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1. Terminate White Dolls in Black communities

Dear Black people,

Please sign this petition and help us eliminate White Dolls for these reasons:

White Dolls presented to Black babies continuously have for years, psychologically remote controlled Black babies to be intimate with White people more than they do with their own Black people because the mental programming executed by the relationship the Black baby has with these toys is of paramount importance and cannot be ignored. The doctrine of inferiority upon Black people was not born with them (Black people), but they are taught very early in life to submit to and honour White People more than they do with their own Black people and different devices have been used to make this possible with the White Doll genealogy being the most respected toy by black babies making it possible for Black children to grow up with the inferiority complex upon Whites.
Today, 22 years after the constitutionally acclaimed deptocracy and equality, the majority of “Baby Dolls” produced in this Country as present in every major supermarket are “white Baby Dolls” whereas the Majority of people in this country are black people. And because of their historical credence, “White Baby Dolls” have outplayed Black Baby Dolls even in the Black community since White Dolls are present in every corner and probably in most Black Families and this in essence perpetuates the continued doctrine of white Supremacy devised in its visibility in the Black community. Our independent appeal in this regard therefore is; all White Baby Dolls should be humbly and completely removed from shops operating in Black communities and the Black Baby Doll production should be endorsed to flourish and fill these shops because the “Doll Technique” overwhelmly has achieved a remarkable and ultimate end for so many years and we believe time’s up for Indoctrination, Mis-education, Dehumanisation and psychological remote control.

One Love,

Black Centric Forum

2. Wake up and stand against ignorance

Our present day education system has failed to present melanated people with an accurate understanding of our role here on planet earth. Ignorance has been running rapid throughout our communities since before the diaspora began.

Conscious people must unite across the globe in order to lift up our fellow brothers and sisters.

Let us win the fight against ignorance! Those who are continuously seeking knowledge deserve remedies for their ailments.

Let us win the fight against ignorance!


3. Stop the State Sanctioned Murders and Torture of Black People

Mr. President, the state sanctioned murders of Black people are the highest in the nation and emerges out of a national climate where systemic racism eats away the heart of our union and democracy.

1000 Black people murdered by police since 2007. As shocking as it is, this is a low figure. Many deaths remain unrecorded and fall under categories such as suspicious deaths as does the death of seventeen year old Black football star Lennon Lacy who was found hanging from a tree in a trailer park in Bladenboro, North Carolina. He was dating a White woman.

In the case of police, these murders are not m isolated incidents where they kill a few individuals. Rather, the overwhelming evidence shows that the police profiles the entire Black community even children.

4. Get 500 Years Later and Motherland documentary on SABC

500 Years Later for 4 years has been stuck with SABC in the negotiation process. They are trying to ignore this powerful multi-award winning documentary which deals with the legacy of slavery and oppression in Africa and the Diaspora. Even if you don't live in Africa be part of Pan-African change by demanding our Motherland is representative of the majority interest.

South Africa a highly racialized society which is plagued with the legacy of apartheid, which was an assault on the human dignity of African people. That trauma is identical to that suffered by the African Diaspora. Despite South Africa's claims at creating a new South Africa for all, the media remains largely distant from content that empowers the African majority. It white wash issues of race and self-determination leaving the people with deep internalize feelings of self-hatred and self-ignorance.

The sequel to 500 Years Later is Motherland which deals with the most concise story of Africa. Despite even having in the South African president all attempts to license this film to the national broadcaster are ignored.

MOTHERLAND - A film by Owen Alik Shahadah from Halaqah Films on Vimeo.

5. August 1st Emancipation Day in Canada


Emancipation Day was celebrated throughout the British Empire immediately following the passage of the British Imperial Act of 1833. Black communities throughout Ontario – including Amherstburg, Hamilton, Brantford, St. Catharines, London, Owen Sound, Toronto and Windsor held annual celebrations until over time the communities and the inspiration dwindled or until the celebrations were stopped due to security concerns in the 1960’s. In Toronto, once the abolitionist centre of the province, new found interest in supporting the Canadian Centennial project called Caribana overshadowed Emancipation Day celebrations in Toronto, or in collaboration with the “Big Picnic” that drew hundreds from American and Canadian cities, converging in Port Dalhousie, ON.

The OBHS has been working to have August 1st as Emancipation Day since 1997 when the OBHS supported the international effort of the Caribbean Historical Society of Trinidad and Tobago to have it commemorated. Immediately successful in having it formally recognized with the City of Toronto, Metro Toronto and the City of Ottawa, the earlier attempt to have Provincial recognition through the initiative of Jim Brown MPP was only recently noted to have only gone to second reading. Renewed OBHS advocacy for this Bill resulted in a working relationship with the initiators of this successful Bill.

Bill 111, the first co-sponsored act of the Ontario Provincial Legislature, was introduced by Ted Arnott, MPP and Maria Van Bommel, MPP with the support of Peter Kormos, MPP. It was passed unanimously on December 4, 2008 - the first co-sponsored bill of the Ontario Provincial Legislature.

The OBHS had also approached the Federal Government, and Preston Manning immediately had us to a reception in Ottawa to mark his party’s support of a national recognition of August 1st as Emancipation Day. However, while introduced by Deepak Obhrai MPP for Calgary East, it only went to second reading. Numerous subsequent efforts to have Emancipation Day recognized nationally including letters and emails to the Prime Minister and to MPs have yet to produce the desired result. The OBHS will continue to work on a national commemoration of August 1st as Emancipation Day.

The effort was renewed by a petition launched at the OBHS launching event for February as Black History Month held on January 25th, 2009 in Toronto. See also

This is the first online petition.

6. Campaign for more Black-British representation on mainstream TV

My name is Amanda Amory and I feel that there is a lack of positive Black-British representation on television, and would like this changed.

Not just because I, myself am from the Black community, but because in my chosen career as a scriptwriter and having friends, colleagues and family members who aspire to be actors, there is limited opportunity for us to succeed.

There is a wealth of vibrancy, humour, pathos, drama, entertainment and passion in the Black community that deserves to be heard and enjoyed by those who love television.

And I am so thankful that there are already a few talented and respected representatives on television who have blazed a trail for us, but there is still room for more. MUCH more.

My words have been echoed by these talented and respective individuals on countless occasions and I have personally heard from Television Industry professionals that there is a need for a larger Black representation on TV as what we have now is far from ideal.

This is true, which is unfortunate for this day in age and in such a multicultural society such as ours. So more has to be done. Which is why I am urging you to please sign this petition in the hope that it changes things for the better.


7. Save Mikes Black People Vent Channel

June 2, 2006

Mike wants his channel back.

Save Mikes Black People Vent Channel.