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1. Halt construction at the Bunny Park

Construction has started at the Bunny Park, and yet there are still thousands of unsterilised bunnies who are now in danger, with more being born every day, putting more strain on their available food.
Construction needs to be stopped until all the bunnies have been sterilised and safely rehomed.

2. Close forest safari in Rainy season

Forest department decided to continue safari in Ranthambore and Sariska Tiger reserves during rainy season. As per National Tiger Conservation Authority guidelines forest area should be closed during rainy season. From past many years Forest department was closing the forest area for tourist but this year they decided to keep it open to promote tourism.

3. Save Wisconsin's Family Farms

Wisconsin has always been a dairy state and we have always taken pride in that. Lately more and more companies have opened mega farms with hundreds of cows and they are putting the small local farmers out of business. These mega farms are receiving benefits from the state, while the small farmers get nothing. Big milk buyers have been dropping small family farms and only buying from the large operations instead. Wisconsin's local farmers are being forced to sell their cattle, homes, and farms due to our government helping the large corporations instead of helping the little man. These large corporations hire immigrants to work at low wages and keep their cattle locked in the barn 24/7. Wouldn't you rather be getting your dairy products from a grass fed animal that isnt being locked up for its whole life? Please sign our petition to show support in ending the benefits for the large corporations and putting our Wisconsin family farms first again.

4. Stop Branson Jet Boat

Please help us stop Branson Jet Boat from operating along Taneycomo Lake (White River) in Branson, MO. This high speed 50 passenger Jet Boat would disrupt the peace and tranquility of this scenic river. It would impact the breeding and raising of American Bald Eagles along this waterway. It would potentially effect the large number of Blue Herrons nesting along the river as well as minks and river otters.

It would be dangerous for those who use the river for kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding and trout fishing. Especially dangerous for the kids that attend Kanakuk camp just downriver from the Jet Boat dock.

In addition, thousands of trout fishing enthusiasts would be disrupted by the multiple Jet Boat trips flying up/down the river at 35 mph.

Thank you.

5. Support the UOttawa Real Food Challenge

The Real Food Challenge (RFC) is a national, student-driven campaign to reshape our food economy. We are a network of students and youth at schools across the country, advocating for "real food" on our campuses and in our communities.

The impact
Collectively, colleges and universities across North America spend over $5 billion per year to feed their students. By working together to shift 20% of purchasing to Real Food, we will be funnelling $1 billion into the agriculture and supply chains we need for our future.

We have a goal of reaching 20% Real Food procurement by 2020.

Please show support for the Real Food Challenge at the University of Ottawa by signing below!

6. Plan to Cut Funds from the ACFA Program

Governor Eric Greitens of Missouri wants to cut $433,000 from the Animal Care Facilities Act Program. As a member of a dog rescue group, Act Now! Rescue, this cut would encourage the continuing deplorable conditions and abuses of Missouri puppy mills. We would like the Governor to reconsider this cut in funding, so that dogs currently covered under the ACPA will be treated humanely.

7. Stop selling animals on OLX Egypt

On average there is a new advertisement for a pet being sold every four minutes on OLX Egypt's website. The majority of these pets are stolen or bred in dire conditions and sold on the site. Because of the ease of offering animals for sale on this website, many embrace this opportunity to make money and use animals as objects which brings 'easy cash' and not caring less about the abused animal itself.

The incredible increase in dog theft in the past few years in Egypt has been a direct result from being able to sell animals on which does not only advertise pets for sale, but also for breeding and in cases also for dog fighting.

Most reputable e-commerce websites such as ebay and amazon do NOT allow the sale of pets on their platforms and this is a petition to show that there are many animal lovers in Egypt who believe animals should be strictly forbidden on their site.

8. SAVE P45 Mountain Lion - Stop Permit to Kill!

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife have issued a permit allowing P45 Mountain Lion in the Santa Monica mountains to be hunted and killed. P45 is suspected of killing several farm animals in the Santa Monica mountains.

The kill permit is valid for 10 days as of 11/29/16.


Animal welfare UAE justice & change:
Federal law 'respecting animal welfare' was passed in 2007; penalties were set in place for violating animal rights, including imprisonment with a maximum of one year sentence & fines up to Dh20,000.

But why, -TEN YEARS later are the papers littered with, and I quote: 'beaten, burnt, stabbed, hanged, shot, starved to death & abandoned animals'? A cat shot with a gun in Al Barsha, a dog hung by its neck in Satwa, a cat left with no face after an acid attack in Abu Dhabi, a puppy thrown out of a moving car in Al Aweer, a dog slashed so badly with a machete it had to be put down, and the list goes on....

Most recent, -a teenager in Ajman got off scot-free after being filmed killing a cat by throwing it against the wall. Just last week, a kitten was seen tossed out the back window of a green & white taxi near Dubai municipality. A witness tried to lodge a complaint, but was informed : 'no cameras, no plate number and no witness, so nothing can be done'; but, surely, the woman making the complaint was a viable witness, wasn't she? Isn't it at least worth looking into? When an animal is tossed out a car window onto a 100km/h street, the potential for accidents is imminent!

As human beings, we kill and eat animals for survival; we have to ask ourselves, what is going on in the mind of someone who receives PLEASURE off making animals SUFFER and DIE. It takes an extremely mentally unstable person to carry out such acts of evil, and there is evidence linking animal abuse & increased likelihood of violent, offending behaviour towards human beings. So,...I do not believe it is an isolated incident for such individuals. Would you want to work next to this person? How about have them living in your neighbourhood?

So again I speak up loudly, on behalf of all the innocent, defenceless souls that do not have a voice. I am pleading for harsher penalties for animal abuse, and for laws to be STRICTLY enforced. I want the utmost fear instilled on any individual even entertaining the thought of carrying out such an act.

For anyone who's ever known the unconditional love an animal can bring, and wants to speak out against this, -please show your support by signing and sharing this petition.

Little by little, we hope to make change for a better world. Raise your awareness, raise your voice.

10. Second Season of Frontier Vets

Frontier Vets, Season 1 has just finished its run on SABC3.

We feel the entertaining and educational first season deserves to have a second season commissioned by SABC3.

Many people from all walks of life have been positively impacted by the show which promotes animal care in a lesser known area of rural South Africa.

11. The Georgie Movement for Responsible Breeding

Recently my 1 year old puppy died as a result of over breeding and in-breeding. His death has been very hard but it has also made me realize it's time this ridiculousness stops!

I'm sick of seeing flat faced dogs and cats who struggle to breath properly, I'm tired of seeing sick dogs with a very under developed immune system just because the breeder decided to rip the litter away from their mothers breasts to that they can remain small.

Georgie was a casualty of this greed and stupidity! It's time it stops!

12. Planning Permission for a Canine Rehabilitation, Behaviour and Training Centre in Norwich

Having been a professional in the area for the last 20 years, I have tried 3 times to set up a Dog Training Centre in industrial units with non-slippery rubber surface and management facilities to help finally settle my dog behaviour counselling and training business - give it premises -, but I got rejected.

When I realised that I would not get a planning permission for any industrial unit in the city, I purchased a land close to the A47 bypass, on Intwood Road, Cringleford - a woodlands and meadow area -, with the purpose of building a Centre for puppy / dog socialisation and training.

Currently I am applying for the Change of Use and to put a Pre Fabricated Building on the site.

The Building would be placed as a continuation of the access track, and would only take up about half an acre out of the 5 acre Meadow and Woodland area that belongs to me. So no wildlife - birds, rabbits, squirrels - will be affected, once all the services will be provided indoors.

13. Stop the practice of Bear Baiting in Paksitan

As we all know, and it has been repeated, mentioned, discussed, several times in the News, we have had talks with friends, family and our colleagues about the Animal Rights and Animal Welfare, then why this issue has still occupied the minds of some rural and under-developed areas of my home country, Pakistan?

I guessed I have initiated the answer into my question. Well, I understand that times are tough, not only in a country like Pakistan, but all over the world. This economic set back has increased peoples' stress levels, and the poor person is unable to even feed himself for the bread and butter of one time. But, this does not mean that We, as Human beings and Muslims first, should let the financial issues resolved through Organized Animal Cruelty, which is Bear Baiting. This is one of the main issues of Pakistan, and in most of the rural areas of Pakistan, this problem exists until today.

Bear baiting, is the act of tying a Bear with ropes and sometimes even with Iron chains, and then Start the Bear's Fights with 3 or 4 dogs. I mean, just imagine, if one of us have to go through the same situation! I don't think any one of us would like to even hear about it, as it sounds very Cruel and act of a Tyrant Human Being.

I live in Canada, and I have been away from my country more than a decade now. Even I was not aware of this situation, when I was approached by a local Canadian in Toronto, ON, where he mentioned about this Henious act of the Rurals in Pakistan. I mean I was quite surprised that We as Pakistanis are having such bad days in our home country, that local village or District people or any one with approach to these kinds of Bear Baiting, are making money through Illegal Animal Activities, and injuring and urging the animals to take each others lives.

There are many poor people living in all over Pakistan, imagine if they all go out and start exchanging money for the price of this Cruelty act, then What would happen to the Beauty of PAKISTAN? These animals, the remaining counts of the EXOTIC animals that Our Country, Pakistan possesses, I have to request this and APPEAL to the LOCAL PUBLIC there, in PAKISTAN, AND ALL THE ORGANZIATIONS ASSOCIATED WITH STOPPAGE OF BEAR BAITING, to PLEASE STOP ALL OF THESE ILLEGAL ANIMAL ACTIVITIES, AND STOP KILLING OUR ANIMALS, AS THESE ANIMALS REPRESENT THE IDENTITY OF PAKISTAN AS WELL.

Instead of ruining our country's image and reputation by portraying Henious acts like these, Please LEARN TO RESPECT THE PRESENCE OF ANIMALS, because, these animals contribute to our country a great deal, and to the NATURE as well. The places which are abandoned with no animals, countless disasters occur there.

These animals might not be considered worthy of being respected by the locals of Villages and Districts in Pakistan, however, Nature has always supported them and reminded human beings of their importance and to take care of their well-beings, as they play a major role in the existence of the Wildlife, by compelling Humans to Plant more trees, which in return SAVES THE ENVIRONMENT FROM POLLUTION, TOXIC WASTE MATERIALS, AND HARMFUL EFFECTS OF THE UV RAYS.

14. Stop Euthanasia and Mass Killings of Innocent Animals

I am in Ontario Canada and recently the spca has siezed 21 pitbulls from an organized dog fighting ring. The Ontario SPCA has asked permission to euthanize all of these animals by March 10 2016 instead of reaching out to other organizations and shelters.

I'm proposing this petition to stop euthanasia in all Canadian SPCA, of all Healthy Adoptable Animals. What does S.P.C.A stand for? In case they have forgotten 'Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals'.

Pit Bulls are ALWAYS the first breed to be killed in Shelters, this needs to stop once and for all. We need to get all these Shelters to become a "No Kill " unless the animals are suffering and or terminally ill. However sadly they have been primary focusing on killing the breed Pit Bulls because of their breed. That sounds like Animal cruelty to me.

A civilized society does not accept or endorse these " Mass Killings" that is presently taking place across our nation, it's become an epidemic.

Shelters must begin to work with volunteers and outsource to different organizations or lift the Pitbull Ban in areas of this province in an effort to reduce the euthanizing of innocent animals.

This needs to be shared and signed so we can reach others with the same goals for these loving animals that cannot fight for themselves as they lay sad confused and lonely on that cold dreadful floor awaiting death.

These animals know one thing that's a given and that's true unconditional love anything different was taught by a bad owner, I know for I've raised this breed for years and Pit Bulls are loving compassionate companions. I understand there are attacks where Dogs bite a human, however there are way more incidents that surprisingly end in a dachshund, beagle or Jack Russell terrier bite then a pitbull bite. There are also more incidents that involve human on human violence than there is Dog on human violence, this applies to any breed. But we all know which one makes the 6 o'clock news don't we now.

We the People want them held accountable for euthanizing of healthy animals and a stop to it once and for all.

This will not change until animal advocates voice their feelings to their legislators and let them know they will be held accountable in the voting booth." After all; we are their constituents!

They cannot fight for themselves, we have to be their voice. Take a stance with me today to stop the slaughtering of healthy Dogs and Cats of all Breeds.

Thank you.

Alia Stepanchuk

15. Stop Hawaii 2450 Bill (Aimed at Killing Feral Cats "By Any Means")

Feral cats have been co-existing with the environment for 10,000 years. Only now are we seeing a movement in Hawaii to inhumanely eradicate cats due to misinformation spread by uneducated albeit well meaning wildlife enthusiasts.

Despite sensational headlines, it's a myth that cats are the reason for species population decline. Studies agree that human activities as well as climate change, habitat destruction, construction and pollution are the real culprits when some bird populations decline. That's why killing cats will never save birds.

Please take the time to fully educate yourself before you vote on this bill and read the facts which you can find here :

In addition to this something called the "Vacuum Effect" will prevent an eradication programme from being effective. There are many many cats. The cost to the state will be very high in not only dollars but bad publicity. Do you think tourists want to come to a state that is slaughtering kitty cats "by any means necessary". The vacuum effect means when you remove cats from an area cats from adjacent areas will move over to that location. You will always be eradicating cats. The job will be endless. In addition prepare to spend a lot more taxpayers money on rodent extermination. So if this is your plan you need to prepare for years and years of killing cats. Do you plan to take my taxes so I can pay to have baby kittens poisoned, shot or hunted by dogs? This again is not what will bring people to Hawaii.

The state of Hawaii has failed these animals by neglecting to provide adequate education for pet owners and implementing and enforcing laws to prevent abandonment. Now their solution is to eradicate the animals. Is there no guilt? There are many responsible colony caretakers who have been doing the county's and states job for them for years by taking on the personal responsibility of controlling populations. It is humans that have created the over population of cats by being irresponsible owners and dumping, abandoning, and casting off owned animals to become free roaming.

Say NO to SB2450 and allow responsible colony caretakers to humanely control the populations of animals they are so invested in having donated thousands of manpower hours and personal funds to solve this problem.

16. Add ANIMAL ABUSE to violation of Facebook standards

I tried to report a video on Facebook of a man torching a shaved cat alive until it died, under the category of "graphic violence".

If human on human graphic violence violates Facebook's policy, then WHY ON EARTH shouldn't human on animal graphic violence also violate their standards?!

Help support this cause to get Facebook to change their policy and ADD ANIMAL ABUSE to their violation of policy and basic animal rights!

17. Start using "Quiet" Fireworks. Help save a vet!

Many veterans as well as civilians and animals suffer from the loud noise of fireworks.

There is no reason to have the thunderous noises that fireworks cause distress to sufferers of PTSD everywhere.

Please sign this and share the idea with those in your local government. Lets start a movement as well as a discussion. Maybe we can alleviate the stress that many people suffer on some holidays.

The "Quiet Fireworks" are beautiful and just as thrilling if not more so than loud ones.

18. Ban Brumby/Wild Horse Catch Events

The Hunter Valley Brumby Association (HVBA) has just completed a two year investigation into the welfare of the horses used in a group of events known as “Stockman’s Challenge”.

Competitors have three minutes in which to chase, catch and attempt to lead a brumby while on horseback.

The regulation on these events is low and the scope very wide, ranging from small events held as part of local shows to large events such as the “Man from Snowy River Festival” in Victoria, “King of the Ranges Stockman’s Challenge and Bush Festival” in NSW and the Lower Lakes Challenge in South Australia.

Events operating under the guide of the Australian Stockman’s Challenge Association (ASCA) are held to the high welfare standards of that organisation. Those which operate outside of this organisation are still bound by the Rodeo Code of Practice, but are subject to little scrutiny, particularly with regards to the Brumby/Wild Horse Catch events often held as the final in the Challenge.

The Brumby/Wild Horse Catch is not condoned by the ASCA or the National Rodeo Federation (NRF) and many Stockman's Challenge events affiliated with the ASCA run very successfully without a Brumby Catch event, proof that this event is not necessary.

Wild Horse Catch or similar events are not defined as prohibited or defined as an event under the definition of a rodeo in all States or defined under either animal welfare legislations and are therefore held under “loop holes” and in limbo as to their status legally or illegally.

The HVBA rejects on principle the Brumby/Wild Horse Catch events due to the trauma that can be inflicted on the wild horses simply by exposing them to such a stressful environment, but even we were shocked by the treatment of these animals. With many Brumbies witnessed as being injured and pregnant in these events. Surprisingly, the ridden horses appear to endure similarly high stresses due to being asked again and again to run towards the kicks and bites of the traumatised and frightened wild horse, putting the ridden horse's in danger of being injured.

Brumby/Wild Horse Catch events pose no benefit to Brumbies as most, if not all are sent to slaughter at the conclusion of the event.

This is the first time any organisation has ever challenged the animal welfare issues concerning this event.

19. STOP the persecution of the NZ Huntaway

NZ Huntaways are being persecuted by local government as they are the direct fulfilment of s(55) of the Dog Control Act, 1996 that states that, 'loud and persistent', is a offence and a nuisance. This is the NZ Huntaways vital work skill requirements and breed standards.

NZ Huntaways are a cultural icon, our heritage and right as New Zealanders and always have been owned in a rural setting. They can not be trained, exercised or socialised with out severe psychological and physical trauma inflicted on them by abusive local government policies. Therefore,susbquent fines, impoundment and threatened owner disqualification by local government.

The NZ Huntaway because it is loud and persistent appears to have no animal welfare rights under local government persecution.

20. Revoke Walter Palmer's professional dental license

As a condition of licensure, a dentist has agreed to abide by and uphold the standards set by their state’s dental board; this includes personal conduct. Personal conduct in this sense means moral and ethical behavior as well as never being convicted of a crime (regardless of the nature of the crime.)

In the past Palmer has made false statements to federal agents after shooting a black bear 40 miles outside a designated hunting zone. Palmer ultimately received a fine of nearly $3,000 and probation. And now he has killed Cecil.

His egregious actions are tarnishing the integrity of the dental profession. There is no question his dental license must be revoked.

21. Stop Mistreatment of Bears at Kane County Fair

The Kane County Fair is hosting a traveling bear act called Welde's Big Bear show. Welde’s act is cruel and unacceptable. Many organizations have campaigned against this outfit for many years.

Bears will only perform frightening tricks, such as riding scooters or balancing on a ball, through physical punishment, fear, and intimidation. Being kept in tiny enclosures causes most bears to go insane. Captive bears spend much of the day pacing, walking in tight circles, swaying or rolling their heads, and showing other signs of psychological distress. Using these bears in a tawdry sideshow is cruel and doesn’t showcase any of their natural behavior or intelligence.

Welde admits that he has hand-raised most of his bears from infancy. This means that the babies were forcibly removed from their mothers within days of birth. Bears have strong maternal instincts, and premature separation is psychologically cruel to both the infants and their mothers. It also deprives the babies of the maternal care needed for normal physical and mental development.

Animal exhibitors touring the fair circuit follow a tight schedule. The logistics of fulfilling multiple contracts does not allow for downtime to let animals rest or exercise or to attend to sick or injured animals. It’s impossible to know how many animals suffer and die en route from fair to fair, because the caravans are constantly on the move, and for the most part, no one is watching.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) oversees traveling animal shows, but with fewer than 100 inspectors covering the country, it’s virtually impossible to regularly monitor these exhibitors. Innumerable small-town venues lack a veterinarian with expertise in exotic animals, and animals who are ill or injured may go untreated. Many animals are inexpensive to procure, making it cheaper to replace them than to pay for veterinary care or lose time attending to a sick animal.

We will sending this petition to the Kane County Fair Association as well as the 9 corporate sponsors represented at the fair. We hope to gather at least 10,000 signatures.

Please help by signing this petition and sharing with as many people as possible.

22. I am against dog fighting. Say No to US Congressman Steve King

I have a background in Environmental Science, History, and Geography studied at Oklahoma State University, class of 2015. Also a background in animal welfare, rescues, adopting, transporting, and volunteering at Central Oklahoma Humane Society.

23. Abolish the cruel practices of factory farming in New Zealand


• 90 million chickens are killed annually for their meat.

• Up to 40,000 chickens are confined together inside large windowless sheds at a stocking density of 19 birds per square metre.

• Nearly 3.5 million chickens die annually from of health problems before six weeks of age.

• 38 per cent of New Zealand’s chickens experience difficulties walking.

• broiler chickens are reared to their slaughter weight of around 1.8 to 3 kg within just 6 weeks of being hatched (chickens are normally fully grown by 5-6 months). By selective breeding, the length of time broiler chicks take to grow to 2 kg has been halved in the last 30 years.

• Over the last 20 years, annual chicken consumption has increased from 14kg (1986) to an average 35kg of chicken meat per person per year.

• Sows confined in sow stalls cannot perform most of their natural behaviour, as is required under the Animal Welfare Act 1999. They cannot walk or turn around, and can only lie down or stand up.

• Sow stalls have been banned in the United Kingdom and Sweden and are being phased out in Finland, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Denmark.

• The government acknowledged in 2005 that sow stalls did not meet the obligations of the Animal Welfare Act 1999, but despite this they did not ban their use.

• Approximately 45 per cent of the sows farmed in New Zealand (about 21,000 animals) are confined to sow stalls the same size as those seen on the Sunday programme. Alternatively, to sow stalls only 60 cm wide and 2 meters long.

• Scientific evidence shows that pigs kept in intensive farms suffer from psychological distress, frustration, lung and heart disease, leg problems and lameness, and display stereotypic behaviour such as bar biting.

• In 2007 there were about 370,000 pigs kept on New Zealand farms, including nearly 47,000 breeding sows.

• A battery hen lives for about 18 months. The natural life span of a hen is typically five to seven years, but some can live as long as 15 years.

• In New Zealand there are 3.2 million egg-laying chickens. About 83 percent of these are in cages. The rest are kept in indoor barns or on free range farms.

• A battery hen lays nearly 300 eggs per year, while its wild ancestor would lay only 12-20.

• A battery cage is too small for a hen to carry out basic behaviour, such as stretch her wings and preen. For this a hen needs about three times the 550 square centimetres
typically provided for her in a battery cage.

• Battery hens may suffer from brittle and broken bones, foot deformities, feather loss and injuries due to pecking from cage mates.

• Male chicks are not required by the egg industry. About 3 million one-day-old male chicks are killed each year by gassing or masceration.

factory farming affects the health of the live stock as well as the health of the humans consuming the products. low level dosing of livestock and poultry with antibiotics used in human medicines has contributed to the spreading of multi-drug resistant infections in humans.

factory farming is unsustainable with overcrowded farms over whelming local ecosystems, leading to depletion of natural resources . the need to grow large amounts of high energy feed leads to increasing deforestation and soil erosion; and the pollution of water, soil and air and agrochemicals and manure waste is already a huge concern.

Animal waste also effects our environment as 1 individual cow produces 15 times the amount of waste of a human. although all farmed animals produce waste, factory farms are overcrowded and this problem is multiplied leading to major environmental concerns. farmers often use large ponds/lagoons to hold live stock waste however these can over flow into water ways. the residue of pesticides also cause health and environmental problems as it seeps into water ways.

24. Facebook, please ban the sale of animals

The sale of animals for profit on Facebook is rampant. No attempts are being made to ensure these animals are going to good homes besides getting cash in hand. Animals are not TVs or bookshelves. These are living, breathing beings.

Help us make it against Facebook guidelines to sell an animal, and instead only allow the posting of "Free To Good Home" posts. People should be required to look into who they are giving animals to instead of being concerned with recouping losses for an animal that should have been a lifetime commitment.

Only licensed non profits should be able to post animals for adoption that require fees.

25. Please Save Link!

Link is an adorable, loving family pet, more than that he is a family member, a protecter of a single mother and her children. He is in risk of euthinazation by the town of Killeen, Texas, being accused of being dangerous, he has never hurt anyone and also has no prior history of even one violation.

We would love if anyone who can, would take a moment to sign our petition. On behalf of the family, we would like to thank every person who takes time out of their day to sign and share this.

Had he been a golden retriever or a poodle, nobody would look twice, but he isn't. He is a pit bull, and is being judged on his breed.

Please help save Link, he is a good boy and his family will be lost without him.

26. Free Suzie Elephant from Lahore Zoo

Suzie the female African elephant was brought to Lahore zoo in 1988 when she was few years old, now she is in her late thirties. She has been living alone since she was brought here around three decades ago.

She never came across another elephant in her entire life in Pakistan and living a solitary life, being used as a puppet trained to stand in front of public to collect money. One could see her being beaten and abused to perform the tasks.

We therefore demand her freedom from the government of Pakistan.

27. Close Master The Art Of Cat Cooking's Page

While satire pages can be funny Mastering The Art Of Cat Cooking's page is rather worrying, displaying pictures of cats being prepared for cooking, pickling, and deep fat frying not to mention methods on how to de-fur and cook rare cats.

Sadly when I reported this page for fear that young teenaged people would see it and think it is okay to torture small felines or even eat them, Facebook did not feel the same way and said they have not broken any rules regarding Facebook's community standards.

Please go to the Mastering The Art Of Cat Cooking page and Judge for yourselves.

28. Stop the selling of animals in these atrocious conditions in Doha Qatar

In Doha Qatar there is a market place where animals are being sold.

The animals are in small, cramped cages, many are sick and suffering from shock.

We need to stop this animal cruelty and stop selling these animals in these markets.

29. STOP Rockhampton Deer Cull Before Tonight

This Friday night (tonight), the Rockhampton Regional Council plan to shoot and kill a large quantity of the Rusa Deer population on Mount Archer; an unnecessary and backwards thinking act, that will not create any long term solutions.

The reason for this killing is overpopulation and their being labelled a 'pest'. Their population is anywhere between 100-500, an it is not their fault they were brought here. It is not there fault they were not contained.

They should not be slaughtered for something that is NOT THEIR FAULT. Please take action.

Please stand up.

30. Taiji fishermen must include baby dolphins dumped at sea in their records

All over coastal Japan dolphins and small whales are being killed for meat or for a lucrative aquarium business. Despite international condemnation the Japanese Fisheries Department still issue quotas for how many cetaceans are to be killed.

The Taiji fishermen have worked out a way to make sure these figures are efficient. They round up a pod of dolphins by using a wall of sound. The terrified family are then herded into the cove. The babies are picked out and kept aside while they watch their entire family slaughtered by sticking sharp rods into their blowholes and then pegging the blow hole up.

This means the dolphin drowns in it's own blood (this is done to try and keep the waters clean to hide what they are doing from the public eye) Then it gets even more unbelievable. They put the babies in sea slings on the side of the boat and drive them back out to sea.

On December 15th 2014 the cove guardians witnessed an entire family of Risso dolphins killed except one baby who was dumped at sea. The reason is there is only 67 Risso dolphins left on the quota as they have been killing Risso's all season.

We demand that baby dolphins are released with their mothers and family members to ensure the baby's survival. If they are killing the whole family and dumping the babies out in the ocean they should still include these babies in the record of numbers killed. The babies will have no chance of survival and will die, yet the fishermen don't count these as kills. This means they can keep hunting more dolphins until they reach that quota.