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1. Help Animals In Captivity

I created this petition because there is a lack of restrictions when it comes to animal captivity in the United States. All that is required for the vast majority of people to obtain a permit is to fill out an application and send a fee. There aren't even requirements to supply any kind of greenery or vegetation, all that is needed is food, water, and shelter. In addition, all that the animal cages require is enough room to lie down, stand up, turn around, and move around a bit. authorities have enough power to enforce state laws and yet the majority simply refuse to do so. I hope with the creation of this petition that more people will realize how serious the problem is and take action



We, the citizens of the world community do not want or support a nuclear war.

3. Kids break into a zoo and stone flamingo to death

They killed a male flamingo and injured another, zoo officials said
The children are aged 5, 6 and 8
(CNN) - Three kids snuck into the flamingo enclosure at a Czech zoo and attacked a colony of the terrified birds with baseball-sized rocks.
They killed a male flamingo and injured another, zoo officials said.
"It's a shame because the flamingos can grow very old," said Martin Malac, a spokesman for the Jihlava Zoo, told CNN. "They live 30 to 40 years normally. Flamingos in captive breeding can live 70 or 80 years."
The incident took place last week when the children -- ages 5, 6 and 8 -- broke into the Jihlava Zoo, located about 80 miles south of Prague.
The zoo maintenance crew ran to check on the birds when they heard strange noises from inside the enclosure, Malac said.
The male flamingo had a mate and 8 small chicks. He was 16 years old.
The injured flamingo is being treated.
The attack was a "big stress" to the group because "it was before mating season," Malac said.
The damage is estimated to be around $1,985.


Research by Cruelty Free International and the Dr Hadwen Trust suggests that at least 115 million animals may be used in experiments worldwide each year. In March 2013, a new European Union (EU) law was fully implemented that made it illegal to sell animal-tested cosmetics in Europe, even if the testing was done outside Europe – a spectacular achievement. Although companies can’t sell animal-tested cosmetics in Europe, they can continue to test cosmetics on animals outside Europe and sell them in other markets. Ingredients used in cosmetics may still be tested on animals in the EU under REACH, (the world’s largest chemical testing programme.) Regardless of the clear mandate from the public and international governments on this issue, the European Commission (EC) and the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) are insisting on testing the chemicals used in cosmetics for which there’s a possibility of workforce exposure during manufacturing processes. This means that animals will, in fact, continue to suffer and die in tests for cosmetics ingredients.

5. Free Shelter Dogs

Instead of keeping stray dogs caged in shelters, lets set them free on a large fenced-in tract of countryside. Dog sanctuaries already exist in many spots around the world, and are a much more cost effective and humane way of housing homeless animals. We want to create one in St. Louis Missouri to act as an example of how animals can be given better lives.

6. Prevent municipalities in Lebanon from shooting stray dogs

After the heartless shooting of a stray dog in the region of Jdeideh, that had recently given birth to a number of puppies (left afterwards freezing in the streets), by a police man of the Jdeideh Bauchrieh Sed municipality, we ask the municipalities and the relative authorities to take action against this kind of procedures in Lebanon.

The systematic killing of stray dogs is a barbaric and middle-aged act that doesn't represent or reflect the opinions and views of the people. This is unacceptable, especially given the recent decision made by the North Lebanon Governor, Juge Ramzi Nohra, after his meeting with BETA, following a similar case in Tripoli, to forbid the shooting of stray dogs for all the municipalities affiliated to the North Governarate.

7. Unblock Hejen Pize Qerej's Facebook account

Dear Facebook Team,

From 14th of October a friend of mine’s facebook account, Hejen Pize Qerej, his account has been closed. The below is his facebook account link:

I am as an active Facebook user and as a friend of ( Hejen Pize Qerej ) asking you to open Hejen’s account. I know him for a long time and as far as I know he is extremely nice person. He is animals and environment lover and a friend of them. He is also fighting against discrimination, execution, suppression/ oppression and prejudice.

I can only see one reason for blocking his Facebook account. There are people who are supportive of the tyranny regimes and their political parties in the Middle East. It is very sad to see Facebook that listen to those sort of people. By doing this, Facebook, indirectly supports those brutal regimes that try to terrorise, imprisoning and killing community activists, journalists, human right activists and Libertarian people. While you cannot support the suppressed people, please hand off their Facebook account and do not block them.

I am right now asking you to open Hejen Pize Qerej’s Facebook account, and hopping that Facebook continuo taking the right direction instead of being a tool on the hands of the tyranny regimes and their agents. I also hope Facebook find itself to be supportive of the rights of animals & human and environment

Yours sincerely,

8. Make Hit&Runs Involving Domestic Animals a Criminal Offence!

On Sept.12 2016 my 7 year old Pitbull cross Harlow was ran over and killed by an ATV on private property in Northern Alberta.

While evidence showed us who was responsible and after giving the culprits time to apologize, they didn't have the decency to do that and instead lied to my family. After going to the RCMP we learned unfortunately that the hit & run of a domestic animal is not a criminal offence in Canada. I thought to myself how horrible is it in 2016 that animals do not have these rights? How many people have had to suffer not knowing who killed their pets or not having been able to charge someone who did? Our pets deserve justice just like us humans do and their owners deserve closure!

Please help us to make this a criminal offence!

9. Te miratohet ligji për dënimin e atyre që dhunojnë kafshët!

Në Shqipëri nuk ka asnjë dënim për ata që keqtrajtojnë, dhunojnë e vrasin kafshë të pambrojtura për kënaqësi. Ky është një fenomen i shpeshtë në rrugë apo lagje. Kjo është e papranueshme në një vend që aspiron standarte Europiane! Ka ardhur koha të kthehet dinjiteti e respekti për speciet e tjera që jetojnë në këtë vend ku të drejtat shkelen sistematikisht e pa asnjë pasojë! Ka ardhur koha të vendoset dënim për të gjithë ata që shkelin mbi jetët e kafshëve!
Braktisja, keqtrajtimi, dhuna, plagosja, vrasja, konkurset e forcës, luftimet ndërmjet kafshëve, publikimi i fotove dhe videove, eksperimentet e paligjshme me kafshë, duhet të jenë vepra penale të dënueshme.



Ова е петиција од името на сопствениците на домашни миленици од Општина Аеродром, Општина Центар, Општина Карпош и останатите општини во Град Скопје за изградба на парк за миленици во Општина Аеродром и Општина Центар и оддржување на единствените паркови за миленици во Населбата Козле (на улица Т. Гологанов) и во Градскиот Парк.


Паркот за миленици кој се наоѓа во Градскиот Парк на Град Скопје околу четири години односно од самото отворање не е оддржуван и реновиран. Во најавата за отворањето на паркот на следниот линк: ,

е најавено дека:
"во внатрешноста на паркот има чешма од која ќе можат да пијат вода миленичињата, поставени се и клупи за одмoрање на сопствениците на миленичињата и три специјализирани канти со ролна со големи и мали кеси за собирање на изметот од кучињата."

Би сакале да пријавиме дека:

- цевката кај чешмата за вода е распукана и постојано тече вода од страните,
- повеќето клупи за одморање се искршени од несовесни граѓани,
- од трите специјализирани канти со ролна со големи и мали кеси за собирање на измет од кучињата останати се само три обични скршени канти и без никакви кеси кои беа поставени еднократно на самото отворање на паркот


Паркот за миленици кој се наоѓа на ул. Т. Гологанов околу три и половина години односно од самото отворање не е оддржуван и реновиран освен реконструкцијата која ја изврши "Паркови и Зеленило - Скопје" пред 5 месеци, а во најавата за реконструкција на паркот на следниот линк:

е најавено дека:
"Во Паркот за миленици деновиве екипите на ЈП“Паркови и зеленило„ извршија реконструкција на веќе постоечката опрема за рекреација на миленици.Со вкупно 24м3 се изврши промена на старата, со нова бела ризла, а се изврши и бојадисување-премачкување на реквизитите од дрво со соодветна боја за заштита."

Би сакале да пријавиме дека:

- цевката кај чешмата за вода е распукана и постојано тече вода од страните,
- од трите специјализирани канти со ролна со големи и мали кеси за собирање на измет од кучињата останати се само три обични скршени канти и без никакви кеси кои беа поставени еднократно на самото отворање на паркот
- нема поставено ниту една клупа за одморање
- опремата за рекреација на милениците е повеќе од 70 проценти уништена, а од самите даски излегуваат зарѓани шајки кои можат да повредат или трајно оштетат некое милениче или некој човек, а одговорност ќе се бара од Град Скопје


Сакаме да ве известиме дека бројката на домашни миленици во Општина Аеродром и Општина Центар е огромна и постојано расте. Поради високите казни и глоби кои повеќето од нас ги имаме платено за несоодветна прошетка на куче (без маска или висечка маска и пуштање на милениците од ланец во локалните зелени површини или паркови), секојдневното сме приморани да ги носиме нашите миленици до најблискиот заграден парк за миленици, а нашиот избор е лимитиран (парк во Козле, парк во Градски Парк).

Исто така направивме истражување и се информиравме за пописите и популацијата на кучиња во Град Скопје, а бројките се следни: (ова е неофицијална информација, се претпоставува дека бројката на нерегистрирани кучиња е многу поголема)

- повеќе од 14000 регистрирани кучиња / со педигре или родовник
- повеќе од 20000 нерегистрирани кучиња / без педигре или родовник
(извор: Кинолошки Сојуз на Македонија, Агенција за храна и ветеринарство)

АПЕЛИРАМЕ до Советот на Град Скопје, градоначалникот на Град Скопје, советот на општините Аеродром, Центар и Карпош и градоначалниците на овие општини да се спроведе систем за неделно одржување на веќе постоечките паркови за миленици и да се изгради нов парк за миленици во Општина Аеродром и Општина Центар.

11. Reverse Personal Information Requirement of Animal Fosters

This petition is to ask that the Clark County Commission and the Las Vegas City Council reverse a new policy co-created by The Animal Foundation and Animal Control. They are requiring that each Rescue Organization participating in the Paw Partner Program provide the name, address, phone number and number of pets of each foster in their rescue program to Animal Control.

The Paw Partner Program Agreement is between the Animal Foundation and the individual Rescue, not with the individual fosters. For that reason, the Animal Foundation and Animal Control have no right to any confidential information that each Rescue has about their individual Foster Program; this is blatant violation of the Paw Partner Program that each Rescue agreed to. The Minimum Requirements only request the approved 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4) status, must be actively attempting to find permanent homes and provide a suitable housing arrangement.​

The Animal Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to save the lives of all healthy and treatable animals in the Las Vegas Valley. This new policy will increase the needless killings that go on at the Animal Foundation, as fosters may be unwilling to provide this unnecessary personal information, and rightly so, to Animal Control.

12. Spirit for the Paws. Stop fur fashion and the abuse of animals for animal products.

Animals are not fashion. I have seen many cruel photos of animals being skinned alive for greed and fashion. This needs to be stop it doesn't matter who they are celebrities.

The world is full of far to much cruelty and greed. I would like as many animal lovers in the world to sign this petition and protest everyone in the world of fashion who use animals for clothes and handbags.

Also some countries like China using real animals for keyrings ect. I've seen lots of petition that show animals been turned into handbags and 50 animals used to make a coat. I call them blood coat.

I think we should have averts or posters to show how the real fashion industry has animals killed in such ways for their own use. We have lost too many wolves, tigers and elephants. Ivory is made into jewelry for countries like china and Taiwan is
eating dogs and cats. Animals are used in such ways because of greed.

13. Stop Hawaii 2450 Bill (Aimed at Killing Feral Cats "By Any Means")

Feral cats have been co-existing with the environment for 10,000 years. Only now are we seeing a movement in Hawaii to inhumanely eradicate cats due to misinformation spread by uneducated albeit well meaning wildlife enthusiasts.

Despite sensational headlines, it's a myth that cats are the reason for species population decline. Studies agree that human activities as well as climate change, habitat destruction, construction and pollution are the real culprits when some bird populations decline. That's why killing cats will never save birds.

Please take the time to fully educate yourself before you vote on this bill and read the facts which you can find here :

In addition to this something called the "Vacuum Effect" will prevent an eradication programme from being effective. There are many many cats. The cost to the state will be very high in not only dollars but bad publicity. Do you think tourists want to come to a state that is slaughtering kitty cats "by any means necessary". The vacuum effect means when you remove cats from an area cats from adjacent areas will move over to that location. You will always be eradicating cats. The job will be endless. In addition prepare to spend a lot more taxpayers money on rodent extermination. So if this is your plan you need to prepare for years and years of killing cats. Do you plan to take my taxes so I can pay to have baby kittens poisoned, shot or hunted by dogs? This again is not what will bring people to Hawaii.

The state of Hawaii has failed these animals by neglecting to provide adequate education for pet owners and implementing and enforcing laws to prevent abandonment. Now their solution is to eradicate the animals. Is there no guilt? There are many responsible colony caretakers who have been doing the county's and states job for them for years by taking on the personal responsibility of controlling populations. It is humans that have created the over population of cats by being irresponsible owners and dumping, abandoning, and casting off owned animals to become free roaming.

Say NO to SB2450 and allow responsible colony caretakers to humanely control the populations of animals they are so invested in having donated thousands of manpower hours and personal funds to solve this problem.

14. Add ANIMAL ABUSE to violation of Facebook standards

I tried to report a video on Facebook of a man torching a shaved cat alive until it died, under the category of "graphic violence".

If human on human graphic violence violates Facebook's policy, then WHY ON EARTH shouldn't human on animal graphic violence also violate their standards?!

Help support this cause to get Facebook to change their policy and ADD ANIMAL ABUSE to their violation of policy and basic animal rights!

15. Help Save Lilo

Lilo arrived at KAWS after she was found pregnant, malnourished and on a chain at her "home". Lilo has since had 8 puppies and we at KAWS are working hard to give her the nourishment and love that she and her puppies deserve.

We do NOT want to give Lilo back to this home as she deserves better!

16. We don't want Michael Vick on the Pittsburgh Steelers

We don't want Animal Abuser Michael Vick to be a part of our Pittsburgh Steelers.

17. Lift the ban of having pet cats in a HDB flat

Taken from

Flat owners in Singapore are not allowed to keep cats in HDB flats, as it is generally difficult to confine cats within the flat premises. Nuisance caused by cats such as shedding of their fur, defecating/urinating in public areas or even the caterwauling sounds that they make can cause a lot of disturbance, which affects the environment and disrupts neighbourliness in our housing estates.


It is unfair that dogs are allowed in HDB flats but not cats. It states that keeping a cat in a household would be a disturbance to the neighbours. I don't find that true. Once they are bred in a household, their behaviours would change. They would not be that wild crazy cat you see outside. They would become a sweet litte furry lazy cat/kitten. And who says cats can't be trained?

In fact, dogs are a disturbance too. Morning, day or night i will sometimes hear them bark. And they are really loud compared to cats meowing.

It is not fair as you know that the muslims are not allowed to keep dogs as pets. Most muslim people or anyone that prefer cats over dogs would love to keep a cat as a household pet. But they can't because of the ban/law.

I am not against the people who owns dogs as their pets. But cats should be treated the same way a dog is treated. They need homes too.

Please help to lift the ban of having a cat as a household pet. Your help is much appreciated.

Thank you for helping.

18. Revoke Walter Palmer's professional dental license

As a condition of licensure, a dentist has agreed to abide by and uphold the standards set by their state’s dental board; this includes personal conduct. Personal conduct in this sense means moral and ethical behavior as well as never being convicted of a crime (regardless of the nature of the crime.)

In the past Palmer has made false statements to federal agents after shooting a black bear 40 miles outside a designated hunting zone. Palmer ultimately received a fine of nearly $3,000 and probation. And now he has killed Cecil.

His egregious actions are tarnishing the integrity of the dental profession. There is no question his dental license must be revoked.

19. Please Save Link!

Link is an adorable, loving family pet, more than that he is a family member, a protecter of a single mother and her children. He is in risk of euthinazation by the town of Killeen, Texas, being accused of being dangerous, he has never hurt anyone and also has no prior history of even one violation.

We would love if anyone who can, would take a moment to sign our petition. On behalf of the family, we would like to thank every person who takes time out of their day to sign and share this.

Had he been a golden retriever or a poodle, nobody would look twice, but he isn't. He is a pit bull, and is being judged on his breed.

Please help save Link, he is a good boy and his family will be lost without him.

20. Close Master The Art Of Cat Cooking's Page

While satire pages can be funny Mastering The Art Of Cat Cooking's page is rather worrying, displaying pictures of cats being prepared for cooking, pickling, and deep fat frying not to mention methods on how to de-fur and cook rare cats.

Sadly when I reported this page for fear that young teenaged people would see it and think it is okay to torture small felines or even eat them, Facebook did not feel the same way and said they have not broken any rules regarding Facebook's community standards.

Please go to the Mastering The Art Of Cat Cooking page and Judge for yourselves.

21. Against Wolf Slaughter in B.C.

Today in my local paper, I read something that disgusted me.

184 wolves are going to be shot from aircraft in order to try and
improve the population of caribou in B.C Canada -- When in fact the wolves
are not the problem. The problem is habitat loss.

Please help save these animals and prevent future slaughters by signing, and
sharing this journal to increase awareness to show your disapproval.

Your help is greatly appreciated!

22. STOP Rockhampton Deer Cull Before Tonight

This Friday night (tonight), the Rockhampton Regional Council plan to shoot and kill a large quantity of the Rusa Deer population on Mount Archer; an unnecessary and backwards thinking act, that will not create any long term solutions.

The reason for this killing is overpopulation and their being labelled a 'pest'. Their population is anywhere between 100-500, an it is not their fault they were brought here. It is not there fault they were not contained.

They should not be slaughtered for something that is NOT THEIR FAULT. Please take action.

Please stand up.

23. Taiji fishermen must include baby dolphins dumped at sea in their records

All over coastal Japan dolphins and small whales are being killed for meat or for a lucrative aquarium business. Despite international condemnation the Japanese Fisheries Department still issue quotas for how many cetaceans are to be killed.

The Taiji fishermen have worked out a way to make sure these figures are efficient. They round up a pod of dolphins by using a wall of sound. The terrified family are then herded into the cove. The babies are picked out and kept aside while they watch their entire family slaughtered by sticking sharp rods into their blowholes and then pegging the blow hole up.

This means the dolphin drowns in it's own blood (this is done to try and keep the waters clean to hide what they are doing from the public eye) Then it gets even more unbelievable. They put the babies in sea slings on the side of the boat and drive them back out to sea.

On December 15th 2014 the cove guardians witnessed an entire family of Risso dolphins killed except one baby who was dumped at sea. The reason is there is only 67 Risso dolphins left on the quota as they have been killing Risso's all season.

We demand that baby dolphins are released with their mothers and family members to ensure the baby's survival. If they are killing the whole family and dumping the babies out in the ocean they should still include these babies in the record of numbers killed. The babies will have no chance of survival and will die, yet the fishermen don't count these as kills. This means they can keep hunting more dolphins until they reach that quota.

24. Help Bring Hank Home

My American Bulldog "Hank" turned 2 yrs old Oct 7, 2014 just 2 days before the Alcona County Sheriff's Dept came and took him from his family !!! Hank has been accused by a neighbor of "attacking" his dog and then him, within the whole 5 minutes that Hank was outside. It was a Saturday night Sept 20, 2014 around 8:30pm when I let Hank and my other 2 dogs out to do their business.

I didn't close the door because I was at the back door the entire time they were out. My 8 yr old Chihuahuah (adopted Sept 3, 2014) and my oldest daughter's 2 1/2 yrs old dog Samson (also American Bulldog) came right back in the house within just a couple minutes but Hank (who is about 100lbs) takes a little longer to empty his tank. I was still at the back door cleaning up the spiders and insects that I had killed, when about 1 minute later heard a voice outside talking quite loudly (yelling). I pulled the door open since it was never fully closed and I see a guy about a foot or two on the other side of my tire swing (which is quite a few feet onto my property) kneeling down and holding his cell phone in his hand, yelling at me that my dog just bit him (completely out of character for Hank).

The Sheriff's said he had what looked like a little scratch or pinch on his wrist that might bruise and they didn't mention any injury to the man's dog at all. I asked the Sheriff's when they came almost 2 hrs later, to please meet my dog because I needed them to see that he wasn't at all a mean dog but they refused. They told me to keep Hank in quarintine and confined to the house for 10 days and they would come back to check on him. They came back a few days later to talk to me and get more info for the police report at which time they asked me Hank's breed so I told them and gave them copies of his Vet records. They were told he was a Rottweiller. Hank is all Brindle stripes with white feet and chest so definitely doesn't resemble a Rott.

I never heard from the Sheriff's again until Wednesday Oct 8, 2014 (18 days later) when they called and told me they wanted to come check on Hank so we made a time for them to stop by Oct 9 @ 6:30am. I brought Hank out to meet them and of course he was wagging his tail as usual. They handed me a complaint and summons and told me I had to put Hank in the backseat of their car. Hank got into their car no problem. I was completely shocked cause they just told me they were coming to check on him. The Sheriff's also said themselves that morning that they wish they would've met Hank before making the police report and that he didn't seem to be vicious at all to them. They took him to the Alcona County Humane Society where he has been til this day and until court Nov 5 @ 10:30am. My family and I visit Hank as often as we can and we have been volunteering at the shelter for the SNIP program which will help pay for the cost of his neuter.

Everyone that has came in contact with Hank so far thinks he is wonderful and sweet and no one can figure out why he is even there. Hank has met 100's of people and lived with numerous different animals and has never shown any kind of aggression towards anyone or anything EVER !!! We have 2 ferrets, we have had dozens of bunnies, we had a 4.5lb Toy Yorkie living with us for 2 yrs, our Kitty, and we adopted a chihuahua just a few weeks before this alleged incident. He's never hurt any wild animals either. He has even stayed at Hotel Suites with us and goes everywhere we do. My dog does not discriminate HE LOVES EVERYBODY!

Hank has slept with my 5yr old daughter almost every night since we brought him home at 6 weeks old! Please help bring Hank home where he belongs ... I can't even believe this is happening! Our whole entire family is completely devistated including our friends and our other pets!

25. Stop the bartering of dogs, cats, or other domestic animals

There have been numerous craigslist ads in Kentucky of people wanting to barter dogs. One breeder placed 2 ads on Craigslist wanting to trade bulldogs for either a dirt bike or scooter. On that same breeders website is a sentence that reads our dogs are family. I wondered when people started bartering family members for material things.

Someone may not have the money to get the pet so they will be tempted to trade to get it. In some cases they may not be financially equipped for the acquired animals' welfare. I called the Humane Society and asked if it is legal and was told yes. I was told pets are considered property and people can legally trade their property.

I assume pets were once labeled property to insure a form of protection. I feel that pets need more protection from being used as a form of currency. They do not deserve to be bartered into possible abusive situations. We must stop any domestic animal litters from being used for a line of credit. This will decrease a few puppy mills and the number of abandoned pets.

I hope with your signature that we can try to have state officials take notice. I also hope online classifieds websites will stop allowing any form of animal bartering offers.

Thank you.

26. Ban the Gadhimai festival Slaughter

Gadhimai festival is a month-long Hindu festival that is held once every five years at the Gadhimai temple of Bariyarpur, in Bara District, about 100 miles (160 km) south of the capital Kathmandu in southern Nepal. The event involves the world's largest sacrificial slaughter of animals (approx. 500,000) – including water buffaloes, pigs, goats, chicken and pigeons – with the goal of pleasing Gadhimai, the goddess of power.

A month before the ritual in 2009, the Nepalese government realised there would be a "severe shortage" of goats for the ritual sacrifice, as well as for the consumption of goat meat during the festival. They began a radio campaign urging farmers to sell their animals.

Source: Wikipedia

27. Reinstate vet student for her degree

Jamie Scott originally attended Ross University because she was informed that she would not have to perform surgeries she considered unethical. However, the university mandated that she partake in the killing of animals in order to graduate. Jamie was threatened with being flunked out if she did not perform terminal surgeries, and was harassed and unfairly discriminated against because of her views concerning animals. Ultimately she was unjustly dismissed despite helping and saving numerous animals’ lives. Ross University requires students to operate on healthy animals who are then killed or “terminated” at the end of their surgical procedures.

Terminal surgeries involve anesthetizing healthy animals including sheep, goats and donkeys and subjecting them to procedures that they don't need, such as tracheostomies, gastrotomies, and joint taps.

Many veterinary schools have replaced such terminal surgeries with effective and humane teaching tools. These humane alternatives include willed body cadaver donation programs, anatomy models, and survival surgeries performed under close faculty supervision such as spays, castrations, and mass removals on animals who actually benefit from the procedures.

The school continues to ignore requests to reinstate Jamie, including disregarding signed letters of endorsement from three practicing veterinarians.

28. Stop ALL Kill Shelters in America

This petition's goals are to make all animal shelters in the U.S. no-kill shelters! This would mean once an animal is rescued by a shelter or sanctuary the animals no longer have to worry about unnecessary euthanasia.

Any current shelter operating that euthanizes animals after a period of no interest or adoption should be turned over to an organization or owner who will operate a NO-KILL shelter.

You don't have to be American to make a difference one country at a time!

29. Tougher prison sentencing for murdering and baiting animals and acts of cruelty

I want to start a petition to raise awareness of all animals in the UK that are subjected to horrific deaths, baiting and acts of cruelty and neglect.

The story of Till the Labradors and many others like her that have suffered horrific and painful deaths has affected animal lovers all over the world. We need tougher penalties for these crimes.People cannot play God and take the lives of our animals, its not right, its not humane and these crimes need stopping.

Animals get such bad press and if they attack one time too many are put to sleep.So why should humans be allowed to get away with murdering , baiting and being cruel to our animals.

What we want from the Government is to see tougher prison sentencing for these crimes. Lifetime ban from keeping any animals.Increased penalties.

Put an end to the uneccessary suffering of our animals.


ΔΙΑΒΑΣΤΕ ΤΟ ΚΕΙΜΕΝΟ-ΚΑΤΑΓΓΕΛΙΑ που κατατέθηκε στην εισαγγελία Κατερίνης και στηρίξτε με τις υπογραφές σας την έκκληση προς τον Δήμο Κατερίνης για την απελευθέρωση του Πίπη.

Ο Πίπης περισυννελέχθει άδικα χάριν των ιδιοτροπιών ΕΝΟΣ πολίτη ΧΩΡΙΣ ΛΟΓΟ, ΧΩΡΙΣ ΝΑ ΔΑΓΚΩΣΕΙ με σκοπό να επανενταχθεί σε απομακρυσμένη περιοχή.

Μήπως τελικά λόγω των επικείμενων εκλογών εξυπηρετούνται πολιτικές σκοπιμότητες καθώς ο κ. Μπουρονίκος με αλαζονεία, αυθάδεια και αγένεια δήλωσε ότι τα επιχειρήματά μας υπαγορεύονται από υποβολέα – άκουσον, άκουσον!- κλείνοντας με τη φράση «ΕΓΩ ΠΛΕΟΝ ΔΕΝ ΚΑΤΕΒΑΙΝΩ ΥΠΟΨΗΦΙΟΣ»! (Μιλάμε για ήθος και ύφος!)

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