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121. Support Safe Homes For Abused Children

Our remit is to have 4 Safe Homes available for every child in an abusive family in every town, provided by their local council - so that these children can get out of dangerous and terrifying abuse within one hour of reporting their story.

With dedicated phone lines in every school and nursery, a report by a teacher, childcare assistant, nurse or doctor, or just by a member of the public, will see our doors open immediately (within 1 hour) to help and nurture each and every child back to normality. With 3-4 deaths of babies and young children every single day and so many hospital visits for abuse, our antiquated system needs changing, and Safe Homes Global needs your support, so please sign this petition to change the rules!!!

122. Stop Male Brutality

So much grief in this world is due to male brutality, in all its manifestations, towards animals, children, women, people & populations, and the environment. Something has to be done!

123. We Urge All UK Supermarkets To Insist That Their Meat Production Plants (Slaughterhouses) Install CCTV


In January 2009, Animal Aid, a UK charity, started to film secretly inside Britain's slaughterhouses. They gathered footage from seven red meat establishments all of which were randomly selected and found terrible suffering and many breaches of animal welfare laws in six of them. They recorded animals being improperly stunned and going to the knife whilst still conscious.

The film also revealed animals being kicked, slapped, stamped on, and sheep being picked up by their fleeces and ears and thrown roughly around the slaughtering pen.

In April 2010, Animal Aid filmed inside a slaughterhouse in Essex. The film shows scenes of extreme and deliberate suffering. This included the use of electric tongs on pigs’ snouts, tails and in their open mouths.

It's not just ‘mainstream’ slaughterhouses where serious animal welfare failings were found. In October 2009, Animal Aid secretly filmed at an organic Soil Association-approved abattoir that kills pigs and sheep. Conditions there were so bad that the Meat Hygiene Service immediately suspended three workers and began building a case for a prosecution. At this particular slaughterhouse, they filmed pigs being kicked in the face, sheep being picked up and thrown, and the heads of sheep being cut off before the statutory time had elapsed – meaning that in all probability they were still alive.

Animal Aid filmed at another Soil Association-accredited slaughterhouse, In January and February 2010, this time in Dorset. Their footage revealed more abuses and legal breaches. Once again, the MHS was forced to take action.

124. Human Rights & Mental Health / Capacity - Stop Abuses

I have worked in the general field of mental health for 35 years. As a therapeutic practitioner and as a manager (Psychosocial Therapies). During that time, I have successfully worked with people with serious mental ill health, learning disability, autism, brain damage and dementia.

I have been concerned about the prescriptive treatment of people with these kinds of problems and the tendency to make judgements against their wishes, without adequate sound evidence to support those decisions. Too many assumptions are made that impact upon personal freedom, dignity, informed choice and self-expression.

I have also witnessed many misdiagnoses and very unsound decisions, within Health & Social Care services and in the Law Courts and Child & Family Courts. The health, wellbeing and lives of my clients / families have been seriously affected these poor decisions. Many other cases have been reported to me.

Although I have met increasing numbers of skilful, person centred psychiatrists, therapists and social workers, there is still a tendency for the institutions to rely on outdate, erroneous assumptions about the cause, nature and resolution of these problems. Many practitioner are being constrained by ‘local’ policies & decisions.

My concern is that there are many contraventions of people’s Human Rights every day, on the most spurious interpretation of the use of special powers. It has become evident that the decisions are biased towards social control, rather the therapy. Local Institutions are very risk averse, protecting their position rather than client’s interests.

Most cases I have worked with, where there is psychosis, agitated behaviour and ‘behaviour problems’, there has been clear evidence of childhood & adolescent trauma and abuse. This may be at home, in social care and education institutions. Adults are also distressed in this way by ‘domestic / relationship abuses’.

This can be anything from physical, psychological, emotional and sexual abuse, through ‘culture shock’, to bullying in home, school or work. Although I have been able to demonstrate this in individual cases, aided recovery and have successfully challenged most misdiagnoses, it has been difficult to get general attitudes changed.

I am campaigning for a thorough World Health Organisation review of Psychiatric thinking, theoretical foundations and health and social care practices. The evidence of organic causes are very rare and yet psychiatry largely works of the assumption of ‘mental incompetence’, due to genetic, or organic failings.

The social and clinical treatment have as many negative effects as they have benefits as they do benefits, especially when used indefinitely and on the basis of misdiagnosis and false assumptions.

The influence of psychiatry and forensic psychology, within the Law Courts is very dubious. The ‘expert witnesses’ are often the worst examples of clinical psychiatric practice and the Law is far too reliant upon their unsound assumptions and judgments. There is a very unethical aspect to psychiatric ‘expert witnesses’;

“Who is the patient and what are their rights here?”

125. Public Inquiry into The Gosport War Memorial Hospital

Many patients died needlessly at the Gosport Memorial Hospital and Redclyffe Annex between 1988-2001.

In the last 11 years their families have fought tirelessly for the truth as to why their parents and partners died before their time under the regime of Dr Jane Barton?

Why has no one been held accountable?

There has been:
• 4 police investigations
• An investigation by the Commissioner of Health Improvement
• A death audit conducted by Professor Richard Baker (a report which has yet to be released into the public domain)
• An inquest where the Coroner, Mr. Bradley, withheld vital evidence from the Jury even though they still found Dr Barton guilty of causing deaths
• A GMC hearing, found Dr Jane Barton guilty of professional misconduct to a criminal standard yet she was not struck from the register.
• A review of the GMC’s decision by the CHRE which only came to the same conclusion that as she is now retired it was not necessary to remove her from the register (even though she can still practice if she wishes).
• Three reviews by the CPS who still have not addressed the alleged murders of the victims at the Gosport War Memorial Hospital.

Amid the Quango cover-ups and the amount of evidence still being withheld from the victim’s relatives, there is no hope for them to move on with their lives. It is only right and proper that they should have their answers. With the immense publicity surrounding this scandal for over 10 years, the people of Gosport should hear the truth. . giving closure to the families who continue to fight on.

It is their fundamental right!

126. Establish a Global Domestic Violence Registry Database

Just as sex offenders and child molesters have to register in various states - why shouldn't domestic violence offenders?

There needs to be a global database of ANYone regardless of their sex (male or female), race, religion, etc, who is guilty of committing a domestic violence crime. Ideally as soon as an interim Peace or Protective Order and as late as actual convictions and/or jail time.

All crimes associated with domestic violence should be included. This are - but are not limited to: phone misuse, assault, battery, verbal threats, stalking, etc.

There are entirely too many victims and deaths caused by domestic violence and abuse.

127. International Petition: Ban Crush Videos Globally

Crush videos, among other “fetish videos,” feature small live animals, such as kittens, puppies, mice and bunnies, being slowly tortured in the most horrific ways imaginable; including being burnt alive, cut with pruning sheers, nailed to the floor, skinned alive, beaten, stabbed, and having their limbs broken.

All of these videos share a common theme: the animals are incrementally crushed by a woman in high heels. Most people view these materials for “sexual gratification”, but these videos are becoming increasingly popular just for their shock value alone. The crush fetish can be also linked to “paraphernalia,” which is an atypical sexual arousal to nonhuman objects and humans alike being caused physical distress.

Crush videos are becoming increasingly popular all over the world, and will escalate to epidemic proportions, degrading our society if nothing is done to stop the sadistic killers perpetrating these acts.

It is not hard to find such sites on the Internet with any search engine. Minors can access these materials with a click of a button. Please first, examine the damage it causes both human and nonhuman lives, as well as society, on a global scale.

Freedom of speech has its limits when it places a society in danger, such as the ban on child pornography, as it is obvious violence against children. Films that exploit, torture, and kill animals for entertainment purposes also places society in danger, for it is destructive by inciting violent and antisocial behavior, thereby endangering our citizens. Adults showing their own children these videos can cause emotional damage and lead to severe mental disorders. This is not only child abuse, but is one of the leading factors resulting in those who become serial killers as adults. While there are many factors that contribute to the generation of a serial killer, the one constant they share is animal abuse.

In short, there is nothing socially redeeming about “crush videos” and animal torture videos when used for entertainment and financial purposes. However, relating to educational or for political and sociological purposes, there should be the exception – such as speaking against, or educating the public about the realities of said depictions of cruelty and how they affect a society.

128. Stop illegal use of the Mental Health Act by police & politicians

Lambeth's Police Consultative Group has admitted that Brixton and Lambeth is the highest percentage of 'mentally ill' patients and prisoners in the world.

The IPCC - Independent Police Complaints Commission have also conceded that the issuance of court warrants and the use of the mental health act in terms of complaints against the police is a significant factor.

Under the UN's auspices, they have agreed that this a gross violation of human rights, and have a working group that addresses this issue.

129. Improving the welfare of breeding dogs

Dear Friends,

The puppy mill industry in Singapore is currently not well regulated and enforced. Most of the dogs in these dog farms do not receive proper care and are kept in very appalling and inhumane conditions, including being confined in small cages, some too small for them to even turn around. Many of the dogs live amidst their excrement and are severely malnourished and sickly as they are rarely vaccinated and not given adequate nutrition and healthcare.

We wish to protect these dogs from such cruelty and unnecessary suffering by urging the government and relevant authorities to step up and close the gaps in legislation and enforcement. We seek improved legislation and regulation via implementation of clear and enforceable best practices for the industry as well as effective enforcement of these regulations.

We want to urge the authorities to collaborate with existing animal welfare organisations to review current puppy mill regulations. With your support and signatures, we can win the hearts and mind of the authorities to undertake the necessary and critical steps to close the present loopholes and create a cruelty-free and responsible industry.

Please support this petition by signing it.

To read our petition in full, please visit

To read more stories on puppy farms, please visit

For breeding farm rescues by Dog Mill Rehomers, please visit


For the last 16 years all compassionate citizens of Plovdiv and the world have been appalled by the ongoing, obnoxious practices of animal abuse at the County - owned Animal Shelter for dogs /or otherwise known as "isolator"/ in Plovdiv.

This hell hole of a shelter has a long violent history of animal neglect, torture and killing. Many have witnessed acts of unspeakable cruelty such as dogs being kicked and bludgeoned to death, dogs being strangled, drowned, skinned or burnt alive. On the other hand almost nothing has been done by the Mayor of Plovdiv and its administration, or the Chief Prosecutor, or the Director of the National Veterinary Service, or the Minister of Agriculture, or the Prime Minister, or the President for that matter to punish those responsible or remedy this appalling situation.

The provision of services concerning domestic and stray animals, including dogs, domesticated and feral cats, is governed primarily by the Veterinary Medical Act 1999/2006, the Animal Protection Bill /APB/ 2008 and the European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals.

From the time of the enactment of the Animal Protection Bill, the County has failed and refused to follow the laws. It has been the County’s practice and policy to ignore the mandates of the legislature, as follows:

1. In violation of the Animal Protection Bill art.51 and Veterinary Medical Act art.179 the County has routinely euthanised dogs labeled ‘’aggressive’’ without justification or prior temperament testing.

2. In violation of the Animal Protection Bill art.51 and the Veterinary Medical Act art.179 the County has routinely euthanised dogs labeled ‘’terminally ill’’ arbitrarily and without medical justification.

3. In violation of the Animal Protection Bill art.58 1. the County has established a pattern and practice of failing to cooperate with non-profit animal rescue organizations, by routinely denying such groups access to relevant documentation and ignoring their requests for information.

4. In violation of the Animal Protection Bill art.16(4)(5), art.41(6) and art.44 3, the County has made it a policy and practice to thwart the public’s ability to adopt impounded animals by failing to promote such adoptions in the media or internet, by restricting viewing hours and by denying the public an opportunity to interact with the animals.

5. In violation of the Animal Protection Bill art.45, 1 and 5 and art.46(3) the County has established a practice and policy of euthanising treatable animals, without providing medical care to the animal. Further, the APB art.16 (2) specifically requires "necessary and prompt veterinary medical care" for sick or injured animals, which has not been provided to many or all of the animals brought to the County shelter.

6. In violation of the Animal Protection Bill art.45, 8 the County has established a practice of routinely euthanising animals without the mandatory signature and consent of the ‘’third person’’, appointed representative of NGO.

7. In violation of the Animal Protection Bill art.14(1) 1,2 and (2) the County has failed to offer decent sanitary conditions to impounded animals, which has resulted in staggering death rate.

8. In violation of the Animal Protection Bill the County has failed to provide adequate facilities, instruments and technical equipment in the pound for remedial and diagnostic purposes.

9. In violation of the Animal Protection Bill art.10 (1), (2) 1, and the Veterinary Medical Act art.151, 1, it has been reported that impounded animals are killed with extreme malice and cruelty, highly indicative of the sadistic predisposition of the personnel involved.

10. In violation of the Animal Protection Bill and the Veterinary Medical Act at present the Animal Shelter operates illegally /without a license/ due to a failure to comply with any of the requirements of Regulation 41 concerning animal pounds and shelters.

According to article 43 par. (1) of the Animal Protection Bill, the Mayor must guarantee free access to all members of the public to the municipal dog pound, as well as to secure adequate public control over the facility. The Bill also prohibits in art. 45 par. (8) the euthanasia of aggressive or terminally ill animals without the signature and consent of a “third party”, appointed representative of NGO (animal welfare organisation).

None of these legal requirements have also been met. As a result of several complaints about the horrific practices in the dog pound resulting in animal deaths and suffering, the Mayor of Plovdiv Slavcho Atanasov passed a decree according to which no NGO members or members of the press shall ever again be freely allowed to enter the pound, question staff members, photograph animals, revise documents or observe the daily running of the same. The Mayor also appointed as “third party” one of the cleaners in the pound, which is a conflict of interest and a recipe for corruption.

Furthermore we wrote to the District Attorney, the Chief Prosecutor, the Prime Minister and the President on twelve separate occasions, revealing facts that prove dozens of violations of the Penal Code by the management and staff members of the pound. Sadly enough our complaints have not been heard. Those responsible for enforcing the Law have failed miserably.

131. Support a Named & Shamed List In The Uk

Chris created a group called NORTH EAST & CUMBRIA CONVICTED PAEDOPHILES NAME & SHAMED. he uploaded pictures and useful information about paedophiles, which i think every parent should have the right to know about paedophiles living in their area.

We need to change the laws and it's about time children's voices were heard.

132. We Stand With David Pringle on raising the level of neglect awareness for children

Georgia is besieged by unwritten laws -- more mothers than fathers are granted custody of their children in the United States regardless if neglect is present or not. Children continue to suffer at varying levels that go with it — untreated infections, unsanitary conditions, mental and emotional abuse, and immoral influences. And the Federal government has done NOTHING to stop it.

More single mothers than fathers are in the news for killing their children. Fathers are having custody taken away despite hundreds of documents showing they are the primary caretaker for their children.

133. Change Irish and World Law: More jail time for abusers, more support for victims

In Ireland we as parents are legally not able to view our sex offenders register. We as parents have the right to protect our children.

In the last year at least under 10 pedophiles and rapists have been released into communitys all over Ireland and the residents are not informed.Why is it these animals are getting protected yet their victims are forgotten. Recently 1 rapist/ paedophile in particular was granted an injunction by the high courts to able him to hide his identity from residents.


134. Stop Greyhound Racing in the USA

1) Approximately 30,000 Greyhounds Killed Each Year;

2) Dogs who are said not "fit" for racing are killed;

3) Dogs that can no longer race are killed;

4) Even dogs who race are kept in cages;

5) Usually 100s of dogs are kept in small cages;

6) Conditions for these dogs are not sanitary or healthy;

7) many dogs die of starvation;

8)these dogs can easily be saved if they are adopted.

135. Move Clergy Abuse Survivor, Kim Michele Richardson, and Other Survivors to the Vatican

On Easter, 2010, clergy abuse survivor, Kim Michele Richardson, wrote an open and heartwrenching letter to the pope and the Church's hierarchy. To date, not one Roman Catholic clergy has stepped forward to offer an apology/accountability to Ms. Richardson. Her letter:

"Dear Pope Benedict XVI:

I was deeply troubled when I read you were ‘weary and sad’. I, too, am weary and sad. Let me explain. I’ve been answering calls, letters and emails from countless victims of child clergy abuse for over a year now – calls, letters and emails you should be answering. So I thought I would send a polite reminder: apologies and accountability are due.
I am a survivor of clergy abuse. Abandoned to a Catholic orphanage as an infant, for nearly a decade I was exposed to unspeakable abuses by Catholic nuns and a Catholic priest. It was only in the last year that these horrific abuses were publicly exposed after I was finally able to write about the long nightmare inflicted by those who hid behind His cloak to mask their evil deeds -- deeds the Roman Catholic Church concealed while enabling decades of child abuse by predator clergy.

I wanted to forgive them and I did; however, I wonder and I am often asked: how can you offer forgiveness to those who hide behind their righteousness, behind ill-conceived surety of their place in heaven and on earth, those who have not asked for forgiveness because they do not think they need forgiveness?
Along with tens of thousands of victims globally, I am still waiting. We are waiting for an apology and an admission of accountability from you and the Church’s hierarchy.

We've waited, sometimes for decades. People like the CEO, also a former orphan and victim of clergy abuse who has to lock himself in his office because he’s having a ‘bad day’. His ‘bad days’ happen when the memories of physical and sexual abuse become too strong for him to function as a regular working adult. He writes to me hoping I can offer him strength. Hoping I can make sense of crimes committed against him as a child that were the most heinous crimes committed in history.

Then there is the former priest who writes to tell me of rape by his ‘own.’ There’s a nun too. There is also the woman who suffers from crippling PSTD because of her abuses by clergy. She writes that she may not be contacting me for awhile because she will probably be back in a ‘dark place’ and she will have to seek mental health institutional care for her ‘latest bout’ -- a bout directly caused by child clergy abuse. She prays she’ll be strong and not be tempted again to commit suicide like she’s tried so many times before.

And before I forget, there’s the strong advocate for victims of clergy abuse. He was not abused, but sadly, he is now ‘religious empty’, this man from a strongly connected religious background. I worry about him and his children.

There’s also the daughter (one of five). Her mother, now deceased, a childhood resident of a Catholic orphanage, she was severely abused and raped by your clergy. The daughter says her mother’s former clergy abuse touched everyone in her family and continues to cause trauma and discord so intense, they have all sought counseling.

Pope Benedict, you and your hierarchy have created a scatter bomb. Abuse. The abuse of one does not just stop with one, it also affects and harms their families, friends, co-workers, society and on and on ... So serious that it must be diffused. To do this, it is you that must be willing to publicly help these deeply wounded still-suffering victims and survivors. Start the cleansing by reaching out to us and also disclosing the records of predator clergy that have been protected by you and yours for decades.

My name is Kim Michele Richardson. I am waiting, along with all those voices around me. Let’s chat.


136. Help save these dogs!

I need to take care of these dogs but I don't have enough money!

Please, help me!

137. Tougher Laws/ Legislation for Cyber Stalking, Harrassment, Abuse

Cyber Stalking, Harrassment & Abuse in addition to using the internet for bullying IS a serious crime, and is as harmful if not worse, than if it were done in-person.

The use of social networking sites to cause substantial distress, physical harm, harass & even the loss of life, has become an extreme problem over the years.

Those responsible have no deterrent as the law doesn't protect the victims & therefore their crimes go unpunished.

138. Do not let 26 pedophiles get away with the rape crime to 12 year-old girl!


According to the indictment, the 12-year-old N.C., one of the seven children of a poor family, was sold to many men in the southeastern province of Kiziltepe by two women: Turkan Temel and Emine Akyol. It is alleged that tens of men (26-28, that is revealed) raped the child time after time on village roads, empty villages, public buildings, workplaces and cars.

A deputy elementary school principal, a top official from the district head's office, a head man of the village, and a businessman are among the 28 defendants who are now standing trial for raping N.C.

The trial is about to be prescribed according to Turkish juridical laws after 7.5 years time of trial period.

Please do not let these pedophiles get away with this sickening rape abuse action, by signing this petition. Otherwise, the trial will be prescribed in a few months...

In the news:

139. Justice For Animals

There has always been love for animals. When I learned about what little consequences there were for animal abuse and neglect, I decided that it was best to take action. Most animal neglect cases are only misdemeanors and people rarely see an institution or pay a high price for their crimes.

Animal abuse, abandonment, and lack of help are too common in our world, and this will help assist those who cannot help themselves. Most people who have pets know that they are wonderful companions, and that they will continue to be as long as they are cared for. Additionally, many people do not think about how unfortunate it is when an animal does not have a home. Immanuel Kant once said, "He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men... We can judge the heart of a man by his dealings with animals." Anyone who would harm or neglect an animal most likely would harm or neglect a human too. A way to help prevent this would be stricter laws against anyone who abuses or neglects an animal. Help to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.

140. Apology from Taoiseach & Midland Health Board for Patrick & Kenneth Doyle

Brian Cowen, Bertie Ahern and indeed Fianna Fail promised the people of Ireland, and the survivors of abuse; the sun, the moon and the stars! Kenneth & Patrick Doyle don’t want the sun, the moon or the stars; they want JUSTICE!!!

The office of An Taoiseach and the Midlands Health Board fails to find it within their remit to apologise for the horrendous and grave inadequacies of the health boards, put in place to protect people like Kenneth & Patrick, and deems it entirely unnecessary to provide assistance in the needs of victims; healthcare, medical care, and medication treatments!


Kenneth & Patrick Doyle were subjected to years of abuse, torture, and a lost childhood at the hands of a brutal sadistic mother. They do not expect an apology from her, as she runs rampant, clinging to her rosary beads acting like a God-fearing Christian. They do expect, however, that the State, which was supposed to protect them from abuse has let them down terribly. The Midland Health Board did nothing to intervene and protect Patrick & Kenneth. Today, they both have issues from their past haunting them, physical and emotional damage has been done. But in very simplistic terms, a great relief and sense of healing could be given to Patrick & Kenneth, if only the Irish Government made a Public (unconditioned) Apology.

Neither Patrick or Kenneth want money from the State, money cannot right the wrongs done to them either by their mothers actions or the States inactions. The State must be made apologize for its grave error in the Doyle case. Taoiseach Bertie Ahern made promises to the victims of abuse, he did not honor his promises. Brian Cowen has went out of his way to further complicate justice for the Doyles, the people of Ireland have seen first hand how Brian Cowen complicates issues given the state of Ireland today.

We hope An Taoiseach Enda Kenny will honour his pledges to the people of Ireland especially victims of abuse.

141. Parental Alienation Awareness Day Proclamation - April 25, 2010


WHEREAS: Parental alienation is often found in high conflict separations, divorces and custody disputes,
and takes advantage of the dependency and responsibility of a child; and

WHEREAS: Parental alienation deprives a child of their right to a loving relationship with both parents,
and interfers with a child’s mental & emotional development; and

WHEREAS: Parental alienation can be mild or to the extreme, conscious or unconscious, and can
manipulate and undermine a parent’s role in a child’s life; and

WHEREAS: Parental alienation behaviors such as denigrating the target parent, interfering with communication and visitation, confiding inappropriate adult information with a child; such as the details of the marriage breakdown, court proceedings and financial matters are considered harmful to the child’s mental wellbeing; and

WHEREAS: Medical professionals agree the problem of parental alienation exists and can cause mental and emotional harm to a child; and can affect them as adults with tragic consequences; and

WHEREAS; With awareness, we can educate parents to act in their child’s best interest, and gain education, understanding, and knowledge to prevent the abuse of the innocent victims involved in high conflict separations.

142. Think Outside the Bowl

Too long have fish been subjected to the dirty, cramped, oppressive and deadly conditions of a fish bowl. Most people don't even know that the average fish just can't survive in such quarters. In fact, purchasing a fishbowl is tantamount to signing the death warrant of an innocent aquatic animal.

Fishbowls provide inadequate space, oxygen and water conditions for our beloved underwater friends. But all of these true facts continue to go unrecognized in countries like the U.S., and fish are continually abused and killed.

Please, sign this petition and give your support against the maltreatment of fish through fishbowls.

143. Australian Anti-Bullying Law Reform

This petition is to gather all the people of Australia to press for nationwide reforms in relation to psychological abuse in the Criminal and Workplace Codes.

Due to the increase of suicide, complaints and the economic cost of bullying reaching into the billions, the current legislation has been proven inadequate in dealing with the matter. Prevention only works when there is an incentive to implement the proper procedures to eliminate it.

Therefore we also seek an amendment of the Penalties and Sentencing Acts, so that mandatory counselling and rehabilitation programs are implemented, with an option of incarceration made available in cases where suicide or other extreme outcomes may occur.

144. Support Child Protection: Stop Child Abuse & Exploitation

I AM A SURVIVOR of Child abuse and a participant in the Child abuse monument project. I recently received an email which depicted a young boy nude with only a few feminine napkins covering his body and private area. I went to police and was told the picture was not illegal since it did not show a child engaged in a sexual act.

I am angry that the law allows this type of pictures to circulate and be posted on the internet I want to have laws protect a child and make it illegal to possess distribute copy, promote or post to the internet photos of any child under the age of 18 nude or semi nude or in a degrading,humiliating or suggestive manner.

145. Putting a Stop to Cyber Abuse on Fashion Battle - Sorority City Diva Life

The reason for this petition is simple and clear. Since the rise of Donna Walsh and Nerida Fletcher in your aplication game "Fashion Battle" Many players have been experiencing SEVERE abuse at the hands of these two.

Gaming abuse within the app as well as personal racist attacks have been made. What we are asking for is a good FAIR gaming environment. All of us signing this petition today are serious gamers who truly enjoy our apps. The one u have created with "Fasion Battle" we felt was one of the best to come along in long time so we didnt mind spending Real Money for a good gaming experience. But even buying enough glam to outfit all of our posse could not have prpared us for the meanspirited cyber bulling we have been subjected to at the hands of these two bad sports.

We ask that u please review our evidence. We feel that once u see it for yourself, you will agree that something must be done immediately to control the situation at hand. A suggestion may be that u cannot fight anyone who is not within 2 or 3 lvls of yourself ubless u are in the tabloids. Regrettably, If this matter is not tended too immediately we may all have to leave and take our business and friends with elsewhere.

Thank You for taking the time out to address this issue. We have faith in the fact that u have been consistent in Delivering results quickly and effectively. Thank you, The facebook community..

146. Australia needs Animal Cops

Animal laws in Australia relating to abuse against animals and proper care, treatment and control are quite relaxed in most states. We have rangers and bylaws for each state and local shire, but we need control officers that can prosecute and build cases against abuse and neglect.

We need Officers with police powers and a governing body to issue the warrants, citations etc. Not enough is done to deter people in Australia. We also need higher fines and sentences for irresponsible pet owners (or any animal) regarding control of animals. ie: when dogs roam free and are aggressive.

147. Against Electroshock Treatment (against electroconvulsive therapy)

""Electroshock treatment"" is a way to treat people who is suffering of 'mental illnesses', they are in reality alone and sad, and they are always weak.

""Electroconsulvotherapy"" is practiced on every body, men, women, child and old people.

Many scientist reviews told about damage on the brain but because of financial interests and lobying, hospital is carrying on with ECT every where in the world.

Some people who have ""electroshock treatments"" have the feeling to be violated because someone gets into their soul. They feel they are not the same, and they carry on with suffering.

Sign for a better world, sign for human rights. For respect of weak people in hospital.

148. Safe Homes for Abused Children

Dear Mr Gordon Brown,

I have been trying to bring this about for 10 years and would like you to be aware that in my last campaign we had over 70,000 members. We would like you to consider setting up Safe Homes for suspected child abuse victims, where they can be immediately removed from their homes so that investigations can proceed. Social Services has proven to be very haphazard in different regions and we do not feel this is acceptable in this day and age.

Our children are being battered, under fed, scolded and betrayed by people who should be caring for them. Unfortunately with the drug culture we now have, it is impossible to keep track of how the children cope on a daily basis, and their cries for help are often left unheard. Unless these children are in the fold already how can you know what is going on behind closed doors? These children are being failed miserably as they are slip through the net!

The Safe Homes would be in every town and a specific childrens lifeline phone can be installed in every school where there can ask for help, or at nursery the school can inform us of what they suspect. Cafcass can then go in and report on their findings.

Council Houses can be used for this...and Nurses, Midwives and Foster care families can run them. Given the lack of jobs in this country now, this would boost local economy and give these children a safe haven to relax. The idea being any child can report their parents, or family for abuse, and if they know there is somewhere local they can go, the parents may think twice regarding hurting their children. Indeed many will lose their money for their drugs and they will forfeit the right to have access to their children until investigations have been completed. Those with nothing to fear will not mind, only those who keep their children just to get money for drugs are going to be horrified by this new move.

Please think about this as it is time a new system was created to prohibit any abuse whatsoever, and this is the way forward. Funds can be raised in each town by people who care enough and hard working volunteers are always available. Your Government does its best, but that IS NOT good enough as children are dying daily..and you all really need to see reality inside these sink estates, because once you have, your voice will be the first heard on the suffering of these children. We all want to help, so please make this a priority.

Safe Homes for Children... simple, effective and one that should not cost the earth to set up. Many thanks for taking the time to read this. I beg of you to act soon so that no more Baby Peters occur and blight the face of this Country.

Sue Luckham
Suzey8888 Twitter
Sue Luckham FaceBook
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149. Never Unseen

As a place of family entertainment, Chuck E. Cheese is often crowded, filled with tons of families on any given day. On the weekends, that capacity increases significantly. It is hard to keep a strong eye on the children in our party with such clutter, but the bigger problem lies in areas where our children cant help but be unseen. The Tunnel areas....These tunnels are often loads of fun and adventure as they lead down to what is usually the ultimate indoor slide, however, these tunnels are impossible for parents to observe their children. With this sight unseen, it is hard to prevent things from happening to our children while navigating to the slides.

On December 4, 2009, at the Glen Burnie location in Governor's plaza, my 4 year old son was sexually assaulted by two little girls, ages 8 and 9. In these tunnels, they kept him trapped, where they victimized and manipulated him. I couldn't stop what was happening when i couldn't see it happening. I learned of what happened when he finally got out of those tunnels to tell me of what happened.

150. Free Milena Ivanova Now - Ελευθερωστε Την Μιλενα Ιβανοβα Τωρα

We are witnessing yet another incident of a legal indictment for Milena Ivanova, a Bulgarian national, an EU citizen. Her adventure gives ground for our concern over abuse of power and violation of human rights and liberties practiced by the State. Therefore it is of utmost importance for citizens to have a sense of duty to defend the rights and liberties of all people visiting or living in our Country.


In 2002, Milena was tried in court because her working visa had expired and she hadn’t been registered for a health card. She was sentenced to 30 days in prison with parole. She was tried again in 2006, in absentia, under the same indictment and thus her sentence rose to 10 months in prison, a 1500 euro fine. The court ordered for her deportation in 2009 when she returned to Greece where she was to be arrested by the police. She resorted to any remedies, but the court ignored her legally justified claims, this resulting in her arrest, detention and impending judicial deportation.


is a case of violation of the Rights of Man, as she was tried in court and sentenced twice for the same offense.


The legal ground for the "crime" of illegal entry into Greece from Bulgaria is now null and void, since Bulgaria has become a member of the European Union!

The above incident of violation of the rights of a working student, a citizen of the European Union, raises high concerns for the State’s abuse of power, in a period of time that such incidents of state arbitrariness and violation of the rights of immigrants tend to multiply as a result of the declared government dogma of “Zero Tolerance”.

Τις τελευταίες μέρες υπήρξαμε μάρτυρες ενός ακόμη περιστατικού που οδήγησε στη δικαστική περιπέτεια μια βουλγάρα υπήκοο, πολίτης της Ευρωπαϊκής Ένωσης.
Η περιπέτειά της υποδηλώνει τις αυξανόμενες λογικές καταστολής και συρρίκνωσης των ατομικών και κοινωνικών δικαιωμάτων και ελευθεριών και μεγαλώνει τις υποχρεώσεις και τα καθήκοντα των πολιτών για την υπεράσπιση των δικαιωμάτων και ελευθεριών όσων ζουν σ’ αυτό τον τόπο.


Δεν μπορεί να δικάζεται εργαζόμενη το 2002 γιατί είχε λήξει η Άδεια Διαμονής της και δεν είχε βιβλιάριο υγείας. Να καταδικάζεται σε 30 μέρες φυλακή, μετατρέψιμη, το 2006 να ξαναδικάζεται ερήμην για τα ίδια αδικήματα σε 10 μήνες φυλάκιση και 1500 ευρώ χρηματική ποινή και να διατάσσεται η δικαστική της απέλαση και το 2009 όταν επιστρέφει στην Ελλάδα να συλλαμβάνεται από την Αστυνομία με σκοπό να απελαθεί. Να καταφεύγει στο δικαστήριο και να απορρίπτονται οι δίκαιοι ισχυρισμοί της με αποτέλεσμα την κράτησής της και την δικαστική της απέλαση.


Πρόκειται για κρούσμα αυθαιρεσίας και αναίρεσης κάθε έννοιας κράτους δικαίου η καταδίκη ενός ανθρώπου δυο φορές για την ίδια πράξη.


Το «αδίκημα» της παράνομης εισόδου στην Ελλάδα δε στέκει πλέον, αφού η Βουλγαρία είναι ήδη μέλος της Ευρωπαϊκής Ένωσης.

Το παραπάνω ιστορικό καταπάτησης της ελευθερίας και των δικαιωμάτων μιας εργαζόμενης φοιτήτριας, υπηκόου της Ευρωπαϊκής Ένωσης, μας ανησυχεί ιδιαίτερα αυτήν την περίοδο που πολλαπλασιάζονται τα κρούσματα κρατικής αυθαιρεσίας και καταστολής των δικαιωμάτων των μεταναστών, στα πλαίσια της διακηρυγμένης, άνωθεν, μηδενικής ανοχής.