#Human Rights
The Australian newspaper

A recent petition by minority elitists of the arts, academic and diminishing extreme left media sector, who do not represent the wider Australian community, have signed a petition condemning cartoonist Bill Leak for his truthful, factual portrayal of the tragic plight of indigenous Australian children in remote communities.

We condemn this small group who are a threat to free speech and we support Bill Leak's freedom to shine a light on important national issues.

We are everyday Australians from all walks of life in every Australian community.

We are tradespeople, blue collar workers, office workers, shop assistants, cartoonists, community volunteers, life savers, fire fighters, charity workers, sales people, IT workers, accountants, writers, students, journalists, photographers, retirees, teachers and educators, nurses, doctors, transport workers, hospitality workers, artists, carers... we are everybody.

We, the majority of Australians, support Bill Leak's right to honestly, accurately and fairly depict issues of national importance.

Simultaneously, we condemn a recent petition by a minority of extreme, elitist professional activists from academia and media, who have condemned The Australian's publication of Bill Leak's courageous cartoon highlighting the plight of indigenous Australian children in remote communities.

These misguided politically correct, self-appointed moralists do not speak for us nor do they represent the view of the overwhelming majority of Australians.

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