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31. Stop Rhino Poaching

Rhino poaching in South Africa is a very serious issue, as of the 3rd of November 2011 341 rhinos have been killed so far this year outstripping last year’s total of 333 and it’s not even the end of the year.

Rhino poachers in SA are even targeting dehorned rhinos for two reasons, firstly there is still a substantial piece of horn below the surface of the skin and secondly by killing the rhino it increases the price of rhino horn as it becomes a more valuable commodity. It is for this second reason that many poachers are also killing baby rhinos which have little or no horn at all. Fewer rhinos equals more money per kilogram of rhino horn.

Rhino horn is widely used in Chinese culture as it is believed it can cure a wide variety of ailments varying from boils to cancer and even devil possession. It has no medicinal value it is compressed hair or kerratin the same as you would find in your finger nails.

In middle east culture rhino horn is a status symbol if you have one as a sheath for your dagger. Needless to say many other materials could be used.

Your signature is massively appreciated.


32. AFRICOM off African soil

AFRICOM is a military entity that is encircling Africa. It is the cutting edge of the imperialist war machine that brings drones and other military hardware that kills african and destabilises the region.

AFRICOM threatens the peace and stability in Africa and drives a colonial agenda that is destructive and exploitative. Africa, in order to develop itself in peace, needs all war machines off its soil so as it has a sovereign integrity and political independence.

There will never be peace in Africa as long as AFRICOM is on its soil.

33. Support UNICEF and help save lives!

The United Nations Children's Fund - UNICEF - works for children's rights, their survival, development and protection. The organization provides long-term humanitarian and developmental assistance to children and mothers in over 150 countries and territories.

UNICEF Inspired Gifts is an innovative program that gives you the opportunity to purchase actual life-saving items that will be shipped directly to one of over 150 countries where UNICEF serves. While other organizations allow supporters to purchase "symbolic" gifts, Inspired Gifts are actual items like warm blankets, vaccines, mosquito nets, water wells, therapeutic milk, even School-in-a-Box kits. In a world where everyday 25,000 children die from preventable causes, Inspired Gifts can make an immediate and dramatic difference in the life of a child threatened by malnutrition, disease, unclean water, lack of shelter, basic immunizations and basic medicines.

Examples of Inspired Gifts:

$18.80 Multiple Micronutrient Powder (604 packets)
$20.60 Tetanus Toxoid (TT) Vaccine (412 doses)
$27.00 Anti Malarial Drugs (treatment for 30 children)
$28.30 Measles Vaccine (101 doses)
$31.04 Polio Vaccine (treatment for 53 children)
$35.80 Deworming Tablets (treatment for 994 children)
$69.00 10,000 Water Purification Tablets (4-5 liters for each tablet)
$79.81 Oral Rehydration Salts (1,000 packets)

34. Slave Raparation Petition

Reparation refers to the need to repair the damage done to Africans and people of African descent by the slave trade, colonization and neo-colonization so that they could compete more effectively in the global context, reverse the prolonged history of underdevelopment and rejoin the train of development in the world.

This definition clearly identifies two categories of victims who can claim reparation or compensation: Africans and African Americans. It also identifies the harm suffered or committed during three periods: the Maafa a Kiswahili term for the transatlantic slave trade of Africans (16th – 19th centuries); colonization, i.e. exploitation and the political, cultural and economic domination of Africa by Western Europe (19th – 20th centuries) and neocolonization; the surreptitious economic and cultural domination of the former African colonies. As we can very well realize, this subject is so emotionally charged that we question ourselves how we can rationally and objectively deal with it.

However, like other research work that has been done on slavery and its effects on Africans and African Americans in contemporary society, it is possible to show, as Daniel Payot writes at the opening of the conference Esclavage et servitude d’hier et d’aujourd’hui that “science can very well accept the questioning of the facts it deals with, and that in these domains, scientific rigoaur, without becoming confused with them, can very well go alongside emotion, revolt, the concern of justice and the desire to restore the dignity of those who were victims.

35. Help Fight Fistula

Fistula is a condition affects over 2 million women and girls across Africa and results in loss of dignity, self worth and productivity for most of them.

The devastating medical and social repercussions of VVF are real and life threatening.

Women afflicted by VVF are shunned and generally treated as outcasts.

The condition is, in most cases, solved by a simple surgical procedure, costing less than $250.

Your contribution will go a long way to make a difference in the lives of countless African Mothers.

36. Stop LGBT oppression in Africa

We demand Equal rights for everyone, whomever they love!

Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that " All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights”.

37. Protect the Cotton-4

Fair trade is a trading partnership that provides sustainable development for poor producers and workers. The concept has been developed as response to current trade rules, which have not delivered for the overwhelming majority of small and vulnerable producers and poor workers in developing countries. We are writing to you today in honour of World Fair Trade Day, run by the WFTO.

Cotton is the most used natural fibre in the world and should be the ‘white gold’ that propels ten million West African farmers out of poverty. But the West African cotton industry is obstructed by a wall of subsidies paid by the United States and European Union to their farmers. Combined, the US and EU have spent $32bn on their cotton farmers over the past nine years. The result is to dampen down cotton prices for West African farmers, with devastating effects.

With an average GDP per capita of $637, and among the least developed countries on earth, Benin, Burkina Faso, Chad and Mali (the Cotton-4) rely on cotton more than any other commodity for their export revenues. These countries also produce cotton more cheaply than anywhere else – a competitive advantage that logically should place them in a prime position to benefit from the world’s ever increasing desire for cotton products.

In 2003 the Cotton-4 brought this issue to the negotiating table at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) but have yet to secure a settlement. The Great Cotton Stitch-Up, a campaign spearheaded by the Fairtrade Foundation, explains that breaking through the wall of cotton subsidies hinges on reform of the European Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and the US Farm Bill – both of which are under review over the next two years.

38. Save the Africa Centre

This petition is hosted by the 'Save the Africa Centre' Campaign. It has been relaunched due to popular demand amongst the Diaspora to put their names to this call for public consultation on the proposed sale of 38 King Street.

The ‘Save the Africa Centre’ campaign has re-opened this petition to allow those that missed the opportunity to sign up to the first petition - which secured over 500 signatures within 5 days of opening - a chance to formally include their names and share their contact details with us. Through this we can also ensure that supporters will be updated on developments going forward.

If you have signed the previous petition, please do not sign again - we have your signatures, and thank you for your support.

To find out more about the Save the Africa Centre Campaign - please visit:

39. End the selfish attack on Libya

The endless rule and dictatorship by Gaddaffi cannot be
condoned; on the other hand the bogus intervention by
the UN in trying to protect civilians its a joke. South Africa
has voted for the proposal of the no fly zone; but in all
earnest whos fooling who. Civilians will be in harms way
more now. America has started wars in many countries
have they accounted nope and this is a result of the fact
that they are not signatories to the ICC. so they do as they
please steal as they want.

40. Make Poverty History

I want to make poverty history in Africa, in fact I want to make poverty history all over the world, but it takes one step at a time.

Did you know that:

* 315 million people – one in two of people in Sub Saharan Africa survive on less than one dollar per day;

* 184 million people – 33% of the African population – suffer from malnutrition;

* During the 1990s the average income per capita decreased in 20 African countries;

* Less than 50% of Africa’s population has access to hospitals or doctors;

* In 2000, 300 million Africans did not have access to safe water;

* The average life expectancy in Africa is 41 years;

* Only 57% of African children are enrolled in primary education, and only one of three children complete school;

* One in six children die before the age of 5. This number is 25 times higher in sub-Saharan Africa than in the OECD countries;

* Children account for half of all civilian casualties in wars in Africa;

* The African continent lost more than 5,3 million hectares of forest during the decade of the 1990s;

* Less than one person out of five has electricity.

Out of 1.000 inhabitants 15 have a telephone line, and 7,8 out of 1.000 people surf on Internet.

(Thank you FOOD4AFRICA for those statistics.)

It's unfair and unjust for all this to go on and us, in class 1 countries to do nothing about it.

41. I support the Nigerian Youth Manifesto Project

The Nigerian youth manifesto project is a youth mobilization and advocacy initiative that ultimately aims at establishing a structured framework of engagement with political leaders and other stakeholders, to address the socio-economic and political needs of young people. As the election approaches, different sectors are demanding
more space and visibility, while advocating for policy issues that represent their interests.

The NYM highlights four critical issues (Education, Employment, Youth Participation, Corruption & good governance) and it outlines the current facts and the demands of young people on each of these issues which are fundamental to the well-being of young people in Nigeria.

Furthermore, the NYM is a blue print that articulates the plan of action for a new generation of young Nigerians to engage government at all levels and other key stakeholders.

42. Pour Le Respect Des Institutions Ivoiriennes Et La Souveraineté De La Cote D'ivoire

La Côte d'Ivoire est un pays souverain. Sa Constitution est le texte suprême régit son fonctionnement comme pour tout pays. les institutions d'un pays sont les garants de cette loi fondamentales. Les renier revient a renier le fait même d'exister en tant que nation!

Ivory Coast is a sovereign country. His Constitution is the supreme text governs its functioning as for any country.

43. Suport a New National Constititutional in Tanzania

The time has come for Tanzanians to demand a new National Constitutional that will be able to accommodate the current demands. The available constitutional is definitely outdated that can not fit into the prevailing socio-economic changes in the country.

We all know that a constitution is the set of laws that a set of people have made and agreed upon for the government that enumerates and limits the powers and functions of a political body. The constitutional is simply regulations and orders. To enhance the democracy and justice to the civil society the new and fresh constitution which can accommodate the current society’s needs is inevitable.

Many things have changed in comparison when it was single party system almost thirty years ago. During Multiparty systems a lot of dynamics have come out that uncontrolled continue pushing the demand of the new constitution. The current Tanzanian National Constitution does not give chance people to practice the real democracy, transparency, accountability, responsiveness and good governance.

44. Ban the circumcision of over 200 girls

In spite of laws against mutilation of females, this ill-treatment continues in many parts of Africa. Different organizations working against the practice, stress the need of thorough information on the damage this tradition generates on women. Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), also known as female circumcision, or female genital cutting, has been practiced for several thousand years in almost 30 African and Middle Eastern nations. It is also practiced, to a lesser extent, in parts of Asia. FGM is practiced by Muslims, Christians, Jews and followers of traditional African religions.

Last December the Ugandan parliament passed a law banning female circumcision. President Yoweri Museveni signed it into a law on March 17, 2010 and it took effect on April 9, 2010. Rooted in the Ugandan culture, the Kaptchorwa people do this in the name of sexual satisfaction for the men and preventing women from dishonest sexual acts yet it is to control women's sexuality in society. It is also a violation of the human rights of girls and women.

This community as many others in the country still do not acknowledge that the practice is wrong. Rather than fearing the loss of culture and the disintegration of tradition, society must consider the health of these girls who, while being held in place, would have a most sensitive part of her body cut without a say and without the possibility of ever reversing the damage done.

From a medical standpoint, cutting any healthy part of a body is never the right thing to do. While a cancer could be cut to save the life of a child, there is absolutely no reason to cut a perfectly healthy part of the body just because tradition says so. In addition female genital mutilation has many other health implications, such as failure to heal; abscess formation; cysts; excessive growth of scar tissue; urinary tract infection; painful sexual intercourse; increased susceptibility to HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and other blood-borne diseases; reproductive tract infection; pelvic inflammatory diseases; infertility; painful menstruation; chronic urinary tract obstruction/ bladder stones; urinary incontinence; obstructed labour; increased risk of bleeding and infection during childbirth.

This is a right to health and I think it is very important that as Africans we start thinking about the rights of our people as individuals and as human beings. Female circumcision is a complex issue about gender, belief and power.

Ultimately, the law is a very important tool and I suppose it was endorsed in the interest of public health. It is also a form of empowerment for those who are less powerful in society. These people including women and young girls who are about to be circumcised I strongly believe many of them would rather not be circumcised. There are also families who would rather not circumcise their children, but social pressures dictate the practice. LET THE LAW GIVE THOSE PEOPLE POWER THEY WOULD NOT OTHERWISE HAVE.

45. Stop standby duties

From 2008 meetings that we had with Piet Swanepoel, we discus matters that made the men negative in the workplace and it was explain to us why and how. But certain matters where not solved, such as standby allowances. Piet Swanepoel told as then that he would look into it, so there was three meeting held after that till the end of 2010. Now they are telling us that they will discus it on the salary negotiations in 2011.

46. Biometric Voting in Ghana NOW

We, the citzens and the friends of Ghana in Germany strongly demand from Internationals organisations, United Nations, Governments NGOs, political parties to appeal the government of Ghana to adopt BIOMETRIC Voting in 2012..


47. Joint Call to Action to Stop Rapes in the DRC

Last year the African Union declared this decade, 2010-2020 as the African Women’s Decade.

Between July 30th and August 4th nearly 500 women were raped in and around the village of Luvungi in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo in a campaign of ongoing terror waged by armed groups who use rape as a weapon of war. To date, armed groups and soldiers from the Congolese armed forces have raped over 200,000 women.

48. Stop the killing of Gum trees!

These trees are very old, important pieces of the ecosystem in the diermsfontien area. They provide the homes for hundreds of animals. From eagles to snakes, they all depend on these Gum trees for life and if they are chopped down these animals will die.

We need to conserve this area before it’s too late, so please help us, and help these animals. This ecosystem deserves to live and with your help it can.

49. Non, Non et Non a un Deuxieme Mbeubeuss a Malika!

Depuis 1968 l'Etat du Senegal a petit a petit commence a faire de Mbeubeuss, un ancien lac asseche se trouvant dans la commune d'arrondissement de Malika une decharge des ordures de toute la region de Dakar. Et Pourtant, rien ne predistinait Mbeubeuss qui fut jadis un bel espace touristique au bord de la mer a un depotoir d'ordures.
Ainsi au fil des ans, ces tas d'ordures sont devenus des monticules d'ordures ensuite des monts pour enfin devenir ce fameux Mbeubeuss aux montagnes d'ordures.

Ce meme etat du Senegal qui a trouve que ce n'est pas suffisant comme injustice infligee a la population Malikoise veut recommencer le meme scenario mais cette fois ci au Lac Wouy, sans compter les ravages ecologiques , les degats sur l'environnement , sur la sante de toute la population que leur projet de deverser toutes les eaux stagnantes des 54 quartiers de la banlieue au Lac Wouy peut causer. Ce bel espace naturel,vert avec une splendide vue peut beneficier non seulement a Malika mais a toute la banlieue si exploite a sa juste valeur .

50. Ask Secretary of State Hillary Clinton To Demand Gay Rights in Africa as Prerequisite For U.S.A.I.D.S.

The U.S. Government provides assistance to 47 countries in Africa and spends billions upon billions to support the overall goal of transformational diplomacy "to help build sustained and well-governed states that respond to the needs of their people".

If you go to page 8 on the Department of State and U.S.A.I.D.S. High Priority Performance you will find that "Democracy, Governance, and Human Rights" is one of their top goals. I believe that Gay Rights are Human Rights. How can we spend all that money in countries that don't recognize that simple truth?

A great percent of these children we are trying to feed, educate and protect will grow in an environment that compares them to dogs and pigs. And how about the men and women that are sentenced to jail time and hard labor for consenting sexual relations with someone of the same sex?

51. Support the Kahama Donkeys

Hi, My name is Yohana JS Kashililah the Chairman of Tanzania Animals Protection Organization {TAPO}, the non profit organization dedicated for the protecting the welfare of all Animals in the country of Tanzania, East Africa.

We are looking for possible assistance to support us to hep poor suffering donkeys at Kahama District, Shinyanga Region, who have neck injuries and wounds caused by working by pulling oxen yoke cart fitted on their neck without any harnessing materials, and beating from handlers.

Just go

I will be able to send more information for your review.

Wait to hear from you soon.

52. Immediate and unconditional withdrawal of the Ethiopian troops from Buuhodle and other parts of Somalia

May 21, 2010 Ethiopian troops engaged in slaying innocent civilians, unlawful arrests, and massive looting of privately owned properties in Buuhodle, a peaceful northern Somali city.

Until this day, Ethiopian troops are surrounding the city and the local women, children, and elderly civilians are not allowed back in.

This massacre has caused displacement of civilians with no food, water, shelter, and other basic needs.

The international community, the TFG and Somali regional administration are not doing anything to help them. They remain very silent about this incident.

53. Develop Kericho Town

Kericho District (Kenya) holds one of the Country's crucial economic commodity-tea (it being the number one agricultural export and a very important contributor to the GDP).

Despite this blessing, the town that boasts its name is a far cry from the status it holds. The town is not well planned and maintained and despite recent improvements it still has a long way to go. Simple things that a local authority should maintain such as street lighting and marking of roads are surprisingly non-existent or otherwise broken down. The town receives its fair share of rate taxes and money from the Local Authority Ministry but one is forced to wonder at the use of the money it receives.

We need at least 1000 signatures from residents who have had enough of this lack of commitment on the Part of the Municipal council and urge them to live up to their expected mandates. Please add your name and other details provided in the petition form and let's urge them to work - although that's what they are required to do.

54. Somali Community needs help for utilities to be paid at a Somali store

I requested a local Central repository or drop off Utility for my store that is located at 7917 Rainier Ave, So. Seattle, WA 98118. As we observed Somali Community need for help of their utilities to be paid at Somali store. At the same time as I demanded the Central Repository I have been sent to a local central Drop off utility to approve my request.

Mean while, as usual they turn me down and told me that they have Somali interpreters and I know it is not the case. In that case, everybody who is making that business would never approve the competition.

55. Give Every Disabled Child The Right To An Education

Are you Ready, Willing & Able to give every child the right to an education?

There are around 50 million disabled children in Africa and the reality is that around 90% of these children are being denied this right – the right to an education

And the UN has committed to give every child a right to a primary education by 2015 and both David Cameron and Nick Clegg have given their support to this goal in principle

What isn’t clear, is what action the UK government is going to take to ensure that disabled children are included in this goal by the UN target date of 2015

We are calling on the new UK government to confirm its commitment to ensuring that every disabled child in the world can get a primary education by 2015

We are also calling on the government to publish a step-by-step guide to the actions it is committing to take to tackle this issue over the next five years

Our concern is that the world isn’t really Ready, Willing & Able to give every disabled child a right to an education by 2015?

We say the world isn’t yet READY to give every disabled child a right to an education, because we don’t even know how many disabled children there are in the world or the real percentage of those, not in school who are disabled

We say the world isn’t yet WILLING to give to give every disabled child a right to an education as there is a clear lack of both policy commitments and practice on the need to include disabled children in all education initiatives

We say the world isn’t yet ABLE to give to give every disabled child a right to an education because we don’t even know how much it will cost to overcome the barriers to accessibility that disabled children face – and there is a lack of international commitment to address the attitudinal and environmental barriers that prevent us from giving disabled child a right to an education

And if you are Ready, Willing & Able to take action today and give every disabled child a right to an education there are four things you can do today to help us help millions of disabled children in Africa:

1. Sign the petition below

2. Join our Ready, Willing & Able campaign by emailing

3. Tell your friends about the campaign and ask them to join today

4. Support our work by making a donation to AbleChildAfrica today by visiting and clicking on the donate button

Thank you for being Ready, Willing & Able to help some of Africa’s 50 million disabled children to get the best possible start in life

56. We Say No To Telephony Companies' Sub-Standard Service

We the mobile telephone consumers of Ghana have embarked on a demonstration to protest the sub-standard services being offered by the mobile telephony companies in Ghana. This demonstration has become necessary because these companies have turned deaf ears to numerous complaints from individual consumers and the collective voices through the Consumer Protection Agency (CPA).

The time has now come for consumers to demonstrate and send a clear signal to the mobile companies that Ghanaians will no longer tolerate the shoddy services by these companies. By this petition we are inviting the Government through the Ministry of Communications and and the National Communications Authority to swiftly intervene to ensure that the following cocktail of consumer complaints are addressed without further delay;

1. GHANAIANS DEMAND PORTABILITY NOW BUY NOT IN 2 YEARS AS ANNOUNCED A FEW MONTHS AGO (right to switch between networks & still keep our numbers)






57. Let's save the Lake Tanganyinka, Africa's greatest Lake

English follows
Cette pétition née d'une prise de conscience qui nous est venue suite à la lecture d'un article nous alertant que la température du plus grand Lac de l'Afrique, le lac TANGANYINKA qui est le deuxième plus important Lac du monde par son volume, évoluait d'une manière anormale qui met en cause la survie du Lac et des espèces qui y vivent. Cela démontre les effets néfastes du changement climatique sur notre écosystème. Cette pétition a pour but de sauver ce grand patrimoine africain, de replacer l'écologie au coeur des politiques de développement des nos États, d'inviter les puissances industrialisées à traduire leur promesses de réduction des gaz à effets de serres et de protection des zones vulnérables de la planète.

This petition was born of a realization that came to us after reading an article alerting us that the temperature of the greatest lake in Africa, Lake Tanganyinka which is the second largest lake in the world by his volume, was evolving in an abnormal manner which endangers the survival of lake and species that live there. This demonstrates the adverse effects of climate change on our ecosystem. This petition aims to save this great heritage of Africa, to put ecology at the heart of development policies of our States, to urge industrialised country to translate their promises to curb greenhouse gas effects and protection of vulnerable areas of the planet.

58. Stop the Black Market Sales of AIDS Medicine

To U.S. Congress, the Attorney General in each state as well as the United States Attorney General Office

On May 9th, 2010 The New York Times published an article titled Front Lines, AIDS War Is Falling Apart.

WHEREAS, one of the reasons the war on AIDS is falling apart is because of corruption within the Federal Government and the Black Market over Inflated Sales of AIDS and HIV Drugs In Africa and around the world. On Dec 1, 2009 an email was leaked that was sent from Africa by which CPF stated

"there is a major black market scam being worked on the $30 million a year in HIV AIDS drugs we finance... I could easily name the in-house folks but my lips are sealed."

CPF is an Administrative Employee of United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Presidential Emergency Plan for Aids Relief (PEPFAR).

Thousands of people are losing their lives every month because of the Black Market Sales of HIV/AIDS drugs which make the drugs unaffordable and sometimes the Black Market Retailers thin out the medicine with water and other chemicals and cause it to become toxic.

WHEREAS, Samuel A. Weems, who was elected as one of the one hundred delegates to rewrite the Arkansas Constitution and once held the office of prosecuting attorney has written a widely published article condemning CFF's support of violent activities and terrorists. Among his many statements to CPF which he forwarded to numerous politicians and published many places, he said "CPF, by your agency giving $15 million US tax dollars Your action is nothing more than the total support for a regime that is guilty of ethnic cleansing."

THEREFORE, it is concluded that CPF's finances all over the world warrant a full investigation.

FURTHER, the United States government has allowed, and is continuing to allow, CPF to benefit and/or direct the American people's tax money.

THEREFORE, it is up to the American people to exercise their rights and hold CPF accountable for financial irregularities which may or may not lead to CPF
revealing the names of in-house US Federal Government people involved in the Black Market over-Inflated Sales of AIDS and HIV Drugs In Africa.

CONSEQUENTLY, the people of the United States of America declare the following,

TO THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT: Pursuant to the Bill of Rights, Amendment One, we, the people of the United States, declare that we are grieved over the actions of CPF and hereby petition the United States government to take immediate action to cease funding CPF with any taxes from the United States of America in any way, manner of form until CPF's finances receive a full financial investigation. This includes past, current and future finances in the USA, France, Berlin and worldwide.

59. Mau mau petition

To remember all the freedom fighters who fought for our Independence; and fight for the compensation warranted to their widows and offspring who have been victims of the British government and now are denied there rights.

60. Maintain Dr Lewallen as headmaster of the American School of Marrakesh

Parents, students and staff at the American School of Marrakesh, have been more than satisfied with Dr. Lewallen as the headmaster of their school for the year 2009-2010.

We believe that Dr. Lewallen has been able to improve the school as much as was possible this year with his limited powers and school budget.

The Board of the ASM is not considering to renew Dr. Lewallen's contract for the year 2010-2011. Taking into account the numerous merits of Dr. Lewallen's performance this year, we strongly oppose this decision.


Parents, élèves et employés de American School of Marrakech, ont été plus que satisfait du Dr. Lewallen en tant que Directeur de leur école durant l'année 2009-2010.

Nous croyons que le Dr. Lewallen a été capable d'améliorer l'école autant qu'il était possible cette année avec ses pouvoirs et budget limités.

Le Board d'ASM n'a pas l'intention de renouveler le contrat du Dr. Lewallen pour l'année 2010-2011. Prenant en considération les nombreux mérites du travail du Dr. Lewallen cette année, nous nous opposons fermement à cette décision.