God in heaven has tried to lead us in the right direction since the beginning of time. There is a serious war going on and it is not about money and power or black and white, those things are only distractions or cover-up of the true war.

Satan is using us to destroy ourselves.
We must keep PRAYER in our Schools, Countries, Homes and Hearts.

The Lord's Prayer tells us where our Father is and asks for God's will on earth, and that we receive forgiviness as we forgive others. And most of all that we should acknowlege his power on earth as in heaven.

The Lord's Prayer has all the requirements of our needs so We should have it in our Country, Homes and Schools.

We, the undersigned, do have faith and belief in the true God in Heaven and know that Jesus is his Son and my Lord and savior. I pray that God in Heaven reigns over my country as well as the Schools for the sake of future genenrations.

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