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Eon Productions Limited, UK

In the past year, the 007 franchise has been riding the rails as talk of killing off James Bond in the next film blew up with the director Danny Boyle leaving the franchise due to creative differences. Cary Joji Fukunaga is now set to direct the next film and original writers are on board to get the franchise back on track but Daniel Craig is on his last leg as Bond while rumors of who will replace him circulate the tabloids.

Meanwhile, Scottish actor, Richard Madden has been scaling the ladder of success with excellence in delivering whatever role he is cast. Most recently, an original BBC miniseries, Bodyguard, starring Richard Madden as David Budd, a veteran of the war in Afganistan troubled with PTSD and a subsequential broken marriage, is charge with protecting Julia Montague, the Home Secretary, who supports the war and is vehemently pursuing the hard line solutions to terrorism. To heighten the drama of the show David gets intimately involved in an affair with the home secretary, played by Keeley Hawes. The 6 episode series finale garnered a record breaking 11 million viewers and it hasn't been released outside of the UK yet.

Other recent credits to Richard Madden's filmography include Game of Thrones, Rob Stark,; IMedici, Cosimo Medici; and, Cinderella, Prince Kit. There are dozens more lesser known films and plays as Richard started acting professionally in his childhood.

My petition to EON Productions Limited is to cast Richard Madden as the Young James 007 Bond is partly due to the dead end the franchise has painted itself into by entrenching the character into the battlefield of the spy world. I propose a fresh approach to regenerate the franchise and appeal to multiple generations skipping through time back to the days before James Bond was a spy, when he was a Naval Commander, and he fell in love and married. Focusing on who he was and his relationship rather than just a remake of the storyline where he marries and loses his wife the same day and we barely know either of them. I'm certain at least 2 films could be written about Young James Bond with success but if Richard is cast in the part it may be dozens more before the audience will tire of him or he will tire of the role because he is young and handsome. He looks like a young Sean Connery with blue eyes and has the versatility and charm to rival all previous Bond actors together which makes him ideal to play the Young James Bond, expanding on the character and tying up loose ends of his origins.

Please regenerate the 007 franchise to appeal to multiple generations by casting Scottish actor, Richard Madden, as the Young James 007 Bond for future Bond productions and expanding the character and tying up loose ends of his origins. We love the character and never want to see the death of 007. Sincerely, Fans of Richard Madden.

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