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151. Parent's Rights are Child's Rights!

The paternal Grandmother of baby boy of 18 months filed for joinder under false grounds and false facts/statements. The Joinder was still Granted!
After, Grandma filed a motion to requests visitations un supervised. The baby doesn't even know them and vice versa to say there is an en dangared pre-existing bond.
I had a brief with points and authorities with case law and state codes/ laws made, was grantedsupervised visits at my home every week for 2 hours at my convinience.

Grandma showed on a day she wasn't supposed to, put my mother and child in dangers way, I then filed a TRO
but the Judge denied it because I wasn't the victim.

Now grandparents get un supervised visits with supervised pick up and drop off and we both have to pay. Grandparents have been getting away with it all, the court doesn't want to hear me out. I have plenty of laws, statues, codes, case laws, evidence, testimonials, witnesses, and it is almost as if I were the invinsible parent. I have been the parent 100 percent of the time, the other parent is not around. There is no pre existing bond or anything that the court should have to go by to allow forced visits.

They have had my child dropped off with vomit on his clothes, un approved medicine stains on his shirt, chocolate, it goes on and on. HELP Your petition counts!

152. Mandatory Prison Sencences

In October 2005, A Tasmanian man, Shane Michael SHANKS was charged with Murder, Manslaughter and Ill-treatment of a child...his son, Danny Leigh DELL

In November 2006, SHANKS went to court and pleaded Guilty to Manslaughter as the DPP lessened the charge as it could not be found that out of the 79 injuries that the child had sustained which one had killed him.

It seems to many people, it wasn't one particular injury but the whole lot that caused the childs death.

The man is now going to serve about 4 years in jail but we feel that the term should be more or he should be charged with murder as that is what happened in this situation.

A 4 year old boy was murdered and the father is showing no remorse for what he has done and is doing to the childs family and friends.

153. Sex offenders should have no rights

I belive that every child's right is to have freedom. Now there is no freedom with men learking arould and knowbody cares about the children when these men are released from jail.

They are free to move around the world free to harm again and we need to put a stop to it.

So we the public need to know where these men are every time your child is out and that your child might never come home due to a SEX OFFENDER.


154. Investigate "Child Abuse" fraud violating Children & Parents

The U.S. government's program known as CAPTA allows for a "minimum definition of child abuse" which is destroying thousands of American families for trivial or trumped-up charges of "abuse."

This law is blattently unconstitutional as parents are less than second class citizens and are condemned by unconstitutional inquisitions. Please read more at:

155. Stop Child Trafficking

All over the world children are suffering from many different causes. Diseases and hunger are two of these suffering that many know about; but what about the ones that are not as talked about, child trafficking.

Nearly 18,000 to 20,000 men, women and children are trafficked in the United States alone. These children go through hours of sexual torment which can be stopped. We need to rally together to get these numbers down and we also need help to get this in action.

So please, just sign it will only take you a minute to sign but it may just be the one thing we need to keep children from getting hurt.



157. Save the child oncology nurses in Ipswich

Ipswich hospital is cutting hundreds of jobs throughout its hospital, some proposed cuts include a service provided by two highly qualified child oncology specialist nurses.

These nurses deal with all the children in Ipswich and surrounding areas who have some sort of cancer. More importantly they provide care for children who have a terminal cancer and provide care for them at home.

Ipswich hospital is proposing a cut to this service and these two nurse's jobs are on the line. This will have a huge impact on families allready in there care. It will also mean that children with terminal diseases will not be able to peacefully pass away in their own homes, hospital will replace that comfort.

These nurses are the only two in Ipswich who specifacally offer this service to children, we don't want a proposed cut to their positions, we want them to carry on providing the wonderful service that they do!

Please help these nurses to keep their jobs!

158. Chloe Rae: Age 2; Granddaughter of Rosie Myers

Bring Chloe Rae Home!
Chloe Rae, age 2: Granddaughter of Rosie Myers of West Terre Haute, Indiana 47885.
or ask for Phyllis. or message phone (812)242-0901

Chloe Rae; a child who was separated from her little brother Michael due to the recent death at age 10 months, needes to be with the rightful family with her grandmother Rosie Myers, of West Terre Haute, Indiana. The little girl should not be with some stranger that she does not know at all!

Rosie Myers is a wonderful grandmother who loves Chloe Rae throughout this world and will do what she can to get the custody of her grandbaby. Chloe's little brother, Michael was murdered by his mother's spouse. The little baby had a boot mark indention in the back of the baby's skull, and other fatal injuries.


Any information on this case please contact: Dan Kelly ATTN. 674 Ohio St. Suite 1. Terre Haute, Indiana 47807 (812)234-2422 E-mail:
Crawfordsville (765)364-0902


159. Destruction orders for vicious dogs

My son who is 7yrs old was attacked by his uncle's American bulldog over at his uncle's house - at the time the owners partner was there thankfully to help my son and remove the dog outside, however she's adament the dog was totally unprovoked and attacked him for no reason.

As a result of this my son had to go down to theatre to be stitched up as the wounds we're so deep, he had 20 nylon stitches in the back of his head.

Because the attack took place where the dog resides the officer dealing with it wasn't sure anything could be done to the dog.

The owner still has the dog, which we feel is absolutely disgusting - where are his morals!

It should of been destroyed in an instant, we are lucky my son is here today as had it been his throat he may not of been.

We feel the dog should be destroyed before its given the chance to attack someone else please help us to hopefully have a new law brought forward so if a dog attacks a child regardless of where it happens its a dangerous dog and it should be destroyed.

160. Get rid of homosexuality

Humans are designed to be heterosexual not gay/lesbian. They can do want they want in their own homes but not in public because it is wrong.

Gay/lesbian couples should not be able to adopt etc because imagine what the child's friends would say if they found out his/her parents were gay/lesbian. Children should also be brought up by a mother and a father, not two mothers or two fathers. They need an influence from both types of parents.

Gay/lesbian marriages should definetely never become legal. The dictionary definition of marriage says that marriage is between a man and a woman.

It should also be illegal to practice homosexuality in public as it is disgusting and the majority of people don't want to see it.

There is nothing wrong with being homosexual as long as they don't do any of the above. They can still be homosexual in their own homes.

161. Stop government pension to suspected child killer

In 1969 an Ordinary Seaman serving in the Royal Australian Navy was arrested and charged with the mutilation and Murder of 12 year old victorian girl Yvonne Tuohy at Western Port Beach.

This Ordinary Seaman's name is Derek Percy. He is also suspected of several other mutilation murders of young children. At his trial the jury found that he was unfit to stand trial due to insanity.

Percy has been in Jail at the Governors pleasure since. He recently revealed that he had amassed over $177,000.00 due to receipt of a pension of $200.00 per fortnight paid to him by the Australian Government.

Request that the Department of Veterans Affairs review this pension entitlement with a view to having it stopped and recovering any monies already paid.

162. Stop Child Support Abuse

There are people in our country (Men and Woman), who unfortunately, have had trouble in their marriage and had to file for divorce. Many times there are children stuck in the middle of this and these children still need financial support.

Thank God that this country has laws that insure that this is done, But in my opinion the way that this is done is VERY unfair. I believe our goverenment should average out what it takes to support each child per family and use that amount as the childs support.

As it is right now that amount goes by what that spouse makes on his or her paycheck. I read of a lawyer that was ordered to pay his one healthy child twenty four thousand dollars a month...ridiculous don't you think? Do you really believe that the child is needing that much a month...or is it supporting a few "others" as well?

I believe this law in some cases brings greed and could possibly be an influence in the final decision to go through with a divorce.

163. Better security for residents in LakeShore Dunes Apartments

I live in LakeShore Dunes Apartments at 440 North Lake Street in Gary, Indiana 46403, (219)938-0500. The main security door of my high rise building is broken. They have been refusing to fix this door for the past month.

I am a single parent of a young child that works evening shift and get home late. One night I get off work at 11 p.m. and get home with my 3 year old at around 12:30 a.m. and the main security door is wide open because it is broken and there is a homeless man sleeping in the main hallway.

I pay $630 in rent, no section 8, and have called the manager of the complex SEVERAL times and she is REFUSING to fix the door. I do not feel safe because anyone can walk into the building and catch a resident by suprise and be assaulted by an unwanted guest in the building. It's unsafe and scary.

The door has been broken for an ENTIRE MONTH. The manager told me that it is too expensive to fix the door. The only piece that they need is the "scissor looking" piece that makes the door snap back shut. It's not an expensive piece. They are just being lazy. There are allot of people that have small children and some single mothers that live alone in our building. I would hate for something to happen to a mother and her small child because of the irresponsibility and laziness of management, maintenance, and security.

In the stairwell, there are huge holes in the wall with wires and hanging out and plaster all over the floor. A child could touch the wire by accident and be fatally electrocuted.

I want them to fix the door. There is no reason why the door should be broken for that long. It is just pure laziness. When security does their "routine" building checks, they don't even bother to close the door. The gouging holes in the stairwell walls are dangerous and have been there for months.

Maybe if we can get some publicity about this issue, they will be more aggressive about fixing the door. PLEASE HELP!!

164. Villages of Benning: rules for the care of children

July 2006

The school year is about to begin again, but if you aren't walking your children under the age of 12 to, and from, the bus stop every day, you could be issued a violation from housing.

It has recently been brought to my attention that the company in charge of post housing (Pinnacle) plans to enforce rules that do not comply with post rules the military police enforce.

They will enforce these rules regarding the care of your children while playing outside by issuing violation letters and calling the MPs to pick up your children. These are the exact words used by Mary Frances DeRivera, community manager.

The following is from a letter dated 7-14-06 I received:

Paragraph 6.2 Care of Children "Any children/youth under the age of 12 will not be left unattended by parents or guardians. This includes allowing a child/youth to remain unattended in a yard or playground while the parent, guardian, baby sitter or person is absent from the premises, or such child is out of sight of the adult. Children/youth under the age of 12 must be under direct supervision of a legal guardian..."

However, according the the military police here on Fort Benning, their rules are as follows:
Children aged 4-6 must be in immediate access and in sight of the child.
children aged 7-9 must be with in access and the sponser must know the exact location of the child.
Children aged 10 & 11 must be within access and the sponser must know the general location of the child.

Currently, The Villages of Benning need no documentation or proof to issue a violation to you. If someone calls them to complain, they do not have any rules in place which require them to document the phone call. In addition, when someone places an annonymous complaint, they are not required to follow up on the issue themselves to prove the violation is valid, and not just hearsay.

Right now there is nothing to stop an angry neighbor from having violations sent to your house.

165. Child Daycare Funding!!

July 17, 2006

Stephan Harper wants to take away the Child Daycare Funding Program to pay for the 5% GST cut on January 1, 2007.

Instead the government should be giving more to help parents.

I ask you to sign the petition below and pass it on Friends, Family and Relatives.

166. Stop Crime in South Africa

July 14, 2006

5,000 people were killed on Sept 11, 2001 in America and the world "is at war".

21,000 people were murdered in South Africa last year, and rest of the world turns a blind eye!

An 8 month-old baby girl was raped to death by 5 men in Cape Town, South Africa, as they thought it would "cure their Aids".

A 24 year-old pregnant woman was repeatedly raped in her home in Birch Acres, Kempton Park, South Africa on Monday, January 08, 01.

A five-month pregnant woman, her husband and their five-year-old daughter were relaxing at home when four unknown men entered the house. The husband (32) was tied up and held at gunpoint while the suspects raped his wife in the dining room. The suspects then ransacked the house and took electrical appliances, household goods and clothing valued at about R20000.

No arrests have been made. The gruesome list goes on and on . . .
For once, this is a worthwhile message to pass on - for my friend Jeremy Sutton who was murdered, leaving his 8-month pregnant wife, Trish, behind - and for all others who have been touched by crime.

If Gary Teichmann can sign this so can all of us. One Sunday Times front page headlines stated:

Toddler sodomised to death. 2-year-old girl sodomised so brutally, her wounds shocked doctors. Her anus and rectum were so severely injured that medical staff could literally see 3cm inside her body. The rapist walks free after police corrupted her file.

Dear Friends Chris Duncan here. I know a lot of you have received petitions like this before and many more like it.
I also know that there is a serious problem in South Africa. I know a lot of you don't feel that there is much of a problem and refuse to be part of petitions to stop murder. I ask you now, please: If you refuse to do a simple thing like placing a name to a list in an attempt to bring it to the attention of your leaders, what are you doing that the rest of us don't know about to stop it?

Even if it's to clear your conscience so that in a small way you can say you did something, it is worth it.
What would it take for you to suddenly spring into action?

Should your child, wife or husband need to be killed first?
Please think about it and think perhaps it can help instead of "what good will it do?"

Following the latest child killings in Cape Town, I hope Cape Tonians and South Africans in general are prepared to take a stand to stop all this crime. For our son Peter Marks who was brutally beaten to death leaving a young wife and son of eight months and devastated family behind and for all others who have been touched by crime.

167. Zero tolerance for repeat sex offenders

July 14, 2006

To ask that the sentences for sex offences both of adult and children be made more severve.

The way sentences are handed out in these cases are a travesty. The inept sentences serve only to re-victimise the victim and make it easy for offenders to continue to offend.

I am asking that the sentences for first offence be no less than 5 years Australia wide and that if a convicted offender re-offends post release that there be put in place a zero tolerance no second chance law that sentences them to life with no opportunity for parole How many more times do rapists and child molesters need to some that they are unremorseful for their acts and will continue to re-offend at every opportunity.

U people in parliament have the power with in ur hands to change this it's time we screamed NO loudly and put the message across that we as a society will not tolerate sexual predators FULL STOP.

When you read this thing of poor Sofia before you just dismiss my words and do your job speak for those who cannot speak for themselves, make the sentences just not unjust.

Think of innocence (of a child) then attempt to put a value on it, then think how long these sexual predators should rot behind bars.

Please stand up and fix the problem now.

168. Introduce Sarah's Law

We owe it to our next generation !

Sarah's Law would give parents the right to controlled information about the whereabouts of predatory child sex offenders living in their area. It would enable parents to safeguard their children by contacting police in order to obtain details of high risk paedophiles who are known to reside within their local community.

This information would be strictly controlled by police and there would be strong penalties for anyone who abuses the information.

Sarah's Law is NOT a call for unrestricted open access to the Sex Offender's Register.

We start from the position that information should no longer remain the exclusive preserve of officialdom. We believe the public have the right to protection and they have the right to information'.

Lord Stevens - former Met Police Chief:

'Its all about a parent's right to protect their child, a child's right to be safe. 'If just saves one child from sex abuse, and the lifetime of nightmares that too often follow, then I'm afraid its worth all the inconvenience in the world for the

'We Can't Change the Past - But We Can Definitely Change the Future'

Children don't get a second chance.

We believe its our right as parents - We recognise the problem - We commit to
the cause.

169. Amber Alert in MSN Groups

July 1, 2006

This petition will be sent to MSN groups hoping that they will allow the Amber Alert tickers to be added to their groups.

Millions of people use MSN groups on a daily basis. If you're all for helping save a child's life, please sign this petition and pass it on.

170. Petition for Midyear Reports at PCPS

June 13, 2006

For the second year in a row, parents at Point Clare Public School will NOT be receiving a midyear report on their child's progress.

The only written report being offered to the parent community is the end of year report.

The Department of Education's Policy entitled "Curriculum planning and programming, assessing and reporting to parents K-12" states that: Schools will provide parents/carers with a written report on their child's learning at least twice per year. The components of the written report will meet the Policy Standards. (section 1.3.3).

Written reports are valuable tools for parents to gauge how their child is performing, and to highlight any issues that their child is having within the classroom environment. For parents who work out of the home full time and who are unable to attend class interviews, a written report can be the first indication of any problem their child is having.

It is unacceptable to make this decision without informing the parent community and without asking for our input.

In accordance with this, we would like to ask you to sign this petition, if you would like to have a midyear written report for your child.

171. Childcare for a Community (Dewey, AZ) With No Childcare Options

June 8, 2006

We, the undersigned, agree that the lack of childcare in the Dewey/Humboldt Arizona community is of great concern.

Families desiring to utilize childcare services must drive 25+ minutes to towns outside the community. In recognizing uprising gas prices, this places an unwelcome burden on many single parent families. Due to lack of commercial properties available, currently there are no options for placing a childcare facility in the Dewey/Humboldt town.

LadyBug Child Care Center would like to rezone 1851 E Prescott Dells Road, to a Residential Service Zone, which would allow for a small child care center to be placed in a residential home. This home is positioned in an area with little housing and many vacant lots. Only two surrounding homes are inhabited. The Zoning Commission has the ability to remove this critical burden by simply rezoning this property.

Not only would this offer childcare to the town of Dewey/Humboldt, but also the towns of Mayer and Cherry, which currently lack in childcare services as well. Please help us lift this burden to so many families.

Though this sounds like a relatively small request to support, many families are affected by this small petition. Your signatures and support are greatly appreciated.

172. No Place for a Child - Stop Detaining Children Now!

May 31, 2006

The UK government currently detains more than 2,000 children, including babies, in immigration detention centres every year. That's equivalent to the number of pupils at a large inner-city secondary school.

These children have not committed any crime but are held behind locked doors and high barbed wire fences. Five years ago it was rare for families and children to be detained for immigration purposes. Now, members of the No Place for a Child coalition have documented detentions lasting anything from 7 to 268 days.

Detaining these children is wrong - regardless of the merits of a family's asylum case.

Tell the Home Secretary that detaining children is wrong by logging on to the website and emailing him:

Help us reach our target of 10,000 signatures by forwarding the weblink to your friends and colleagues.

173. Stop child predators in Canada

May 30, 2006

As a mother of two, it just sickens me that there are sexual predators preying on our children.

WHEN and IF they are charged they get an insignificant punishment and let out in a couple of months….and only to attack another helpless child! There was an 11-year old girl abducted in Armstrong, BC not to long ago, thankfully she was found 36 hours later. The man that abducted her was in his fifties and well known to police. What kind of sentence is he going to get? If you ask me, he should be put in jail to rot! We need tougher laws so these pitiful creatures do not harm our children any more.

Check this out: a businessman and father, was convicted of obtaining the sexual services of minors on four occasions. The court imposed the lenient penalty of a six months suspended sentence, one-year probation and a $500 fine.
A man was convicted of hitting Alberta Premier Ralph Klein in the face with a pie. Provincial Court has sentenced him to 30 days in jail, three months probation, 40 hours of community service and a $50 victim surcharge.

Makes sense doesn't it?

If you want to protect your children and get these jerks off the street, please sign, perhaps then the government will start listening.

174. New York State Divorce Reform

May 26, 2006

New York State Divorce Reform.

Regressive matrimonial and divorce laws need to be reformed.

175. Protection of the community from child sex offenders

May 26, 2006

This Petition will be mailed to All Australian Members of the Senate in Parliament.

Child abuse is way out of control and it is time to turn the light on these sex offenders who have been getting away with the most Unacceptable... Who have been interfering with the rights of others, who have denied and exploited their responsibility as role-model and guardian.

We must All make ourselves accountable… it is time to face this front on, together!

What's needed is Prevention and Zero tolerance!!!

What's needed is Greater public awareness through Education!

CONSIDER THIS: The word Victim should not be used. We do not want to encourage victimhood; 'Fear' This word implies one person is victorious over the other who is helpless, this word gives power away. The word predator should not be promotes domninace to one side and instills fear and helplessness to the other side. Instead the abuser should be understood through description... as very sick, deeply immoral, deeply selfish, out of control, deficient in remorse therefore completely untrustworthy, sly, manipulative, unpredictable, harmful, violent... this would help avoid manipulation.

We can no longer function from fear...and we can no longer remain ignorant as ignorance is the greatest breeder of fear.

We are no longer victims when the so called predator sees we are the ones watching them...When what we say and what is done speaks the message that abusive behavior will not be tolerated the dominator will loose his power.

176. Re-zone Sime and Brownell land Commercial

April 28, 2006

Away to Learn, Inc. is interested in building a child care center on this particular property and is meeting with opposition from the neighbors. They feel that we would bring in too much traffic to the area.

The benefits to building on this property is that we are close to the local factories where many of our families work. We would also be close to firemans park, the city swimming pool, and library.

We would like to utilize these more and would be within walking distance of any of these.

177. Buckle up the children!

March 14, 2006

How many of you know someone who has lost a baby or child in a vehicle accident because they were not buckled up in a car seat or with a safety belt? How many people do you know that allow their kids to stand in the car?

How many of you have SEEN what it looks like when a child has gone through a windscreen, if you have - you know you never want to ever again! Let's give children the right to live a whole life..

People have got so accustomed to the luxury of driving their (safe) cars, that they have become less aware of their own safety by driving continuously faster & more recklessly. They might be able to afford a speeding or reckless driving fines but what none of us can afford is the huge loss of childrens' lives which have occurred over many years. Children are allowed to stand on the back seat (sometimes even on the front seat!), they are not harnassed in in any way - should the driver have to apply brakes - which happens all the times - the child will either go through the windscreen & be killed or be very seriously injured / killed in the vehicle itself.

Please read this and forward it on, YOU could save a child's life TODAY!

178. Fathers Rights in Bermuda.. Do They Have Any?

February 25, 2006

I am writing to you to demand change on an epidemic that is destroying families, fathers, and children right here in our country.

Simply put, the "Family Court" system as it now exists has stripped fathers of their rights to be a part of their children's lives. Instead, fathers have turned into financial pumps, living in constant fear of being dragged back into court by the mother and victimized yet again.

It is fair to say that the Children's Amendment Act of 2002 is biased against the fathers. Children aren't things that you buy off of a shelf in the grocery store. The whole child support system needs to be scrapped, and built up in a manner that the father and mother have equal rights to the child in question.

There is one judge in the family court that is clogging up the jails with fathers that don't pay support. If you take a look down the Prison Farm, you would notice that the majority of men down there are sent there by Judge Chin. It's really hard for a man to go to court and state his case when Judge Chin is leaning to one side……THE WOMAN!!!! I am a woman, and I feel that he is very biased.

This Government has an important role in changing this act. The person who is suffering through this whole ordeal is the child. It's not fair that when I go up on the Bermuda Laws Website there is nothing in there about a "Father's Bill of Rights" or "Fathers Rights". Why is it that a female has the last say when it comes to the care and control of a child? Why is it that she holds all the cards?

Fathers are not treated right in the Bermuda court system. Children need their fathers, as fathers need rights and access to their children. The Bermuda Court System needs to be changed to enable this to occur. Right here in our country, our homeland where we feel justified in wanting to raise our Child (ren) are we being stripped of our rights.

We, as parents have a fundamental right to assume equal periods of placement of our children, unless there is credible evidence that a parent is not fit, that placement would be harmful to the child (ren). This right is fundamental; not that one parent must win as a result of lengthy, intrusive and costly legal battle, or compromised simply to reach a stipulated agreement to avoid a battle.

I hope that this hits home, and you consider a change in the system. This letter will be sent to the Premier, The Governor, The Senate, until somebody in this country stands up and fights for fathers. We need to do more to make sure both parents are fully involved in the raising of their children, particularly fathers. We will start a petition, walk on parliament and call you out. This is just the beginning.

179. Promote HIV/AIDS Education and Relief of Poverty in Africa

January 26, 2006

The Mother and Child African Relief Organization (MACARO), a non-profit organization registered in New York (1992) under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code, is accorded special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) (1997), and is also registered in Freetown, Sierra Leone as an International Non-Governmental Organization.

In addition, the process of registering the organization in Monrovia, Liberia is now in progress.

The organisation wishes to promote HIV/AIDS education and the relief of poverty.

180. Lead free housing for our children

Jan 23, 2006

In march 2005 I rented a home from Dayne Davis Realitor unaware of the serious consequences that would fall upon my one yr old son.

From the fist day we moved in my baby seemed to have changed mentally the things he once did like walking and talking all came to a stop and little by little he seem to get sicker often with high fevers of 106 to viral infections and having to go to the doctor at leat twice a month.

So they decided to give him a lead test and it was my worst fear his levels was at 10. I was contacted by the health dept (Kimberly Noble) to have the home cleaned of lead and was told to contact the landlord. I did and to my despise he gave me a seven day notice and he just recieved my rent money two days prior.

I had just moved in i got the results in June and was informed by the doctor and health dept it was a matter he has to clean. (He refused.) So i got a lawyer (Brian Smith) which informed me of my rights and told me he just can't throw me out because my baby was sick. Mr. Smith also informed my landlord Dayne Davis whom agreed to clean the house if i would not sue him for medical and emotional expenses especially since i was Eight months pregnant at the time. So he had me to leave my home for seven days assuring me the home would be cleaned up and so i did. When i returned home and after the court proceding was stopped i realized that the inside of the home wasent done only the front porch.

I called Dayne Davis and informed him of the situation because paint chips was still in the home he told me they hepa vac the home and it was safe that all i would need to do is bleach the windows and everything would be fine. so i did. The paint started to chip again and i notice my baby was getting sicker, around this time he took me to court to file for eviction two months later in Sept becuase of the funds i wouldnt give him until the home was cleaned which was just for june 2005 after he agreed with my lawyer not to take legal action especially since he wouldnt take my funds anyways.So i payed him and to my surprise my son is getting more violent, angry and now he cant talk anymore, hes also throws horrible temper tantrums and he cant even focus. So i was advised by his family doctor Dr. Saeed that his levels had increased to 15 and to send him to an A.D.H.A specialist Dr. Chheda, whom diagnosed my son with A.D.H.A Behavior conduct disorder, and refers him to a speech, and behavior therapist as well as phychrioist. Hes now deemed mentally retarded and the cause was Lead Poising now he is prescribed medicine to help him focus and calm down. I informed Dayne Davis that i was notified by the health dept for the second time and salem houseing comission(which cleans lead in homes) and they agreed to clean the home with his signature. He refused and torn up my paper then threated me by calling the police all over him signing the paper so i can have a healthY safe living environment.Dayne Davis even went so far to tell me "I DISLIKE YOU PEOPLE" you people he has some neverve, my son could have died over his lack of sincerity and unsafe house. That he was aware unsafe, he lied just to recieve my funds and now my sons life is worth nothing, and i need help.

He also told me " I WANT YOU TO MOVE YOU CANT PROVE THERE IS LEAD IN THE HOUSE IF I EVICT YOU ITS YOUR WORD AGAINST MINE AND I CAN MOVE ANYOTHER FAMILY IN". Please someone whoever has a ear let him hear and whoever has a heart let it speak the truth and help me for my sons sake. My son is too young to understand why hes sick and why he dosent deserve to live in a safe environment.

We have a voice and needs it to be heard, please stop him Dayne Davis before he rents a home to another child this time the child might not be as lucky as mine he/she might not make it. My newborn is only 4 mos and has already been sick often but shes too young to be tested, will someone please help me.