Service Request to change content at GoPetition

Many people make requests to GoPetition to alter or remove content from the site or re-instate or find an account.

GoPetition provides several self-help avenues for you to remove and control your own data. Information on how you can control your own data is listed below and in our FAQ. Please read our FAQ carefully.

Individuals who fail to use the self-help options provided by GoPetition, or who have removed access to their own account, or who fall within a category below, will be charged a service fee to complete the following requests:

1. Alter or remove a signature from a signature list.

2. Make a signature appear as "Anonymous".

3. Add, alter, hide or remove comments or other details given with a signature.

4. Re-instate or find an account that a user has terminated or lost or no longer uses.

5. Alter, remove or edit an account which has an expired, flawed, or inactive email address.

6. Remove a petition (or related pages such as signature pages or contact author page) from public view on the GoPetition website (Terms of Use: 3).

7. Investigate a claim for the removal of content (petitions or otherwise) from view.

Petition authors, signers, and individuals making comments are responsible for their own accounts and/or content. Those who upload content should manage that content using self-help options.

In short, signers are responsible for the information they provide. GoPetition's privacy policy is clearly displayed during the signature process and on the website. The policy makes it clear that signature information (including signature comments) may be publicly displayed and accessed by search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Moreover, GoPetition clearly provides an option for signers to designate their signature as Anonymous, and/or their comment as "hidden", during the signing process. Signers who fail to read the Privacy Policy or who fail to designate their signatures as "Anonymous", or who fail to "hide" their comments, do so at their own risk.

A request for signature removal or alteration can be communicated to the petition author who may be willing to make your requested changes. Alternatively, through self-help options (read below and our FAQ), you may be able to remove or edit and/or hide your signature yourself. Requests directly to GoPetition cause administrative expenses by consuming the time of our staff. Hence the fee.

If you signed any petition with your email address then you may JOIN GoPetition and verify your membership (after receiving an email from GoPetition outlining how to verify your email address). After verifying your membership email address, you may edit or remove your previous signature(s) - and comments (if any). This is because possible because your account will be updated with your previous signature details when you join and verify. The email address you signed with must match the email address you use to join GoPetition. If you signed multiple petitions with multiple email addresses, you will need to join and verifiy with each email address you signed with to have access to your respective signatures.

So, in summary, you may join then verify your email address, and then remove or edit or make anonymous your signature(s) and/or comment(s). If you do NOT join and verify your email address you will NOT have access to your signature or signature comments.

Reasons why you may not be able to find, edit or remove your signature

If you did not sign with a valid email address, or did not enter an email address, or did not enter your email address correctly, or provided a false or flawed or expired (old) email address, or you have forgotten the email address you signed with, or you incorrectly entered your email address when you signed with it (i.e. you made a spelling mistake when you entered your email address), or you have not verified your account email address with GoPetition, or your email account has been closed or lost or disabled, you will not be able to edit your own signature or remove it. In this case you should contact the petition author to request the changes you want. If the author does not reply, and you wish GoPetition to make changes, you will be charged an administrative fee (see below). To avoid being charged a fee, please edit or remove your own signature or signature comment, or contact the relevant petition author.

If your signature is already in your account control panel, or if it is successfully imported (via the procedure as outlined above), then simply log in to GoPetition, go to your Control Panel and click on My Personal Signatures, and edit or remove your signature or signature comment (if any) on the GoPetition site. Alternatively, if you successfully import your signature, you can change your signature settings to make your name "Anonymous" and/or your comment "hidden". Please note that it may take up to one (1) hour after deletion of your signature for that signature to disappear from our online list (due to caching). Once your signature has been removed from GoPetition (or made anonymous), and/or once your signature comment has been "hidden", then Google will update its listings when the Google index spider next visits the relevant GoPetition signature list or comment page.

If you ask GoPetition to remove content, or find or reinstate an account with a discontinued email address, then the service fee, payable at the button below, is $17.90. After you have made payment, please email your receipt details with your service request to GoPetition. In your email to GoPetition, you should include the exact URL (page address) of the information you want removed or altered.

Please note that it may take a time after deletion of your signature for that signature to disappear from our online list (due to caching). Please also note that search engines, such as Google, may take some time to update themselves after content is removed from GoPetition. So removal of data from GoPetition will NOT automatically remove a search engine listing. The search engines will update themselves in due course.

Payment should be made at the following button: