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1. 4 Way Stop at 304th Street and 170th Ave

Currently there is a 2 way stop at the corner of 304th St and 170th Ave. There are accidently almost daily at that corner because no obeys the stop sign.

On May 10, 2007 a driver passed the stop sign and neglected to stop. The driver hit another car and that car lost control of the vechile which ended up hitting my house. Luckily no one was injured but my home was seriously damamged in the accident.

As a homeowner and tax payer I am feed up with all of the accidents on this corner. Something needs to be done about this before someone gets seriously injured.

2. Lord of the Rings: The 4th Era

Sad to say, with The Return Of The King an end came to the Lord Of The Rings movie trilogy. A sequel movie should be made about the 4th Era of Middle Earth (called, for example, 'Lord of the Rings: The 4th Era')!

It should be possible, because J.R.R. Tolkien has written much about this Era, for instance in the Appendix B of RotK. In the movie also a lot must be shown about Gondor and its dominion by king Aragorn.

3. Some Rules for Neopets are Cool!

On Tuesday May 28, I recieved a note from neopets saying that creating a board for rping a teen pool party rp was against the rules! Usually we are aloud to rp about this kind of thing, but this time they almost froze my account. I want to get rid of this rule and i hope you help!