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241. Stop the cruel practice of Jallikattu

Jallikattu is an age old tradition carried out in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

This tradition involves letting loose agitated bulls into large crowds of men (always). The objective of the game is to tame the bull without using any weapons. Sometimes, more than one bull is loose at the same time. The village farmers take this game as a display of their masculine strength.

It takes place on the eve of Mattu Pongal which is one of the four days of the Pongal festival which generally happens in January (around the 15).

Although the bulls are not killed they undergo the trauma of being chased and jumped upon by mobs of men who try to bring them down. And if this isn't enough The bulls are agitated by putting lemon juice and chili powder into their eyes, being starved and also given alcohol. Many a time their tails are cut as well which enrages them even more. The bulls are raised solely for this event.

The Supreme Court of India banned the sport on January 12th 2008 but right before pongal they lifted the ban due to a delegation sent by the TN government to them. Many people also said they would observe this pongal as a 'black pongal' if the ban wasn't lifted.

242. Stop NAIS

NAIS stands for National Animal Identification System.

NAIS is trying to be passed by the federal government. This will make anyone who has animals to register their property and their animal. At our expense. This is to make sure that there stopping animal diseases brakes out.

This also stops anyone from taking there pets off there property. If you go to the Vet your vet has to disclose if your animal is contagious or not. If so they are supposed to confiscate and destroy. You have to have promotion from the government to take you animal to the vet.

If you show your pet in FH or FFA you have to have promotion to do that as well. They want you to micro chip or brand your pets. They are going as far as micro chipping rodents and chickens. It has been proven that micro chipping causes cancer in animals. Some animals it would be very hard to micro chip let alone brand.

What this will do if it passes is most people will get rid of there pets do to expense. This will also stop 4h programs and FFA programs. A lot of these programs help keep kids off the street and out of trouble.

It will put grain growers, farmers and hay growers out of business. Vets and horses ferriers will be out of business. Our economy as we know it will be destroyed. The government is already trying to enforce NAIS in Kentucky, Oklahoma and Tennessee.

243. Stop Inhumane Euthanizing of Animals in Shelters

The mission of this petition is to stop the killing of adoptable animals in shelters. We are asking that every county in every state stop euthanizing adoptable animals in shelters. Every day there are thousands of animals that are dragged into gas chambers, stuck with heart sticks or euthanized by lethal injection. There are approximately 5 million dogs and puppies and many more millions of cats and kittens that are needlessly put to death every year in this country alone. America needs new and relatively obvious laws-- such as laws making it mandatory to spay and neuter every adopted pet and outlawing puppy mill breeding. These two changes would drastically reduce the huge numbers of animals being taken in to the shelters annually.

Most people care deeply for their pets and for animals in general, but they are unaware of how many are put to death--some by horrifically inhumane means every day. Please sign this petition to end the currently legal and inhumane killing of these loving animals--they are counting on us to save them! What an undertaking we are undertaking. But what a glorious feeling we will have when the impossible is achieved! And we can do it! It takes effort by everyone, to contact not just their friends, but their friends of friends! This grassroots effort could really give us the miracle these animals need. Thank you for signing this petition and for caring.

For those who cannot see past the enormity of the problem, and who is to blame, I completely agree that the numbers are astronomical and money is an issue, but, let's face it, we've had YEARS to start chipping away at the problem and the circumstances that created it. Yes, some owners SHOULD be more responsible, but really in the long run, does it matter? Mandatory spay and neuter clinics and a trust fund created at the local levels to help those who need help feeding and caring for their pets to draw upon are needed.

Additionally it costs taxpayers in the capital of California alone, approximately $308.00 per animal abandoned at the public shelters. There would be significant savings for tax-payers with an investment into subsidized spay/neuter programs, an infinitely more humane alternative to animal slaughter.There are more points to consider, but you see how we have to start somewhere, to bring enough people together ( power in numbers!) to effect changes once and for all! And as for the need to euthanize because of too many unwanted pets right now? Fine, but do it humanely at least. Gassing the sick, the elderly, the young, or the pregnant animals is illegal in most states because these animals cannot breathe in enough of the gas to kill them.

The entire process of gassing these animals can take as long as 40 minutes to complete. While the animals are in this gas chamber even before the gassing begins the animals can get very frightened and start to fight and as the gas starts to fill the chamber the animals start to howl for release. Even though these animals are unconscious within a couple of minutes, they slowly die from lack of oxygen. And heartsticks, and bashing and all the other violent means are sick and completely uncalled for.

Signing this petition shows our legislators that we are civilized and will no longer pay with our tax money for these atrocities. There is so much suffering in the world and so many innocents who suffer in silence that we are helpless to help. These innocents are within are power to help.

This is why I ask you to reconsider and sign this petition. Thank you!

244. Petition Prime Minister to honour his party`s pre-election policy

In reliance of the Prime Minister's pre-election promises we the undersigned hereby petition the Prime Minister to Ban Live Exports in accordance with ALP`s then stated policy.

The petition of the undersigned protests in the strongest possible terms against the live export of Australian animals and the ALP broken pre-election promises.

The Prime Minister is aware that the ALP pre policy promises aired on ABC Landline regarding the cruel live export trade have been broken by his Government within weeks of the 2007 elections.

During transportation the animals are subjected to inhumane conditions resulting in unacceptably high death rates and suffering. Upon arrival they suffer extreme cruelty and barbarism prior and during slaughter- practices that are illegal in Australia.

245. Reform South Carolina Animal Euthanasia Laws

South Carolina Law Reads: Allowable methods of euthanasia.

(A) Only the following methods of euthanasia may be used to kill animals impounded or quarantined in animal shelters, and the procedure applicable to the method selected must be strictly followed:

(1) Barbituric acid derivatives:

(2) Carbon monoxide gas:

(a) dogs and cats, except animals under sixteen weeks of age, may be killed by bottled carbon monoxide gas administered in a tightly enclosed chamber. The chamber must be equipped with: (i) internal lighting and a window providing direct visual surveillance of the collapse and death of any animal within the chamber; (ii) the gas concentration process must be adequate to achieve a carbon monoxide gas concentration throughout the chamber of at least six percent within five minutes after any animal is placed in the chamber. The chamber must have a functioning gas concentration gauge attached to the chamber and a strong airtight seal must be maintained around the door; (iii) the unit shall include an exhaust fan connected by a gas-tight duct to the outdoors capable of completely evacuating the gas from the chamber before it is opened after each use, except that this provision does not apply to chambers located out-of-doors; (iv) animals must be left in the chamber for a period of no less than fifteen minutes from the time the gas concentration throughout the chamber reaches six percent.

(b) no person may euthanize an animal by gas emitted from any engine exhaust system.

(c) in all instances where a carbon monoxide chamber is used: (i) no incompatible or hostile animals, or animals of different species, may be placed in any chamber simultaneously; (ii) every chamber must be thoroughly cleaned after the completion of each full cycle. No live animals may be placed in the chamber with dead animals; (iii) all animals must be examined by a veterinarian or certified euthanasia technician to ensure they are dead upon removal from the chamber; (iv) all chambers must be inspected quarterly by an independent, qualified technician who is thoroughly knowledgeable with the operation and maintenance of the particular euthanasia chamber being used; (v) an operational guide and maintenance instructions must be displayed in the room with the euthanasia chamber.

(3) Shooting: Shooting may be used as a means of euthanasia only in an emergency situation to prevent extreme suffering or in which the safety of people or other animal life is threatened or where it is considered necessary by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources to eliminate or control the population of feral animals.

Meaning Gassing is still legal in SC.
This is a very inhumane way of euthanizing an animal. This form needs to be eliminated completely. Euthanizing should only be an option when determined as the best solution for the animal by a licensed Veterinarian.

246. Stop Circus Suffering in Greece

Every year a small or big circus comes in Greece. The government does nothing. They let them advertise everywhere and do whatever they want. This has to stop now!

The science on suffering: ADI recommendations
17 May 2006

ADI Recommendations

Please, send this petition to anyone you know! It's time we get a chance to stop this!!

The Animal Welfare Bill states that an animal’s needs shall be taken to include–

(a) its need for a suitable environment,
(b) its need for a suitable diet,
(c) its need to be able to exhibit normal behaviour patterns,
(d) any need it has to be housed with, or apart from, other animals, and
(e) its need to be protected from pain, suffering, injury and disease.

247. Petition to stop animal abuse in the UK

Animals all over the world are being abused for no reason at all.

Please help stop it.

248. quit harming of domestic animals

This video is all you need to be convinced to sign this petition.

249. Save the Animals!!

This is the 2nd petition for the AAAT girls.

We are very determined to get it through people's heads. Animal Testing is wrong!

Although we may be preteens, we have a passion for animals, and a heart big enough to admit it.

250. Help Stop Animal Testing

We are an organization called the A.A.A.T. Club.

We are a group of pre-teen girls, but we are determined to give the animals the love they deserve.

251. Eliminate Unnecessary Animal Testing

Animals have been killed and tortured just so they can tell you how much detergent will burn your eyes out on the warning! Just so we can have makeup, just for us to have shampoo! Is this right? NO!

Companies that test:
Calvin Klein
soft soap
Johnson and Johnson
Victoria's secret

and thats barely any!

EXAMPLES: These companies usually test on chimpanzees, chickens, and rabbits. They torture them endlessly. An example of animal testing: A rabbit's eyes are taped open and a liquid acid is slowly dripped in (laundry detergent).

They see how much detergent it takes before the rabbit goes blind or they're eyes burn out. They do this just so they can put "Warning. Not safe if goes into eyes" on the label. Really?

EVIDENCE: A few years ago the goverment put up an under cover case.What did they find but another tape of scientists working for a company placing a baby monkey into a blender. Yet, more signs of abuse from animal testers!!!!


252. Save the Whales Again

As many of you have heard and others have not, in Japan and surrounding areas, they are trapping and killing whales once again.

I personally have nothing against Japan or its people but i don't think that killing these animals is the right thing.

253. Help Stop a Puppy Farmer!

I purchased two puppies from a "Licenced Breeder" both Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. The owner lied to me about everything & my little puppy was extremely ill with Kennel cough & bronchitis. She nearly died & is half the normal weight.

It turns out they were bought from a PUPPY FARMER... who continues to sell sick & dying puppies....

My little puppy Lola has been on constant treatment costing £400 + and she is starting to recover. The puppies were suppose to be Kennel Club registered and they are NOT.

254. Close Huntingdon Life Sciences

Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) is Europe’s largest contract animal testing laboratory.

They have about 70,000 animals on site, including rabbits, cats, hamsters, dogs, guinea-pigs, birds and monkeys. These animals are destined to suffer and die in cruel, useless experiments. 500 of them die each day.

HLS will test anything for anybody. They carry out experiments which involve poisoning animals with household products, pesticides, drugs, herbicides, food colourings and additives, sweeteners and genetically modified organisms.

HLS have been infiltrated and exposed a number of times in recent years. Each time horrific evidence of animal abuse and staff incompetence has been uncovered, including workers punching beagle puppies in the face.

Take action to have this disgrace of a company closed down. For more information please visit and These sites can explain it much better.

255. Stop animal slaughter in the name of religion

Apologists for Ritual Slaughter claim that it is both quick and humane. We say that this imported ritual isn't - it is barbaric, cruel and wholly unnecessary. In addition ritually slaughtered meat should not be clandestinely fed to our kids in their school dinners - as is happening in hundreds of schools up and down the country at present!

Does your kids' school secretly serve up ritually slaughtered meat in their meals? If you don't know then we urge you to find out!

Parents and pupils alike should contact their schools to demand that any ritually slaughtered meat used in school catering be clearly labelled as such, so as to provide freedom of choice for the vast majority of pupils who, quite rightly, have no wish to participate in the most prolific form of animal cruelty practiced in Britain today!

256. Eliminate Animal Cosmetics Testing

Please sign this petition, this is for the rights of animals to stop animal cosmetics testing because many animals die every day/year, and I want to stop it.


The dog in the picture was snatched from the streets by sick thugs.

It’s muzzle was bound so tightly with twine it could barely breathe let alone whimper.

Then callously forced into a sack she was tossed onto a pile of other terrified dogs ready to be butchered for meat.

She was one of the lucky ones because a team of police and volunteers intercepted the shipment and seized her and the other poor dogs.

We urgently need your help in our campaign to free dogs like her from the clutches of this heartless and illegal trade committed by criminals in Thurrock.

We demand severe punishment for anybody who abuses animals in any way.

It makes us sick to the stomach with the problem we have with animal torturers. These people are complete and utter cowards. They pick on defenceless animals because they know they can't fight back, it's disgusting and we feel ashamed to live in a society where animals can be treated this way.

258. Stop the abuse of chickens for KFC

Every day, thousands of chickens are tortured and slaughtered, just so people can eat at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

These chickens are stuffed in tiny cages, and given chemicals that make them grow so huge that they can't even walk. Then they are strapped upside down and put it in an acid bath that immobilizes them. Most avoid that in their struggle. Then their necks and wings are broken, and all this time they can feel it. Then their heads are cut off.

And when they're not going through that, they are being beaten by workers. The workers stomp them and throw them against walls. All out of boredom. This is wrong. Help stop it.

259. Stop animal cruelty in circuses

Behind the scenes, elephant trainer Tim Frisco instructs would-be trainers how to dominate elephants and make them perform circus tricks. “Sink that hook into ’em. When you hear that screaming, then you know you got their attention.”

An elephant trumpets in agony as Frisco’s bullhook, with its sharp metal hook and spiked end, tears through her sensitive skin. Frisco, a Carson & Barnes elephant trainer, learned the trade from his father, a former trainer for Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

The fact is, animals do not naturally ride bicycles, stand on their heads, balance on balls, or jump through rings of fire. To force them to perform these confusing and physically uncomfortable tricks, trainers use whips, tight collars, muzzles, electric prods, bullhooks, and other painful tools of the trade.

We applaud trapeze artists, jugglers, clowns, tightrope walkers, and acrobats, but let’s leave animals in peace. Sweden, Austria, Costa Rica, India, Finland, and Singapore have all banned or restricted the use of animals in entertainment—it’s time for the U.S. to do the same.

260. Against the Cruel Treatment of Animals in ihe Sharjah Animal Market

The condition of the keeping of animals especially pet animals ie. cats and dogs in unhealthy and cruel conditions is way beyond belief.

A visit to the Sharjah animal market will guarantee you to be in shock after seeing for e.g. 2 large dogs in cages less than 2x4 no space for movement no water no food. Cats in bird cages even small dogs in bird cages!!!

Birds jam packed together in cramped conditions, some dead on the floor. This is only a fraction of the horrors there....

261. Banning Pit Bulls in Michigan



Im only 13 and i have learned the world is a cruel place.

Animal abuse is wronge and its mean. I hate animal abuse and dog fighting and just in generally being mean to animals! They are living creatures and I just wish more people would report any sign of animal abuse and dog fighting.


263. No live animal should be given away, raffled of offered as a prize

Currently New Hanover County offers space to fairs which raffle live animals to contestants. The raffled animals range from baby iguanas to goldfish.

People who win these animals receive little or no information on how to care for them. They may not even want them. The futures of these animals is unknown. It is possible that they are mistreated or even abandoned.

264. Help Stop Horse Slaughter

Each Year Hundreds of thousands of horses are slaughtered in United States and are transported to Canada for inhumane consumption.
Wild horses, ponies, race horses, pleasure horses, sick, old, even healthy are all unwanted or no longer needed will be slaughtered because owners demands change.
Sold through auctions horses will then be sold from the killer buyers by the pound.
The fatter and bigger the horse it's chances are at higher risk to go for meat.
The horses are then packed in double decker trucks which should only be used for pigs and cattle.
The ceilings do not meet there needs as they are to low for the horses to lift there heads comfortably.
The horses being transported for slaughter are not properly rested, fed or given water.
The long rides are approx 36 sometimes more.
Alot of times when the driver reaches his destination most of the exhausted horses end up being injured or dead from cramming too many horses in the trucks.
The dead ones end up being left behind.
The law states that horses be unconcious before having this awful practice done but in most cases that doesn't happen.
Many investigators have witnessed horses still consious and were improperly stunned.
Usually with a device called a captive bolt gun which shoots a metal rod in to the horses brain.
The conditions in the slaughter house are stressful and frightning.
France, Holland, Mexico, Europe, and Japan are just some of the countries that eat horse.
The over breeding such as race horses and pleasure horses has got to stop it has made a higher risk for slaughter.
In the states 92.3% of horses are still in good condition alot of people lie and state there sick, old, or injured but again thats not always the case.
Owners selling there school horses or ponies to auctions are not always aware what happens after they are sold.
Do you really know where there going?
I don't get horse people any more once there horse gets sick or can't do the job anymore the owners give up on them people should be ashamed of them selves and wake up and realize whats happening.
These horses were not meant for meat.
These living loving animals have done so much for us like win the race bred beautiful foals.
They all deserve a second chance and better lives for people to love them for them instead of being sent for slaughter.
These horses suffer a painful death.
I believe there's a home for every horse out there.
My heart will never stop until this ends in happiness for them.
If I can save one horse I made a difference.

265. Ember's Chance

I want to make all vet offices in the state of Michigan to give treatment to an animal even if the owner is unable to pay at that moment. On July 17th my dog Ashley's Ember died of Organ Failure. We couldn't come up with pay till Friday (this was Monday).

She wouldn't have died if Vet offices would have given her the treatment with out pay until later. We had been searching for a vet office in our area to take her in for 3 days. She soon became lethargic and was unable to walk.

I soon (being only 15) begged my dad who is divorced from my mom to give us the money we needed for her to be treated. By the time that we got her to a vet she was far gone and we were forced to put her down.

So I ask that you sign to give all other animals the chance that Ember had lacked.

266. Allow Animals @ 684 Warden Ave

Re: Letter of removal of any and all animals from owners at 684 Warden Ave.


You cant be an animal lover and a non-vegetarian. This is for all the people who love animals to stop eating tham and animal products.

Animal lovers should be a voice for these voiceless innocent animals. Please discourage non vegetarians from eating animal meat and also try to make your pets vegetarians.

268. North Stonington Residents Against Zone/Regulation Change for Garden Court

Garden Court, LLC has submitted a Zone regulation change to build a complex of 408 one and two bedroom units in 17, four story residential buildings. Each building will house 24 units.

The location on Boombridge Rd., will not be able to handle the traffic that will be generated as it is a small, narrow, winding country road and to add an additional 400+ cars per day would make the road a hazardous one. The Lewis Farm constantly has farm equipment and often has the cows or bulls in the road moving them to different fields.

The farms have gotten tax breaks to keep the town rural and this would be located right near Lewis farm. This would take away from the historical farm and pose a hazard to the farm animals.

The additional polution created be automobile emmissions would also be unhealthy for the farm animals. People drive fast now down Boombridge (which is 35) an additional increase in travel would make this country road into a small highway.

269. Bring Back the Webkinz Unicorn

The webkinz unicorn has retired and I want to get it back.

Webkinz are stuffed animals that you can enter online and take care of them as
well as play with them. also as known for best selling stuffed animals in the

Ganz,inc has discontinued the webinz unicorn and I want to get it

270. Stop circus animal abuse toward elephants

Jordan once forced a tiger to perform while sick and waited a month to cure a tiger's fractured leg. He has a past of agressive behavior towards elephants and he gives dirty drinking water to elephants and does not give any veterinarian care towards the animals.