#Society and Culture
PMO's Office

We believe all minorities, including the LGBTs, are as entitled as anyone else to basic human rights. But it is quite a different thing altogether to promote any group’s private beliefs – culminated into practices and cultural behaviour, into mainstream society. Fact is, there can never be a total acceptance of all kinds of beliefs and behaviours. Some beliefs clash fundamentally.

Non-acceptance of a group’s practices or behaviour do not necessary mean intolerance or discrimination. Every form of practice and behaviour promoted into mainstream affects the society; hence, in all fairness, must be subjected to objective analysis and scrutiny.

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We request the government of Singapore to objectively verify these scientific facts and conduct a comprehensive study into the ill effects of promoting homosexuality in a culture.

The citizens of Singapore deserve the right for our authorities at every level to do their best to preserve and safeguard the basic social fabric of society - our children and our families; and to make sound policies, decisions based on science, truths, our well-being, and not on popular or global notions.

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