Sample Petitions

Below is a list of sample petitions that could be used as templates for your campaign. The list here is not exhaustive but offers some excellent sample petition formats. These samples can act as petition templates for a well structured petition format. The petition samples also offer ideas for multi-lingual and/or multi-media campaigns.

List of sample petitions

  1. Congress Must De-Fund Planned Parenthood Immediately
  2. Call for Sabah Sarawak Rights
  3. Stop The Great Lakes Nuclear Dump
  5. STOP Houmoed Road Construction Through Noordhoek Wetland
  6. Government review of the Child Support System - Make it Fair
  7. My Montréal includes ALL dogs | Montréal: Ma ville inclut TOUS les chiens
  8. Keep the HORSE in Kentucky Horse Park
  9. Rebuild the Berlin CT Train Station
  10. Regulate the Rental Market in Malta
  12. Release Trump Taxes
  13. Stop Cannabis Prosecutions
  14. Get a Motorway for the Northwest of Ireland
  15. Dakota's Law
  16. Child Safety Petition: Mason Jet Lee's Law
  17. Induct the Swampers into the Rock and Roll HOF!
  18. Stop Covanta building an EfW Incinerator plant at Rookery Pit South
  19. Tina Turner for Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award
  20. Save Bathampton Meadows
  21. Darker than Black Season 3
  22. Please do not cancel The Secret Circle!
  23. Equality and Security for All Facebook Pages
  24. Get a 6th season for Teen Titans
  25. We request android upgrade on BlackBerry Passport
  26. Request to Honor Coach Peck: Former Teacher, Coach and Athletic Director of Woodward Public Schools, Woodward, Oklahoma and Member of Oklahoma Coaches Hall of Fame
  27. Immediate release of human rights defender Narges Mohammadi
  28. Ban BEAR FARMS IN KOREA - Save Bears!
  29. Stop Traffic Congestions & Over Crowded Schools
  30. Review of South Australian Motorcycle Laws
  31. The Constitution in Australia - DEMAND YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.
  32. Demand for Immediate & Unconditional Dismissal of Charges against Iranian Activist Amir Amirgholi
  33. Support a UN 5th World Conference on Women (5WCW)
  34. @BWF Allow players to register individually for tournaments
  35. A Petition Against the Military and Intelligence Agencies' Use of Organized Stalking and Electronic Torture
  36. Petition for a Volunteer Service Medal for our Veterans (CMVSM)
  37. Punish Thugs Not Pubs
  38. Petition against the release of Alison Botha's attackers!
  39. Dialysis Patients' Appeal to PCSO: The Return of Dialysis Assistance
  40. Changes need to be made to ALL Parking facilities at the ROYAL BELFAST HOSPITAL FOR SICK CHILDREN
  41. Stop the Proposed Wilmere Lane Asylum Seeker Centre
  42. Induct David Cassidy into Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
  43. Stop Dolphin Killing in Taiji
  44. Prevent municipalities in Lebanon from shooting stray dogs
  45. We Want Russ Abbot on DVD!
  46. Stop the Trophy Hunt - Faltering Light
  47. Air Gear season 2
  48. Federal Public Judicial Inquiry into Wrongdoing by Workers Compensation Boards Across Canada
  49. Support the new Animal Protection Law in Turkey
  50. April's Law UK

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