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1. Twin post Brexit Britain with the proud independent island of North Sentinel.

Like the UK, North Sentinel Island has a proud history of independence and freedom, holding its own in an unfriendly and changing world.

2. London's Cycling Superhighway should be made Safer

Following two fatal cycling accidents in 24 hours, and five in ten days on London streets, enough is enough. Of the 13 deaths in total in 2013, 5 were on or very near the Cycling Superhighway.

With a number of staff who cycle to work each day we think it's time to ask if Boris Johnson has a plan to improve the safety of all cyclists in the capital and if he is prepared to:

1. Get rid of the blue lines and re-think his strategy.

2. Launch a big awareness campaign and invest money in education, making clear the ‘rules of engagement’ for cyclists.

3. Wait for more accidents before considering segregation and kerbs put in place before the prposed implementation in 2016.

3. Boris: Install mirrors that save cyclists lives (Petition for Paula)

On April 5th 2011, on a clear afternoon long before rush hour, London cyclist and student Paula Jurek was knocked down and killed by a lorry turning left from Camden Road into St Pancras Way. She was just twenty.

She joins many other cyclists killed or gravely injured in the same circumstances in London, but if you click the image above to sign this petition for Paula, and many others, you can help ensure this doesn't happen again.

Her death could have been prevented by three things, one of which is so cheap and simple it could be done tomorrow.

As Boris Johnson tries to coax more cyclists onto our roads, he must also make the same effort to keep them safe. Here’s how:

1. MIRRORS FOR LORRY DRIVERS: In 2010, Mr Johnson introduced "Trixi" mirrors, mounted at junctions to give lorry drivers greater visibility on their left sides and to prevent these kinds of accidents.

But he installed only 39 of these mirrors for the entire capital.

He said they would be "reviewed", but their effectiveness has already been demonstrated in Europe. In January, he was asked when this review would be available. His answer: "TfL will shortly be discussing the results of the trial… to retain the existing mirrors and to install further mirrors." That was January. Where are the results? Where are the mirrors?

Both lorry drivers and cyclists have agreed the mirrors are a big help. Even the Deputy Chair of London's Transport Committee and one of Mr Johnson's own colleagues, Caroline Pidgeon, says these mirrors are an important part of improving cycle safety. But Boris has stalled.

The mirrors do not cost much to install or maintain, and the process involves no disruption. They save lives. We need more, now.

2. CITY TRAINING FOR LORRY DRIVERS: Lorry drivers cannot always see cyclists. While a few London boroughs have specifically trained lorry drivers to watch for them on the capital’s busy and sometimes narrow roads, most boroughs still haven’t.

3. SAFE CYCLE ROUTES IN CAMDEN: There are few provisions for cyclists in Camden, yet many students and young people bike there every day. Camden's roads are packed and its cyclists need safe cycle lanes and cycle boxes. The junction at which Paula died has only one cycle box. Why? It should have three.

Camden Councillor Paul Braithwaite has been pushing TfL to improve cycling provisions where Paula died. "There are far too many deaths on Camden Road," he says.

4. Defend London's fire service: no cuts, remove Brian Coleman as LFEPA chair

The chair of the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority (LFEPA), Brian Coleman, has escalated a dispute about shift patterns with the firefighters employed by the London Fire Brigade into a battle that threatens the safety of Londoners. Mr Coleman’s belligerent stance includes threatening to sack the entire workforce of 5,600 firefighters if they do not accept new contracts.

Mr Coleman long maintained that the dispute had nothing to do with LFEPA wanting to make cuts to London’s fire service, but then announced that he wanted to see whether the temporary removal of 27 fire engines from London’s fire stations during strikes could be made permanent: this would represent about a 16% cut in the number of fire engines protecting London. There has been no planning for or risk assessment done on the effect of this cut. Mr Coleman seems to be making policy on the hoof.

The London Mayor Boris Johnson has the power to remove Mr Coleman from office and should do so, for the sake of constructive industrial relations in the London Fire Brigade, and the safety of Londoners.

He also should honour a commitment he made in 2008, prior to his election as Mayor, to defend the resources available to LFEPA. This commitment included the following statement which he made to Fire Brigades Union members in their magazine:

“BJ: I will safeguard LFEPA resources, including equipment and stations, and fight for fair pay and pensions for firefighters. ...

“FBU: Will you give a commitment that there would be no cuts to frontline firefighting resources in London — such as station closures or reductions in establishment levels or appliances — during your period of office?

“BJ: Yes, I will argue for more resources from the government for LFEPA, to make London safer.

“...London needs a mayor who will bang the table to ensure we get funding from the government, and that absolutely means for firefighters.

“Each year, I will argue for more government resources, not less, from ministers.”

For his own credibility and for the safety of Londoners, the Mayor should act now. The details of the situation will change during the lifetime of this petition but the basic point is clear: London’s fire service needs defending against cuts and against Brian Coleman!

5. 2012 Plastic-Bag-Free Olympics

Greener Upon Thames is a community-driven campaign to reduce plastic bag use in the London Boroughs of Richmond and Kingston, make London and the 2012 Olympics plastic-bag-free, and pressure our Government for a ban or levy on single-use plastic bags.

Backed by politicians, schools, local community organisations and more than 500 shops and thousands of residents, we campaign to break the bag habits of millions in London and beyond by producing and distributing literature and infomercials, organising local events and liaising with international plastic-bag-free campaigns to raise awareness about the impact of plastic bags, excess packaging and waste plastic on the environment and future generations.

London 2012: Shouldn't we be plastic-bag-free? Bagging Boris from Greener Upon Thames on Vimeo.

Greener school competition entry from Andrea Craig on Vimeo.

6. Introduce Oyster pay-as-you-go to South-East London

In his manifesto at the 2008 London Mayoral election, Boris Johnson promised to hold an emergency summit with Train Operating Companies (TOCs) so that Oyster pay-as-you-go would be introduced to overground stations in South-East London as soon possible. To date, this has not happened.

7. Save Rise Festival

Rise Festival was a London event set up by the Trades Union Congress in 1996 as a music event to promote anti-racism.

The original event took part in Finsbury Park, north London, featuring artists Chumbawumba, Fun-Da-Mental, Asian Dub Foundation and Incognito and was held again the following year in East London's Victoria Park in Hackney.

After a three year hiatus the event was revived when Ken Livingstone was elected Mayor of London in 2000 and held annually around London featuring acts such as Jimmy Cliff, De La Soul, Public Enemy, CSS, Run DMC and Graham Coxon.

Following Boris Johnson's election as London Mayor in 2008, he removed the anti-racism message from the festival. Subsequently the trade unions UNISON and Unite the Union withdrew their festival funding before Boris Johnson announced the festival would be cancelled completely in April 2009.

The cancellation of Rise Festival is a travesty and removes an important multi-cultural event which celebrated the contributions of different communities to the capital and promotes excellent community relations.

8. Back the Cross River TRAM Boris!

The Cross River Tram is a Transport for London proposal for a tram system in London, England, to connect Camden Town to King's Cross, Peckham and Brixton.

It is planned to relieve overcrowding on the London Underground, and to improve transport in areas currently without good public transport, such as North Peckham & the Aylesbury Estate in Southwark, which would aid in the regeneration of these areas.

The scheme enjoys high levels of support, particularly in South London, where the tram is seen as vital in improving access to new jobs and training opportunities and attracting inward investment.

However, the scheme has been consistently delayed with a current completion date of 2016-2020, as opposed to an original target date of 2008.


9. Boris Johnson For Prime Minister

When Tony Blair stepped down as Prime Minister, changes were promised during the new regime, but all we got was a Scottish, more portly Tony Blair, in the form of Gordon Brown. So I propose that Gordon Brown step down as Prime Minister, and be replaced by that loveable buffon, Boris Johnson. My reasons being:

1) He can't mess up the country anymore than it already is.

2) His bumbling ways will make Politcal speaches entertaining.