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31. Stop Animal Cruelty on Produce and Dairy Farms

The cruelty of farm animals raised to be slaughtered not only threatens the animals, it could threaten us. The way these animals are treated could pose a health risk to the people who eat the produce.

Buying, cooking and eating produce is something that everyone does. Eggs, poultry, beef, pork, and even milk and seafood. But what the public doesn't know about what happens to our food? Is the cruelty and and assault that happens to all the animals raised at most farms. Their throats slit while they are still alive, thrown into grinders the first few moments of their lives, and constantly abused by staff at these farms. Being beaten is normal to any animal that survives, and is considered acceptable to most produce and dairy farms. This must stop. Though accepted by some farm owners, it is abuse and should be illegal.

32. Investigate Abuse at AMI/BMI Healthcare's Langton House

Between 1972-1991 abuse took place at Langton House in Dorser to which Children and adolescents were abused by staff.

The abuse that took place was physical, sexual and mental cruelty as well as the staff administering dangerous high levels of medication when not qualified to do so.

Between 1972-1991 the unit was ran by AMI Healthcare to which AMI Healthcare had failed in its lawful duty to provide a qualified GP to cater for those residents health.

In 1989 NAYPIC (national association for young people in care) had received complaints of abuse to which an investigation took place and the findings were passed on to AMI Healthcare who in turn ignored the concerns of the reports.

In 1991 Rosie Barnes (MP) compiled her Hansard report asking the Secretary of state permission for all residents of Langton House to give evidence into treatment.

Virginia Bottomley (MP) and minister for health stated that there are no plans for a full enquiry and that it is wrong for the accused to face questioning by the police.

Since 1972 there has been no arrests or any form of public investigation.

33. Keep All Animals Safe

Did you know most pet store inspections are only looking at dogs and cats? Quoted here from, “Please note, however, some licensing inspections may only cover the care of cat and dogs (or just dogs).”

This means many other animals could be abused and they are not checked on my inspectors who are supposed to protect the animals.

34. End the use of trafficking to fuel pornography

Human trafficking by organized criminal gangs is a major provider for servicing prostitution in the UK. Girls abroad are lured with promises of lucrative jobs as dancers or entertainers, or in related industries.

The reality is a life of enslavement and degrading abuse from which they cannot break free. It damages them physically, mentally and emotionally.

A lesser known fact is that sex trafficking is driven by online pornography. Trafficked victims are used to produce explicit and often ‘illegal’ pornographic images and films for distribution via the internet. This material is in turn used as a training tool for trafficked victims – teaching them what to expect and how to respond.

Many men then go to prostitutes with the expectation they can experience firsthand the more extreme pornographic scenarios they have seen online, and which their regular partners would reject.

Victims of trafficking, women, children - and even pornography addicts and male users themselves - are all alike damaged by the production and easy availability of hardcore pornography.

In a morally responsible society, the right to sexual freedom can never include the right to inflict harm or degradation on another human being.

35. Harsher Penalties for Animal Abuse and Abandonment/Neglect

The numbers of animal abuse, abandonment and neglect are increasing.

Pets are frequently bought without much thought into their welfare for the long run. These owners often abandon their pets when faced with unexpected difficulties (which are to be expected in any relationship).

This contributes to increasing numbers of strays who are vulnerable to abuse.

We also realise that the cases of abuse (especially for strays) are often neglected with little to no follow up simply because strays have little rights (without a human owner).

We propose that there should be harsher penalties for ALL cases of animal abuse, regardless of ownership, as well as harsher penalties for animal abandonment.
It is common knowledge that the way a society treats its animals reflect the way we treat each other.

Let us have more effective legislative structures in place to shape the way we care for one another to build a better society.

36. Change Animal Cruelty Laws

Sadly, animal cruelty is prevalent in society. Something needs to be done.

Currently, in New York State, animal cruelty is considered a violation of the Agriculture and Markets Law. As a result, any penalties for those found guilty of animal cruelty are often minimal. In other words, the punishment does not fit the crime.

If animal cruelty violations were under the auspices of the penal law, it would make it easier for law enforcement to prosecute animal abusers. The punishment would increase significantly for repeat offenders, too.

By having more severe punishment for those convicted of animal cruelty, it will make animal abusers more accountable, should help serve as a deterrent to others, and ultimately help protect animals.

Simply put, there is no excuse for animal abuse. Now is the time to change animal cruelty laws and have animal cruelty violations under the auspices of the penal law.

37. Save the animals. We want justice in this country. Not only for us but for animals too.

“Kindness and compassion towards all living things is a mark of a civilized society. Conversely, cruelty, whether it is directed against human beings or against animals, is not the exclusive province of any one culture or community of people. ” - César Chávez

One day, I happened to see a video of how the government servants in Malaysia tortured stray dogs, which according to them, they were just removing the stray dogs from the streets. The dogs were bleeding but the people did not care. I am an animal lover and my heart ached when I watched it..

I know there are people outside there who loves animals as much as I do and hate how these dogs are treated, as much as I do but may not have done something to stop this. I don't know what's the chance of me to win this, but I know that if I don't try, I'll never know.

P.S. this is the video I watched

38. Stop barbaric laws marriage laws (marriage to adopted daughters) in Iran

Islamic mullahs in Iran changing the law about adopted girls and according to new law a man as a step father can marry his adopted daughter.we got to stop such a barbaric laws. There are thousands of orphan children's who may be used and sexually abused by their step parents with a barbaric law supporting them and and supporting pedophilia.

فاجعه غير إنساني ديكر در جمهوري إسلامي
قانونی شدن ازدواج با دختر‌خوانده‌ها در ایران...

39. Public Inquiry into Yarl's Wood IRC

Shut Down Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre.

End systematic abuse – including sexual abuse - & the denial of human rights.

We Demand a Full Public Inquiry into Yarl's Wood IRC

Women detainees and ex-detainees have been coming forward to speak out about the abuse they suffered and witnessed, and to demand redress. The racist and sexist regime, of legal, psychological and physical abuse which women frequently describe as mental torture at Yarl's Wood, has been covered up for far too long. The women imprisoned in Yarl’s Wood are systematically set up for abuse by the fact that they are treated as liars, who must prove themselves truthful whilst being detained indefinitely.

By law the ‘burden of proof’ in the asylum & immigration system means they are guilty until proven innocent. The women in Yarl’s Wood have between them successfully escaped every kind of abuse and violence that women commonly face around the world – rape, sexual abuse, forced marriage, Female Genital Mutilation, trafficking, domestic violence, child abuse, anti-gay persecution. It is known that violence against women and girls is common worldwide. Yet their claims are routinely disbelieved, and their credibility attacked. Is it any surprise that they be targeted for sexual abuse by guards in detention? The sexual abuse and its cover-up that was publicly exposed by The Observer (14/09/13) are the inevitable products of this regime.

The public exposure of sexual abuse has come about because of the strength of a detainee who refused to be silent. There are many more ready to follow.

Enough is enough. Abuse in Yarl's Wood is not merely the result of a few bad guards; it is the result of a system and is the Government's responsibility.

1. We demand that Yarl's Wood detention centre is SHUT DOWN

2. A full Public Inquiry into the sexual and other forms of abuse at Yarl's Wood Detention Centre.

3. Present and former detainees and their supporters must have the choice to give evidence in public.

4. EVERY aspect of the system that makes the sexual abuse possible must be exposed to public scrutiny. Nothing less is acceptable.

5. Present and former Yarl's Wood detainees MUST NOT BE DEPORTED. They are ALL potential witnesses.

6. There must be NO reprisals or discrimination against anyone giving evidence

Women of Yarls Wood Speak Out from Movement for Justice on Vimeo.

(Endorsements so far, please msg to add your name):

Yarl's Wood Movement for Justice Group
Leeds MFJ Group
Manchester MFJ Group
Lee Jasper (Co Chair of BARAC and National Black Members Officer for Respect Party UK)
Black Activists Rising Against the Cuts (BARAC)
NCADC National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns
Virtual Migrants
Hands Off Somalia
Justice for Women
Women Asylum Seekers Together (Manchester)
RAPAR (Refugee & Asylum Seeker Participatory Action Research)
John McDonnell MP
South Yorkshire Migration & Asylum Action Group (SYMAAG)
Women Seeking Sanctuary Advocacy Group Wales


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40. Support Compassionate Education

I was just doing good on the Internet (signing petitions, using Goodsearch, etc) when I had a brilliant idea; a new school subject that would be about teaching kids and, possibly, other youngsters as well about helping others.

I have decided to refer to it as "Compassionate Education" or "C.E" and I would like it to include lessons about the following;

1. Animals and being kind to them and how and why we should all help to fight animal cruelty.

2. Poverty and how and why we should help solve it and help ensure that as many poor people as possible have access to enough good water, good food, good education, etc.

3. The environment and why and how we should all work to protect and care for Earth.

4. Prejudice and bullying and why we should all work to help stop (or at least reduce) these things.

5. Genocide and other human rights abuses and why and how we should all work to help prevent this sort of thing from happening and fight against any human rights abuses that may be going on in the world at any one time.

6. Illnesses, such as cancer, and how and why we should all help to prevent them, without the use of animal testing.

Education helped beat bull-baiting. Education helped ban slavery, and education WILL help us to beat other things such as poverty, animal cruelty, human rights abuses, the damage that humans are doing to the planet and serious illnesses.

41. Lobsters and crabs have feelings, too

Have you ever been into a restaurant or stores that has live lobsters or crabs in tanks or in a tank and felt sickened and upset about the thought that these wonderful, interesting creatures will, at some point, be killed and eaten? You may have even contemplated the idea of buying one and then releasing him/her back into the sea.

However, although buying one or a few of these poor creatures may save the one/s that you pay for, you will be paying money to go to support more abuse and cruelty towards lobsters if you do this.

Lobsters, despite what you may think, are actually quite intelligent creatures. There is even one idea around that they may actually be able to escape traps.
Lobsters also have very advanced nervous systems. In fact, it has been said before that they will continue to feel pain until their nervous system has been destroyed.

The traditional way of killing a lobster, in many parts of the world, is to plunge them, alive, into boiling water. Even when they are killed quickly by electrocution, they still feel pain. They normally take just five seconds to die but, if as I have said above, lobsters have very advanced nervous systems, they could still be in quite a lot of pain for those five seconds that it takes to kill them in this way. Also, taking a life needlessly, no matter how humanely it is done, is still one more life lost tragically due to the brutality and selfishness of human beings. Violence is violence is violence.

Did you know that animal cruelty has been connected to violence against human beings? Many slaughterhouse workers have been to commit violent crimes against humans. Coincidence? I think not...

Please be compassionate towards all sentient beings, both male and female, human and non-human, big and small, living and undead, natural and supernatural, feathered, furry, scaled, hairy and/or otherwise skinned, vertebrate or invertebrate whether they live in rainforests, wetlands, forests, farms, countryside, cities, towns, villages, scrublands, tundra, savannahs, seas, oceans, rivers, lakes, ponds or mountains whenever you can. Please also be compassionate towards yourself whenever you can. Unnecessary violence must come to an end. Thank you.

42. Yahoo! Answers Needs to be More Well-Regulated

When people think of cyberbullying, they tend to think of the more well-known social networks like Facebook, Twitter and MSN, but the truth is that cyberbullying can happen anywhere, even on sites that were made with e intentions, such as Yahoo! Answers.

Around 50% of all Yahoo! Answers users are either repeat trolls or repeat abusers. Comments such as "grow the f*** up" and insults like "spoiled brat", "a**hole" and "kid" (used to describe a teenager).

I, myself, have been attacked, mocked and referred to on there by many others and wish to put a stop to this sort of offensive behaviour on this otherwise brilliant site.

43. Justice for Alanis

Family court judge names William Vernon as the killer of a 19 month old baby — five years after he was cleared by a jury, but due to our fantastic laws in this country Vernon CANNOT be re-tried for the murder of baby Alanis. New laws now allow a second prosecution if new evidence is revealed — but they came in after his trial - furthermore, there is no "new evidence" in this case

MONSTER William Vernon has been dramatically named as the killer of a baby — 5 years after a jury acquitted him.

Vernon, 24, originally from Cardigan Street, Chaddesden had walked free after he was cleared of stamping 19-month-old Alanis Holland to death.

But a family court judge chose to rule openly “in the interests of justice” that he DID cause her death, and branded him a danger to children.

Worried social services staff brought the case to protect the two children of his new lover.

Judge James Orrell heard Vernon had savagely beaten one of the youngsters, a six-year-old known only as Child A, ten times with a metal spatula.

Judge Orrell said: “This incident was vicious and not simple chastisement.” He said it was hard to imagine any child could be safe with Vernon. The judgment finally vindicated Alanis’s innocent mum Joanne, who Vernon had cruelly accused in court of being the killer.

She said: “I’ve been all the way to hell and back. Now, at last, everyone finally knows the whole truth. When I went to see Alanis at the mortuary I made a promise to her that I’d get justice for her.

“I’ll never forget the foreman delivering the not guilty verdict at Vernon’s murder trial. I just collapsed in tears. “In other people’s eyes the jury incriminated me. I was called a murderer in the street.

“In an ideal world he’d be behind bars. At the very least he should be tagged.” Joanne had left toddler Alanis in jobless Vernon’s care at the home they shared in Overseal, Derbyshire, in February 2000.

When she returned Joanne found her child struggling for breath. The jury at Leicester Crown Court heard a recording of her sobbing and pleading for help during a 999 call.

Alanis was lying limp in her arms, her life ebbing away, as distraught Joanne pleaded: “Please come back to me.” The tot had a ruptured liver — more usually seen after a child has been run over by a car.

The prosecution claimed that Vernon was the only person who could have inflicted the “dreadful” damage. But the jury cleared him of murder AND a lesser charge of manslaughter after he went into the witness box to accuse Joanne.

She was never charged and yesterday Judge Orrell said it was “inherently unlikely” that she would have harmed her daughter.

He said: “Vernon said Joanne inflicted the injuries and punched Alanis. This suggestion is insidious and fanciful. “Joanne is a mother who has no problems controlling her temper. Vernon is a man with a violent temper. What he did to Child A shows the extent he will go to to punish children.”

The judge then declared in Derby Family Court: “William Vernon struck Alanis with such force that he ruptured her liver and caused her death. Vernon presents a serious and continuous risk to young children.”

Details of any order made by a judge in the Family Division are not made public.

Vernon CANNOT be re-tried for the murder of Alanis. New laws now allow a second prosecution if new evidence is revealed — but they came in after his trial

44. We support the WeCOPE Movement

WeCOPE is an acronym for We Change Our Personal Experiences. This is a social network movement that helps people to cope with their own personal problems. Maybe you/they are going through depression, anxiety, stress, divorce, or suicidal issues, etc. This is the way to go.

This is a place to come to whenever you are feeling down. A place to come if you want to share a word or two of encouragement.

I’ve created this site, so that people know that they are not alone. We need to show them that there is ALWAYS someone to talk too. There is always a shoulder to cry on. There will always be a helping hand.

Let’s come together as one to COPE: Change Our Personal Experiences!

Because we can COPE!

45. IGP Kaihura, teach journalists how to do their work!

The Uganda Argus, the first newspaper in Uganda, was founded in 1955 as a British colonial government publication. The 1962 Dr. Milton Obote kept the name until 1971 when Idi Amin Dada assumed power through a coup d'état and renamed it Voice of Uganda.

The 1979 Milton Obote II government renamed it Uganda Times. 1986 the National Resistance Movement (NRM) of Yoweri Museveni changed it to The New Vision which has been published since then. The Daily Monitor, The Red Pepper, The Observer, The Sunrise, The Independent, The Kampala Sun, Bukedde, Kamunye etc all came after 1986. By May 2012 Uganda had 250 licenced radios and 44 televisions.

In the last few years, however, torture of journalists and general intimidation of media practitioners has made hell the working environment of a journalist.

In 2012 freelance photographer Edward Echwalu was beaten by police as he covered the arrest of Dr. Kizza Besigye. Other journalist victims in the Besigye saga included Isaac Kasamani (Daily Monitor), William Ntege (WBS) and Nicholas Mwesigye (Red Pepper). Several others have bean tortured by the Police in separate incidents – and early this year journalist Musaazi Namiti was manhandled for taking a photograph of a policemen on duty. He and his companions missed their flight and had to part with more money to travel after their release from Police cells.

Now Police have besieged premises of Daily Monitor and Red Pepper apparently for publishing stories on Gen. David Sejusa who is reportedly out of the country. Dembe FM and KFM, both managed by Nation Media Group, have been switched off air. Is Gen. Sejusa a rebel? How do journalists now know what to cover and not to cover?

46. Military Wives Against Military Abuse and Abandonment

It should be mandated that any man or woman within the military, i.e. Army, Marines, Navy, or Air Force, can not abuse his or her spouse nor abandon his or her spouse for someone else.

Accused individuals not be protected within the unit that the accused man or woman is assigned to.

47. Support Childhood sexual abuse victims: Amend the Limitations Act 1969

Limitations Act 1969 18A Personal injury
An action on a cause of action to which this section applies is not maintainable if brought after the expiration of a limitation period of 3 years running from the date on which the cause of action first accrues to the plaintiff or to a person through whom the plaintiff claims.

Childhood sexual abuse

For victims of childhood sexual abuse their life is irrevocably changed forever, for some; they will live their entire lives without disclosing to anyone, others will find the strength and courage to disclose to someone at some point in their lives.

Statistics and Figures

It is commonly accepted that:
•1 in 6 boys is sexually abused before the age of 18.
•1 in 4 girls is sexually abused before the age of 18.
•This is equivalent to 332,516 Queensland men having experienced child sexual abuse.
•Over 30% of confirmed reports of child sexual abuse involve male victims.
•Between 70-90% of men who have experienced child sexual abuse haven’t told anyone!
•In on study of 40 boys who experienced child sexual abuse and attended an adolescent medical facility, none had ever told their primary care giver.
•Men are one and a half times less likely than women to report rape to police. This makes for an extremely small figure, given that only between 5–10% of women report rape to police.
•There appear to be some particularly powerful forces preventing adult men from telling. From their experience of men's groups, counsellors say that many men do not disclose until they are in their thirties and some never disclose.

Some personal prospective?

I was sexually abused as a child, the perpetrator was a scout leader, I never told anyone about it until I was 21 at which point I told my parents that I had been abused but no more details as I was unable to deal with it. At the age of 36 I realized that I needed to do something about it because it was destroying my life. I went to the police and for the first time ever I told the detective in great detail what had happened to me. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do.

During the course of the investigation it was revealed that the scout association not only knew who this person was and what he had done but failed to report it to the authorities. One report from the scouts advised that the boys were told to “remember their scout’s code of honour and never talk about it again”. As I told my parents at age 21 I was unable to legally hold the scouts accountable becuase I disclosed at 21. The following links shows that this organisation has done this more than once.

What do we want?

We request that the limitations act 1969 section 18a be amended to allow for victims of childhood sexual abuse the time required reporting the crime and seeking compensation from the organisations’ that cover up or hide perpetrators to protect their organisations’ name.

48. Stop hate crime in Wales

Last year in Manchester a girl got kicked to death by a group of boys just because she different. I live in Cardiff, Wales and I see this happening everywhere and in school.

Schools are not doing anything about it and outside of school they get treated even worse.

49. Ban the sale of puppy mill puppies in Connecticut

While there is no legal definition for a puppy mill, it is best defined as a large-scale commercial dog breeding operation that places profit over the well-being of its dogs—who are often severely neglected—and acts without regard to responsible breeding practices.

There is estimated to be about 15,000 puppy mills nationwide, with hundreds of dogs that are forced to reproduce until they are unable to do so anymore. At this point, they either die from sickness, are killed, or abandoned.

The conditions in which these dogs live is unsanitary and detrimental to their well-being, with a wide variety of effects, including physical, emotional, and social problems. Due to lack of veterinary care, diseases and genetic disorders/deformities go on unnoticed, and are passed on from litter to litter.Almost all pet store animals come from puppy mills. At time of purchase, consumers are given incorrect lineage about the dog’s health, breed, and breeder. Every year, retail pet stores across America sell 500,000 dogs, while 5 to 7 million dogs enter shelters.

House bill no. 5027 targets the issue of puppy mills, aiming to ban the sale of both dogs and cats from pet stores in Connecticut that are obtained from these substandard animal mills.


The poor baby calfs are let out of the stall and literally run for their life because if they get caught they choke get wrapped up and are either seriously injured or dead.

Also the bucking broncos buck because a freaking jerk ties a tight rope on his ball sack and the horse is hurt and bucks.

51. SPCA Enforcement Program Suspension - Free all Animals

Effective April 1, 2012 the Nova Scotia SPCA will suspend cruelty investigations province-wide. The society will no longer be responding to allegations of abuse, neglect or cruelty. This is due to inadequate sustainable funding.

As animal lovers it is our duty to ensure a safe haven for any animal that is wrongfully treated.

52. Giving more authority to Horse and Farm animal rescues in B.C.

Outbackjacks Horse Rescue Petition.

After recent situations with regard to horses requiring rescue, in our opinion things need to change. Although we help as much as we can, we are still limited in what we can do as a small nonprofit horse rescue.

We receive on the average, a call a day with people asking for help. Most of the time we refer them to the RCMP and the BCSPCA. However, with the increase in these calls and abuse issues, we are going out on more calls than ever.

Outbackjacks believes in working for what we believe in. This is the reason for not seeing a donate button on our website. I started a horse rescue thrift store in the town of Princeton a few years back and one in Keremeos this year where we take unwanted items and sell them to support our cause. Times ,howeve, are changing and it’s time to make a bigger difference in the abuse in horses and other farm animals. We are having a meeting on the 25th with influential people and will be presenting this petition in hope to make the following changes.

Our hopes are to convince the provincial government that a people funded rescue for horses and farm animals in this region is well over due. Our request to them will not be for money but for more authority to be able to have the power to seize, if necessary. The team at Outbackjacks Horse Rescue is willing to take any other courses they deem necessary to accomplish this. This would make a time space smaller for the animals in need and allow a faster course of criminal action against the abusers of said animals.

By signing today, you are giving the rescues an opportunity that is far over due. Going to call after call and having to walk away from the animal in need because we cannot get a surrender is not tolerable anymore. Most of these animals are in need right at that moment and most calls come in long before help ever gets to them.

Please help us and sign today and become a part of the future. The future of a better way of life for horses and farm animals.

53. Investigate U.S. Veterans Hospital Patient, and Patient Caregiver Abuse at the Veterans Health Care System of the Ozarks

My husband, Lynn E. Carter and I have waited well over 2 years for a formal public apology and investigation we ask of you concerning U.S. Veterans Hospital Patient, and Patient Caregiver Abuse at the Veterans Health Care System of the Ozarks U.S. Veterans Hospital, Fayetteville, Arkansas, June 15, 2011, John R. Henley M.D. and Mark A. Elderle M.D. Fayetteville Arkansas U.S. Veterans Hospital Administrator DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS Fayetteville Arkansas 72703-6995

Why did my husband lay on a stretcher filled with feces and urine for 5 hours at a U.S. Veterans Hospital E.R. Fayetteville Arkansas on 6-15-2011?

To this date, I have received no formal apology or reply regarding this issue from the office of President of the United States, President Obama, Vice President Biden, U.S. Veterans Administration, VA Hospital Administrators, Congressman Steve Womack Senator Mark Pryor and Senator John Boozman all have refused to open an investigation. Mark A. Elderle M.D. and John R. Henley M.D. Fayetteville Arkansas U.S. Veterans Hospital Administrators DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS Fayetteville Arkansas

When we pulled up to the Emergency Room, I pulled into the drive-thru, and a male EMPLOYEE Came out and RUDELY told me I could NOT park here because it was the ambulance entrance that I would have to move my car down the hill and go in through the emergency room check in. I got back in the car, and pulled down the hill and went up the stairs and went to the check in desk. When I told the employee at the desk what was going on, he told me to pull my car BACK up the hill to where I just was because they would have to get my husband out of the car and into a wheelchair. I walked back to the car, backed up the hill to the door and they came out and put my husband in a wheel chair and wheeled him back to the check in desk. In a few minutes they came and got us and a nurse checked us in and asked us all kinds of questions about what was going on. After she was finished, they took my husband back to a room in the ER where we were for the next 5 hours. Five hours in which my husband lay in pain and his own URINE, FECES, and STENCH. When we were leaving the VA hospital, when I went to go out the door we came in, I was trying to push/force it open and the HIPPIE looking guy behind the desk (the same one who made me pull down the hill in the first place) RUDELY YELLED “Don’t do that, you’ll break the door”, “we have to push the button”, and I said to him “Then open the damn door!” So he pushed the button, the door opened, and I went and got the car and came back for my husband. I was the one who was mad, not my husband. My husband “Lynn E. Carter” was incapacitated DUE TO THE STROKE he was having and not at all mad or upset. He was barely conscious… We then drove to Fort Smith AR (because of MY decision, not his) to Sparks Regional Medical Center where my husband, Lynn E. Carter was hospitalized, and treated with human dignity. But because of the critical time lost (wasted) at the VA hospital – there was not much medically they could do by the time we got there except to make sure he was stable. This was time lost in a possible life/death situation. We are honest law abiding Christian, United States citizens. We Vote, we pay our taxes on time every year and we also contribute to charities. How can our country allow this to happen? June 15, 2011 was a night of PURE LIVING HELL FOR US. My husband still suffers mental anguish due to the events of June 15, 2011 at the Veterans Hospital ER, Fayetteville Arkansas.

You send letters asking our support, donations and ask for our vote, yet you ignore us in our times of need. After over one year of waiting for an investigation into the U.S. Veterans Hospital abuse of June 15, 2011 Congressman Steve Womack and Senator Mark Pryor Senator John Boozman still have not acknowledged this issue. What about the future of fellow U.S. Veterans? Pray for fellow U.S. Veterans and U.S. Veterans Hospital cases which go unreported.

54. No more cruelty to film animals

You may be shocked to discover that the American Humane Association's famous "No animals were harmed in the making of this movie" disclaimer does not protect film animals at all times; it only applies to actual making of the movie, not the training nor the animals' lives afterwards.

Animals have been beaten, had their skin and flesh torn, been neglected and confined to tiny tanks and cages, as well as hideous problems, due to this deadly loophole.

55. Stop Sharjah Animal Market

The animal Market in Sharjah sells all sorts of animals including domestic pets and wild life which is illegal.

After visiting the Market last week for a documentary I am making on dog abuse, I realised that all these animals live in dreadful conditions and probably wouldn't make it past the week!

Together we need to end abuse!

56. Stop the abuse of fireworks! legal and illegal!

In Trinidad and Tobago, the abuse of fireworks on special occasions such as Divali and New Years Day is becoming more and more of a menace.

Impromptu surveying of citizens both over the internet and face to face show that the ill effects of abuse of not just illegal fireworks such as "scratchbombs" but also legally available fireworks over an extended period of hours not just affects human beings negatively, but also causes significant ill effects to animals.

Listed among the complaints given by citizens are: increased anxiety attacks/ ill effects to those suffering from nervous disorders, increased number of accidental and on occasion, even intentional burns caused by the setting off of fireworks in close contact to human beings and animals. increased damage to homes and other places of abodes caused by setting off of fireworks in close proximity to such establishments, death of animals due to heart attacks caused by extensive fright due to the loud noise of activated fireworks.

These complaints were given on a widescale and were not limited to any one geographical area.

57. Remove the Pokemon Parody from

As a longtime fan of the Pokemon series I find it appalling to discover that PETA has created a parody that contradicts the true meaning of the Pokemon series.

58. Harsher Sentences for Pedophiles

Pedophiles are not getting harsh enough sentences. They are given slaps on the wrist and are often free to re-offend soon after conviction. Here`s just 2 examples of many:

-David James Lebanc. He was one of the 2 men involved in the confinement and sexual assault of a 16 yr old boy for two weeks in Halifax. He was already facing pending charges from 2010 for sexual assault, touching a person under age 16, and making child pornography with a 2yr old and a 5yr old! Leblanc was released in 2010 so long as he didn`t go near children. He failed to comply in 2011, and served only 18 days in prison! This assault on the 16yr old boy was 100% preventable. Our judicial system failed that boy.

-Christopher Paul Neil. He served a mere 5 yrs. in a Thai prison for posting hundreds of pictures of him assaulting more than one child. He was arrested upon his return to Canada for being a threat to all children, yet was released a few days later so long as he promises not to go near children. Sound familiar?

As per recent news articles, Harper's C-10 crime bill gives harsher sentences to pot growers than to pedophiles. Something is wrong with that.

Why are these monsters allowed to get away with this? Our system needs some reform. As long as the penalties remain as slack as they are, this is going to keep happening.

59. Make Sexual Assault a Non Bailable Offence

On June 26 2011, the Bombay High Court suggested that Molestation should be made a non bailable offence.

Chief Justice Mohit Shah and Justice Ranjana Desai orally directed the state government to take action to make the offence (molestation) non-bailable. “As this offence is at present a bailable one, the police tend to take it lightly and don’t take prompt action in such cases. This is what seems to have happened in this case as well. If it is made a non-bailable offence, both the police and anti-social elements will take it seriously,” Chief Justice Shah said. (FROM TIMES OF INDIA)

We, the citizens of India, have decided that enough is enough and we have to take some action. Rich offenders should not be able to escape with their crime due to their luxuriously surplus bank accounts. Hence, we present this petition.

60. Project Aware: Give sharks a fighting chance

Shark populations are devastated by overexploitation, including targeted fishing, bycatch and finning.

Each year, tens of millions of sharks are killed by Earth’s most dangerous predators - humans. Too many of them fall victim to the cruel and wasteful practice of shark finning - the act of removing shark fins and discarding the often still alive shark overboard. As Eastern demand for fins remains strong, markets for shark meat are growing, helping to push shark species to the brink.

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) analyses, all shark species proposed at the meeting met the criteria for listing under CITES Appendix II. Such listing requires that trade is controlled in order to avoid use that threatens the species’ survival. Despite the depletion ofsharks worldwide, restrictions on international trade are in place for only three shark species - whale shark, great white shark and basking shark.

Join thousands of AWARE divers and shark advocates who are serious about shark protection. Sign the petition and urge your friends and colleagues to do the same.

Together, we’re gaining the attention of policymakers worldwide. We’re closing loopholes in existing global shark management policies and insisting on full protections for Endangered and Critically Endangered sharks