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121. Stop promoting child violence

It has become very common to log onto popular video sights online and view fights between school aged children. I want to stop the ability to upload a video that involves minors in any sort of violent behavior.

I want it to be against the law to video tape and upload a video of a child onto the internet that is being hurt or attempting to hurt another child or person.

I want those creating and uploading the videos as well as those allowing the videos to be posted on their websites held responsible. I no longer want to see real life violence between children being used as a form of entertainment on the internet.

122. Support the cleanest and safest methods for obtaining fuel, fertilizers, dyes, and water

History reminds of nazi control, gas chambers in slavery times and in new age times, torture was encouraged. States such as Alabama, welcome Monasato, who promotes the strongest chemical and product.

We recommend education to those within this community and everywhere. It has become a global crisis affecting children globally.

Ethanol, Chemtrails and war remind us all to defend our planet and health.

123. Protect our Kids

Having been through having our grandchildren abused then abandoned by their parents and after we took up Kinship care for them through DOCS we found that both these so called parents STILL maintained their legal rights of guardianship over these very same children they abused and abandoned.

This was supported and even encouraged by QLD current legislation. I believe that when a parent or guardian abused and gives up their child then along with those actions their rights as parents should be automatically removed until returned by a court.

This will protect the child from continued manipulation and abuse with the full knowledge of the law.

124. Require Storm Shelters in all Missouri Public Schools

Missouri is a state located within the region known as "Tornado Alley". In 2011, Joplin was struck by one of the most devastating tornadoes in our country's history.

Recently, Moore, OK was struck by a storm of similar magnitude. Each of these storms struck schools and lives were lost needlessly.

Had these schools and others been required to have storm shelters on site, lives may have been saved.

125. Ensure children's safety to and from school

My son will be attending Central Junior High in the fall of this year and we live almost a mile from the school. Right now I drop him off at before care at school in the mornings before going to work and his dad pick him up in after care around 3:30 or 4pm.

I was told by the superintendant that CJH does not have a program like that in place and can not open their doors before 8:20am. I have to be at work by 8:30 and I work in downtown Chicago so I take the train to work. I have asked several times can something be done, even suggested that they make it a fee base. To no avail nothing is in place yet or in the works.

I just want to ensure my son get to school on time and safe. There is too much happening to our children these days to just stick your heads in the sand and say well nothing has happen so far in EP. There are at least 10 registered sex offenders in EP. The walk from my home to CJH is a long walk, and a kid walking alone is like a play ground for a sick, troubled person who want to cause harm to an innocent child. I was told I am the only parent in EP with this concern.

Please help me make a difference by signing this petition so that our children can be safe and working parents can go to work with a peace of mind that their child is safe at school.

126. Ban Hydraulic Fracturing in New Jersey

Hydraulic fracturing, or hydrofracking, is the very unethical practice of pumping chemicals into the group in order to mine for natural gasses.

The main issue with hydrofracking is that the chemicals contaminate the water supply, and can potentially poison the tap water of families and individuals all over New Jersey and many other states across the country.

Hydraulic fracturing companies are not required to disclose all chemicals that they are pumping into the ground water, making the process unsafe.

127. Support Childhood sexual abuse victims: Amend the Limitations Act 1969

Limitations Act 1969 18A Personal injury
An action on a cause of action to which this section applies is not maintainable if brought after the expiration of a limitation period of 3 years running from the date on which the cause of action first accrues to the plaintiff or to a person through whom the plaintiff claims.

Childhood sexual abuse

For victims of childhood sexual abuse their life is irrevocably changed forever, for some; they will live their entire lives without disclosing to anyone, others will find the strength and courage to disclose to someone at some point in their lives.

Statistics and Figures

It is commonly accepted that:
•1 in 6 boys is sexually abused before the age of 18.
•1 in 4 girls is sexually abused before the age of 18.
•This is equivalent to 332,516 Queensland men having experienced child sexual abuse.
•Over 30% of confirmed reports of child sexual abuse involve male victims.
•Between 70-90% of men who have experienced child sexual abuse haven’t told anyone!
•In on study of 40 boys who experienced child sexual abuse and attended an adolescent medical facility, none had ever told their primary care giver.
•Men are one and a half times less likely than women to report rape to police. This makes for an extremely small figure, given that only between 5–10% of women report rape to police.
•There appear to be some particularly powerful forces preventing adult men from telling. From their experience of men's groups, counsellors say that many men do not disclose until they are in their thirties and some never disclose.

Some personal prospective?

I was sexually abused as a child, the perpetrator was a scout leader, I never told anyone about it until I was 21 at which point I told my parents that I had been abused but no more details as I was unable to deal with it. At the age of 36 I realized that I needed to do something about it because it was destroying my life. I went to the police and for the first time ever I told the detective in great detail what had happened to me. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do.

During the course of the investigation it was revealed that the scout association not only knew who this person was and what he had done but failed to report it to the authorities. One report from the scouts advised that the boys were told to “remember their scout’s code of honour and never talk about it again”. As I told my parents at age 21 I was unable to legally hold the scouts accountable becuase I disclosed at 21. The following links shows that this organisation has done this more than once.

What do we want?

We request that the limitations act 1969 section 18a be amended to allow for victims of childhood sexual abuse the time required reporting the crime and seeking compensation from the organisations’ that cover up or hide perpetrators to protect their organisations’ name.

128. Invest in a caring society. A living wage for mothers and other carers.

Mothers are the primary carers everywhere in the world. Caring for children, sick, disabled and elderly people is work vital to society.

Carers are impoverished. Income Support is being abolished. Child Benefit, society’s commitment to children, is no longer universal. Carer’s Allowance is insultingly low and most carers don’t even qualify. 200,000 care workers are denied the minimum wage.

When mothers are impoverished, children suffer: hunger, ill-health, and more often taken into care.

Mothers are told they are ‘workless’ and that earning is more important than caring. They are pushed into jobs regardless of hours, pay or childcare provision. The right to have children is being challenged.

Mothers are forced into unpaid work to ‘earn’ their benefits (‘workfare’). ‘Workfare’ bypasses the minimum wage, driving down all wages, especially women’s, and undermining pay equity.

Having to fit caring around jobs results in overwork, exhaustion and ill-health. Grandparents must often leave retirement to help.

Employed mothers (or fathers) who take time off to care for children or relatives, lose pay, promotion and future pension.

When caring work is devalued, people, relationships and life itself are devalued. The result is inequity and social neglect, but also environmental destruction and war.

Demanding time and resources for caring aims to redirect economic and social policies towards people and the planet, and away from the uncaring market.

Petition background

129. Safe the lives of unprotected children

I am hoping to find support to help my children, and myself being able to start a new life in Australia. We have been here 8 months having moved from the UK where we were subjected to arson attacks and stalking/ harassment, and the police would not protect us, despite witnesses etc.

In the end we were accused of 'doing this ourselves' and the police tried to get the children taken out of a loving family and put into care? All they need is to feel safe, and since being in Australia, they have, and don't want to go back, as they are scared of the 'child catchers' (social services) as they heard the lies being told! We don't want to live off the state, we want a new life, and to achieve our goals. My baby, born a month ago, here in Canberra, has the only chance of a life without violence, and we need help please?

130. Mandate a disclaimer for counter productive "educational" children's shows

Children under 2 years of age gain no cognitive developmental benefits from television, regardless of content. Help us in providing this critical information that will benefit the estimated 148.8 million parents in the United States.

We strive to accomplish this goal by pushing legislation to mandate a disclaimer delivering these findings to the guardians of our future generation. In response to the American Academy of Pediatrics' recommendation that children under two should be discouraged from watching television at all, and a study showing that only 6% of parents are aware of that recommendation (while 49% of parents think educational videos like Baby Einstein™ are very important in the intellectual development of children), for the betterment of society, we, the undersigned, are actively demanding that the F.C.C. publicize this information at the beginning of aforementioned programming.

One of the most prominent figures in researching early development and television usage, Dr. Dimitri Christakis confidently says, "The more videos they watched, the fewer words they knew. These babies scored about 10% lower on language skills than infants who had not watched these videos."

With the amount of conclusive evidence on the issue, and the given percentage of ignorance, it is not only in our best interest to educate, but neglectful, and arguably abusive, to sit idly by.

131. Let Kids Play on Grass at Rolling Pines condominiums

I live in the Rolling Pines condominiums and my 2 sisters, who are 5 and 8, and I, who am 14, are not allowed to play on the grass and we are forced to play in the street just because they want their grass to look good.

132. Stand up for Life

A baby's growth In the first trimester that rules out just a bunch of cells.

In Exodus 20:13 it says: Thou shalt not kill. Many Christian's are pro-choice, but if they are believers of God and claim to follow God, than why do they not see this scripture? How to baby's somehow not apply? Also in Matthew 5:21: Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, Thou shalt not kill; and whosoever shall kill shall be in danger of the judgement:

In Psalms 139:13-16: For You formed my inward parts; You covered me in my mother’s womb.

14 I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well.

15 My frame was not hidden from You, When I was made in secret, And skilfully wrought in the lowest parts of the earth.

16 Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed. And in Your book they all were written, The days fashioned for me, When as yet there were none of them.

All scientist' and biologist' cannot correctly deny the fact that a baby is a living being at conception.

A baby is fully formed at 12 weeks, that's well before the end of the first trimester. So if a baby is conceived and alive at conception, then when tell me, is it still ok at 11 weeks?, 10 weeks? Does there come a time when it is not a living human being after conception? It may not be fully formed at that age, but it is still alive.

Q: At what point does it become wrong to intentionally destroy a developing human being?

A: Conception?

B: Implantation?

C: Heart beat?

D: Brain waves?

E: Capacity of pain?

F: Viability?

G: Birth?

H: Mobility?

In 2003 66% of Australian's thought abortion should be legal in the first trimester.

10% thought it should be legal in the third trimester.

Why the discrepancy?

Because a third trimester abortion kills a baby and a first trimester kills a bunch of cells.

Or does it?

A 9 week old foetus sucks its thumb and turns somersaults.

A 7 week embryo shows distinct limb movement.

A 6 week embryo has measurable brain impulses.

A 3 week embryo has a heart beat.

They may not look like a baby yet, but they look exactly as a human being should look 21 days after conception.

In the hours of conception every aspect of the genetic inheritance for a new individual will be determined once and for all.

So begins the first day of the first nine months of life.

At any stage of pregnancy, abortion kills a rapidly developing, genetically distinct, human being.

133. Ban free pornography in th USA

11 years old, this is the average age for the first Internet exposure to pornography according the Brigham Young University.

The largest consumer group of online "adult" media is the 12-17 year old bracket.

As children across the nation continue to consumer pornographic material, the material itself steadily consumes the youth of our nation.

134. Children Back-Up: Stop Abuse on Facebook

There is a video all on Facebook of a little girl getting raped by a grown man. I keep reporting the video and it keeps been reposted. It should never been able to be posted.

This video this page thats posting these videos and pics need to be shut down and other people shouldn't be able to post things in that nature. There should be a tracker if someone tries to post to there page get shuts down and the police are informed.

135. Feed the Children

Some countries have a program to feed children in schools, others do not. If we think that human resources are the more important, then start feeding children using help from bankers which earn very big profits from credit card users.

A small fee will be helpful to start the program.


136. Light the White House gold for the month of September to honor pediatric cancer fighters

Cancer is the Number one killer in children in the world! 7(seven) Kids Die everyday due to cancer in The United States alone.

Show the kids diagnosed With these Horrible diseases That they are Not alone!

137. Bring back Corn Pops to Australia 2013

Corn Pops is a breakfast cereal that was popular in the 1990's in australia and then it was pulled off the shelves and never sold again, I still remember it's awesome flavour and wish to have it back again.

138. Get First Aid into school's all over the U.K

Since completing the Prince's Trust programme where I learnt many of skills, among them was Fist Aid and since learning this I have realised that I could have benifited from this skill from an earlier age.

139. No to Service Station Near Maleny State School

IGA (Maleny) has applied for a Material Change of Use to build an 8 pump petrol station and chemical storage facility on 19-21 Bunya St within 40 metres of Maleny State Primary School's classrooms.

Apart from the obvious safety and pollution concerns, being so close to developing children's brains, it is at the entrance to Maleny on a street that has no other industrial developments. The traffic at school drop-off and pick-up times is horrendous, indeed, it is thought to be one of the most dangerous school approaches in Queensland!

Furthermore, the sheer scale and position of the proposed development does not fit in with the town character, which is broadly traditional single-storey timber buildings set back from the roadway with muted earthy paint colours, no major company signage of the scale of a service station exists in the town.

140. Appropriate Classification Movies for Babes In Arms Screenings

During the past 50 years, thousands of research studies have revealed that the media can be a powerful teacher of children and have a profound impact on their health.

To date, too little has been done by parents, health care practitioners, schools, the government and the entertainment industry to protect children from harmful media effects. By selecting M and MA movies for Babes In Arms sessions, cinemas are not helping.

Babes in Arms sessions are a great idea for parents and guardians to be able to enjoy movies while taking care of children, but movies need to be appropriate. Little eyes and ears absorb more than we realise.

In Australia, we have film classifications for a reason. There are good reasons why movies are classed as being suitable for only Mature audiences and adults only. Therefore, we should not have to choose between missing out on having some "time out" while watching a movie, or subjecting out children to a movie that has drug and alcohol abuse, strong language, sexuality/nudity, and an intense action sequences etc.

Keep Babes In Arms Movies to G and PG movies only!

141. Get Prayer Back In Schools

For many years now, we have seen tragedies enter our schools and slaughter our children. We have gone from sending our children to school as normal, to deploying them to a war zone that we didn't sign up for and praying they make it back alive.

People continue to say that different religions will be offended. Well, Religions aren't discriminated against when it comes to a bullet hitting our children. We are suppose to be a Country that's not divided, but because of our Religious beliefs we are. Prayer is not about "WHAT" you believe, but WHO you believe in. Why is it okay to Pray After the fact but not before? We see our President praying for the family and children, we see candle light vigils with Prayer going forth after we lose our love ones. They pray at the Funeral. If Prayer helps after, what makes us think it wont HELP before.

My question is this, we had it before, and it didn't Hurt, why can't we put it back and believe that its going to help. The only thing we have to lose now is another child. The schools, and schools transportation is being attacked, the devil is busy. Whatever we believe, I know this Country all believes in prayer. So help me get it back into our schools, let's get it on jobs, and all over. If you don't sign for you, sign the Petition for that last child that was killed, God forbid there be a next one.


142. Let Simon Back

بتاريخ 9/1/2013 تم خطف الطفلة (سيمون داود إسماعيل) والتي تدين بالديانة الأيزيدية و تبلغ من العمر أقل من إثني عشر عاما كونها من مواليد 18/7/2001من قرب دار أهلها في مجمع شيخكا في ناحية ألقوش في قضاء تلكيف في محافظة نينوى . وقد قام والدها بتبليغ الشرطة وتسجيل الشكوى بشأن خطفها لغرض إيجادها وإنقاذها من المجرمين الخاطفين وإعادتها إلى أهلها. و بعد وقوع جريمة خطفها بأيام قام الخاطفون بإبلاغ أهلها بأنها قد أسلمت وتم زواجها من أحد الأشخاص وفق الشريعة الإسلامية .

143. Stop the killing & execution of innocent Syrians in Syria!

Over 60,000 deaths have occurred in Syria since the first and peaceful protests against President Assad began. In addition, Turkey and other neighboring countries, are overfilling with fleeing refugee's who do not want to die in Syria.

Hundreds of thousands of Syrian's have fled the bloodbath in Syria. Children lay dead on the Syrian's streets, women are being raped, and men are being tortured by the Assad regime.

144. Save North Kelvin Meadow and Children's Wood

The North Kelvin Meadow and Children's Wood are a multi-use wild green space between Maryhill and North Kelvin in Glasgow.

It is bounded by Clouston, Sanda and Kelbourne Streets, and used to be football pitches and tennis courts. For 20 years, since the City Council abandoned the land, local residents have been looking after it.

Around 1000 people per month have been using the land at formal events over the last year, and many more use it informally for their children to play in, for dog-walking, and for environmental issues such as growing food and composting. A planning application has been submitted which will level all but a handful of the 480 trees on the site.

We are past the point at which we are allowed to make formal representation to the Planning Department. But we still need your support - this petition will be used in an appeal to the Scottish Government if the planning application is approved by the City Council.

Please follow the links for much more on this issue of the importance of wild green space that is so important to all of us.

145. Arm our Schools and Children Against Terror (ASCAT)

Since the tragedy’s at Columbine High School on April 20th of 1999, our nation has bared witness to more than it's rightful share of school shootings, massacres and terrorists acts.

The most recent of such attacks happened on December 14, 2012, at Sandy Hooks Elementary School in Newton, CT killing 20 six and seven year old children and six adults. Our children are not safe. This cannot be tolerated any longer in simple hopes of a better solution. Our children have the right to go to school and be safe from the tyranny of terrorists.

It is up to you Mr. President and our respected, elected officials to grant us the means necessary to better arm our schools and shield our beloved. This threat cannot be solved by written law to try and deter terror. Taking away guns leaves our children left to fate and that’s a risk parents are not willing to take. We want our schools armed.

ASCAT demands that every school have at least one armed Police or Military Officer on campus during school hours and extended activities after school hours. The following is a list of other demands we want to see enforced:

1. Five willing and evaluated teachers from every campus to undergo police and firearm training, licensed to carry a concealed firearm.
2. Required firearm training and carrying license for the principal of every school and have them armed on campus.
3. Gun safes in classrooms of participating teachers and principals office to restrain access by students.
4. Panic buttons placed in every classroom with a unique sound that can be delivered throughout the school and to police to alert of terrorists attacks.
5. Teacher & Staff anti-terrorists seminars and workshops.
6. Act and Respond panic drills for students.
7. Locks on classrooms with reinforced doors and glass.
8. Better front door security and reinforcements.
9. Secondary devices such as electric tasers for participating teachers and principal.
10. Secondary reinforced door access to student population.

This isn’t a battle that is going to end without a fight. For the safety of our children and our educators we must arm our schools. It is just a matter of time before this happens again and when it does we must be ready.

You can’t stop a terrorist from attempting an attack, but you can stand up against them when the attack is made.

146. Strong gun control is needed

Due to recent activities in the Sandy Area schools and 5 lock-downs in Alberta schools due to threats and guns in our schools, I would like to see changes for the protection of our children and others.

I would like to see new procedures in place to protect the innocent from dangerous situations in our schools and other areas.

147. Voice of the Child

On December 20, 2012, I Alexander D'Jamoos created Voice of the Child in response to legislation in Russia which would end intercountry adoption and take away the chance that many children have to live in a safe family. This is my letter to President Putin.

Dear President Putin,

My name is Alexander D’Jamoos. I am 21 years old. I am currently a sophomore at the University of Texas at Austin where I am planning to major in Government and International Relations.

I was born in Russia with deformed hands and legs, which prevented me from walking. I grew up in a state orphanage for children with physical disabilities in Nizhniy Lomov. At the age of 15, I was lucky to be adopted by a loving family in Dallas. It is because of my experience that I, like thousands of other adopted children throughout the world was in shock by the passing of the Anti-Magnitsky Law by the Russian parliament. The law, which bans international adoption of Russian orphans by American citizens, victimizes the estimated 800,000 orphans in Russia.

Throughout my childhood I had never expected to be loved by a family. My biological parents had left me in the hospital because of my disabilities. My orphanage housed about 100 children, all of whom were physically disabled and had been neglected by their parents. Some of the horrible conditions at the orphanage included no heating during harsh winters, lack of hot water during summer-time, rudimentary education, lack of sanitary facilities, inadequate accessibility equipment, and the worst of all, lack of love and care. Like millions of disabled Russian orphans, I expected a gloomy future in a state-run nursing home full of people rejected by Russian society merely because of their physical conditions.

I was adopted and my life has changed more than I could have ever hoped. Today, like never before, I am fully in control of my life and have great hopes and goals for my future. At Texas Scottish Rite Hospital my legs were amputated so that I would be able to wear prosthetic limbs. For the first time in my life I was able to walk. This has dramatically transformed my life. As a result of my academic success, I received many scholarships that enabled me to attend one of the best universities in the world. I learned to ski. Last summer I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro on my prosthetic legs to raise hope for disabled orphans in Russia. I now have caring parents and a little brother, whom I love dearly. I value my upbringing. I continue speaking Russian, and I stay in touch with all of my childhood friends and teachers.

These orphaned children, to whom I feel a very strong connection, are victims of an incentive-based, cruel political retaliation. The anti-adoption law claims that Americans abuse Russian children and adopt them simply to get financial benefits. These claims are not only preposterously false - they are insensitive to thousands of adopted children and their families in the U.S. Of the nearly 60,000 children who had been adopted from Russia in the past 20 years, 19 have died, while in Russia hundreds of children die in Russian families and Russian orphanages regularly. The fundamental right of every child to have a family and have a successful life is being brutally violated by this law. Every child in every country should have a right to be adopted by Russians, British, Americans or any other family regardless of their origin. The rhetoric of the Anti-Magnitsky legislation is illogical, heartless, and simply inhumane. The victims of this political demagoguery are the thousands of children who will not have hope for a bright future. Like most of my childhood friends, they are destined to spend their lives in unsanitary nursing homes or on the streets.

Like many adopted children in America, I believe the Anti-Magnitsky Law insults the very concept of a family. Had this law been introduced 6 years ago – today I would have no home, no family, I wouldn’t be able to hug my little brother, wouldn't attend a university and wouldn't experience the joy of walking and having full control of my life.

Every civilized country ought to improve the lives of their children by closing orphanages and encouraging domestic adoption. This law includes no determination to takes such actions. It merely deprives children of all last hope they had for a life with a family. Banning adoptions due to the Anti-Magnitsky law is inhumane and is an immoral act which uses vulnerable children for meeting political goals. It does not help the orphaned children. They will be simply forgotten.

Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich, on behalf of thousands of children in Russia and the United States, I strongly urge you not to sign this law into effect.

Sincerely, Alexander D’Jamoos

21 December, 2012


Уважаемый Владимир Владимирович!

Меня зовут Александр Д’Джамус. Мне 21 год. Я студент второго курса Университета Техаса в Остине со специализацией в Государственном Управлении и Международных Отношениях. Я родился в России с деформированными руками и ногами - из-за этого не мог ходить. Я вырос в детском доме для детей-инвалидов в Нижнем Ломове, Пензенской области. В 15 лет мне повезло быть усыновлённым любящей семьёй из американского города Даллас. Именно исходя из моего жизненного опыта, я, как и тысячи других усыновлённых детей во всем мире, был поражён решением Думы принять закон, запрещающий усыновление американскими семьями. Жертвами этого законa станут примерно 800,000 сирот.

Всё моё детство прошло без дома и без любви, которые даёт семья. Мои биологические родители оставили меня в роддоме из-за моих физических недостатков. В детском доме со мной жило около 100 детей, каждый из которых был инвалидом, оставленным родителями. Условия были не самыми лучшими. А главное, все мы выросли без родительской любви и ласки. Как и тысячи других российских сирот, я ожидал печального будущего в доме инвалидов для взрослых, от которых российское общество отказалось только из-за их физического состояния.

Меня усыновили и моя жизнь изменилась так, как я даже не мог себе представить. Сейчас, как никогда раньше, я контролирую свою жизнь и своё будущее. В Техасском Госпитале Скоттиш Райт мне сделали ампутацию ног, чтобы носить протезы. В первый раз за всю свою жизнь я смог ходить. Это коренным образом изменило мою жизнь. Благодаря моим академическим успехам я получил стипендии, которые дали мне возможность обучаться в одном из самых лучших университетов мира. Я научился кататься на лыжах. Прошлым летом, работая с программой для российских детей-инвалидов, я совершил восхождение на гору Килиманджаро на протезах. У меня теперь любящие родители и любимый младший брат. Я ценю все, что у меня есть. Я продолжаю говорить по-русски и не теряю связи с друзьями моего детства и с учителями.

Эти дети-сироты, чьи чувства и надежды я полностью разделяю, стали жертвами жестокого политического возмездия. Закон, запрещающий усыновление, говорит о том, что американцы издеваются над российскими детьми и усыновляют их просто ради финансовой наживы. Это не только абсурдно и неверно, но и просто игнорирует жизненный опыт тысяч усыновлённых детей и их семей в Соединенных Штатах. За последние 20 лет американцы усыновили почти 60000 детей из России и 19 из них погибли, в то время как в России сотни детей гибнут в семьях и детских домах каждый год. Насилие над детьми происходит во всем мире и это- общая проблема человечества и бороться с этим надо не политическими мерами. Новый закон жестоко нарушает фундаментальное право каждого ребёнка на семью и возможность успеха в жизни. Каждый ребёнок в любой стране должен иметь право быть усыновлённым россиянами, англичанами, американцами или другой семьёй, вне зависимости от того, откуда она. Риторика этого закона нелогична, бессердечна и просто бесчеловечна. Жертвами этой политической демагогии станут тысячи детей, у которых не будет надежды на лучшее будущее. Как большинство друзей моего детства, они будут вынуждены проживать свои жизни в заброшенных домах инвалидов или на улицах.

Как и многие другие усыновлённые дети в Америке, я считаю, что закон о запрещении усыновлений американскими семьями, принятый российской Думой, оскорбителен для самой концепции человеческой семьи. Если бы подобный закон был принят 6 лет назад, то сегодня у меня не было бы дома, семьи, я не мог бы обнять своего младшего брата, учиться в университете и почувствовать радость от возможности ходить и полностью контролировать свою жизнь.

Каждая цивилизованная страна должна улучшать жизнь детей-сирот, закрывая детские дома и поощряя внутреннее усыновление. В этом законе об этом нет ни слова. Он просто отнимает у детей последнюю надежду на достойную жизнь и семью. Запрещать усыновления негуманно и использовать детей, самых уязвимых членов общества, в политических целях - аморально. Это никак не помогает сиротам. Они будут просто забыты.

Владимир Владимирович, от имени тысяч детей в России и в Соединённых Штатах я призываю вас не подписывать этот закон.

Искренне ваш, Александр Д’Джамус
21 декабря 2012-го года.

148. Update the security at our schools and keep our kids safe

My heart goes out to everyone touched by the senseless violence that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary.

The unspeakable school tragedies and shooting rampages in public areas have occurred all too frequently over the last several years, and makes them seem less random each time.

149. Arm Teachers to protect Children in Schools

Since the year 2000 we have witnessed 77 shootings in schools around the US leaving 165 students and educators dead.

This situation is intolerable and something must be done to end the madness! We can no longer leave students as sheep in a slaughter pen, they must be protected in the only way murderers understand and that is DEFENSE!

150. Military presence at schools

In response to the recent tragedy at Newtown, Ct. we as parents (and taxpayers) believe there should be a military presence at every school across the country until appropriate security measures are taken.

As secure as the current systems may seem, the holes have been exposed in this latest act of violence. In order to stop an armed gunmen, they have to be met with the same at the front door. Recent census shows that there are approx. 3 million total (active & reserve) U.S. Service Members and approx. 100,000 schools.

This ratio shows that this is possible with 30 members per every school and in all reality, to ensure safety there is only 1-2 needed. Our troops as well as our government are funded through our tax money and it is about time we have a say in where it goes.