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1. Chloe's Law - Official Petition- Anti-bullying Petition to Australian Senate

To the Honourable President and members of the Senate in Parliament assembled:

The petition of the undersigned shows:

that the recent bullying-related death of 15 year-old Chloe Ferguson has led to a public outpouring of grief and concern, with many others coming forward to speak out about the devastating effects of bullying, including cyberbullying, in their own lives and the lives of their children and grandchildren.

Over 271 000 people have joined an online community calling for stricter anti-bullying laws and enforcement of those laws as part of a determined approach to addressing the ongoing problem of bullying. In addition to the signatures on the petition presented here, more than another 29 000 people have also signed non-conforming petitions, calling for review of Australia’s anti-bullying laws (over 19 5000 on GoPetition: Chloe’s Law – Bullying a crime punishable by law and over 9 500 on Australian Government: Introduce anti-bullying laws in Australia).

There is clearly strong community support for law reform in relation to bullying in general, and cyberbullying in particular.

The call from the community for action on this issue is supported by the research findings of Dr Colette Langos of the School of Law, University of South Australia, whose doctoral thesis considers the merits and constraints of enacting a specific criminal cyberbullying offence (Colette Langos, ‘Cyberbullying, associated harm and the criminal law’ (PhD Thesis, University of South Australia, 2013). Dr Langos has drafted model cyberbullying legislation which aims to criminalize only the most serious manifestations (forms) of cyberbullying, thereby minimizing over-criminalization, and we commend her work to the members of the Senate and any committees or inquiries that may result from this petition.

The signatories to this petition believe that Sections 15 and 17 of Division 474 of the Schedule of the Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth) provide critical tools for the regulation of cyberbullying, capturing some behaviour that may not be adequately captured by state laws. Since s 474.17 of the Schedule of the Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth) requires the perpetrator to be aware that there was a substantial risk the conduct would be considered menacing, harassing or offensive and that the perpetrator is unjustified in taking that risk, we believe there is educative, normative and legal value in the incorporation of a legal definition of cyberbullying into Division 474.

2. Chloe's Law - Bullying a crime punishable by law

Research shows that Bullying is strongly linked and causes mental illness and that it is also responsible for many hundreds of people to take their own lives every year.

Bullying costs the economy millions of dollars each year.

Statistics now show that the largest majority of Children that do not attend school and or have days away are not in attendance due to being subjected to bullying.

Unfortunately statistics although very high once looked into and researched, have not been collected over a long period of time to show us all the true figures of the problem which would be no doubt astronomical, however ignored due to the problem of bullying not widely recognised as it is now.

ATTORNEY-General Brian Wightman has vowed to review Tasmania's anti-bullying laws.

The pledge by Mr Wightman comes in the wake of a public outpouring over the tragedy of Hobart schoolgirl Chloe Fergusson.

The review of the Criminal Code will determine whether laws preventing bullying need to be strengthened.

The move comes after the Mercury revealed how Chloe, 15, endured three years of physical and verbal abuse and cyber bullying before taking her life last week.

The push for Chloe's Law was started by Chloe's Fergusson's sister Cassie Whitehill where she began a face book page called Chloe's Law - Introduce Anti bullying laws in Australia.

Such Page has had in reach of 295,932 people in just five days which also continues to rapidly grow.

Further Cassie also began a petition on named 'Australian Government: Introduce anti bullying laws in Australia.'

Such petition to date 22/9/2013 has 4057 Signatures over a short 5 day period and still growing by the minute.

This proves that the People of Australia want something done and they want it done now..

Chloe's Sister Cassie in conjunction with Angels Goal Inc. Australian Anti- bullying Organisation are determined to see this occur.

The introduction of Chloe's Law with an amendment to each states criminal law act throughout Australia and Tasmania must be addressed immediately and passed as our children and people in our community are being diagnosed with a mental illness or dying every day due to being bullied.

Enough Is enough it is time for the Australian state and federal governments to act.