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The Cotswolds Distillery is the first-ever working distillery in one of England’s best-loved regions. It is a small-scale craft distillery, started out of a love for fine artisanal spirits.

The distillery is run by a small team of young passionate distillers and focuses on small-batch production of gin, whisky and other spirits made using top quality ingredients, local whenever possible. The distillery has been in production for about a year making Cotswolds Dry Gin and Cotswolds Single Malt Whisky.

Currently its products are being sold locally as well as through a select group of national and international distributors specializing in premium craft spirits.

Dear Waitrose,

There is a very good local distillery here in the Cotswolds called the Cotswolds Distillery, which as well as distilling Whisky produces a wonderful Cotswolds Dry Gin, very popular in this area.

There is a considerable interest in the Cotswolds in products made locally with local ingredients, and in the connection to the people who make and produce them.

And we have always seen Waitrose as being at the forefront of sourcing the best and most delicious local, artisanal, and craft products and making them available to a wider audience.

We can and of course do buy this product from local shops, but often go without because we do not have the opportunity to buy it with our weekly shop.

We think there are so many other people who would love to be able to buy this proper English small batch gin in Waitrose as part of their weekly shop and are sure sales will be strong, perhaps stronger than some of the other brands that we currently have choice of.

Please support this fantastic top quality local producer and stock this Gin in your stores.

Thank you for considering this request – we hope to find our favourite gin in your shop soon.

Kind regards

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