Petition Tag - bibb county

1. Get Lizella Moving

Unfortunately, there are not enough public parks and Librarys to accommodate the the unincorporated areas of Macon, Ga. Bibb County. There are three water recreational sites surrounding the outskirts of Lizella, which are Sandy Beach, Arrowhead Beach, and Claystone Beach. Sandy Beach charges youth to adult for admittance to enter the beach facilities. Which accommodates paying patrons with a small playground. There is also a lack of library facilities available for this area mention.

The citizens and registered voters of this zone would like to petition the County Commissioner to began the process of planning a successful strategy to accommodate the citizens concerns for more parks, recreation, and libraries in this area.

2. Bibb County School System - Reroute our childrens pick up and drop off stops

Concerned parents would like to extend the dropoff point for a number of reasons.

During the morning hours they have to be at the stops so early that you don't feel it safe for your children to be at the stop alone. They also drop off so late in the evening after school has been let out.