Rep. Brad Sherman, Rep. Howard Berman or other candidates running for Calif's 30th Cong. District
United States of America

The redrawn boundaries of California's 30th Congressional District, will now pit two long-serving congressmen, Rep. Brad Sherman vs. Rep. Howard Berman, in an election primary projected to cost in the millions.

Instead of being overshadowed by the cascades of cash filling each candidate's coffers, voters of the 30th district have a choice opportunity to demand campaign fund raising limits in exchange for their consideration of eligible candidates.

No voter in his or her right mind would vote for a convicted felon or pederast--so why should any citizen support a bought and paid for candidate?

We, the undersigned, citizens of California's 30th Congressional District (projected for 2012), demand that any candidate running for Congress in 2012, must accept and impose a campaign funding limit of $200 per donor (including pacs) per year--in order to be considered an eligible candidate for the June 2012 election primary.

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