri Lankans giving the impression that the Sinhalese are also fleeing. This is NOT true. The people seeking refuge in India and LTTE controlled areas are all Tamil victims.

4.It is also very disheartening to note that the BBC has turned a blind eye to the mass demonstrations, by tens of thousands of Tamils around the globe, against the genocide of Tamils by the Sri Lankan government.

5.It is also very sad to note that articles such as the "Sri Lankan forces 'hit church'" that refers to the Sri Lankan forces' attack on the innocent civilians in the church are only short lived in the South Asia section of the website (It was published at 1:08 GMT on the 18th of June and archived well within 8hrs).

As you have stated in your article titled "Sri Lanka: Truth, bias and the BBC " the news of the Tamil struggle published on the international media especially the BBC (given its presence in Sri Lanka ) are paramount in the midst of FALSE propaganda being issued by the government of Sri Lanka.