Petition Tag - change the world

1. Ban Plastic Bags in La Jolla!

Help raise awareness of plastic and how it effects our environment!

Los Angeles County has been the first county in California to ban plastic bags, so why can't San Diego or specifically La Jolla?

We live in such a BEAUTIFUL beach community and it's sad to see our local markets using plastic bags!

Help the oceans and ban plastic bags!

2. Spread Aloha, Change the World

The legacy of the 20th century has left scars of destruction across the face of the earth and across multitudes of innocent victims. Isolation in a global society is not possible, we must all make the attempt help each other rise to a higher level of peace and a higher quality of life. Only a massive, concerted effort can change the direction in which we are now headed.

Hardship and suffering anywhere in the world should become a mandate for cooperative action. The price of neglect has become too high. We cannot leave a world behind for our children in which we fear for their future.

The time to act is now.