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1. Stop CBC taxpayer funding

The Canadian broadcasting company is a taxpayer funded leftist propaganda outlet entirely devoted to demonizing anyone who isn't a liberal. Although they are funded by ALL Canadians via their tax dollars to the tune of 1.1 billion dollars a year, they only represent liberals. They suppress news that doesn't look good for liberals and exploit any opportunity to demonized the rest of Canada. Every broadcast is full of shaming and propaganda. This was incredibly evident during their reporting on the Quebec mosque shooting. They mentioned "right wing". About 100 times (even though he was reportedly an ndp voter). They went as far as saying that all lone shooters have historically alway been right wing (factually incorrect/ outright lie) and that he would argue right wing ideas online, in effort to silence any opposition to liberal ideas online. The worst part was the nazi-esqe demand to Canadians to immediately "shut down" Any "words" that dont align with liberal tolerance (incredibly ambiguous and effectively silencing important conversations and dialogue in a dictatorial way). They also said family members should seek therapy for people if they notice them "changing" in the right wing direction. This is nazi propaganda 101. Are we now facing a gestapo style censorship where we are criminals just for holding any right wing beliefs at all? Is it only acceptable to be liberal and nothing else? Is democracy being traded for dictatorship and socialism (hitler was a socialist btw - debunking CBC false claim that all murderers are right wing)? Why is the CBC pushing this agenda so hard and being funded by our government who is now set to increase their pay? Save us from becoming nazi germany and protect your freedom and your tax dollars from being used to manipulate you.

2. Save McBride Annex

McBride Annex is a K-3 elementary school in the heart of East Vancouver. It is facing closure because of a school board budget shortfall that is the result of underfunding of public education in B.C.

This school is important to the neighbourhood and Vancouver in general for many reasons. Its location in Gray's Park acts as a deterrent to crime in the park and surrounding area. Its small size allows children with sensory challenges to avoid feeling overwhelmed or overstimulated. Its single-level configuration makes it accessible to students of all physical abilities.

Its K-3 student body allows students to build leadership and confidence at a young age, as they quickly progress to being the oldest kids in school. A preschool housed in the building provides ongoing revenue to the school board, and makes for a smooth transition into the public school system for kids who begin kindergarten at the Annex.

Furthermore, the school has had a waitlist for students for the past four years. The demand is there, as is the need.

3. White Rock Mayor Urged to Approve Medical Marijuana Pilot Project

It is no secret that medical marijuana facilities have been growing in number in BC's Lower Mainland. Many of these facilities have opened and operated without the guidance of their government or local city officials, resulting in certain relaxed operating protocols, miscommunication and facilities being shut down on a frequent basis.

Rather than risking the confusion and inconsistency, communities can initiate a Pilot Project which would allow a Mayor and City Council the opportunity to openly work with a pilot facility, such as Releaf Compassion Centers, to create operating protocols and bylaws.

The pilot facility's operating protocols would be up for public scrutiny and adjustment until the point is reached where the community and the pilot facility no longer have concerns that need addressing. Then all facilities that wish to open within the community will have to abide by those agreed upon standards.

Releaf has requested a Pilot Project with the City of White Rock, believing that it will be an effective solution to creating safe community-based access to medical marijuana that supports the needs and concerns of the everyone.

4. Save Burns Bog. Fight MK Delta's Industrial plans in Burns Bog.

History of MK Delta Lands Group & How it happened:

In 2004, Burns Bog owners the McLaughlins were under foreclosure. The McLaughlin family asked Jack Matthews to rescue the Bog from foreclosure. He did. (J.M. Pers. Comment, 2004.)

Four levels of government came together to purchase Burns Bog for conservation. They offered Jack Matthews $78 million for the 5,500 acres of Burns Bog. Unfortunately, Jack Matthews left $5 million on the table.

Matthews sold 5,000 acres of Burns Bog to the four levels of government. He kept 525 acres of ecologically significant land.

In 2005, the Kerbel family (Ontario) and Jack Matthews (originally from Ontario, now Dallas, Texas) created MK Delta Lands Group Inc.

Present day.

MK Delta Lands Groups is applying to the Corporation of Delta for an Official Community Plan Amendment and Rezoning application at 7969 Highway 91 Connector. They want to build an industrial park on 155 acres of land located on the edge of Burns Bog (Lot 4).

The following are parts of their application:

• Proposed Agricultural Land Reserve Exclusion
• Official Community Plan Amendment
• Rezoning
• Regional Growth Strategy Amendment
• Sanitary Sewer Area Extension
• Development Permit
• Subdivision Application at 7696 Highway 91 Connector

In exchange for this development, they are offering Delta 328 acres of land in Burns Bog and financial contributions.

Why should you be concerned?


Here are what others said about MK Delta Lands Group’s proposal in 2012 (we successfully stopped this project):

“There is a limited amount of “green space” in the Lower Mainland that is causing detrimental effects to not only human health but to our natural environment. It would be regrettable to see anything happen to Burns Bog, especially because of how sensitive the ecosystem is.”
- Olivia Woodburn

“As someone who has lived nearby for over twenty years I am appalled to learn that MK Delta Lands Group is proposing to potentially destroy one of the greatest natural environments on the west coast of British Columbia.”
- Asha Young

“No amount of mitigation and no amount of money can offset the impacts to the site and the local and global ecosystem if the proposed development is allowed…They CAN’T re-create this bog. Please DO NOT ALLOW this development.”
- Diane Ryba

Please sign the petition. Your support makes a huge difference. Your gifts help us continue to fight for Burns Bog. Click here to give now.

5. Saskatchewan Referendum on separation from Canada if Trudeau's Liberals implement 'voting reform' without a Referendum

The facts

In the past, Trudeau has expressed his support for a preferential ballot system, where voters in a particular riding rank the candidates in their order of preference.

In that system, if nobody has an absolute majority after the first count, the candidate with the least number of votes is eliminated. The second-place choices on the ballots cast for that unsuccessful candidate are redistributed to the other candidates. This process goes on until one person has a majority.

The government has said that other forms of voting would be studied as well, including proportional representation.

What the experts say:

Reid said that if the Liberals, who will likely have a majority on the all-party committee, go with a “full” preferential ballot system, the Liberals would be assured victory.

A full preferential ballot means that voters must rank all of the candidates, otherwise their ballot is considered spoiled. Such a system exists in certain Australian jurisdictions.

A Nanos Research survey conducted right before the October 2015 vote showed 46 per cent of Conservative respondents said they had no second choice for support. As a result, Reid argues, Conservative voters would be most likely to have their ballots declared invalid in a full preferential system.

6. Support IVF4BC

1 in 6 Canadian couples, of childbearing age, struggle to conceive. Infertility affects thousands of women and men across our Country. It is a medical condition that can leave us feeling isolated, confused, heartbroken and helpless.

78% of British Columbians agree that infertility treatments should be publicly funded. Infertility is a serious medical condition that affects both male and female partners.

Although treatments are often successful, it can take numerous cycles to achieve a positive result. These treatments are both physically/emotionally demanding and expensive.

The average cost for in vitro fertilization treatments is between $5800-$8000, not including the additional several thousand dollars for required medication.

Please sign this petition and help advocate for those with this serious medical condition trying to build a family.

7. UBC Aquatic Center Petition

The UBC Athletic Department has not consulted adequately with many user groups regarding services at the new Aquatic Centre facility.

The UBC Athletic Department is overseeing the construction of a new $40 million facility that presently does NOT include certain amenities and services that are important to the health and enjoyment of senior citizens, long term patrons, students, and global visitors.

8. Improve road maintenance in the Quesnel area

As is blatantly obvious to anyone driving Highway 97, the current road maintenance provider (HMC) is not up to the task. It is no coincidence that the roads suddenly become much worse at the borders of their maintenance contract.

Their poor handling of these roads are causing accidents, which in turn increase the risk of injury and death.

As far as I can tell, the current contract is up for bidding in 2019. Ideally, that contract should be killing in 2015, but barring that happening, HMC should be prevented from bidding on the contract when it expires, due entirely to their poor performance.

In the event that THAT is not possible, then the road conditions requirements need to be re-evaluated and the current road maintenance provider judged by them. It's highly unlikely they would meet any reasonable criteria.

9. Build the Terry Fox Museum to promote further cancer research

It has been 35 year since terry Fox ran across Canada to raise money for Cancer research and even today in 2014 all his memorabilia sits locked away where people cannot see it.

Let's not let this historic run and our fallen hero go another year without given the respect he deserves. To the powers that be "Erect a Museum to show and educate the world about his historic deed".

10. Mastering the basics of Mathematics in BC Schools

As a parent, I watched my children struggle with how Mathematics was taught at their respective elementary schools. If it were not for outside intervention at a math learning centre, as well as for the straightforward teaching concepts of a very dedicated teacher, they would still be struggling today.

I am shocked, dismayed and frustrated at the various math concepts that are employed in our classrooms today. As opposed to encouraging and teaching children to solve problems, these various methods simply confuse and overwhelm young minds.

Common sense math has been replaced with discovery based strategies...and our children are failing the grade. As a result, parents are either faced with the dilemma to enrol their children in math learning centres to receive the basic math instruction they need, switch over to private schools, or despair that their children will not learn these necessary math skills that they desperately need later on.

As with any crucial life skill, mathematics requires continuous practice, particularly in the early years. Common sense math MUST become the focus of our math curriculum, and I urge the Minister of Education for the province of British Columbia, to make these changes TODAY, before another group of our children stumble out into the workforce without the necessary math skills required.

11. BC: Abolish long distance charges via land line calls from Chilliwack/Rosedale to Agassi

We all pay long distance charges via land line calls
From Chilliwack/Rosedale to Agassi. A 8-10 min drive away.

I think we have been overlooked in the new age of technology due to the fact of being small farming communities an wish to make changes to the current charges that are applied to the Fraser Valley.

12. Stop the British Columbia Wolf Hunt!

Wolves are being indiscriminately killed in British Columbia, and under the pretext of "Wildlife Management"!

So-called "conservationists" are killing wolves, even machine-gunning entire packs from helicopters, based on the claim that they are reducing caribou herds; however, loss of habitat is a far more probable cause. Natural ecosystems are self regulating and wolves play a vital role in them.

There is also an increase in the slaughter of wolves to protect livestock on private and public land with insufficient attention to alternative measures such as improved farming practices and animal husbandry.

Wolves are killed for sport and their body parts used as trophies; this is an abhorrent activity and wasteful use of wildlife.

Wolves deserve wilderness habitat in which to live a natural pack life, unmolested.

Humans are the greatest threat to healthy wolf populations, and it's our responsibility to be a voice for these wild animals and the wilderness in which they live.

13. Fort St John Permaculture & Aquaponics Eco Farm

Fort St John Permaculture & Aquaponics Eco Farm

Urgently needed! Your sincere interest and support!

For more detailed information visit Facebook

We the undersigned being residents of Fort St. John, surrounding areas and Canadian citizens enthusiastically & whole heartedly support the need and want for a Permaculture & Aquaponics Eco Farm in Fort St. John. The purpose of which is to:

1 Supply affordable, fresh, healthy, tasty, nutritious, locally, produced food year around to the residents of F.S.J. and surrounding areas. Fish, vegetables, fruit, herbs, spices & medicinal plants.

2 Build an ecologically designed, energy efficient, straw bale multiuse facility. Agriculture Research Institute, Extension Services, Demonstration and Educational Center. The facility will house relevant offices, boardroom, library, commercial kitchen, restaurant & coffee shop, walk in cooler and Hall Rental.

3 The Eco Farm will become a permanent year around home for the Farmers Market, Horticulture Group, Community Gardens, Environmental, Ecology, 4H and other relevant or interested groups and organizations. A vermiculture farm will recycle, save 70% of the organic waste from the landfill. As well as produce organic soil amendments, to build healthy soil and organic fertilizers and pesticides for plants (flowers, vegetables & fruit).

4 Fort St. John will become a true resilient energetic city, having increased its resource efficiency, reducing its ecological footprint and empowering its citizens throughout all suburban communities by helping achieve local food security, aiding community health and well being, while helping save trees, energy and the environment.

5 The proposed project will engage the entire community in hands on learning about sustainability issues via Permaculture education. The Eco Farm will contain various food gardens with informative signage, as well as displays of sustainable products, services and community art projects.

6 The Eco Farm will be a venue for providing hands on education in food growing and production via sustainable concepts, for all educational institutions and the wider community. Teachers, students, researchers, tourists and other interested people will have an opportunity to engage in gardens design, creation, maintenance, and food harvesting with their work guided by professionals and volunteers.

7 The Eco building and surrounding property will become home to community events such as conferences, workshops, forums, lectures, symposiums and Annual Permaculture Earth Day Fair.

For more information email: or Phone Paul Modde: 250-793-1226

14. Fire Osoyoos Times' editor Keith Lacey

Keith Lacey writes a very slanderous editorial regarding an RCMP Corporal who treated him poorly and embarrassed him just because he can. What Lacey did not account for was the RCMP cruiser having video. Now he refuses to apologize and digs himself deeper.

We need to have him canned. His attitude is bad for not only the police, but it discredits legitimate members of the Canadian media.

When interviewed Lacey first said he would be apologizing, but hours later said he would not be as what he wrote was the truth.

Update: Lacey have changed his mind yet again and authored an apology.. likely he was told to do it since he was last reported as saying he was willing to make minor changes to his editorial but would not apologize.

I still think this has damaged the Osoyoos Times too much for them to keep him.

15. Take Shark Fin Soup Off the Menu in BC, Canada

100-150 million sharks are killed every year. In the past 20 years, shark population has decreased by 90%. Scientists predict that within the next 15-20 years, sharks will be completely wiped out.

The are the most important species on Earth, simply because they control levels further down on the food pyramid, as tertiary consumers, and therefore the oxygen levels in the ocean, which controls everything on earth, as it covers 2/3 of the Earth's surface.

Please protect this beautiful creature, and ban the act of shark finning. It starts out locally, but when brought to a global perspective can change the situation dramatically. The slaughter of sharks will soon affect you, so please, take action and sign the petition.

Thank you.

16. Stop BC Medical Services Plan Premiums!

British Columbia is the only province in Canada imposing a fixed monthly premium on its citizens for our universal healthcare coverage as mandated by the Canada Health Act. In other provinces healthcare premiums are fully covered by tax revenues. The next election is scheduled for Tuesday, May 14, 2013.

Between now and then we have an opportunity to place this on the agenda. The Liberals are looking for ways to appease us after the HST debacle and the NDP want to acquire our interest. Now is the time to approach both with this issue.

On a side note - Alberta, changed from premium based to tax based in 2009, leaving BC the final hold out.

17. Improve health and health care in British Columbia

In 2014, the current 2004 Health Accord – the deal that sets funding and healthcare service delivery agreements between the federal, provincial and territorial governments – will expire and must be renegotiated. This is a unique opportunity to improve health and health care for all Canadians.

The renewed 2014 Health Accord must be a joint initiative between all provincial, territorial and federal governments and must include key provisions in order to improve the accessibility, equity, comprehensiveness and sustainability of our health system. Among these provisions is the need for action on primary health care across Canada, including increased access to Community Health Centres in British Columbia and across Canada.

Short video about Canada's Community Health Centres

18. PharmaCare and Consumer Loyalty Points

Edited to note Pharmacy Loyalty Points changes:

As of January 31, 2014 no consumer in British Columbia will be eligible to receive incentive points for prescriptions. If you feel this is an abuse on your consumer and/or fair business practices please sign this petition in support of all consumers.

Beginning in July, a new Pharmacy Services Agreement will come into effect and loyalty programs will be allowed but only on the portion of the prescription paid for by the patient. Details as follows:

On July 7, 2010, the Province of BC concluded an agreement (the Pharmacy Services Agreement) with the BC Pharmacy Association and the Canadian Association of Chain Drug Stores. This agreement sets out significant changes to the Pharmacy Participation Agreement that defines the Province’s relationship with pharmacies that submit claims to the PharmaCare program.

In recognition of these changes, the Province developed the PharmaCare Enrolment Agreement to replace existing Pharmacy Participation Agreements.

The Agreement disallows pharmacies from offering inducements to secure prescription orders, or in relation to the provision of a drug, medical supply, or service on the portion of the cost of that drug, supply or service paid for or reimbursed by the Province through PharmaCare.

The Agreement defines “inducement” as: “consideration including, but not limited to, cash, points, loyalty points, coupons, discounts, goods, rewards and similar schemes which can be redeemed for a gift or other benefit.”

Inducements to secure prescription orders were previously prohibited under the former Pharmacy Participation Agreement that defined the Province’s relationship with pharmacies that submit claims to the PharmaCare program. The Pharmacy Participation Agreement stated: “No goods or considerations beyond those approved in negotiations between the Government of British Columbia and the British Columbia Pharmacy Association shall be offered by any party to any other party as an inducement to secure prescription orders.” Notwithstanding this prohibition, pharmacies introduced various forms of inducement programs.

In response to correspondence and complaints from pharmacies and the public, the Minister of Health directed the Pharmaceutical Services Division to take action to ensure pharmacies abide by the terms set out in the Pharmacy Participation Agreement.

Under the terms of the Agreement, effective July 4, 2011, loyalty programs will be restricted to the portion of the prescription cost that is borne by the patient.

The Province’s interest is in the inequity that government funded benefits are being provided to patients and not being made available to other taxpayers, and more specifically the perception that this is occurring (i.e., government paying for a large proportion of a patient’s drug costs and the patient accumulating loyalty points as a result and receiving a free gift).

Facebook Group - We are all British Columbians - if the BC Government cannot help us let us help each other - please join to share your story

The folks at Occupy Vancouver are working together creating a fair system of sharing the wealth. Please join us at The Vancouver Art Gallery.

19. Southlands - Back in the ALR

Southlands is comprised of over 500 acres of land that was successfully farmed until it was purchased by developers in 1982. Since then, this land has been under regular threat of development, with the latest plan envisioning as many as 1,900 homes being built.

Due to these constant pressures the best solution is to place the land back in the Agricultural Land Reserve.

20. Ban Supertankers from BC's North Coast

The North Coast of British Columbia is one of the most ecologically diverse and magnificent places on earth. It's waters are home to wildlife that sustains multi-billion dollar fisheries and nature tourism industries.

But it is at risk.

The most recent threat to this globally significant bit of coastline is the proposal by Enbridge of Calgary to build an 1,100 km pipeline across the rugged Rockie and Coastal mountains ending at Kitimat where the raw bitumen (unprocessed tarsands sludge) would be loaded into more than 225 supertankers for shipping through some of the most treacherous waters in the world. The project would also single-handedly allow the tarsands to further expand by a rate of as much as 30 percent – producing another 6.5 Megatonnes of greenhouse gases and leaking more toxic tailings into our waterways.

Opposition to supertankers plying the sensitive waters of BC's North Coast is very widespread. The Union of BC Indian Chiefs, Coastal First Nations, every BC environmental group, and the Union of BC Municipalities have all said that we need to legislate a ban on supertanker traffic on our north coast.

The stakes are high and the potential for disaster is great; please take a moment to sign up and be a part of the movement to permanently protect one of Canada’s greatest ecological treasures.

21. Begin Inquiry into Raven Leach's Treatment

Raven Leach was left outside the Nelson hospital for 7 days with out care in a non-responsive state. Her family was not notified.

Such treatment is totally unacceptable, and needs to be inquired into. We believe those responsible must be identified and face an inquiry, or, indeed inquiries, so that no such tragic incident occur to anyone, ever again, in British Columbia, and hopefully, no where in the world.

For more information visit

22. End Animal fur and meat trade

Millions of innocent animals die for their fur and meat. Domestic dogs and cats, raccoon dogs, minks, foxes, chinchillas and rabbits in China, Asia, Thailand, Philippines, South Korea and Indonesia. They are skinned alive still conscious.

Switzerland exports Saint Bernard dogs to china for human consumption. Very sick and cruel for an animal to suffer such pain.

23. Save British Columbia's Salmon

The emergence of resistance in sea lice in Nootka Sound, British Columbia, is a threat not only to the farmed and wild salmon located there, but salmon populations on the other side of Vancouver Island.

It is generally accepted that sea lice have a negative effect on juvenile salmon survival (1, 2) and has the potential to cause a decline in wild salmon populations (1, 3). The sea lice population in Nootka Sound is larger than would be if SLICE, the medication fed to farmed salmon to kill the parasite, had been effective (4). This suggests that sea lice in that area are becoming immune to the drug.

As the infected farmed salmon were removed and transported to the Walcan Seafood Ltd. processing plant on Quadra Island, the sea lice went as well. These sea lice were then expelled back into the Strait of Georgia along with the waste from processed salmon (4). Alexandra Morton’s preliminary studies of this waste showed that sea lice survived travelling across Vancouver Island, and may be able to reproduce and infect salmon in that area (4). This would threaten the salmon populations that migrate through the Strait of Georgia, including the already threatened Fraser River sockeye salmon population.

Emergence of resistance is not unheard of in sea lice. A study of data from Scotland suggests that emergence has occurred (5), and Norway recently held a meeting to address the issue of resistant sea lice (6). Precautions in British Columbia must be taken to minimize this serious threat to BC’s wild salmon populations, and as such, it requires the support of the provincial and federal government.
1. Krkošek, M., Ford, J., Morton, A., Lele, S., Myers, R., & Lewis, M. (2007). Declining wild salmon populations in relation to parasites from farm salmon. Science, 318, 1772-1775.
2. Pike, A., & Wadsworth, S. (1990). Sealice on salmonids: their biology and control. Advances in Parasitology. 44, 233-337.
3. Ford, J., & Myers, R. (2008). A global assessment of salmon aquaculture impacts on wild salmonids. Plos Biology. 6(2), 1-7.
4. Calling From the Coast. (2010, March 4). Alex Morton follows a trail of sea lice. Retrieved from
5. Lees, F., Baillie, M., Gettinby, G., & Revie, C. W. (2008). Factors associated with changing efficacy of emamectin benzoate against infestations of Lepeophtheirus salmonis on Scottish salmon farms. Journal of Fish Diseases, 31, 947-951.
6. Fish Wise. (2009, November 24). Norway’s fisheries minister calls crisis meeting on sea lice. Retrieved from

For more information, visit
There is a short 5 minute video explaining the problem.

If you want to do more, donate to where the money will go towards transporting wild juvenile salmon past the salmon farms, as well as a court proceeding to keep the salmon farms from renewing their lease.

24. Stop the Trophy Hunt - Faltering Light

Fall 2016 Update - Sadly the BC government has opened the 2016 trophy hunt for bears.

The second edition has been delivered to Premier Christy Clark via Pamela Martin, Minister Terry Lake and Minister Thompson during 2012. Behind the scenes we have worked with MLA Jane Thornthwaite to try and effect change. Sadly this effort has yet to yield results for Minister Thompson still strongly supports unconditional Wolf and poorly managed trophy bear hunting.

Imagine making a difference. The Faltering Light visual petition is a high quality book containing an open letter to the BC government demanding that trophy hunting of bears is stopped. It contains insightful essays from leading environmentalists, stunning sepia toned bear photographs and 1,000s of signatures from British Columbians supporting the termination of the trophy hunt. Please join us in signing the book today.

This petition is supported by:

The Spirit Bear Youth coalition, Pacific Wild, Bluewater Adventures, Bears Matter B.C., Ursa Freedom Project, NaturalArt - Brad Hill Photography, Sierra Club B.C., Ocean Adventures, Maple Leaf Adventures, Valhalla Wilderness Committee, Wilderness Committee, Ecojustice, The BC Environmental Network, Knight Inlet Lodge, Forest Ethics, Grizzly Bear Ranch, Cold Coast Photography, Wildernessprints, Rainforest Kayak Adventures and John Marriott Photography.

25. NO to Renewal of the 2012 RCMP Policing Contract in British Columbia

It has become general knowledge that we have as much to fear from RCMPolice as from other gangs of swaggering bullies. RCMP officers are guilty of inflicting prolonged torture on helpless people with repeated use of tazers, pepper spray and fists, as well as dozens of similar abuses and instances of police brutality. Many of these are outlined at with links to many many mainstream news sources.

However, emphasis must be made and remembered that it is the ACCEPTANCE of these many outrages by the rank and file and the RCMP organization itself that makes the situation dangerous and intolerable for us all. This acceptance has become binding precedent in the rewritting of the RCMP rule book and codes of conduct- making reform and oversight meaningless concepts. Inflicting torture by any means is repugnant to Canadians, and we see tazer reform as a weak attempt to skirt the issue of the torture itself having been inflicted, and continuing.

It is the fact that these dozens of instances of shameful behavior are routinely tolerated that necessitates the RCMP being stripped of its powers in British Columbia and replaced by a new provincial force. We citizens must shudder to think how insanely vengeful the RCMP will be when somebody inevitably spits on an officer or gives back some other exactly similar behavior the police have inflicted on citizens.

The RCMP has become the police force our grandfathers fought a war to try to save us from.

26. Keep Smoking Cessation / Nicoteen Addiction Services open to public

The governments of Canada is terminating funding for smoking cessation programs. Nicotine patches, prescription medications and other quit-smoking aids are out of reach for many British Columbia Ministry of Health Services recipients.

27. Require Body Image Education in B.C. Schools

Men and women everywhere are under pressure to measure up to a certain social and cultural ideals of beauty, which can lead to distorted body image.

Women and young girls are constantly bombarded with "Barbie Doll-like" images. By presenting an ideal that is so difficult to achieve and maintain, the cosmetic and diet product industries are assured of growth and profits. It's no accident that youth is increasingly promoted, along with thinness, as an essential criterion of beauty. The message we're hearing is either "all women need to lose weight" or that the natural aging process is a "disastrous" fate.

Images of female success and fashion portray the ideal woman as smart, popular, successful, beautiful and very thin (the average fashion model weights 25 percent less than the average woman). Pressure to measure up is great, and is constantly reinforced by family and friends, as well as advertising and popular media. Women still are taught that their looks will determine their success, and that thin equals beautiful.

Girls and women aren't the only ones with body image issues. Surveys show that increasing numbers of men and boys are also feeling unhappy with their bodies.

The ideal male look today, as shown on TV, in movies and in advertising, has become increasingly lean and muscular. Even the proportions of G.I. Joe and other action figures have changed dramatically over the years, from more normal male proportions to a physique far bigger and unrealistic.

Over the past two decades, the gender gap in media objectification has closed. Every bit as unattainable as Barbie-doll proportions and the heroin chic look are the broad-shouldered, narrow-waisted, fat-free, and muscle-sheathed male physiques littering today’s media.

The affects of negative body image can be tragic in both men and women; often leading to a lifetime of depression, anxiety, reclusiveness, chronically low self-esteem, compulsive dieting or eating disorders. 25 percent -30 percent of people with eating disorders remain chronically ill, and 15 percent will die prematurely.

28. Support East Hill Expansion

East Hill Expansion means:

More Jobs
Future Growth
Increased Infrastructure
Increased Revenue

29. Help Obtain Infertility Treatment Coverage For British Columbians

A Canadian's 'Prayer' for Infertility Awareness

Everyday, over a half million Canadians are grieving. It's not the same grief you feel when you lose a loved one, it doesn't get better with time. For those dealing with Infertility, grief reverses, time doesn't heal all pain, it increases. Infertility is a disease of the body that becomes an illness of the heart, the mind. It becomes so emotionally crippling that just being with other family members or out in public can become devastating. It is a silent disease; there are no brave voices to stand up for us. Everyday we are faced with ignorance: people unaware they're making hurtful comments and giving meaningless advice, politicians promising help for families and those needing healthcare but leaving those behind who have a hurdle between them and a loving family and being refused public healthcare for treatment of a devastating health condition.

Because our disease is rejected as being something medically necessary, it also becomes a disease of finances for low and middle income 'families' (though that statement should read 'households', since we are denied a family). This is a disease, not an aesthetic problem; it is a tear in the fabric of life! All living things are on this earth for the sole purpose of giving life, passing on genes. All our behaviours are set up to create a family.

Just like wolf without a pack, those who crave family suffer alone, and lost without the love of the many generations a family can provide. In nature, if you don't reproduce, you die. In our world, if you don't reproduce, you'd better have a big pocketbook or you'll suffer a long life of hopelessness.

Our 'prayer' is that society will take notice and reach out a helping hand to treat this disease as a whole. We need funding so that specialists can work with our family physicians to give the best care possible, just like any other condition is treated through our health care system. We need grief counselling to cope through this emotionally taxing process. We need the support of communities, we need education and awareness. I believe everyone has a right to have a family, not just based on financial status or a disease free body. Our 'prayer' is that you will help us.

30. Reinstate the Pacific Leaders Graduate Student Fellowships

The Pacific Leaders Graduate Student Fellowship program was established in March 2007 by the British Columbia Government in order to attract top-quality researchers to the B.C. Public Service while producing research to address key issues facing British Columbia. Archived information on the program is at

Pacific Leaders fellows received $20,000 per year for each year of graduate studies up to two years, with up to 20 fellows chosen each year. The fellowships were to support graduate students whose areas of research are relevant to the future of the province. Once students complete their graduate degrees, they must work one year for the B.C. Public Service for every year of graduate studies funded through the fellowship.

In March 2009, the BC Government suspended the program and will not be awarding fellowships in 2009 despite having increased the budget of StudentAid BC by $500,000 in the 2009/2010 Budget. While acknowledging the challenging financial situation the province is in, the suspension of this funding program again demonstrates the need for the Government to maintain its commitment to long-term strategies rather than vacillating from perceived crisis to crisis.