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1. Get Rid of all Cage Farming in Christchurch

How it's an issue and who’s affected by it.
Factory farms produce millions of gallons of manure that can spill into waterways from leaking storage lagoons or fields where manure is over-applied to soil. Manure generates hazardous air pollutants and contains contaminants that can endanger human health. Neighbors of factory farms, as well as the workers in them, often suffer intensely from overwhelming odors and related headaches, nausea and other long-term health effects.

The male baby caged chickens are of no use and are disposed of like garbage. Female chicks are grown in extremely cramped and dark conditions and fed a processed diet full of hormones.

2. Review Cruel Mishandling of Canadian Geese

On July 27th, 2016 400 Canadian Geese were "rounded up" and murdered senselessly due to complaints of geese attacks, droppings and disrupting traffic. Is this really worth killing them for? Is it really such an inconvenience to stop or slow down to let a gaggle of geese cross the street? These animals do not know they are doing anything wrong. If a goose "attacks" its almost always due to an animal or human ignoring its warnings and this forces the goose to defend itself.

The Department of Natural Resources clearly lists methods other than killing geese to detour them from staying in unwanted areas. Once all of these methods have been used and proven ineffective, then geese should be collected and relocated humanely.

The enormous amount of money spent by the city to kill these birds could have been used to create jobs in the parks department for extra dropping clean ups.

3. The Georgie Movement for Responsible Breeding

Recently my 1 year old puppy died as a result of over breeding and in-breeding. His death has been very hard but it has also made me realize it's time this ridiculousness stops!

I'm sick of seeing flat faced dogs and cats who struggle to breath properly, I'm tired of seeing sick dogs with a very under developed immune system just because the breeder decided to rip the litter away from their mothers breasts to that they can remain small.

Georgie was a casualty of this greed and stupidity! It's time it stops!

4. Stop Animal Cruelty Petition

Every year about one million animals are abused by animal owners, and also every year three to four million animals must be euthanized by animal shelters.

If animal cruelty was a felony, then it would bring down the large level of animal cruelty.

5. Reform Animal Cruelty laws in Tennessee

In the United States, the law for animal cruelty is a misdemeanor with felony provisions. Most people of America don't know this or they do but don't really care.

Animal cruelty is the number one sign to future rapist and serial killers, This is something most of us believe to be a myth, but it isn't. Animal cruelty has effects on the animal themselves.

People tend not to realize that animals are mammals, or a species of some sort, and have feelings and get hurt just as easily as us.

I want to change the minds of people to believe hurting an animal for your own pleasure isn't humane, and why not start a petition?

6. Stop the practice of Bear Baiting in Paksitan

As we all know, and it has been repeated, mentioned, discussed, several times in the News, we have had talks with friends, family and our colleagues about the Animal Rights and Animal Welfare, then why this issue has still occupied the minds of some rural and under-developed areas of my home country, Pakistan?

I guessed I have initiated the answer into my question. Well, I understand that times are tough, not only in a country like Pakistan, but all over the world. This economic set back has increased peoples' stress levels, and the poor person is unable to even feed himself for the bread and butter of one time. But, this does not mean that We, as Human beings and Muslims first, should let the financial issues resolved through Organized Animal Cruelty, which is Bear Baiting. This is one of the main issues of Pakistan, and in most of the rural areas of Pakistan, this problem exists until today.

Bear baiting, is the act of tying a Bear with ropes and sometimes even with Iron chains, and then Start the Bear's Fights with 3 or 4 dogs. I mean, just imagine, if one of us have to go through the same situation! I don't think any one of us would like to even hear about it, as it sounds very Cruel and act of a Tyrant Human Being.

I live in Canada, and I have been away from my country more than a decade now. Even I was not aware of this situation, when I was approached by a local Canadian in Toronto, ON, where he mentioned about this Henious act of the Rurals in Pakistan. I mean I was quite surprised that We as Pakistanis are having such bad days in our home country, that local village or District people or any one with approach to these kinds of Bear Baiting, are making money through Illegal Animal Activities, and injuring and urging the animals to take each others lives.

There are many poor people living in all over Pakistan, imagine if they all go out and start exchanging money for the price of this Cruelty act, then What would happen to the Beauty of PAKISTAN? These animals, the remaining counts of the EXOTIC animals that Our Country, Pakistan possesses, I have to request this and APPEAL to the LOCAL PUBLIC there, in PAKISTAN, AND ALL THE ORGANZIATIONS ASSOCIATED WITH STOPPAGE OF BEAR BAITING, to PLEASE STOP ALL OF THESE ILLEGAL ANIMAL ACTIVITIES, AND STOP KILLING OUR ANIMALS, AS THESE ANIMALS REPRESENT THE IDENTITY OF PAKISTAN AS WELL.

Instead of ruining our country's image and reputation by portraying Henious acts like these, Please LEARN TO RESPECT THE PRESENCE OF ANIMALS, because, these animals contribute to our country a great deal, and to the NATURE as well. The places which are abandoned with no animals, countless disasters occur there.

These animals might not be considered worthy of being respected by the locals of Villages and Districts in Pakistan, however, Nature has always supported them and reminded human beings of their importance and to take care of their well-beings, as they play a major role in the existence of the Wildlife, by compelling Humans to Plant more trees, which in return SAVES THE ENVIRONMENT FROM POLLUTION, TOXIC WASTE MATERIALS, AND HARMFUL EFFECTS OF THE UV RAYS.

7. Stop Euthanasia and Mass Killings of Innocent Animals

I am in Ontario Canada and recently the spca has siezed 21 pitbulls from an organized dog fighting ring. The Ontario SPCA has asked permission to euthanize all of these animals by March 10 2016 instead of reaching out to other organizations and shelters.

I'm proposing this petition to stop euthanasia in all Canadian SPCA, of all Healthy Adoptable Animals. What does S.P.C.A stand for? In case they have forgotten 'Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals'.

Pit Bulls are ALWAYS the first breed to be killed in Shelters, this needs to stop once and for all. We need to get all these Shelters to become a "No Kill " unless the animals are suffering and or terminally ill. However sadly they have been primary focusing on killing the breed Pit Bulls because of their breed. That sounds like Animal cruelty to me.

A civilized society does not accept or endorse these " Mass Killings" that is presently taking place across our nation, it's become an epidemic.

Shelters must begin to work with volunteers and outsource to different organizations or lift the Pitbull Ban in areas of this province in an effort to reduce the euthanizing of innocent animals.

This needs to be shared and signed so we can reach others with the same goals for these loving animals that cannot fight for themselves as they lay sad confused and lonely on that cold dreadful floor awaiting death.

These animals know one thing that's a given and that's true unconditional love anything different was taught by a bad owner, I know for I've raised this breed for years and Pit Bulls are loving compassionate companions. I understand there are attacks where Dogs bite a human, however there are way more incidents that surprisingly end in a dachshund, beagle or Jack Russell terrier bite then a pitbull bite. There are also more incidents that involve human on human violence than there is Dog on human violence, this applies to any breed. But we all know which one makes the 6 o'clock news don't we now.

We the People want them held accountable for euthanizing of healthy animals and a stop to it once and for all.

This will not change until animal advocates voice their feelings to their legislators and let them know they will be held accountable in the voting booth." After all; we are their constituents!

They cannot fight for themselves, we have to be their voice. Take a stance with me today to stop the slaughtering of healthy Dogs and Cats of all Breeds.

Thank you.

Alia Stepanchuk

8. Make Animal Welfare an Election Issue in Ireland

Animal cruelty in Ireland is not being dealt with enough.

This petition is to make the protection and welfare of animals a General Election Issue in 2016.

9. Stop Mistreatment of Bears at Kane County Fair

The Kane County Fair is hosting a traveling bear act called Welde's Big Bear show. Welde’s act is cruel and unacceptable. Many organizations have campaigned against this outfit for many years.

Bears will only perform frightening tricks, such as riding scooters or balancing on a ball, through physical punishment, fear, and intimidation. Being kept in tiny enclosures causes most bears to go insane. Captive bears spend much of the day pacing, walking in tight circles, swaying or rolling their heads, and showing other signs of psychological distress. Using these bears in a tawdry sideshow is cruel and doesn’t showcase any of their natural behavior or intelligence.

Welde admits that he has hand-raised most of his bears from infancy. This means that the babies were forcibly removed from their mothers within days of birth. Bears have strong maternal instincts, and premature separation is psychologically cruel to both the infants and their mothers. It also deprives the babies of the maternal care needed for normal physical and mental development.

Animal exhibitors touring the fair circuit follow a tight schedule. The logistics of fulfilling multiple contracts does not allow for downtime to let animals rest or exercise or to attend to sick or injured animals. It’s impossible to know how many animals suffer and die en route from fair to fair, because the caravans are constantly on the move, and for the most part, no one is watching.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) oversees traveling animal shows, but with fewer than 100 inspectors covering the country, it’s virtually impossible to regularly monitor these exhibitors. Innumerable small-town venues lack a veterinarian with expertise in exotic animals, and animals who are ill or injured may go untreated. Many animals are inexpensive to procure, making it cheaper to replace them than to pay for veterinary care or lose time attending to a sick animal.

We will sending this petition to the Kane County Fair Association as well as the 9 corporate sponsors represented at the fair. We hope to gather at least 10,000 signatures.

Please help by signing this petition and sharing with as many people as possible.

10. Make Facebook ban animal cruelty posts

After seeing a cat being held down and having its face blowtorched off for 10 minutes and suffering unimaginable pain, I reported the video. Facebook response was we found it didn't violate our community standards.

Yet Facebook will ban a picture of a natural pair of woman's boobs yet will give air time to people who torture animals for fun in the most disgusting way.

I threw up for days after seeing this video and in no way was it religious or of a way of obtaining meat.

Videos of violence against animals should be banned to stop people thinking they will get notoriety.

11. Get posts like this removed from Facebook

I came across this sick video of someone torching a cat to death and reported it to Facebook. They told me it does not violate any of their terms and conditions, despite that their user agreement clearly states that posts that incite violence or illegal activity are not to be allowed.

I feel so strongly about this issue I decided to make a petition to get Facebook to review their policies and ensure content like this does not get shared and glorified via social media.

12. Petition to remove "The Resurrection Lives On" Facebook page

Please sign the petition to remove the Facebook page "The Resurrection Lives On".

This man and his followers are extreme animal abusers... specifically towards cats. He had a previous "Easter Cat Punching Event" that was removed because of enough signatures on that petition... we did it in just a few days... let's do it again!

Our goal is 2,000 signatures... we are getting close!

13. Close Master The Art Of Cat Cooking's Page

While satire pages can be funny Mastering The Art Of Cat Cooking's page is rather worrying, displaying pictures of cats being prepared for cooking, pickling, and deep fat frying not to mention methods on how to de-fur and cook rare cats.

Sadly when I reported this page for fear that young teenaged people would see it and think it is okay to torture small felines or even eat them, Facebook did not feel the same way and said they have not broken any rules regarding Facebook's community standards.

Please go to the Mastering The Art Of Cat Cooking page and Judge for yourselves.

14. Support The RSPCA

The RSPCA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) were founded in a London coffee shop in 1824. The men present knew they were creating the world’s first animal welfare charity, but they couldn’t have imagined the size and shape that the charity would become today.

Back then they were the SPCA - Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Royal patronage followed in 1837 and Queen Victoria gave permission to add the royal R in 1840, making us the RSPCA as we’re known worldwide today.

When they were founded, their focus was working animals, such as "pit ponies", who were worked down the coal mines. But they've changed with the times.

During the First and Second World Wars they worked to help the millions of animals enlisted to serve alongside British, Commonwealth and Allied forces.

And, their work with pets that they're best known for today, only developed with the trend to keep them.

15. Say NO to Michael Vick

MICHAEL VICK launches his clothing line "V7". What Michael Vick did to dogs that were not to expectations for DOG FIGHTING...death by hanging, drowning, strangulation, gun shot, electrocution and other methods. YET HE IS ADORED by the public and has well over a million fb fans. People that commit such HEINOUS CRIMES should not be celebrated by the public.

BOYCOTT "V7" and SHARE this petition so that those who didn't know the extent of his criminal actions can finally see him for who he truly is.

16. We are "Smudge's" Voice!

A man has been charged with animal cruelty after police say he beat his ex-girlfriend’s cat with a baseball bat.

The cat, a four-year-old female named Smudge, is recovering after surgery because she lost her eye. The veterinarian, Dr. Corinne Slaughter, tells NBC 10 the cat was hit so hard, her eye came out of its socket and had to be removed during surgery.

Smudge has been through a lot of trauma throughout the last few days, and Slaughter said she can’t make sense of why she continues to see situations like this one.

“Why anybody would beat up an innocent little kitten – she's little, she's only ten pounds – is beyond me. It's just beyond me,” Slaughter said.

Smudge has a cast on one paw and has stitches where her eyes used to be.


17. Make Declawing cats illegal in South Africa

I believe declawing is inhumane and an unnecessary mutilation. This act is Illegal in many countries but not here in South Africa.

This is what you need to know:

Declawing is a serious surgery and is not like having a manicure done. A cat’s claw is close to a cats bone so in order to remove its claw, the whole last bone of your cats bone needs to be removed. Declawing is actually an amputation of the last joint of your cat's "toes".

Declawing cats is not harmless and they feel the pain long after the surgery. It can cause pain in the paw and back and also cause infection.

18. Review UK Justice after Man cuts off his puppy's ear after fight with girlfriend

Shamrez Ali Wasim, 27, used a knife or scissors to attack the three-week-old Staffordshire bull-terrier cross in Newsome. The animal was left “screaming” in agony as its right ear hung by a thread.

19. Please Support SB250

Michael Sandlin has the same license for housing an exotic animal as LSU for it's mascot, Mike the Tiger and the Baton Rouge Zoo for its tigers. However, according to L.D.W.F. only the following organizations are exempt from their rules. "Zoo's, Research Facilities, Circuses, Louisiana colleges or universities".

These exclusions exclude and discriminate against Tony the Tiger and his (private) owner.

Tony's welfare is not in danger, he is not abused or unhealthy and does not need "rescued" in fact; his enclosure is approx 3-4 times larger than most captive tigers and about twice the size of a suburban home and despite the fact that Tony is healthy and will be 14 in June; he and his owner Michael Sandlin have been under legal attack by a conglomeration of Animal Rights groups for years who feel it is acceptable for only them to own Big Cats.

20. Stop animal cruelty in Bali Indonesia!

Illegally imported animals in Gilimanuk, Bali were caught and being killed because they don't have legal documents. Many of them are dog, cat, pets meant to be sold at pet shop.

News can be found here:

21. Stop backyard breeders

I have recently lost my puppy due to the mis treatment he received, the man who sold him to me has been breeding and selling sick puppies for years and is still getting away with it to this date, I know of numerous people who have had issues with him and many other breeders like him and the RSPCA can't do anything about these dodgy breeders who aren't caring for the puppies properly because the laws aren't strong enough!

The world would be a better place if we all knew that we could rely on the law to ensure that our puppies are well bred and cared for! we need to stand up for the puppies who can't stand up for themselves!

22. Raise the maximum sentence of Animal Cruelty to 5 years in prison

Currently the maximum sentence for animal cruelty ps 1 year on Prison. Recently on the media we are seeing more cases of extreme animal abuse and the offenders are only getting away with community service etc.

This is appalling that our justice system is allowing for animal abuses to get away with such atrocities and the only way to deter others from doing the same is to raise the maximum sentence so the offenders receive the punishment deserved.

23. Stop Animal Cruelty on Produce and Dairy Farms

The cruelty of farm animals raised to be slaughtered not only threatens the animals, it could threaten us. The way these animals are treated could pose a health risk to the people who eat the produce.

Buying, cooking and eating produce is something that everyone does. Eggs, poultry, beef, pork, and even milk and seafood. But what the public doesn't know about what happens to our food? Is the cruelty and and assault that happens to all the animals raised at most farms. Their throats slit while they are still alive, thrown into grinders the first few moments of their lives, and constantly abused by staff at these farms. Being beaten is normal to any animal that survives, and is considered acceptable to most produce and dairy farms. This must stop. Though accepted by some farm owners, it is abuse and should be illegal.

24. Stop Horse Slaughter And Make It An Illegal Act Against Animal Rights

Please watch this video and think about what these poor animals are going through.

It takes two seconds to sign this petition but it could help save millions of horses world wide!


Breed-specific legislation is a law passed by a legislative body pertaining to a specific breed or breeds of domesticated animals. In practice, it generally refers to laws pertaining to a specific dog breed or breeds.

Some jurisdictions have enacted breed-specific legislation in response to a number of well-publicized incidents involving pit bull-type dogs or other dog breeds commonly used in dog fighting, and some government organizations such as the United States Army[1] and Marine Corps[2] have taken administrative action as well. This legislation ranges from outright bans on the possession of these dogs, to restrictions and conditions on ownership, and often establishes a legal presumption that these dogs are prima facie legally "dangerous" or "vicious." In response, some state-level governments in the United States have prohibited or restricted the ability of municipal governments within those states to enact breed-specific legislation.[3]

It is generally settled in case law that jurisdictions in the United States and Canada have the right to enact breed-specific legislation; however, the appropriateness and effectiveness of breed-specific legislation in preventing dog bite fatalities and injuries is disputed.[4] One point of view is that certain dog breeds are a public safety issue that merits actions such as banning ownership, mandatory spay/neuter for all dogs of these breeds, mandatory microchip implants and liability insurance, or prohibiting people convicted of a felony from owning them.[5][6] Another point of view is that comprehensive "dog bite" legislation, coupled with better consumer education and legally mandating responsible pet keeping practices, is a better solution than breed-specific legislation to the problem of dangerous dogs.[7][8]

A third point of view is that breed-specific legislation should not ban breeds entirely, but should strictly regulate the conditions under which specific breeds could be owned, e.g., forbidding certain classes of individuals from owning them, specifying public areas in which they would be prohibited, and establishing conditions, such as requiring a dog to wear a muzzle, for taking dogs from specific breeds into public places.[9] Finally, some governments, such as that of Australia, have forbidden the import of specific breeds and are requiring the spay/neuter of all existing dogs of these breeds in an attempt to eliminate the population slowly through natural attrition.

The pit bull is a breed of dog with a connotation that has been skewed by misrepresentation of evidence and flat out lies. The pit bull has no inherent dangerous characteristics and banning it would make no progress in safety.

First, let's set aside some rumors about pitbulls that make pitbulls seem inherently dangerous.

Pit bulls do not have the strongest jaws of all dog breeds. In fact, out of a study that included a pit bull, a Rottweiler, and a German Shepherd, the pit bull had the weakest jaw. Also, the average domestic dog has a jaw that can force 320 psi of pressure. In this same study the pit bull maxed out at only 235 psi.

Pitbulls do not have locking jaws. The jaws of pit bulls have absolutely no unique locking mechanism and function entirely the same as every other dog breed.

Another myth is that pit bulls attack more than any other breed and that makes them dangerous. I offer the following responses:

First of all, pit bulls are one of the most popular breeds, so it makes sense that the frequency of attacks would correlate in such a manner.

Secondly, pitbulls do not inherently attack more than any other breed. Pit bulls may attack often, but this may just be because they are trained to do so. People buy pit bulls because they want tough dogs that can attack and be violent, so the dogs are trained in a manner that promotes this. However, this quality is not inherent. If pit bulls were banned, dog owners who wanted dogs that could fight would just train another dog breed such as german shepherds to do the same thing. Therefore, banning pit bulls would make no progress. We have to see that pit bulls are not inherently dangerous; they have a connotation of being dangerous so more people who want dangerous dogs train them to be this way. Experts agree that with proper training pit bulls are just as safe as any other dog breed.

Thirdly, just because pit bulls attack more than any other dog doesn't mean that they attack a lot or a dangerous amount of the time. Let's say that the chances of winning the lottery are 1 in 1 billion, and someone buys 5 tickets. They are 5 times more likely to win the lottery than someone who bought only 1 ticket, but are they likely to win the lottery? Their chances are still 5 in 1 billion, or almost nothing. This applies the same way to pit bulls. Even if it was determined that pit bulls were 5 times more likely to attack than any other dogs, that could mean that 5 out of 1 million pit bulls will attack in their lifetime instead of 1 out of 1 million. The point is the evidence that shows pit bulls are more likely to attack than other dogs is misinterpreted to mean that they are likely to attack.

So as we can see, even if pit bulls are more dangerous in today's society, they are not inherently dangerous. They are dangerous because they are purposefully trained as a breed to be dangerous. If pit bulls were banned, another dog breed would be trained to be just as dangerous and no progress in safety would be made. We must as a society stop blaming the dog and start blaming the owner.

26. Stop the Peru cat eating festival in September

Sept. 21st is the festival of killing and eating cats. Extremely barbaric.

For details see:

27. Stop SKINNING animals ALIVE

The purpose of this petition (without getting into a fur debate) is solely to prevent the skinning of live animals. China has recently come under fire but this is not acceptable in any country under ANY circumstances.

I am a so called ordinary person who saw a video from PETA on Facebook. My name is Alexandra Fainlight. I have written to the relevant departments and now I'm looking for support from YOU.

The video is very distressing and undoubtedly genuine.

Some practices we can't stop but I am of the belief that there is no benefit whatsoever to skinning an animal whilst it is ALIVE.

Please show your disgust. This is happening legally and unless action is taken it will continue to do so. Please take action and sign this petition.

28. Support Compassionate Education

I was just doing good on the Internet (signing petitions, using Goodsearch, etc) when I had a brilliant idea; a new school subject that would be about teaching kids and, possibly, other youngsters as well about helping others.

I have decided to refer to it as "Compassionate Education" or "C.E" and I would like it to include lessons about the following;

1. Animals and being kind to them and how and why we should all help to fight animal cruelty.

2. Poverty and how and why we should help solve it and help ensure that as many poor people as possible have access to enough good water, good food, good education, etc.

3. The environment and why and how we should all work to protect and care for Earth.

4. Prejudice and bullying and why we should all work to help stop (or at least reduce) these things.

5. Genocide and other human rights abuses and why and how we should all work to help prevent this sort of thing from happening and fight against any human rights abuses that may be going on in the world at any one time.

6. Illnesses, such as cancer, and how and why we should all help to prevent them, without the use of animal testing.

Education helped beat bull-baiting. Education helped ban slavery, and education WILL help us to beat other things such as poverty, animal cruelty, human rights abuses, the damage that humans are doing to the planet and serious illnesses.

29. Stop the Stealing of Dogs for Dog Fighting

I am growing very concerned at the rise in missing dogs in the Gold Coast.

98% of them being Staffys. A couple took a Staffy in broad daylight, took off her collar and left it on the road. I started reading about the dog fighting rings and what to do to prevent this. Letting people know that they are scouting out neighbourhoods by ribbon on the fence or chalk on the driveway could be a good start. Or if a particular area is targeted letting people know so they can take reasonable measures to protect their dogs.

I wanted to point out that I was never even aware this was going on in Australia. To think that someone could come into YOUR yard and take YOUR dogs whom You have loved, and raised and cuddled... And subject them to a dog fight where they could get torn open and bitten by a dog that has been taught and trained to fight to the death makes me sick to the pit of my stomach, to know that someone will do this for their own sickening agenda and financial gain. I am upset, then I think about it and I get angry and my blood starts boiling.

I want to know why is no one talking about this, how many more beloved pets have to meet an excruciating and meaningless death for someone to take notice.
Why isn't there a database or hotline to report missing dogs, surely if this existed and suddenly 5 dogs go missing from an area in a day or in a short space of time that something is going on, you could send a patrol car or let the media know that area has been targeted.

I also am asking the question, what happens to all the dogs that get killed in these fights?.. I read if a dog loses a fight they get shot if they don't die in agony from their injuries first. Are they dumping them on the road and people assuming that it simply got hit by a car? They don't do autopsies on dogs so its very plausible this is happening. Is this even being tracked?

Missing staffies started In Beenleigh, then Pimpima, then Ormeau then Coomera, with 4 stolen over the past week!

Something has to be done and these Monsters have to know this is Not ok and the community of the Gold Coast is going to do something about it. I want to help in any way I can and I am sure all the other dog owners out there would too in order to protect their babies. To stand by and let this happen is a complete injustice.

PETA the organisation against cruelty to animals offered a reward for information leading to taking down a local dog ring in Sydney. Now I know there is no honour among thieves so maybe we could beat them at their own game and do something similar here.

Please sign this petition and let's stand together as a community to let these monsters know that we will not stand for this and as a community we will stand up and fight for the rights of these dogs who cannot speak for themselves and don't have any choice in what fate they meet.

30. Please Stop Burning Stray Animals

Many countries across the globe, the USA and the UK included*, have taken to killing stray animals to try and control the population, but Ukraine is BURNING these poor animals ALIVE. Yes, that's right, they are being taken from the streets, where they may well have dumped and abused and/or simply neglected by people, only to be burned alive.

Burning is an incredibly cruel way of killing an animal. The fire burns like acid against their bodies. They feel their skin get burned through and they may even see their own bones as well as other inside parts. They may even be forced to breath in smoke as they die slowly and in agony, polluting their lungs and making them choke and gasp for air.

This is totally unnecessary. Stray animals are not normally aggressive. In fact, you are more likely to get attacked by a dog that has a home and has been trained/or socialised incorrectly than by a healthy, sane stray dog or cat. If you still think that all strays are evil pests, I urge you to go and have a look around your local animal shelter. If you don't think you are brave enough, just remember that, even if there are aggressive/defensive animals there, they will be in pens so they will not be able to get out and attack you or anyone else.

After you have visited the shelter and seen how lovely some of the dogs and cats are, just think about the fact that at least 1/2 or even 3/4 of them may have been strays at one point. Also, try thinking about this fact; many stray animals have been adopted by loving families and have settled in and become very loyal, loving and affectionate companions, not to mention the fact that there have even been alleged cases of babies being cared for by stray dogs...

Stray animal populations can be controlled by adoption, by making them live happy, healthy and safe lives in rescues such as the Dogs Trust for the rest of their lives and by "capture-spay/neuter-and-release" programmes. They can also be deterred by guns being fired to scare them, guard dogs and they can be kept out of certain areas by the use of strong, high fencing that is put beneath the ground as well.