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Too many children are growing up without their Father in their lives because of deception, lies and an unjust legal system. We need to change this.

Go to to read about Dan Major, a Father who was cheated by his wife, the CAS, a rogue police officer and the "Justice" System.

Laws and Reforms are needed because the events that happened to Dan Major are quite common. Much about "the system" is about money for those within it, often despite the costs involved to those who are unjustly harmed.

Consider that in Ontario alone, on average over 100 CHILDREN DIE A VIOLENT DEATH EVERY YEAR while under the "care" and/or guidance of the CAS (Children's Aid Society). This is an EPIDEMIC! The CAS receives $1.4 BILLION in annual funding yet has ZERO governmental accountability. Sad, but very true. Until there is accountability for the CAS and the other profiteers nothing will ever truly change.

2. Witness for Chris Wyatt's Character

I am presently involved with the Children's Aid Society. They are making allegations about my character in general because of the late I have shown frustration concerning our involvement with them.

3. Make CAS Accountable

When CAS is called by professionals (Doctors, Pediatricians, Lawyers, ect...) and they don't respond, they obviously are not looking out for the child's best interest.

How many children have to be harmed physically and/or emotionally before CAS takes charge and stops neglecting and overlooking the situation.

4. C.A.S needs to protect our children from Parental Alienation syndrome

Parental alienation involves the systematic brainwashing and manipulation of children with the sole purpose of destroying a loving and warm relationship they once shared with a parent.

Parental alienation and hostile aggressive parenting deprives children of their right to be loved by and showing love for both of their parents.

Parents/guardians using alienation tactics to hurt the other 'target' parent have been compared to cult leaders. These people put their own hatred, anger and motives before their own childs emotional and mental health. In effect, they treat their children as nothing more than possessions, and ammunition to hurt the 'target' parent.

The problem exists and it's damaging to children, and can affect them into adulthood.

Children's Aid Do not get involved when there is a matter with children suffering with Parental Alienation , because they don't get involved with custody disputes.