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1. Pedophile Solution 2014:- Castration and Confinement

Repeat Sex Offenders that target children should be Castrated and Confined, as they are not able to be Rehabilitated and pose a permanent risk to our children.

2. Ban the Presence of Children at Gay Pride Parades

Every year in every major city in Canada, thousands of children are exposed to indecent and sexually explicit images, behavior, and perversions in a sexually charged atmosphere at gay pride parades. These parades are not just a celebration of the gay lifestyle, they are a platform for expressing many forms of sexually explicit behavior.

Children are not being protected by those in our society that are responsible to protect them. So we are petitioning our government at the federal level to add strict measures in place in the criminal code of Canada.

In Ottawa, the mayor, the chief of police, and the children's aid society gleefully celebrate along the parade route while witnessing what really should be a crime. It is illegal to knowingly expose children under the age of consent and minors to pornographic material and sexually explicit content or behavior! Yet children can be found lined along the parade routes while men and women in the most sexually explicit garb imaginable flaunt themselves. Children can also be found walking in the parade route and in Ottawa this year, a school bus load of young kids were part of the parade.

The gay pride parade is filled with all kinds of perverse sexual activity that should not be seen by children. Parents and guardians who bring their children to such events should be charged under the criminal code for exposing their children to such content because it violates the criminal code of Canada in PART V SEXUAL OFFENCES, PUBLIC MORALS AND DISORDERLY CONDUCT. Specifically under section 163 - "Offences Tending to Corrupt Morals."

Exposing children to the activity and sexually charged atmosphere of a gay pride parade is really another form of pedophilia. There is an agenda under way to term gay pride parades as "family friendly." This of course is pure deception. Everything from nudity to Sado-masachism is represented, complete with all kinds of depictions of sexual behavior. This is no more place for children than a strip club would be. We the people must petition our government to put measures in place in the criminal code to protect the innocence of children if parents are not responsible enough to do so themselves.

The criminal code of Canada already has a section that deals with "Offences Tending to Corrupt Morals". It is obvious that the inclusion of children at gay pride parades is designed to corrupt children! Therefore we are asking our government to amend the criminal code to specifically protect children from being made to attend such events as gay pride parades or any sex related event where sexually explicit material, content, images, behavior, or activity are known to be present or promoted. My goal of course is not to criminalize parents, but to put a law in place where police can exercise authority to prohibit children from attending these events and prohibit parents from bringing minors to such events.

We mustn't turn a blind eye to something that so openly subjects children to corruption. The church must rise up and defend the innocence of children. Evil prevails when good men do nothing!

Please join us in this extremely important initiative and sign our petition today!

Be sure to check out my blog on this subject in the website section.

See the following article for a report and images seen by children at the 2013 gay pride parade in Ottawa - Report by Patrick Craine at LifeSiteNews:

3. Stop my child being made homeless

Hi, my name is Sharon and I need everyone's support. My daughter and I are being faced with homelessness because the civil court process does not take heed of Human Rights legislation, nor does it seek to protect a Child's welfare as determined by The Children (Scotland) Act 1995 where it states that a child's welfare is paramount.

I have been ordered by the court that my house must go on the market for sale because my ex husband wants to profit. I have been fighting this for 4 years now because although he remains a joint mortgagee, my ex has not paid anything towards the mortgage or upkeep in more than 4 years. Our marriage ended in 2009 because he had stopped paying the mortgage and hid that fact from me until the house was to be repossessed. His parting words as he left were that he would sign the house over to me and walk away if I could stop the repossession. I duly did so. Now, he is looking to profit and is claiming legal aid to do so. I have been denied a legal right of appeal at every stage, have not had my views heard nor the facts taken into consideration. I've even contacted the Government to bring it to their attention.

Every child has the right to safe and secure housing and the opportunity to develop a secure sense of belonging. Because of this action, my daughter's welfare is being compromised, and she is being forced into a life of uncertainty and being placed at significant risk of harm because of this. The stress I am under is affecting her because she is now becoming very distressed and experiencing severe separation anxiety when apart from me even while I'm in the same room. I can't even prepare my daughter's bedroom as there's no point getting her settled in her own room when we are being forced out. I have battled for many years with depression. A condition being made worse by the actions of a system allegedly designed to promote justice.

Please support my fight, share it with your friends. My aim is to force this issue into the public domain even if just to raise awareness. The Human Rights Act states that the Government or a Public body cannot interfere or take possession of your property unless it is in the public interest to do so. My question is How is making an 8 month old child homeless and putting her at risk in the public interest?

4. Register Ontario CAS Front Line Workers with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers

Front Line"Social Workers" in the Province of Ontario presently have no registration requirements. Anyone who holds a degree in Social Work may be employed as a social worker, without a license.

If the Ontarion College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers were to have Mandatory Registration of front line" social workers", it would hold "social workers" accountable for their actions in the scope of their employment as a social worker.

By registering "social workers", members of the public would not only be able to hold social workers accountable for their actions, but there would be remedies available to the public when a social worker acts unethically.

By registering "social workers" in the Province it will ensure that Social Workers, follow the Social Work code of ethics, and will eliminate social workers whom do not conduct their work in an ethical manner.

Section 46.(2) of the Social Work and Social Service Work Act, 199 S.O. 1998, CHAPTER 31(referred to as the Act) which states:
46.(2) No person except a registered social worker shall represent or hold out expressly or by implication that he or she is a social worker or a registered social worker. 1998, c. 31, s. 46 (2).

If it does not say RSW on the their card.... they are not registered with Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers. "Family Service Workers/Child Protect Workers" are engaging themselves in the practice of social work contrary to the intent of Provincial legislation which was to regulate the practice of social work and to protect the public from unqualified and unregulated persons from engaging in the practice of social work.

5. Tasers for teachers

Due to the horrible and increasing number of school shootings, we the people would like to petition the state of Colorado to make Tasers a requirement for all teaching staff, and that there be one secured firearm available in case of emergency.


A MONTH-OLD baby boy was fighting for life last night after being raped and battered. He suffered a cardiac arrest brought on by his multiple horrific injuries.

In one of Britain's worst ever child abuse cases, every rib was fractured and the boy also suffered a broken arm, broken collar bone, punctured lungs and severe bruising.

There was also a sexual injury and internal wounds suggesting rape. A 46-year-old man was under arrest last night on suspicion of rape and grievous bodily harm. A woman was also in custody.

The child was taken to Darent Valley Hospital in Dartford, Kent, on Thursday. He had a heart attack there and was transferred to King's College Hospital in South London, where he was on a life support machine last night.

A source said: "These are the worst injuries the doctors and police have seen in someone so young. How the baby is alive is a miracle. He is still in a very serious condition and it's touch and go whether he survives."

The suspects are being held at North Kent police station. A police spokeswoman said: "A baby was admitted to hospital on Thursday. Its condition is critical but stable. "Police are currently investigating. A man and woman have been arrested."

Read more:

7. Please help to reinstate the child protection register

When a child’s name was on the Register an immediate alert went to police and hospitals if a child came to their notice. These police officers and doctors would then check with the social worker or the police child abuse investigation team and make decisions informed by background knowledge.

Since April 2008, this alert system is no longer in place throughout the country, although in London, and possibly in other areas, it has been retained so that children who are the subject of child protection planning are still flagged up on the police and hospital systems. Where this is not in place, instead of an alarm drawing attention to high risk children, the professionals have to check every single child against the database to see whether or not they are known to children’s services and then make a call to see if that child is the subject of a child protection plan. To busy police and doctors this clearly is unworkable.

State interference with family life has to be justified. After all, most parents care for their children very well and professionals do not need to be involved in their lives. When parents abuse a child there is justification for professional involvement in order to respect and uphold the child’s right to be safe from harm. The Child Protection Register was a clear and effective procedure for working with parents to keep their children safe or for making decisions to take legal safeguards where children need to be removed from their families.

I have no doubt that children will be less protected as a result of this disastrous change in policy. Please sign this petition to help bring back the register.

New website, encouraging like minded organisations who are against child abuse, can join together to create a multi-agency, multi-charity approach to the issues of child abuse in order to tackle the issues in all of their complexity. To view the site, please follow this link:

8. Put Safety First in Family Law

On the 24 of March, 2011 the Attorney-General, Robert McClelland introduced into Parliament changes to reform the Family Law Act to strengthen protections against family violence and child abuse.

The Family Law Legislation Amendment (Family Violence and Other Measures) Bill 2011, makes some positive changes including broader definitions of family violence and child abuse, greater priority for safety and the removal of disincentives to reporting family violence. This is a great first step, but a lot more is needed to ensure the family law system is not jeopardising the safety of children and their carers affected by violence.

For more information regarding the “Put Safety First in Family Law Campaign” and what other actions you can take to support it, visit

9. Mandatory Licensing of all Social Workers in British Columbia

Social Workers in the Province of British Columbia presently have no licensing requirements. Anyone who holds a degree in Social Work may be employed as a social worker, without a license.

If the College of Social Workers were to have Mandatory Licensing and registration of social workers, it would hold social workers accountable for their actions in the scope of their employment as a social worker.

By licensing social workers, members of the public would not only be able to hold social workers accountable for their actions, but there would be remedies available to the public when a social worker acts unethically.

By licensing social workers in the Province it will ensure that Social Workers, follow the Social Work code of ethics, and will eliminate social workers whom do not conduct their work in an ethical manner.

10. Support for the Family Law Legislation Amendment (Family Violence and Other Measures) Bill 2011

This petition, in support of The Family Law Legislation Amendment (Family Violence and Other Measures) Bill 2011, has been signed by concerned citizens, and draws to the attention of the Senate the desperate need to put the protection of children from abuse, above a parents’ rights to contact with their children, in Family Law processes and judicial decision-making.

Many children are being handed over by the Family Court to alleged abusers, some known to be extremely violent, some pedophiles. Concerned parents have been labeled as 'enmeshed with the child', 'alienating', ‘unfriendly’ or ‘mentally ill’ and are in turn ignored and disbelieved. They have become fearful of speaking up about abuse because they can be seen to be not fostering an ongoing relationship between the child and the abusive parent. It is these children who are being forced to have a "meaningful relationship" with abusive parents who have traumatised them, as if time spent together will erase, rather than exacerbate the child’s fears.

This has been documented by the Australian Institute of Family Studies and academics such as Professor Freda Briggs, Dr Thea Brown and Dr Elspeth McInnes.

Major concerns surround the unintended consequences of a growing number of children who have been killed by a parent after an order from the court has sent those children into the company of that parent. That children are killed by parents is horrendous – that it happens under the force of a court order is entirely unacceptable.

Richard Chisholm states in 'The Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) report into the 2006 reforms' that parents are consistently discouraged from raising family violence concerns due to the emphasis on facilitating the child’s relationship with the other parent.

Family Court Judges, while trained exemplary in the law, often lack foundations in dealing with children, especially those victims of family violence. There is also no legislated
standard of investigations into allegations of child abuse within the Family Court nor does there exist any mechanism of accountability for decisions made within the Family Court. 

Further, section 121 of the Family Law Act prevents anyone, including the media, from exposing specific details in cases that may reveal the identities of the parties involved in matters where outrageous rulings clearly show parent's rights have outweighed the safety of children.


'No Way To Live' by Dr Lesley Laing. See here:

Fact Sheet #3: How the fathers’ rights movement undermines the protections available to victims of violence and protects the perpetrators of violence. By Dr Michael Flood. Sociologist at the University of Wollongong. See

Fact Sheet #1: The myth of false accusations of child abuse. See

Family Court Australia Journalists Call for Change. See

Angry men have never met a thug who wasn’t innocent. See here:

We leave with you a list of children and mothers who have been killed after appearing before the Family Court.

1) 1996 - January 25: Peter May shot and killed his three children, Lisa eleven, Andrew eight, and Natalie seven during a contact visit. On the same day, he also killed his wife and her parents. May’s history of domestic violence and links to the Men’s Rights Agency was commonly known and reported,

2) 1998 – October 23: After Ronald Jonkers lost custody of Aaron DeBaugy 5, Ashlee seventeen months and David seven, he poisoned them by carbon monoxide in their car on a contact visit in Perth,

3) 1999 – August: WA four young children were gassed along with their father Mark Heath after a family court dispute,

4) 2000 - Rhonda Bartley was shot dead by her ex-partner in Berri while attending a court ordered contact handover of their baby daughter,

5) 2001 - September: Mikaylah Green eleven weeks, Taylah Pringle eleven months and Jackson Merrott six, were smothered by their father on a contact visit in Sydney,

6) 2002 - Ana Hardwick 35 is strangled by her former partner after the family court granted her custody of their eleven and eight year old children,

7) 2004 - April 26: Jessie Dalton nineteen months and Patrick Dalton thirteen weeks were smothered by their separated father Jayson Dalton after a family court order gave him acre of the children while their mother recovered from his violence to her. This father was a prominent member of a father’s rights group,

8) 2008 - January 3: Christopher McEwen raped and then killed his daughter Rhiannon McEwen on Bribie Island on New Year’s Eve. The matter of the children’s residency was before the Family Court in 2004 where the father was given residency of all three children,

9) 2009 - January 29: Darcey Freeman (4) is killed when her father threw her off a bridge after a Family Court parenting consent order was made,

10) 2009 - September 2: Alexander (5) and Charlotte (6) are killed by their father after a Family Court order gave him contact supervised by a member of his own family. He took these children away from the supervision by his family member and drove them into a tree.

11. Support Aaden's Law

“A Voice For The Children”

Hello my name is Jeffrey Batista I have recently been faced with a tragedy that has changed my life dramatically. You may have learned about my cause and what sparked it, but if you have not let me give you some insight. I father a child out of wedlock May 2, 2008, and a little over a year later I had to leave the mother due to excessive drinking, partying and drug use.

Soon after leaving I realized that getting custody of my child was not going to be an easy task. I also learned the mother of my child starting dating and soon living with a man that had an extensive criminal past. Jason Lee Padgett is his name and you can look his record up at the Brevard Clerk of Courts. Knowing she was seeing this man I took the necessary precautions I went to a lawyer and new what I had to do just to establish my rights as the father, which I think is wrong on so many levels. Why is it that I have to establish rights when I was the one who signed my name on his birth certificate, I was the one paying child support, and I was that father who was there from birth until my son was taken from me.

I soon called DCF on the mother cause I new of what was going on. DCF went into the house the next day during the day, when I told them that would be the wrong time to go. I told DCF to make a visit at night when a lot more illegal activity was going on. Well they went during the day. At the same time they gave Both Whitney Elizabeth Flower and Jason Lee Padgett 24 hours to take a drug test far too much time to get cleaned up and come up with a game plan. They also new of Jason Lee Padgett’s extensive criminal history and did nothing to protect the child. Less then 2 weeks later Jason Lee Padgett murdered my son. That is why I am starting this Petition; parents who have children out of wedlock should have equal rights to the children, Parents should also be able to get involved in the other parents life if it means protecting their children’s life and the public should also be able to get involved with out having to worry about their safety. Either way millions of children everyday are abused verbally and physically. Some children even murdered when it could have been easily avoided. Let me tell you one thing “my son would be alive today if DCF would have taken a better look into the mother and who she was bringing around the child. In any case a criminal history with domestic violence should prove someone unfit to raise children let alone children that are not theirs. In all its time to take a stand for the little voices that can’t be heard, its time to make a difference, and its time to take a stand to a system that doesn’t work. Mostly let’s protect our children and the voices of the future. Stand with me and let’s stop horrible people from abusing our children physically, mentally, and verbally.

Sites to my son’s story:

Join my group on Facebook:

Thank you,
Jeffrey Batista
(321) 505-0113

12. Protect our children from social services system abuse

I am asking people to sign this petition to help those residents who have had their Children taken from their care in an unjustified manner without being given the opportunity and help to stay living as a families if possible.

Too many children are been taken from Vulnerable Mothers and Fathers and the complaints procedure with which Social Services operate protects them from being complained about during the course of court cases until after the final hearings, which means that if you have evidence that the Involved Social Workers have for example 'LIED' to the courts, they have legal security that your children's rights will be taken to court without a fair hearing with them to be seen as 'Independent' and 'Professional' by the court and so are seen to be telling the truth even if they are not.

This is not Justice.

Social services are also able to Emotionally Abuse your children Legally. For example, one 8 year old boy was taken aside by social workers during the School day to be told that he would be going into care 'to a house with a doggy' and was told that his Grandma, with whom he had been living for 18 months was not to be trusted by the services. The Family had no idea this had been said to this 8 year old boy until a few days later, when he had been asked why he was feeling sick every morning and he told his family, 'they have been to see me and told me i was going to care. The family had not been told a visit had been arranged, that social workers were telling this little boy whilst he was isolated in a room at school that he was going to care, there was no support given to this child as the family had no idea. The court had not even been made aware of this case by this time. This child had the weight of the world on his shoulders and the Mother who still had PR was not even aware it had occurred.

Please sign this petition if you truly believe that more could be done to protect our children and stop the 'legal bullying' that is happening to hundreds of families every day.

13. Increase Sentencing for Crimes of Abuse Against Children

Our judicial system is failing to protect children by continually handing out meagre sentences to perpetrators of vile and horrific acts of abuse. It is time for the enforcement of penalties that truly reflect the impact of these crimes.

In October 2009 a 24 year old Sunshine Coast man was sentenced to only nine years jail for brutally attacking a 2 year old boy in his care. The boy suffered life threatening injuries including a punctured bowel after being brutally thrown at a wall several times, kicked in the eye and jaw, raped and penetrated with a sharp object. He was then left in the alley where the crimes took place and would have died had he not been found.

The prosecution argued the man should be sentenced to 10-12 years. The Judge said that in his 15 years as a judge he had never come across an episode of violence towards a child so horrific and so shocking and yet he did not sentence him accordingly. The Hon Lawrence Springborg has called for the Attorney General to launch an appeal in this case, however something clearly needs to be done for future cases coming before the courts. Your signature on this petition will help to make that happen.


14. Support the Haitian Children & Families Initiative

UNICEF estimates that 490,000 children are orphans in Haiti. This translates to 6% of Haiti's total population.

In 2004, at the height of intercountry adoptions into the U.S., over 350 children were served through intercountry adoption. Thousands more including local Haitian communities were served by family preservation and other permanency services.

However, over the past three years the processing of adoptions in Haiti has slowed to a crawl. Abandoned children now endure 2 or more years of debilitating effects on their health, development and emotional well-being while awaiting the completion of their adoption.

The delays imposed over the past three years are largely the result of the Haitian government's implementation of an inadequate child welfare and protection law. This law provides insufficient child protections and does not reflect the realities of current Haitian society. While enforcement of current laws are generally seen a positive, this particular law is significantly dated and does not serve the best interest of children in need of a permanent family.

The obvious solution to the crisis is the passage and implementation of a new adoption and child protection law. Such a law has been drafted, introduced into the Haitian National Assembly and supported by the Joint Council on International Children's Services, the U.S. government, the French government and UNICEF.

15. If you could stop even one act of cruelty towards a child, would it be worth signing your name?

With what's being called 'The Baby P effect', we are seeing a record number of care applications made to courts by local authorities and with more than 5,000 children being placed into care since his killers were convicted in November (double the number for the same period last year), there is mounting evidence that the rest of society's vulnerable children are being left out of the picture.

Fortunately, it is now clear how we as a society can constructively help.

Evidently, it's not just about monitoring those at risk, it's about being aware of children equally vulnerable but not yet on the proper 'radar'.

With an average cost of £40,000 for each child taken into care resulting in massive Council bills where cuts are already being made, together with what were already unworkable case loads, it's small wonder that money and resources 'de-prioritise' vulnerable children elsewhere.

Jill Kirby from the Centre for Policy Studies says "There is evidence to suggest that the child protection register should be expanded. A recent Documentary on Channel 4 showed that more than 90% of children who died at the hands of a parent (or parent substitute) were not on the register."

I have been saying for some time now that this cannot stay a social service problem; it has to be dealt with as a whole society and one where our local Government, Police, Schools and Citizen Groups work together to find a way through without swinging from one extreme to the other (in this case from negligence to over-intervention).

Police in their 'Safer Communities' initiatives say things like ..."It has long been recognised that crime reduction and crime prevention are not the sole responsibility of the police. By working together with others, it is possible to have a greater impact in the fight against crime and tackling the causes of crime."

Well then, why cant we extend that to safeguarding children?

The NSPCC says there are indicators that help to identify households where children are likely to be at risk. Jill Kirby says that the 90% of children killed that were not on the register, in nearly every case conformed to those risk indicators.

So, why not teach us these within the 'Safer Neighbourhood and Community' groups - to help us be additional eyes and ears for Police and Social Workers?

Jill Kirby also says "The emphasis on integrating children's services has created a complex web of reporting structures. At the top of these structures will be a director of children's services whose background is nearly always in education, not child protection " ... and

... "The Audit Commission reviewing the work of local authority children's trusts found that the lack of clear direction and accountability of these bodies, and the confusion about their role, meant that they were hampered in their ability to protect children".

So essentially, we as Society's Parents need to (a) help with the debate on 'expanding the risk register' to include statistically proven vulnerable children not currently registered and (b) work with the Police and Local Government to help protect them in an informed, educated and cohesive manner.

If you think these two aims are correct, then please sign your name on the petition below.

16. Change the child protection policy in British Columbia

The "child protection policy undermines parents rights". It infringes on, Life liberty and security of a person! Parent’s right to be free from the psychological harm, caused by the apprehension of a child especially when
a decision to deprive natural parent's, of their children was particularly due to serious consequence, of the states conduct!

Make Ministry for Children and Families accountable! Deprivation is one of the Most distressing of all Human emotions, what is equally distressing is
when parent's have been wrongfully deprived of their children!

17. Uniform sentencing for convicted paedophiles in Finland

Suomeksi: 20 kuukauden tuomio, joka annettiin Helsingissä huhtikuussa 2009 miehelle, joka oli toistuvasti käyttänyt seksuaalisesti hyväkseen kahta teini-ikäistä poikaa, on tuhansien ihmisten silmissä täysin riittämätön tuomio kyseisestä rikoksesta. Merkittävät uutislähteet Suomessa raportoivat 8. huhtikuuta 2009, että lasten seksuaaliseen hyväksikäyttöön syyllistyneiden rikollisten tuomitsemis- ja rangaistuskäytännöt ovat kuin arvontaa. Ne eivät ole tarpeeksi ankaria, eivätkä yhtenäisiä koko maassa.

In English: The 20-month sentence handed down to a Helsinki man convicted of repeatedly sexually abusing two teenage boys in April 2009 was deemed to be inadequate in the eyes of thousands of people. Major news outlets in Finland reported on April 8, 2009 that the sentencing and punishment of child sexual offenders is like a "lottery" and is neither harsh enough nor uniform across the country.

*Thank you to Mrs. I Aaltonen for providing the Finnish translation of this petition.

UPDATE on 2011.03.16 - This petition is still open and will remain open until the end of March 2011.

18. Keeping our Kids Clothed

To begin with I have 3 children that have been in and out of my life. My 16 year old daughter recently showed up at my door. Her Mother had kicked her out again. I am a receipient of O.D.S.P. I called my income supports specialist to have her added to my file. I was then informed that she had to be enrolled in school in order for me to receive benefits, which I did.

Now I'm being told that the back to school allowance has been discontinued as well as sesonal clothing allowances. I as well as everyone else receiving government benefits are already living below the National Poverty Line.

I want to know where we are supposed to find the funds to keep our kids in school as well as warm clothing on their backs.

19. Support Madeleine's Law - Help protect Children

Please visit our website - for full details of our petition and e-mail campaign.

The recent case of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann has highlighted the need for greater supports, co-ordination and information to raise awareness about child safety, especially when traveling abroad with children.

We have outlined a number of practical suggestions and recommendations which we believe can help. We do not believe that these are the perfect solutions... or the only solutions, but we believe they can start the process of informed discussion and debate culminating in action to improve things.

Through this petition we are calling on Prime Minister Gordon Brown and all MP's in the House of Commons to support our calls to enact Madeleine's Law.

(Please Note: This petition, campaign and website are not associated with or affiliated to the official Madeleine McCann campaign or website. We do not suggest or imply that the McCann Family support or endorse this petition in any way.)