Petition Tag - administrative staff suspensions

1. Support the University of Crete

Under the latest austerity measures, the Greek Government has decided to suspend 1349 administrative staff from 8 Universities, including 49 from the University of Crete.

The University provided objective evidence that the staff are already working under severe strain: currently, 360 staff members have to serve two campuses in two towns (Heraklion and Rethymnon), 5 Schools with 17 Departments, 494 Faculty Members, 18756 undergraduate and 1181 Masters students and 1124 Doctoral candidates. Included in the 360 staff members are also lab technicians that support research activities in the UoC, as well as teaching assistants.

Furthermore, the severe consequences on the professional performance of the staff that are threatened with suspension should be considered.

As faculty of the University of Crete, we have tried every possible way to convince the Government to reconsider its decision. One more attempt is to ask you to sign the petition mentioned above, in an effort to rally international support to our cause.

If you agree, please add your name to the petition, mentioning your title and the institution where you are affiliated.

Also, please circulate it among colleagues in your institution.