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241. Help Stop Horse Slaughter

Each Year Hundreds of thousands of horses are slaughtered in United States and are transported to Canada for inhumane consumption.
Wild horses, ponies, race horses, pleasure horses, sick, old, even healthy are all unwanted or no longer needed will be slaughtered because owners demands change.
Sold through auctions horses will then be sold from the killer buyers by the pound.
The fatter and bigger the horse it's chances are at higher risk to go for meat.
The horses are then packed in double decker trucks which should only be used for pigs and cattle.
The ceilings do not meet there needs as they are to low for the horses to lift there heads comfortably.
The horses being transported for slaughter are not properly rested, fed or given water.
The long rides are approx 36 sometimes more.
Alot of times when the driver reaches his destination most of the exhausted horses end up being injured or dead from cramming too many horses in the trucks.
The dead ones end up being left behind.
The law states that horses be unconcious before having this awful practice done but in most cases that doesn't happen.
Many investigators have witnessed horses still consious and were improperly stunned.
Usually with a device called a captive bolt gun which shoots a metal rod in to the horses brain.
The conditions in the slaughter house are stressful and frightning.
France, Holland, Mexico, Europe, and Japan are just some of the countries that eat horse.
The over breeding such as race horses and pleasure horses has got to stop it has made a higher risk for slaughter.
In the states 92.3% of horses are still in good condition alot of people lie and state there sick, old, or injured but again thats not always the case.
Owners selling there school horses or ponies to auctions are not always aware what happens after they are sold.
Do you really know where there going?
I don't get horse people any more once there horse gets sick or can't do the job anymore the owners give up on them people should be ashamed of them selves and wake up and realize whats happening.
These horses were not meant for meat.
These living loving animals have done so much for us like win the race bred beautiful foals.
They all deserve a second chance and better lives for people to love them for them instead of being sent for slaughter.
These horses suffer a painful death.
I believe there's a home for every horse out there.
My heart will never stop until this ends in happiness for them.
If I can save one horse I made a difference.

242. Ember's Chance

I want to make all vet offices in the state of Michigan to give treatment to an animal even if the owner is unable to pay at that moment. On July 17th my dog Ashley's Ember died of Organ Failure. We couldn't come up with pay till Friday (this was Monday).

She wouldn't have died if Vet offices would have given her the treatment with out pay until later. We had been searching for a vet office in our area to take her in for 3 days. She soon became lethargic and was unable to walk.

I soon (being only 15) begged my dad who is divorced from my mom to give us the money we needed for her to be treated. By the time that we got her to a vet she was far gone and we were forced to put her down.

So I ask that you sign to give all other animals the chance that Ember had lacked.

243. Allow Animals @ 684 Warden Ave

Re: Letter of removal of any and all animals from owners at 684 Warden Ave.


You cant be an animal lover and a non-vegetarian. This is for all the people who love animals to stop eating tham and animal products.

Animal lovers should be a voice for these voiceless innocent animals. Please discourage non vegetarians from eating animal meat and also try to make your pets vegetarians.

245. North Stonington Residents Against Zone/Regulation Change for Garden Court

Garden Court, LLC has submitted a Zone regulation change to build a complex of 408 one and two bedroom units in 17, four story residential buildings. Each building will house 24 units.

The location on Boombridge Rd., will not be able to handle the traffic that will be generated as it is a small, narrow, winding country road and to add an additional 400+ cars per day would make the road a hazardous one. The Lewis Farm constantly has farm equipment and often has the cows or bulls in the road moving them to different fields.

The farms have gotten tax breaks to keep the town rural and this would be located right near Lewis farm. This would take away from the historical farm and pose a hazard to the farm animals.

The additional polution created be automobile emmissions would also be unhealthy for the farm animals. People drive fast now down Boombridge (which is 35) an additional increase in travel would make this country road into a small highway.

246. Bring Back the Webkinz Unicorn

The webkinz unicorn has retired and I want to get it back.

Webkinz are stuffed animals that you can enter online and take care of them as
well as play with them. also as known for best selling stuffed animals in the

Ganz,inc has discontinued the webinz unicorn and I want to get it

247. Stop circus animal abuse toward elephants

Jordan once forced a tiger to perform while sick and waited a month to cure a tiger's fractured leg. He has a past of agressive behavior towards elephants and he gives dirty drinking water to elephants and does not give any veterinarian care towards the animals.

248. Ban all animals Circuses and all animal acts! speak for those who can't speak for themselves

Animals exploited for human entertainment face appalling treatment, pose threats to public health and safety, are currently not adequately regulated by state and federal laws, and do not conserve endangered species as is so often claimed.

I strongly believe that the standard industry tools and methods used to initially "break" and train animals throughout their lives, including the bullhook, chaining, food and water deprivation, use of whips, clubs and blunt objects, and electric prods, are incredibly inhumane. In addition, subjecting circus animals to travel for up to 11 months of the year for thousands of hours, over long distances, is unspeakably cruel. As you know, these animals may be chained while not performing, transported in vehicles that lack climate control, and forced to stand or lie in their own waste.

Wild animals used in public displays are dangerous — and even deadly. Recent incidents nationwide highlight the need for tighter restrictions on the exhibition of these animals. In addition to the many documented escapes and attacks by captive animals used for exhibition, elephants may carry tuberculosis (TB), and can infect humans with the bacterial disease.

Circuses are entertainment, not education. Watching wild animals perform unnatural tricks only teaches our children that it is acceptable to exploit animals; it does not teach respect for animals, nor does it help animals in the wild. Animal-free circuses and entertainment, such as Cole Brothers Circus and Cirque du Soleil, are growing as the use of wild animals becomes recognized as archaic, unsafe and inhumane.

For the sake of human safety and animal welfare, please stop using animals in Carson &Barnes,Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey.

People who support the circus should be ashamed of themselves. To sit there and watch these animals suffer a lot of them die and kill people. Do you blame them? I am so angry about this and how can you buy a show and sit there and watch them suffer?

249. US Government MUST be held responsible

Around May 15, 2007, the US Military was conducting routine exercises. At some point in these exercises a flare was discharged and a HUGE fire was started in the Pine Barrens of South Jersey. At this present time, 7 pm EST on May 16, 2007, over 13,000 acres of land and approximately 13 homes have been damaged or destroyed.

The government has given people some money to help them out but NO ONE from the government has stepped up to help the local animal shelters that are in the area of this enormous fire, which they (the government) has caused.

I, Kim Dermond, have taken this upon myself to help the animal shelters involved in this horrific fire. I am demanding that the US government help these shelters and the animals monetarily.

250. Remove Jeff Edmonds' Dog Lot

The dog lot located at 5206 Mockingbird Road has been a nuisance to the neighbors of Lynwood Lakes for more than three years. The "Coon hounds" being maintained and bred for sale at this location have been the source of hundreds of complaint calls to the residents of the property, the owners of the property, and both the Guilford County Sheriff's Department and the Guilford County Health Department.

A number of these complainants have medical problems and have suffered additional problems and resultant costs associated with ongoing noise. Their complaints and the citations that have resulted from them have had no influence on the behavior of the dogs owner who continues to refuse to control his animals.

We, therefore ask that the Guilford County Sheriff's Department use it's maximum efforts to bring to bear the force of the new animal control law passed by the county commissioners last year and force the closure of this business and that associated dog lot.

251. Stop using animals as testing tools

Im working on a project in my Launguage Arts class and i need to write a letter to a company to inform them that there sales will increase if they stop using animals as testing tools. I need all the info i can get. Please.

252. Stop Animal Testing Immediately

If you want to learn more about animal testing then you should go to for a search engine. Or go to and type in animal testing!

253. Harsher Sentences for Animal Killers

It is only recently that people are starting to be punished for killing animals, but at the moment these sentences are . . . lacking, they usually get a slap on the wrist and a fine.

Animals are living beings too and deserve as much respect as us humans. And think, if they kill animals they can kill children and adults alike.

254. Inadequate Zoological Park: Parque de las Ciencias, Bayamon, Puerto Rico

Primates, jaguar, raccoons, deer, hippopotamus, alligators, and other animals are being kept in primordial cement slab habitats.

For more information on the citations, please visit:

For pictures of these animals and the deplorable conditions in which these animals are being kept, please visit: and click on the photos link at the top of the page.

255. Make Pit Bulls Legal In Addison, IL!

Please! Help me make it legal to own a pit bull in the City of Addison, IL!

Pit bulls are one of the greatest dogs you could ever want! They are sweet, smart, loving, gentle, and most of all, NOT human aggressive!

Don't punish the breed, punish the deed!

According to studies, you are more likely to get attacked by a Collie (Lassie dog) then by a pit bull.

Don't judge a dog by it's looks! After all, how would you like it if the government decided to ban YOUR dog? Wouldn't you do anything to fight a law like that? Please help me rid Addison of the Pit Bull ban.

Thank you so much!

Here is a copy of the Addison village ordinance reguarding pitbulls:

"Sec. 4-27. Keeping of Dangerous, Vicious, or Wild/Feral Animals or Fowl. [back to top]

No person, business association, or corporation may keep any dangerous or vicious animals, which include (a) any animal that poses a danger or hazard to humans; (b) any lion, tiger, leopard, ocelot, jaguar, cheetah, margay, mountain lion, Canada lynx, bobcat, jaguarundi, hyena or coyote, wolf or any part breed or full bred American Stafford terrier, bull terrier, American pit bull terrier, bull terrier or Staffordshire bull terrier (commonly known as a pit bull);(c) certain primates, (i.e. monkeys, chimpanzees, or gorillas); (d) reptiles, including constricting or poisonous snakes (such as pythons and boa constrictors), venomous snakes or lizards (such as cobras, rattlesnakes and water moccasins or Gila monsters), any other species of snake or lizard exceeding two feet in length, or reptiles in the alligator/crocodile family; (e) bears, horses/ponies, sheep, poisonous insects, wild pigs, hunting birds (i.e., falcons, hawks), goats, fox, skunks, raccoons, opossums; (f) spiders, tarantulas or other insects; or (g) any other type of animal or fowl (chickens, ducks, geese, guinea hens, pigeons or similar fowl), which is generally classified as an undomesticated animal or fowl (even though some individual members may be domesticated with proper training) or any other nontraditional domesticated animal or fowl in any place other than a properly maintained zoological park, circus, scientific or educational institution, research laboratory, veterinary hospital or animal refuge. (Ord. 85-35, 93-55, 02-37, 04-40)"

256. Shut down Dog-hostile site -

A Petition to shut down as it should be closed. It contains cooking prescriptions like one dogs cooks, offenses against dogs, and it is simply tasteless!!

257. Stop Wearing Fur

Fur was hugely popular in the '70s and '80s, but it's back in a big way among the 18-25 year-old crowd. So you're probably not suprised that Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie, Kimberly Stewart, Jenifer lopez, Lisa Gastineau, Hilary Duff, Victoria Gotti, Tara Reid and Paris Hilton have picked up on the fur trend! Each year, more than 40 million animals are killed for their fur.

Fur-bearing animals include foxes, minks, rabbits, beavers and raccoons. To kill animals without damaging their fur, trappers will strangle, beat, or stomp them to death. Animals on fur farms are gassed, poisoned, electrocuted, or have their necks snapped. Ranch-raised animals live in cages about 2 feet square, with up to four animals per cage. There is no federal law that regulates the killing of animals raised for fur.

It can take up to 40 animals to make one fur coat. and

258. No Fur In Australia

Ban All Fur from entering Australia, including the personal belongings of anyone; visitor, citizen or resident for any use whatsoever.

Ban All Fur from entering Australia via Fashion in any form, Art work in any form, textiles, or anything else fur can be found in.

No Fur In Australia Under Any Circumstances.

259. Stop the Cruelty: Stop Iams!

Iams and its manufacturers conduct cruel and unnecessary laboratory tests on animals, including locking animals in cages and deliberately forcing healthy animals to eat contaminated and potentially lethal food.

They've also done such things as cutting chunks of muscle from dogs' thighs, hanging mice by their hind legs in crude muscle-atrophy experiments, and inducing gingivitis in beagles by cutting and stitching their gums. These tests are cruel and unnecessary and are not required by any law.

It is time for Iams to join the 21st century and abandon all laboratory testing on animals. In addition, Iams' shameful purchase of animals from breeders in order to confine them to cages for a minimum of six years - when the company could rely on humane feeding tests conducted in homes and in veterinary offices using animals volunteered by their guardians - must be ended.

Link to Video Proof -

260. Stop Animal Poaching and Slaughtering!!!!

Poaching and Slaughtering Animals is WRONG and it's technically animal creulty!!! It's just NOT right, millions of animals are DYING every single day for their skin. Poachers act as if animal's lives are just some little specks in their way.

Many animals are being killed such as seals,horses,tigers,wolfs,dogs,cats, even birds and pigs etc. for their skin,feathers,organs, and fur. POACHING AND SLAUGHTERING IS PETHETIC!!!

261. Prosecute Ohio Animal Murderer Maureen McLaughlin

Maureen McLaughlin has admitted to drowning over 650 dogs, pups, cats and kittens since July of 2002. She has kept pieces of fur of each animal and labelled them so she can remember each one, like a serial killer would remember his victims.

These poor animals were put in a pet carrier and submerged into a trashcan of water. This is a most horrific death!!

262. Vets Now - poor out of hours Veterinary Service

**August 2011 - If you live in the west midlands area and want complain, contact me for a bbc researcher email address**

As more UK vets opt out of provide out of hours service, Vets Now are moving in to provide out of hours service. While the standard of care may be good, this is leading to VERY high costs for pet owner who need to use their services.

It may be a cost efficient option for the vet but the charges are leading to unnecessary delays in treatment as owners (and rescues) find it difficult to meet costs.

The movement for one surgery to provide care for a large geographical area also causes problems in getting the animals to the surgery.

263. Stop animal abuse now

Cruelty to animals has gone on long enough. Punishment should be stronger. Remember Jane Goodall.

Would you beat or starve your own cat or dog? Well people out there do, and some of the most likely think it's okay, mabey their parents did, maybe their best friends do it, maybe they do it for sheer entertainment.

Punishment for animal abuse should be stronger! A person who beats, or starves a human doesnt go to jail for a few years and then just be released, they are punished, so what if its not a human, most people in the US cant even find us on the world map, or know that polar bears live in the norther hemisphere, not with the penguins in the southern. If animals could talk, I bet they could know that, humans take their rights for granted, while animals are killed for sport, just trying to live, animals don't kill for joy, some people think,"well, the lions kill the baby lions sometimes" only if they arent their child/cub, lion males, in order to keep their family in charge, they have to get rid of other males cubs.

This is an issue that I cant stay quiet on, I may be this shy kid in school, but not when animals are being harmed, after all, its their world too. Remember, my hero, and idol, Jane Goodall.

264. End the Slaughter of Wild Horses

It seems the slaughter of horses that once roamed free has begun.

Before shipping, California horses are sent to slaughter houses in Texas and as far away as Canada. The horses are placed into over-crowded holding pens, standing in disease-infested muck.
Often sick, they are crammed into double-decked cattle trucks. Without sufficient room to hold their heads upright, they travel for 36 hours through summer heat or brutal winter cold without stopping for rest, food or water.

At the slaughter house, the horse is electrically prodded into the "kill box" to be repeatedly bludgeoned in the skull by a dead-bolt gun with a four-inch nail. Alive, and often conscious, the horse is then shackled by a rear leg, hoisted into the air, its throat slit and body dismembered.

No horse is spared this ordeal.

265. End Hunting of Animals

The hunting of animals is supported in many states in America, and not just in America, in the whole world.

In the case where hunting keeps your family alive it is entirely accepted, but hunting for sport is another matter altogether.



All donations to will be used to help Animals Australia highlight the plight of this intelligent species.

Animals Australia firmly believes that the vast majority of Australians, once fully aware of the suffering of pigs in factory farms, will vote for change through the choices that they make. Informing them is crucial.

Our current advertisements and billboards which have assisted us to launch the campaign have been funded through the donations of caring Australians.

However, this is only the beginning - we need to reach every Australian.

In a recent edition of the British “Guardian Weekly” internationally renowned naturalist Lyall Watson commented about pigs, " I know of no other animals that are more consistently curious, more willing to explore new experiences, more ready to meet the world with open-mouthed enthusiasm". will work towards ensuring that these animals are provided with the world that they are meant to live in – not the one devoid of hope and sunshine that they currently endure in Australia.


I saw a picture of someone’s pet animal that they have killed and I was distraught. Many animals and pets are getting killed every year for either food or just for fun.

I hear people talking about wanting to hurt their own pets and wildlife that don't need to be disturbed. We don't think they should get away with this any longer. In America they can arrest them if they see any thing wrong with the animal. In Australia the animals just get taken away. How is that stopping people from hurting these poor animals?

The owners/idiots are getting away with it and getting more to hurt or even kill.

268. Dog Control UK

It is reported that more than 350 children were admited to Alder Hey hospital between Oct '05-Oct 06 as victims of attacks by dogs. Many of these injuries required surgery.

More recently we have read reports of children being killed by dogs in the UK.

Strict controls need to be put in place to protect the public from dangerous animals - the UK public need to put pressure on the government to introduce laws to protect us before another child is killed.




270. Ban Bullfighting

Up until recently, I have been like soo many other people in the world. I say I care about animals, and i even became vegitarian, but when i saw the torture these bulls and calfs go through, I realised that I was not doing enough to help.

What I'd been saying was only words, and I had taken no actions. after learning more about what was actually being done to these poor innocent creatures, I am taking a step and beginning to make a difference. To do this i need your help!

These bulls are chased in the middle of screaming people until they run out of breath, and fall, or get hurt and fall. Then the 'bullfighter' stabs spear into the animals body and even though the animal is helpless, and crying out in pain, they carry on, all in the name of SPORT?

Take a look on the internet at the cruelty of this game, and I am sure if you are a decent person, you will sign this and help me to help them! I beg you, something must be done. This is not natural, nor neccesary!