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1. Full Custody Request to prevent further Abuse & Neglect

In December 2014 my Partner and I decided to not allow his then 7 year old autistic son to be returned to his Mothers home, after a weekend visit to his grandma's house.

We had became aware that his son had just disclosed unprompted information about physical abuse to his paternal grandmother (this was also captured as video footage, which was ignored by our local magistrate), Just hours prior, His Mother had whipped him with an electrical lead across the top of the thighs, for cutting through a live wire with a pair of scissors.

We made reports to our local police station along with visits to our local gp. Gained legal advice, along with reporting it to FACS.

Prior to this incident we had growing concerns about the Health/Wellbeing and Safety of my partners son (and also his then 6 year old daughter).

When the son would visit, each time he showed up with different bruising. Fingerprint bruises to his back, jawline and inner arms, along with a split chin and cuts to forehead were to name only a few. Complaining of a sore arm and back, due to the Mother's partner.

He was always malnourished and underweight, had to constantly be reminded to wipe his bottom, flush and wash his hands with every toilet visit.

Always unkempt, his clothing too small, and smelling like a rubbish dump, his shoes falling to pieces and his lunch box uncloseable with sharp jaggered edges.

There were bite marks all over his little body from fleas and misquitos, lice in his hair and untreated worm infestation on more than one occasions. We would give him vitamins, treat his bites, worms, wash his clothes, hair etc. Yet every fortnight weekend it would be the same.

We were served a Recovery Order to return my partners son. Which we did, though feared more neglect and abuse would follow, what happened was worse, the children were kept away for more than 6mths, it was stated in the court at the time of order that visitation were to continue as previously arranged, though despite our letter requests, on more than two occasions. Text msgs to organize a more suitable meeting place for the Mother etc, they were ignored.

The Mother and her partners untreated Drug & Alcohol Addictions along with mental health issues and leaving my partners son & daughter at home unattended more than 3 nights a week for up to 30mins at time is a huge safety concern to use.

The Mother and partner are now due to have their second child (their first being just 18mths) along with the partners 6yr old living at the house too, we feel that my partners children are being neglected more and more.

Recently the son has now been suspended from school, due to breaking a window and door. This behaviour followed after the son voiced to his father that his Mothers Partner slapped him in the back of the head really hard, and forced him to stand in the corner for hours. And that he no longer wished to go back to the Mothers house to live.

The Family Consultant, Independent Children's Lawyers, FACS, the education system, Police department are all well aware of all of these issues and yet no mandatory reporting or intervention seems to be occuring, along with a advice of neglect & abuse that has been filed to the courts.


"Parental alienation" refers primarily to the manipulation and brainwashing of a child that a parent resorts to in order to exclude the other parent from the life of the child.

Is the process, and the result, of the psychological manipulation of a child into showing unwarranted fear, disrespect or hostility towards a parent and/or other family members. It is a distinctive and widespread form of psychological abuse and family violence —towards both the child and the rejected family members—that occurs almost exclusively in association with family separation or divorce (particularly where legal action is involved) and that undermines core principles of both the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Most commonly, the primary cause is a parent wishing to exclude another parent from the life of their child, but other family members or friends, as well as professionals involved with the family (including psychologists, lawyers and judges), may contribute significantly to the process. It often leads to the long-term, or even permanent, estrangement of a child from one parent and other family members and, as a particularly adverse childhood experience, results in significantly increased risks of both mental and physical illness for children.

Parental alienation is pathogenic parenting. It is a form of child abuse performed by a hostile aggressive parent against the other, targeted parent, using their child(ren) as a weapon during a child custody dispute between unwed, separated, divorcing or divorced parents.

The “Low Parental Alienation” label applies to parents who direct negative behavior or comments at the other parent in front of the child, but who regret the outbursts, worry about their affect on the child, and take steps to explain the inappropriate actions.

Many parents will occasionally engage in low-level alienating behavior, but these parents recognize that the child needs to have a normal, healthy, loving relationship with the other parent. These parents know their occasional outbursts are wrong, and have a healthy enough attitude to correct their mistakes. They may not always want to do the right thing, but they usually do the right thing without regret because they know what’s right is what’s best for their child.

The “Moderate Parental Alienation” label applies to parents who mean well; who believe their child should have a normal, healthy relationship with the other parent, but who also believe that the relationship shouldn’t come at their expense or in any way interfere with their life.

Parents who engage in moderate alienating behavior usually react to some real or perceived slight from the other parent. Moderate-level alienators have a hard time controlling their emotions and will tend to have more emotional issues than someone who falls into the low-level alienator category. The all out assault on the other parent usually lasts as long as their emotional reaction lasts. When these parents get over their anger, they stop the alienating behavior and move on. While they may not go out of their way to facilitate the child’s relationship with the other parent, at least they don’t sabotage the relationship. That is, until the next real or perceived slight from the other parent. Then the alienating behavior begins again.

The “Severe Parental Alienation” label applies to parents with a mission – destroy the previous healthy and loving relationship between the child and the child’s other parent. These alienators are obsessed and relentless. They never get tired, stop scheming or pass up an opportunity to reinforce their destructive message to the child. They conscript friends, family members, neighbors, co-workers, the police and social service agencies into their battle against the targeted parent.

When severe alienators are in the throes of an alienation campaign, the child is both a weapon to be used against the targeted parent and a tool to make them feel emotionally complete. They rarely stop to consider how their actions affect the child. If they do consider the child, severe alienators quickly address those thoughts with simple behavior-reinforcing platitudes such as, “I know best,” “Whatever it takes,” and “It’s the other parent’s fault.” Severe alienators are neither aware of, nor interested in, the confusion and conflicted emotions raging inside the child. These parents are only interested in satisfying their own unhealthy internally driven needs.
Once the alienation is complete and the parent/child relationship is destroyed, unsatisfied severe alienators may continue using the child to exact further revenge on the previously loved spouse. Together parent and child can run up unnecessary bills aimed at leaving the targeted parent in debt. They can make false physical or sexual abuse allegations aimed at branding the targeted parent an abusive parent or sex offender. They can make false statements to the police in an attempt to get the targeted parent arrested and jailed. Severe alienating parents tap a bottomless source of creativity that only hatred, obsession and vindictiveness can fuel.


Three Durban men are accused of various charges relating to the production, dissemination and possession of child porn. One of them has been charged with rape, sexual assault and the sexual grooming of a 6 year old.

It is particularly disturbing that the alleged abuse of children has taken place during the 16 Days of Activism campaign against the abuse of women and children.

The accused are due to appear in court on Thursday, 8 December 2016 for their bail hearing.

We implore the courts to deny them bail.

4. Demand Investigation of Extra-judicial Killings in Nigeria

Today a 7 year old boy was beaten and burnt to death for stealing garri (cassava flour). A lady was killed for stealing a cellphone, 4 young men were slaughtered in daylight for allegedly stealing gadgets! All in daylight. All with bystanders, filming and taking pictures while a human is snuffed to death.

This has to stop! These crimes against humanity are rarely investigated and the bystanders are never even considered as accomplices.

5. Demand that Minors Can't Give Away their Babies in Secret

Asking Mr. Trump when he takes office to create an executive order stating no minor can give away her baby in secret.

6. End the "Palestinian Refugee” problem

There is a humanitarian solution to this problem which has not been, so far, explored or even seriously debated. The author of this proposal is Dr. Martin Sherman, of whom Shabtai Shavit, former Head of Israel's Mossad, said of him: "From my past acquaintance with him, I can testify that he has never sought conformity or consensus. There can, however … be little doubt that his ideas are challenging, provocative and carefully argued. Indeed, the very controversy they may stimulate is perhaps among their greatest merits, for they raise questions of substance as to the conceptual validity … of several major tenets of international relations policy assessment and deterrence".

The solution would be for those Arabs, called 'Palestinian', to finally be repatriated - with handsome compensation - to their countries of origin, or any country of choice willing to accept them. They will, hereby, be truly free to regain their human dignity as a citizen of the world.

Giving the Palestinian-Arabs a larger area to call a state will not provide them with democracy or freedom from their despotic rulers… Indeed, they are very likely to be even worse off than today. Their leaders have a vested interest in keeping them in misery and penury. They have long been – and still are being – exploited as pawns in the overall Arab strategy to use the 'Palestinian cause' as a tool to delegitimize Israel and to wipe it off the map.

7. Child Safety Petition: Mason Jett Lee's Law

We the undersigned call on the Queensland Department Of The Premier And Cabinet to present this petition in Parliament and pass into law the proposed law, Mason's Jett Lee's Law:

No child who is referred by a doctor as having sustained injuries intentionally inflicted or sexual in nature will be sent home until a full investigation is completed. When a medical professional or Hospital reports the likelihood of abuse that such a report will be treated in the same manner as a 000 phone call: A LIFE AT RISK, so that these children will be treated as a priority emergency.

8. Demand Congress to Criminalize Parental Alienation and Alienation Trauma!

Currently both Brazil and Mexico have made it illegal for a parent or other person to deliberately use the family court system as a tool to use children as weapons during divorce and separation proceedings as bombshells of mass destruction to cause emotional harm to the other parent.

The current term for this is Parental Alienation; however it continues to flourish here in the United States and other countries causing life long damage to the parental bonds between both fathers and mothers and their children. This absence during the developmental stages of the lives of children has been well documented by multiple professionals.

Alienation is a very complex issue that does not receive adequate attention because Society has become complacent as the divorce rate continues to rise!
Children need and have the right to the essential bond that only a mother or father can provide.

Alienation begins with disparagement, and escalates to brainwashing the child, manipulation, discouragement to feel free to desire the natural bond with the other parent without fear of consequences and ultimately deliberate and wanton severing of a necessary bond and even hatred and acting out in ways that are harmful such as drug use, promiscuity, issues with authority, depression and anxiety just to name a few. As long as these abuses are allowed to continue we will have more generations of dysfunctional adults and parents forced into positions of being unable to guide and protect them from this harm.

Despite the fact that there are laws to protect against this Narcissistic and controlling form of abuse; they are rarely upheld! Court systems are not only not currently linked and there is no system currently in place to review custody decisions after they have been made and as such we have children and parents wrongfully separated and irreparable damage to the most innocent victims that remains unchecked and unpunished! This child/familial abuse remains rampant and needs to be ended swiftly and permanently!

9. Stop DHS from ruining lives of innocent children

DHS has ruined many families by removing kids from their homes and putting them in much more danger than they were in the first place.

Babies are put into foster care and end up being assaulted by other children in the same foster care home.

10. Justice For Our Children Against Sex Offenders

In 2014 over 23,000 sexual offences against children were recorded in the United Kingdom.

So of each day of each week during 2014 over 63 children were abused each day so that is 3 children per hour that are sexually abused.

Today we know of cover ups in Westminster of MP's committing sex offences against children and also of alleged murders of children by their abusers.

We also know that members in the House Of Lords and at the BBC and members of the Royal Family have been accused of sex crimes against children but these offences are never brought before a court of law.

There is only one way to stop this and that is to unite and tell these people their day is up and we want justice done and we want it done now so please sign this petition and by uniting together we may see justice being done and no more children being sexually abused by the people that we elect to protect over us.

11. Take down the facebook page, "Military Parents abuse their Children"

I'm an army wife! I have an amazing husband and 3 beautiful kids! I don't abuse my kids! I have many friends that serve that feel this page is attacking our families with no actual proof!

No matter how much we try to show facebook that the page, "Military Parents abuse their Children", is offensive they are not listening!

Help us show them that this page is attacking our soldiers for events not even proven, and that we will not allow this on our watch!

Check it out yourself at facebook.

If you read this you will see how many people are offended by this page!

12. Children Need Their Fathers

Over the past 18 months it has been made nearly impossible to have any access to my 6 year old daughter, the only time I do actually get to see her is by travelling the 4 hour return journey to her school so I can be a "class helper".

I do not know where she lives
I do not have a contact phone number
She has had 45 days off school this year
I have had to fight a DVO (Domestic Violence Order) through the courts defending myself against ridiculous accusations of murder, sexual assault just to name a few! Which was I might add, successfully dismissed!

The system needs to change, parents have the right to see their children, especially loving parents. Children are not pawns in a means of controlling the other parent or causing pain.

Denying a child access to his/her parent is a form of child abuse, and this needs to be addressed and stopped. There have been so many instances where Fathers have gotten to the point of complete desperation and either committed suicide, or even worse, murder suicide.

No one has the right to deny access to their children, yet there is nothing in place to stop this from happening, over and over again.

If you are a LOVING PARENT, and believe that every child deserves the right to have both parents in their lives, please support this petition.

It will be presented to the Australian parliament, and hopefully, a child's right to see their parents can be determined by the courts, not by controlling parents with a hidden agenda of causing pain towards the other parent.

13. The TRUTH about child abuse and domestic violence

As someone who is a survivor of child abuse and severe domestic violence (along with my three children), I know all too well how the TRUTH with regard to these terrifying issues is all too often distorted.

Perpetrators wear so many different masks, they ARE CUNNING, their ability to lie to any officials designated to take on their cases IS something that HAS to be witnessed.

They ARE MALIGNANT NARCISSISTS who ensure that the persona that they sow to the outside world is one of a loving, giving almost too good to be true humanbeing.

The TRUTH however IS a very different issue, behind closed doors perpetrators ARE Jekyll and Hyde characters, their prey are made to understand that they will NEVER be believed, that they are nothing, not worthy of being loved.

Those cases that do find their way to court are documented by so called court appointed officials ( i.e. CAFCASS) who ARE so badly trained, so appallingly misinformed that their reports are written as if from a text book. They have NO REAL knowledge of what it is like to be a victim, text books do NOT contain THE FACTS.

Unless officials themselves are ( have been ) victims of child abuse or ( and ) domestic violence then they have NO REAL KNOWLEDGE as to what they are dealing with.

The legal system in this country is so badly flawed, so terribly outdated that it is laughable,....however the victims are not laughing.

Give victims of child abuse and domestic violence a public voice.

14. Child abuser Eunice Spry release - Location ban

'Britain’s most sadistic mother' will be let out of jail next month (July) – and will be re-homed just miles from the adopted children, (Victoria, Christopher and Alloma) she brutally tortured for nearly 20 years.

Eunice Spry, now 70, was originally jailed for 14 years in 2007 (lowered to 12 years on appeal) after she was convicted of 26 charges of disgusting child abuse against her two foster children and an adopted daughter.

Here are just some of the acts of depravity - Full information on the case including interviews with the victims can be found on this link:

During her reign of terror, Spry forced the children to drink bleach and urine, eat their own vomit, eat rat excrement, stand naked and cold for hours on end and even sandpapered the skin from the face and hands of one terrified child.

Brave Victoria was once tied up naked and left blindfolded – surviving on crusts and water – for THREE months.

Spry would regularly beat the children on the soles of the feet with a “variety of sticks”. The children would be “punched kicked and strangled”, and if they cried the sticks would be forced down their throats.

Christopher once had his hand held down on a hot electric hob until it was left looking like a “gooey mess”

Spry confined one girl to a wheelchair for three years after a car crash in a cynical bid to maximise compensation for the accident.

Spry even handed one child over to a sex predator, who she allowed to be sexually abused.

Unrepentant Spry has shown no remorse for her crimes and refuses to admit she carried out the heinous acts.

Spry is thought to have paid released prisoners to track down addresses on the outside – and while the three siblings are no longer scared of their evil ‘mother’, they fear she will track them down.

Victoria will be interviewed on TV on Monday by Holly and Phillip from THIS MORNING.

Please remember to sign this petition. We need to support the survivors of this abuse in their final quest for justice and allow them to live a life free from fear or harm.

15. Help Stop Child Abuse

A father shook his baby to death to stop him crying. The baby was found to have a 3cm bruise on the back of his head and bleeding on the brain. (Source: The Mail Online)

A mother of 5 neglected her children so bad, they did not know how to use the toilet or was themselves. (Source:

These two cases show how different situations are all over the country.

In 2013, helplines saw a rise in calls for help by 4%, and yet funding was dropped by 13%. Because of that, jobs were lost and hundreds of calls were unanswered.

On estimate, 57,000 children die each year (source: world Health Organisation). These are the statistics of the cases the have been discovered, there is a high number of cases unrecognised.

Please take a moment of your time and sign the petition to try and save the lives of the children.

16. Royal Commission Into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse - Request the Release of our Files

Churches and Institutional Organisations still hold the records of our abuse. We need our records for our legal cases against these Churches and Institutional Organisations. They don't want to hand these records over because they know we need them to help prove our cases.

The Royal Commission can demand that they hand these records over, it is our human rights to be able to have access to our own records. In the case of people with disabilities or those deceased there relatives need access to their records.

17. Mandatory 25 to Life For Sex Offenders of "At Risk" Youth

This petition was created to ensure the predator who assaulted our son will face fair justice. For those of you who don't know our family, my son is nine years old and Autistic. Recently we learned that he was a victim of sexual abuse. Not just once.....or twice..... but over a span of much too long by a person in a position of trust. A family friend who was able to easily intimidate and coerce him because of his disability.

Below is statistical information on how much MORE prevalent sexual assault is in those who have DD's. This particular man has abused several children, and my son would've most likely stayed silent if not for the victim who followed him. Because she had no disability, she immediately reported this man, paving the way for Zechariah's disclosure. We are forever grateful for this young girl's bravery and the support of her parents in getting this man locked up. He is currently awaiting trial, and anything LESS than 25 to life is nothing short of unacceptable. Please help us to protect our children through pro-active means! Let legislature know we will not sit by and let these crimes go under-punished.

Studies indicate that people with developmental disabilities are four to ten times more likely to have acts of violence committed against them.[1] Dick Sobsey, Associate Director of the JP Das Developmental Disabilities Centre and Director of the John Dossetor Health Ethics Centre, found that 80% out of 162 people with developmental and substantial disabilities who had been sexually assaulted had been sexually assaulted more than once.[3] According to research people with disabilities are at a greater risk for victimization of sexual assault or sexual abuse because of lack of understanding.[4]

Sobsey estimates that between 15,000 and 19,000 individuals with developmental disabilities experience rape each year. There are several reasons why developmentally disabled individuals are especially prone to sexual abuse, the most significant of which is the ingrained reliance on the caregiver authority figure. Emotional and social insecurities, lack of knowledge and training in sex education, and powerless position in society have been noted as further causes of frequent exploitation.[3] About 20% of females and 10% of males are sexually abused in the US every year. The percentage is even higher among people with disabilities. According to research, more than 90% of people with developmental disabilities will experience some form of sexual abuse at some time in their lives. 49% will experience 10 or more abusive incidents.[5]

Other studies suggest 68% of girls with developmental disabilities and 30% of boys with developmental disabilities will be sexually abused before their eighteenth birthday. According to research 15,000 to 19,000 people with developmental disabilities are raped each year in the United States.

18. Stop Female Genital Mutilation in the United Kingdom!

The act of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is against the law yet it is reported that this act of violence on young girls is still happening today, in the UK!!? I am horrified at the processes that are used to cut these girls, and the inhumane act of stitching the vagina entrance, is against the laws of our lands for good reason.

We ask for a more pro-active response to this horrifying problem, for the act of FGM to be highly judged so that the length of sentence may deter the people who commit the crime of FGM. We say no to Female Genital Mutilation.

19. Hands off Oregon's children

We, the undersigned, call on all law makers to change the sentencing laws for child molesters. Child molestation is a crime involving a range of indecent or sexual activities between an adult and a child, usually under the age of 14.

The penalty for child molestation, carnal knowledge of a juvenile and all other sexual based crimes against a child under the age of 14 should be- Life without the possibility of parole.

Oregon has one of the highest rates of sex offenders at 473 per 100,000. There is no tracking information available on child molesters vs. registered sex offenders. Releasing these child predators back onto the streets is more costly than keeping them imprisoned due to the high likelihood they will offend again (18-45%), and the damage their offense causes to the victim. Victims of sexual abuse often go on to abuse others or commit other crimes as a result of the trauma. One in five violent offenders was sexually abused as a child.

Please review the statistics and consider keeping these criminals away from our sons and daughters for more than an average prison stay of 3.5 years. At this rate, they are back on the street to harm the same child before he/she reaches adulthood. What child can feel safe in this society when we don't have stiff enough penalties to protect them? Child molestation is one of the most under-reported crimes. A child cannot trust that they will be safe from the perpetrator unless we can tell them that person will never, ever be able to hurt them again.


Child molesters have been known to re-offend as late as 20 years following their release into the community.
Average re-conviction rate for a child molester 20%
Average re-conviction rate for rapists 19%
Percent of children who are sexually abused that will become sexually abusive later in life 30%
64% of rapists molested children and 59% of intra-familial child abusers sexually assaulted adolescents or adults outside the home. (O’Connell, 1998)
Using polygraph (lie detector) verification, 82% of child abusers admitted raping adults.
Average number of years a sex offender serves of an 8 year sentence 3.5 years
1 in 5 violent offenders reported to have been molested as a child
Recidivism rates range from 18-45%. The more violent the crime the more likelihood of repeating.
-Studies by the state of Washington.

•The typical offender (child molester) is male, begins molesting by age 15, engages in a variety of deviant behavior, and molests an average of 117 youngsters, most of whom do not report the offense.
[Dr. Gene Abel in a National Institute of Mental Health Study]

[additional Source: NCMEC, Prevent Abuse Now, Criminal Justice Agency]

Recent case:

On March 1, 2014 a man named Robert Nunez received a plea deal of 290 days for sexually abusing a 12 year old child. We will not stand for our children being abused, and these crimes taken so lightly. We call for tougher penalties on sex offenders who target our children.

20. Abolish Corporal Punishment in the Private Home


21. Child Abuse Videos Reported to Facebook to be Forwarded to Police

I have seen so many videos on Facebook that are most disturbing and upsetting. Videos that are reported are not always taken seriously and should be. Clicking 'I don't want to see this' does not stop the abuse that is happening to the children in the videos.

22. The law won't protect our children, change the law

I want to make the public aware the Australian law will not protect my child.

23. Stop Legalising Sexual Abuse Towards Children in Iran

On 23 October, Hassan Rohani the president of Islamic Republic of Iran, has endorsed the inhumane law of marrying with stepchildren to be implemented.

According to this new law, stepfathers can marry their own stepdaughters.

This embarrassing law was initially legislated on 22 September by the Islamic Consultative Assembly and then approved the Guardian Council on 9 October.

حسن روحانی، رئیس جمهور اسلامی ایران، قانون ضد انسانی ازدواج با فرزندخواندگان را تایید و برای اجرا ابلاغ کرده است.

این قانون ضد انسانی، ابتدا در تاریخ 31 شهریور ماه 1392 - 22 سپتامبر 2013، در مجلس شورای اسلامی تصویب شد و در تاریخ 10 مهر ماه (9 اکتبر2013) نیز به تایید شورای نگهبان رسیده بود، تا اینکه در تاریخ اول آبان ماه 1392 (23 اکتبر) از سوی رئیس جمهور ایران برای اجرا ابلاغ گردید.

این قانون به پدرخوانده ها امکان می دهد تا بتوانند با دختر خوانده های خود ازدواج کنند.

گفتنی است، بسیاری از قوانین مدنی و خانواده در جمهوری اسلامی ایران، ناقض حقوق انسانی به ویژه زنان و کودکان هستند.

24. Stop marriage of stepfathers with adopted girls

On the 22 September 2013, the Iranian Parliament ratified the new Child Protection Act in which the marriage of stepfathers with adopted girls is deemed legal.

The provisions of the related article, i.e. article 27 of the Act, not only sabotage all the efforts mobilised so far to protect the rights of some of the most vulnerable groups of the society, namely the orphans and abandoned children, but also facilitate situations where taking sexual advantage of these children is, by practical implication, considered legal and in accordance with Islamic rules.

These are children who by any humanitarian standards should be strictly under care and protection by their respective governments which, subject to conditions, may assign such a task to eligible families. But today we witness that the Iranian regulators not only fail to fully protect these children but also expose them at severe physical, mental and social risks.

25. Harsher penalties against pedophiles

The penalties against pedophiles are too weak. The victims are living lives of pain and suffering.

While the predators are getting good behaviour bonds. And rediculously short sentences, if any.

Together we can make a much needed change to the current system.

26. Mandatory Sentences or Hormone Therapy for child sex offenders

It comes weeks after the Director of Public Prosecutions said it would not appeal the non-custodial sentence handed down to a man who repeatedly raped his daughter over a number of years.

Confidence in the justice system is undermined when sentences for child sex offenders appear out of step with community expectations.

27. Enact Laws to Limit Parents who are on a Central Child Neglect or Abuse Registry

Many children in the State of Arizona and other states are innocent victims due to the lack of laws that if were in place could safeguard and protect them.

Currently in the State of Arizona there is NO law enacted to safeguard children from a non-custodial parent (i.e. as the result of divorce) who has been placed on a state or any state's central child neglect or abuse registry due to a state's or division/department within that state's findings of neglect or abuse of that non-custodial parent.

In other words, a non-custodial parent who is on a state's central registry, as a result of a preponderance of evidence found for child neglect or abuse, can legally have unsupervised access to their children and can take them out of the state of Arizona and have their children stay with them for extended periods of time in their household. Also, the non-custodial parent who is on this child neglect or abuse registry can legally have overnight and unsupervised privileges with their children.

A law must be enacted in the State of Arizona to prevent this from occurring with children who find themselves in these unfortunate circumstances.

My hope is that all children be safeguarded by being surrounded with the healthiest, happiest environment possible for their emotional and physical development and well being.

If you agree, please sign the following petition to the Arizona Governor's office and Arizona State Legislature to enact a law that removes this loophole.

28. Justice for Bailey: Appeal against the lenient sentence given to Nathan William Forrest

Nathan William Forrest was sentenced to 6 years non parole period for the manslaughter of Bailey James Constable. Nathan William Forrest struck Bailey across the head and body while he bathed him on the 1st of April 2011 in his home in Warren N.S.W, the actions Nathan William Forrest chose that night resulted in the death of this 4 year old boy we ask that an appeal be granted for the following reasons:

1: Nathan willingly injected a drug that gave him violent outbursts;
2: Nathan choose to bathe Bailey on the 1st of April 2011 knowing he was under the influence of amphetamines and agitated;
3: Nathan struck Bailey on the head and body more than once and as little as 4 times;
4: Nathan lied to medical professionals hampering resuscitation efforts;
5: Nathan showed no remorse after the fact, he was witnessed using drugs and alcohol while enjoying social events;
6: Nathan lied to police for the 5 weeks preceding Bailey's death hindering closure for family;
7: Nathan winked and smiled when handed the 6 year non parole period sentence he was openly over joyed with such a light sentence, this shows no remorse or potential for rehabilitation in such a short term as remorse for a crime would be where one would start;
8: Bailey was 4 years old not even 20kg when Nathan William Forrest beat him with such force he died from as stated in the autopsy "multiple injuries".


Brilliant Future, a non-profit campaign geared towards protecting the innocence of children.

30. Stop people getting away with "grooming" because the child is over 16

My niece was groomed for 8 months, she thought she had an online 21 year old Australian boyfriend, when it really was a married couple living just up the road. The police were involved for 6 months, and gave us great hope, but in the end it got thrown out by the CPS because she was over 16. Still classed as a child in most ways but not in this.

The effect it has had on the whole family is heartbreaking, and we want to stop any other 16/17 year olds going through this. Please help us.