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1. Recognize all Cancer Sufferers

Every year around the globe, Breast Cancer treatment is celebrated in October. The general public presumes that breast cancer is the most common cancer, but fail to recongnize the many other cancers that people have lost loved ones to.

2. We Want the PortaJane!

The PortaJane is the first portable restroom made exclusively for women. It’s the answer for women who want and demand fresh, clean, for-women-only restroom facilities. Not only is it uniquely designed for women, a portion of the proceeds from each unit rented will be donated to the fight against breast cancer.

The PortaJane is manufactured in the United States out of recyclable materials. So in addition to experiencing an odorless and truly unique portable toilet, women can feel confident about the fact that PortaJane is both environmentally "Eco-Friendly PortaJane's Odorless Solution" friendly, and supports an important cause such as donating to the fight against breast cancer.

The PortaJane is bright pink with white trim and displays 3 large breast cancer awareness ribbons embossed on the front door and sides. Each unit includes a hands-free flushing toilet, curvaceous hourglass-shaped back wall, a water-flowing, hygienic hands-free sink, 2 vanity shelves, the "hover bar," mirror, hanger hooks and so much more. Because it is created exclusively for women, the PortaJane is designed without a urinal.

Exclusive PortaJane distributorships are now available and PortaJane is seeking entrepreneurs to provide these upscale portable restrooms at outdoor events across the nation.

Please contact for further information.

3. Stand Up to Breast cancer

Please join in October 1st through October 31st, 2008 to help promote awareness as “Communities Commit to a Cure”.

This appeal is meant to encourage Federal and State funding toward Breast Cancer screenings and education.

We the citizens of North Central Illinois propose a “Stand Up to Breast Cancer” petition:

• The Illinois Legislation to continue funding the Illinois Breast & Cervical Cancer Program. (To allow any uninsured woman to receive access to the essential screenings to detect cervical and breast cancer.)

• The United States Government to pass H.RES.1300 : Supporting efforts to raise awareness, improve education, and encourage research of inflammatory breast cancer. (A very aggressive type of breast cancer.)

• Increase funding for research for all cancers.

As citizens of Illinois we are committed to bring awareness and research monies to this worthy cause.